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Families covered: Hamilton of Arran, Hamilton of Cadzow, Hamilton of Lekprevick, Hamilton of Schawfield

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(1) We long thought that the following family took its name from the Lanarkshire town of Hamilton. However, we have since seen (in several places) the suggestion that the family gave its name to Hamilton, rather than the other way around, with Hamilton possibly being a corruption of either Hambleton (there being villages of that name in North Yorkshire, Lancashire & Rutland) or Hambleden (a village in Buckinghamshire) or Hameldon (in Northumberland). According to TSP ('Hamilton'), the latter "belonged to the Umphravilles" but makes it clear that there is little evidence to support any claim for this family's early origins, adding that "So far as record or charter evidence is available, the first undoubted ancestor of the Hamiltons was Walter Fitz Gilbert".
(2) 'AndersonMemoirs' reports that the following Gilbert may have been of the family of the Beaumont/Bellomont Earls of Leicester (see Beaumont01). [It is clear that this matter has long been the subject of much speculation. We have seen several suggestions as to how the families were connected, for example: that Gilbert was son of Sir William de Hambleton who was an illegitimate son of Robert de Beaumont, 4th Earl. However, little if any 'proper' evidence is ever given to support such claims.] TSP (Hamilton) refers to such suggestions and implies that at least part of such claims came from a similarity of armorial bearings (the use of cinquefoils) but then notes that the same argument would also work (better?) for a connection to the above-mentioned Umphravilles (aka Umfreville).
(3) 'HamiltonHistory' reports "That there were Hamiltons in England before they appeared in Scotland is abundantly clear" and "However no evidence has thus far become available to justify the connection of the Scottish Hamiltons with those in England." It also confirms (p3) that "Gilbert Hamilton, the father of Walter Fitzgilbert, has not been identified" although it does reports that "a certain Gilbert de Hameldun, clericus, appears amongst the local clergy". Given the amount of research that has been put into this matter already without reaching a merited conclusion, we suspect that the true origins of this family will never be known for certain.
Gilbert de Hameldone or Hameldun
## Possibly the Gilbert who m. Willelma Douglas (widow of William Galbraith). ##
1. Walter FitzGilbert de Hamilton, 1st of Cadzow (a 1294, d before 1346)
m1. Helen
  m2. (before 1315) Mary Gordon (dau of Sir Adam Gordon of that ilk)
  A. Sir David FitzWalter de Hamilton, 2nd of Cadzow (d by 1378)
  It is not known for sure who was David's wife. Some say that it was Margaret of Ross, dau of William, Earl of Ross, whilst others (including 'HamiltonHistory') say that it may have been ...
  m. Mary Leslie or Lesley (dau of Walter, Earl of Ross)
  i. Sir David Hamilton, 3rd of Cadzow (d before 11.1388)
  m. Jonetta Keith (dau of Sir William Keith of Galston, m2. Sir Alexander Stewart of Darnley)
  a. Sir John Hamilton, 4th of Cadzow (d (Homildon?) c1402)
m. (mcrt 01.11.1388) Janet (Jacoba) Douglas (dau of Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith)
  (1) Sir James Hamilton, 5th of Cadzow (d by 05.1441)
  m1. ??
