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Families covered: Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh, Hamilton of Orbiston (Orbieston)

John Hamilton, 1st of Orbiston (Orbistoun or Orbieston) (d before 01.1512/3)
m. Jean Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton, 1st of Woodhall)
1. Gavin Hamilton, 2nd of Orbiston (a 1557, d before 22.07.1558)
  m. Marion or Helen Wallace (a 1548, dau of Hugh Wallace of Cairnhill (Carnell))
  A. John Hamilton, 3rd of Orbiston (d Langside 13.05.1568)
  m. Janet or Margaret Hamilton (d 07.1584, dau of John Hamilton of Haggs) named Margaret by Anderson & BP1934 but Janet by HJHeraldry & HamiltonHistory
i. John Hamilton, 4th of Orbiston (d before 05.09.1621)
  m. Christian Dalziel (dau of Robert Dalziel or Dalzell of that ilk by Janet Hamilton)
  a. Sir John Hamilton, 5th of Orbiston (d before 16.04.1664, Lord Justice Clerk, 'Lord Orbieston')
  m1. (mcrt 21.08.1612) Rachel Bonar (d before 1630?, dau of William or James Bonar of Rossie) HamiltonHistory shows her father as William of Rossie, Anderson as James
  (1) Mary Hamilton mentioned by HamiltonHistory but not by Anderson
  m. (before 1635) John Brisbane of that ilk
  (2) Christian Hamilton mentioned by Anderson but not by HamiltonHistory
m. John Robertoun of Ernock
  (3) Agnes Hamilton mentioned by Anderson but not by HamiltonHistory
  Anderson, HJHeraldry & BP1934 all identify John's 2nd wife as Margaret (Henderson) but the Henderson records, supported by HamiltonHistory, suggest that she was Margaret's sister ...
  m2. (1634) Bethia Henderson (dau of Sir John Henderson of Fordell)
  (4) Sir James Hamilton, 6th of Orbiston, Sheriff of Lanarkshire then Dumbartonshire (d 05.1664)
  m1. Jean Houston (d before 07.0662, dau of Ludovic Houston of that ilk)
  (A) William Hamilton, last of Orbiston, Sheriff of Dunbartonshire (bpt 10.02.1654, d before 01.1713, MP, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Cunningham (dau of William Cunningham, 9th Earl of Glencairn)
  (i) James Hamilton (dvpsp, before 02.01.1711, Captain)
  m. Henrietta Makgill, 'Viscountess of Oxfuird' (dsp 11.10.1758)
  (ii)+ other issue (dvpsp)
  (B) James Hamilton in Edinburgh (dsp, WS)
  m. Grizzell Dunlop (dau of _ Dunlop of Hoshill)
  (i)+ issue (all dsp?) - Alexander, James, Robert
  (C) Bethia Hamilton (a 1707)
m. (25.10.1683) William Blair of Auchinvole
  (D)+ other issue - John (d young), Jean (d young), Robina (a 1682)
  m2. (sp) Margaret Stewart (a 1664, dau of Sir Archibald Stewart of Blairhall, relict of James Boswell of Auchinleck)
  (5) Adam Hamilton (b 1636) mentioned by HamiltonHistory but not by Anderson
  (6) Bethia Hamilton
  A Jean in the first marriage is shown by HamiltonHistory as having married James Hamilton of Woodhall. We follow Anderson in showing his wife as Bethia of this marriage as that provides a connection for the name Bethia.
  m. (mcrt 20.07.1633) James Hamilton of Woodhall
  (7) Margaret Hamilton (b 1635)
m. (c1651) Sir William Lockhart of Lee (b 1621, d 1675, Ambassador)
  (8) daughter (2nd Margaret?)
  m. Sir John Henderson of Fordell (d 1683, cousin)
  (9) daughter mentioned by Anderson but not by HamiltonHistory
  m. Hugh Crawford of Jordanhill
  b. James Hamilton of Bogges, 1st of Dalzell (d 02.1668)
  m1. Beatrix Fleming (dau of _ Fleming of Clydsyd (Clydeside))
  m2. (c1643) Jean Henderson (d 07.1653, dau of Sir John Henderson of Fordell)
  m3. Isobel Hamilton (d before 12.05.1715, dau of Sir James Hamilton on Broomhill, relict of Robert Hamilton of Millburn)
  c. Marion Hamilton (bur 20.12.1667)
m. (02.10.1617) John or James Hamilton of Bangour
  d. Janet Hamilton
  m1. Gavin Cupar of Boiggs
  m2. Gavin Waddell
  e. Margaret Hamilton
  m. John Walkinshaw of that ilk
  f. Agnes Hamilton
  m. _ Bruce of Newat
g.+ other issue - Gavin (Captain), Grissell (d unm?)