  m(2?). (1422) Janet Livingstone (dau of Sir Alexander Livingstone of Callendar)
  (A) Sir James Hamilton, 6th of Cadzow, 1st Lord Hamilton (b c1415, d 06.11.1479)
  m1. (c1441) Euphemia Graham (d c10.1468, dau of Patrick Graham, Earl of Strathearn)
  (i) Elizabeth Hamilton (a 10.1511)
m. (1459, div) David Lindsay, 5th Earl of Crawford, Duke of Montrose (b 1440, d 1495)
  m2. (by 04.1474) Mary Stewart (d 1488, dau of King James II of Scots)
  (ii) James Hamilton, 2nd Lord, 1st Earl of Arran (b c1475, d 03.1529)
  m1. (mcrt 1490, div 11.1504) Elizabeth Home (d 1544, dau of Alexander Home, 2nd Lord)
  (a) James Hamilton (b 1491, d young)
  m2. (before 23.11.1516) Janet Beaton (d c1522, dau of Sir David Beaton, 1st of Creich)
  (b) James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran, Duke of Chattelherault (d 22.01.1575)
  m.(c23.09.1532) Margaret Douglas (a 1579, dau of James Douglas, 3rd Earl of Morton)
  ((1)) James Hamilton, 3rd Earl of Arran (b 1537/8, d unm 03.1609)
((2)) Gavin Hamilton (d young by 08.1547)
  ((3)) John Hamilton, 1st Marquess of Hamilton (b 1540/1, d 06.04.1604) --
  m. (mcrt 30.12.1577) Margaret Lyon (d 12.1625, dau of John Lyon, 7th Lord Glamis) --
  ((4)) David Hamilton (b c1543, dsp 03.1611)
m. _ Kennedy (dau of Earl of Cassilis)
  ((A))+ 2 children (d young)
  ((5)) Claud Hamilton, 1st Baron Paisley (b c1543 (1546?), d 1621-2)
m. (01.08.1574) Margaret Seton (d 03.1616, dau of George Seton, 5th Lord)
  ((6)) Barbara Hamilton (b c1534, d before 26.11.1577) --
  m1. (1549) Alexander Gordon, Master of Huntly (dvpsp 1553)
  m2. (mcrt 22.12.1553) James Fleming, 4th Lord (b 1534, d 15.12.1558) --
  ((7)) Jane/Jean Hamilton (dsp 12.1596)
m. (mcrt 13.02.1554-5, div 1562) Hugh Montgomery, 3rd Earl of Eglinton (dsp 04.09.1612)
  ((8)) Anne Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 15.08.1558) George Gordon, 5th Earl of Huntly (d 20.10.1576)
  (c) Gavin Hamilton (d by 1545)
  partner unknown
  ((1)) Gavin Hamilton (a 02.1553/4)
  (d) Helen Hamilton
  m. (c1529) Archibald Campbell, 4th Earl of Argyll (d 1558)
  (e) Joanna or Jean Hamilton shown by 'HamiltonHistory' as illegitimate --
  m. (div 1545) Alexander Cunningham, 5th Earl of Glencairn (d 1574) --
  p. Mary Boyd (b 1476, dau of Alexander Boyd of Bonshaw, '3rd Lord of Kilmarnock')
(f) Sir James Hamilton of Fynnart (Finnart), Sheriff of Ayrshire (d 16.08.1540, Lord of Session)
  The following is suported by 'HamiltonHistory' ('Crawfurdjohn with Gilkerscleugh', p265+).
  m. Margaret Livingston (dau/heir of Sir Robert Livingston of Drumry & East Wemyss by Janet Betoun)
  ((1)) Sir James Hamilton of Evandale & Crawfordjohn (d 12.1597)
  m. (1547) Helen Cunynghame (dau of John Cunynghame of Caprington)
  ((2)) Agnes Hamilton
  m. James Somerville, 6th Lord (b c1518, d 12.1569)
  ((3)) Grizel Hamilton (d before 1573/04.06.1575) --
m. (mcrt 28.06.1547) Andrew Leslie, 5th Earl of Rothes (b after 1525, d 1611) --
  p. Mariota Stewart
  ((4)) Andrew Hamilton of Meidhope, later of Schawfield & Lekprevick, Provost of Glasgow (d c1573)
  The following is suported by 'HamiltonHistory' ('Leckprevick', p552+).
  m. (before 28.03.1554/5) Elizabeth Hamilton (d before 11.12.1570, dau/heir of James Hamilton of Schawfield)
  ((A)) James Hamilton of Schawfield & Lekprevick (d 14.05.1568)
partner unknown
  ((i)) James Hamilton of Kikrhill of Cambuslang (d before 1595)
  ((a)) Patrick Hamilton
  ((B)) Sir Robert Hamilton of Schawfield & Lekprevick (a 08.1623)
  m. (before 05.12.1574) Grissell Craufurd (dau of Gavin Craufurd of Ferm)
  ((i)) Janet Hamilton (d before 17.12.1613)
  m. Sir Claud Hamilton of Shawfield (son of Lord Claud, brother of 1st Earl of Abercorn)
  partner unknown
  ((C)) Egidie or Giles Hamilton (daughter)
  ((5)) James Hamilton (d before 20.04.1565?)
  ((6)) Alexander Hamilton of Netherfield (d before 04.11.1598)
  m. Sarah Stewart
  ((A)) John Hamilton of Netherfield (dsp)
((B)) Walter Hamilton of Netherfield (dsp 12.1665)
  m. Mary Hamilton (d 1658, dau of Sir Edward Hamilton of Silvertonhill)
  ((C)) Ludovick Hamilton
  ((i)) Christian Hamilton of Strathaven & Netherfield
  p. Elizabeth Murray
  ((7)) James Hamilton
  ((8)) Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (1547/8, div 05.08.1563) Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood (d 1571)
  p. Elizabeth Elphinstone
  ((9)) Agnes Hamilton
  m. Alexander Dalmahoy of that ilk
  partner(s) unknown
  ((10)) Cuthbert Hamilton of Overwode & Quhitehill (a 1544/5)
  ((11)) Elizaeth or Elspet Hamilton
  m1. (by 1552) Robert Carmichael of Wrightsland
  m2. (by 21.02.1560/1) Alexander Stewart of Scottistounhill then Brighous
((12)) Grisel Hamilton
  m. Gavin Stevenstorm in Wattersyde (d 25.07.1585)
  ((13)) Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (c1556) John Symontoun of that ilk
  (g) Janet Hamilton
m. William Baillie of Lamington (d c1657)
  p. Elizabeth Lindsay
  (h) John Hamilton of Clydesdale & Samuelston (b c1496, d by 1574)
  m. (1531) Janet Home (d before 05.04.1596, dau of Alexander Home, 3rd Lord)
(i) Elizabeth Hamilton (b 1522)
  m. (mcrt 27.05.1543, sp) Robert Sempill, Master of Sempill (b c1522, dvp before 16.12.1569)
  p. Beatrix Drummond (dau of John, 1st Lord Drummond)
  (j) Margaret Hamilton (b c1496) --
  m. (before 22.08.1515) Andrew Stewart, 3rd Lord Avondale, 1st Lord Ochiltree (d 1548) --
p. _ Burnet or Boyd
  (k) John Hamilton, Bishop of Dunkeld, Archibishop of St Andrews (b 1511, d 07.04.1571, Treasurer of Scotland)
  p. Grisel Sempill (d 10.1575, dau of Robert Sempill, 3rd Lord, widow of James Hamilton of Stanehouse)
  partner(s) unknown
  (l) James Hamilton 'of Kinneill', Bishop of Argyll & Lismore (d 06.01.1579-80)
  m. Janet Murray (d before 01.10.1572)
  (m) James Hamilton of Sproston & St. John's Chapel (d 29.10.1585)
  m. (mcrt 14.09.1551) Marie Hepburn (d 07.1571, dau of Patrick Hepburn of Fairnington)
(l) Anna Hamilton (dspms 1516)
  m. (20.12.1520) Hugh Somerville, 5th Lord (b c1486, d 1549)
  (m) Isabella Hamilton (d by 01.1570-71)
  m. (c07.1529) John Bannatyne of Corehouse
  (n) Jane (or Janet or Jean) Hamilton
  m1.(14.02.1531/2) David Boswell, 2nd of Auchinleck (d c1558)
  m2. (before 06.1563) John Hamilton of Auchingemill
  m3. (by 1573)) John Crawford in Shaw
  (o) Jean Hamilton (dsp)
  m. (before 1529) James Somerville, 5th/6th Lord (b c1518, d 12.1569)
  (p) Jane (or Janet) Hamilton (d before 08.05.1551)
  m. (before 18.06.1547) William Stewart
(q) Janet Hamilton
  m. David Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh
  (r) daughter
  m. (Jean 12.1547) John Wemyss
  (s) Isabella Hamilton (d before 17.03.1604)
  m. Alexander Baillie, younger of Littlegill (d before 1591/2)
  (iii) Elizabeth Hamilton (a 04.1531) --
  m. (mcrt 1490) Matthew Stuart, 2nd Earl of Lennox (d Flodden 09.09.1513) --
p. Janet Calderwood
  (iv) John Hamilton, 1st of Broomhill (a 1473, d 08.1526) --
  m1. Janet Hamilton (dau of Sir Robert Hamilton of Fingalton & Preston) --
  m2. Margaret Dalziel (dau of (Robert) Dalziel of that ilk)
  (v) David Hamilton (d 1523, Bishop of Argyl, Abbot of Dryburgh)
(a) James Hamilton (a 1545)
  p. _ Witherspoon (d 1479, dau of _ Witherspoon of Brigtoun)
  The following comes from 'HamiltonHistory' ('Kincavil (Linlithgowshire)', p522+) with some support from 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Kincavel', p316+) & HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 'Kincavil', p39) .
  (vi) Sir Patrick Hamilton of Kincavel (Kincavil), Sheriff of Linlithgowshire, Provost of Edinburgh (d 30.04.1520)
  m. Margaret (not Catherine) Stewart (a 07.1542, natural dau of Alexander Stewart, Duke of Albany, m2. David Ross, m3. John Hamilton)
  partner(s) unknown
  (vii) James Hamilton (dsp, eldest natural son?)
  (viii) daughter
  m. (c1495) Sir Ian (John) Macfarlane, 11th of Arrochar (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  (B) Alexander Hamilton of Schawfield & Silvertonhill (a 1455) --
(C) John Hamilton of Whitecamp & Kirkhope (d before 10.1455)
  (i)+ issue (dsp before 09.11.1474) - William, Robert
  (D) Gavin Hamilton (d by 05.1493, Canon of Dunkeld, Provost of Bothwell)
  m/p. Jean Muirhead
  TSP (Abercorn) reports that, of the following, at least Thomas, David and Gavin were natural sons who were later legitimated. Jean's name is found in 'AndersonMemoirs' (p270) & HJHeraldry (Hamilton, p49) but not in TSP. Identification of the sons is supported by 'HamiltonHistory' (p636+).
  (i) John Hamilton, 1st of Orbiston (3rd or 4th son)
  m. Jean Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton, 1st of Woodhall)
  (ii) Gavin Hamilton, 1st of Haggs (d before 30.10.1536, 5th or 6th son)
  m. Janet Hynde (relict of Thomas Pettiggrew of Haggs)
  (iii) Arthur Hamilton (d by 1515, Provost of Bothwell, 7th son?)
  (a) Arthur Hamilton (Provost of Hamilton)
  partner(s) unknown
  ((1))+ issue (a 1543) - Robert, John, John, Robert
(iv) daughter
  m. John Hamilton of Woodhall
  (v)+ other issue - Robert (dsp, Canon/Chancellor of Glasgow), Thomas (dsp, Canon of Dunkeld), Archibald, David (d before 11.10.1538, rector of Carstairs), James, William
  (E) James Hamilton (2nd)
  (F) Mary Hamilton not mentioned by 'HamiltonHistory', possibly (??) married to ... --
  m. Sir William Keith, 1st Earl Marischal (d before 1476) --
  (G) Agnes Hamilton --
  m. Sir James Hamilton of Fingalton & Preston --
  TSP (Abercorn) identifies Agnes's husband as a Chalmers of Gadgirth and does not record a daughter who married Sir James. BLG1886 (Stirling of Larbert) identifies the sister of the 1st Lord Hamilton who married a Chalmer(s) as ...
  (H) Elizabeth Hamilton named both Janet & Elspeth by 'HamiltonHistory'
  m. Sir John Chalmer of Gadgirth
  (I) Euphame Hamilton mentioned by 'HamiltonHistory' and identified as possibly married to ...
  m. (by 05.1512) John (or William) Hamilton of Calder
(2) David Hamilton of Dalserf (a 1413, 1434, Sheriff of Lanarkshire?)
  (3) Walter (probably not Thomas) Hamilton 'of Darngaber' (a 1420)
  'AndersonMemoirs' (1825, p363) shows the 3rd son of Sir John as 'Thomas de Hamilton of Darngaber'. However, TSP (1914, Hamilton, p347) names him Walter "of whom little is known" and reports that "This appears to be the true ancestor of the Hamiltons of Raploch and others. The Thomas referred to in this connection in the House of Hamilton (i.e. Anderson), and described as of Darngaber, is not found so styled, and he appears to have been a servant and not a son of the family." Clearly there has been some confusion here. 'HamiltonHistory' (1933, p731) refers to 'AndersonMemoirs' and other sources but has not been able to resolve the position fully, reporting (of the family given for Thomas) "This derivation is not borne out by available records." What we show does follow 'AndersonMemoirs' (except to give precedence to naming this person Walter rather than Thomas) but 'HamiltonHistory' throws doubt on his family other than to support the view that Walter was father of James of Raploch, albeit only possibly (not definitely) by ...
  m1. Helen Douglas (dau of Sir Henry Douglas of Lochleven)
  (A) James Hamilton, 1st of Raploch --
  (B) Thomas Hamilton, 1st of Torrance (d by 1463) --
  'HamiltonHistory' (p850) reports, of the first Thomas of this branch, that "This Thomas may have been a son of Thomas Hamilton of Darngaber, but of this there is no proof." We show him here on the basis that he may originally have been identified as brother of James of Raploch rather than as son of anyone particuliar.
(C) daughter
  m. _ Cunynghame
  (D) daughter
  m. _ Hallrig
  m2. ?? ("daughter of the laird of Grant")
  (E) John Hamilton of Cairnduffe (Carnduff or Carduff)
  (F) Allan Hamilton of Fairholm (d 1470)
  'HamiltonHistory' (p344) reports that "Anderson derives this family from Thomas Hamilton of Darngaber ... (of which) there is no record evidence, and ... it seems improbable". Nevertheless, we follow Anderson in showing him here.
  (4) Catherine Hamilton --
  m. Sir William Baillie of Lamington (a 1423) --
  b. Sir William Hamilton of Bathgate (d 1433)
  m. Agnes de Erth (a 1458, dau/coheir of Sir William de Erth of Plane, m2. John Livingston of Manerstoun)
c. Andrew Hamilton of Bruntwood & Udston (a 1392, 1406) --
  m. Agnes (dau of the Sheriff of Ayr) --
  d. John Hamilton, 1st of Bardowie (a 1390, 1411)
  m. (mcrt 05.1394) Margaret Fraser
  e. George Hamilton (b by 1365?)
  f. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (before 1400, sp) Sir Alexander Fraser of Cowie and Durris, 1st of Philorth, Sheriff of Aberdeen (d by 1411)
  ii. Sir John Hamilton of Fingalton (b c1337, d Homildon Hill 1402?)
'AndersonMemoirs' (p39 & p339) shows a Sir John, ancestor of the Hamiltons of Fingalton & Prestoun, 2 generations earlier. TSP (vol 4, p343) reports that that is "erroneously stated" and shows the first Sir John in this generation, which is supported by BP1934, HJHeraldry (Hamilton) & 'HamiltonHistory'. Regarding the first of the 3 Sir Johns mentioned by Anderson, Anderson reports that his "matrimonial connexions are doubtful", disregarding suggestions (by Crawfurd) that he married a dau of Sir Robert de Cruck of Cruckston. Of the 2nd Sir John, Anderson supports Crawfurd's suggestion that he married Margaret, dau of Sir William Baillie of Hoprig. Of the 3rd Sir John, Anderson supports the suggestion that he probably married a younger sister of Janet, dau/coheir of Sir William Keith of Galston. We are following 'HamiltonHistory' (p684+) which (after considering some of the evidence) suggests that, whilst the first Sir John was of this generation, he was father rather than the same person as the following Sir John from whom some consensus has been obtained.
  m. _ Keith (dau of Sir William Keith of Galston) possibly wife of Sir John and mother of ...
  a. Sir John Hamilton of Rossaven & Fingalton (b before 1365?, d before 1434) --
  m1. Jane Liddell (dau/heir of Sir James Liddell of Preston) --
  m2. Anna Seton (dau of Sir William Seton of that ilk)
  b. Walter Hamilton
  iii. Walter de Hamilton
  a. David Hamilton, 1st of Cambuskeith (d by 1436) --
  iv. Alan Hamilton ancestor of Hamilton of Larbert
  v. daughter
  m. Simon Roberton of Earnock
  B. John de Hamilton (a 1394)
  m1. Isobel (dau/heir of Sir Roger de Glay of Innnerwick) mentioned by 'AndersonMemoirs' (p307) but 'HamiltonHistory' (p489) says "this is doubtful"
  m2. Elizabeth Stewart (dau of Sir Alan Stewart Darnley & Crookston (of Dreghorn))
  i. (Sir) Alexander Hamilton of Ballencrieff, 1st of Innerwick (d before 1454)
  m. (c1381) Elizabeth Stewart (dau/coheir of Thomas Stewart, 2nd Earl of Angus)
2. Hugh FitzGilbert

Main source(s) (see here): 'HamiltonHistory' (p1+), TSP (Hamilton), TSP (Abercorn), BP1934 (Abercorn) with input/support as reported above
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