  ii. Gavin Hamilton, Bishop of Galloway (d by 1612, 3rd son)
  The following is supported by 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Inchgottrick', p306) & 'HamiltonHistory' ('Inchgottrick', p478+).
  m. Alison Hamilton (a 1630, dau of James Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh) @@ below
  a. John Hamilton of Inchgottrick (minister of Craigie)
  m. Margaret Wallace (dau of Hew Wallace of Craigie)
  (1) John Hamilton
  m. Margaret Wallace
  (A)+ issue - John, Robert
  (2) Margaret Hamilton
  b. Margaret Hamilton
  m1. (1596) John Campbell, Bishop of Argyll & Lismore
m2. (03.05.1614) James Dunlop of Dunlop (d 1634)
  m3. John Alderston (d 1642, minister of Kilmaurs)
  c. Jean Hamilton
  m. Alexander Dunlop (of family of Dunlop)
d.+ other isuse- Gavin, Elizaeth, Anne
  iii. Marjory or Marion Hamilton
  'HamiltonHistory' shows a Marion who m (mcrt 04.03.155/6) David Dundas of Priestisinch. This appears to be the Marjory who married (c1600) ...
  m. David Dundas of Duddingstoun
  iv. Isobel Hamilton
  ## 'HamiltonHistory' (p644) notes that some sources show that Isobel married Robert Hamilton of Dalserff but reports that his wife was of Broomhill.
  v. Libra Hamilton (d 13.04.1592)
  m. John Hamilton of Barncleuch
  vi. Margaret Hamilton (d before 24.12.1655)
m1/2. (mcrt 16.05.1594) John Robertoun (brother of James of Ernoch)
  m2/1. Robert Hamilton of Barncleuch (Barneluith )
  vii.+ other issue - David of Edinburgh (d Langside 13.05.1568), James, Thomas, Robert (b c1572, d 30.12.1596, minister of Ruthven), Cristalline or Grissell, Janet, Marjory or Mariot, Agnes, Katherine, Euphame
  'HamiltonHistory' notes that some sources (eg Anderson) show that some of the daughters were married as follows "but they have not been identified".
  - daughter
  m. ?? Cleland of Knownoblehill
  - daughter
  m. _ Baillie of Jarviestoun
  - daughter
  m. _ Forsyth of Halhill
- daughter
  m. _ Stirling (brother of_ Stirling of Glorat)
  - daughter
  m. _ Fullarton of Corsbar
  B. James Hamilton of Ruchbank & Kilbrackmont (d 14.12.1600)
  m. Margaret Dishington (dau/coheir of Paul Dishington of Ardrois)
  C. Arthur Hamilton of Parkhead (4th son)
  m. Christian Hamilton
  D. Archibald Hamilton (d before 20.11.1589)
i. Helen Hamilton (d before 02.01.1607)
  m. (mcrt 20.11.1589) Andrew Crawfurd (son of David of Ferms)
  E. Robert Hamilton (Provost of St. Andrews, Moderator of the General Assembly, 7th son)
  m. Elspeth Traill (dau of John Traill of Blebow, m2. Thomas Buchanan) ## see here ##
  i. Helen Hamilton
p. Robert Hamilton (minister of Kennoway, of the Mildburn family)
  a. child
  ii.+ other issue - Robert, James, Thomas
  F. Elizabeth Hamilton (d before 23.02.1601)
  m. James Dunlop of Dunlop (d 1596)
  G.+ other issue - David, John (2nd of the name), Adam
2. John Hamilton of Ferguslie & Barr (d before 09.11.1556, 3rd son)
  m. Jonet Levingston (d 10.09.1552)
3. Patrick Hamilton of Myrrietoun (aka Myrretoun, Merritoun, etc.)
4. David Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh (d by 02.1570-1)
The following is supported by 'HamiltonHistory' ('Bothwellhaugh', p173+), AndersonMemoirs ('Bothwellhaugh', p240+) & HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 'Bothwellhaugh', p54+). Anderson shows David father of all of his children by Christian Schaw. 'HamiltonHistory' mentions an earlier marriage to Jonet Hamilton, sister of Archbishop Hamilton. James (at least) was nephew of Archbishop Hamilton, with the implication being that he was son of Jonet Hamilton, though 'HamiltonHistory' points out that Christian Schaw and the Archbishop may have been uterine siblings.
  m1. Jonet Hamilton (natural dau of of 1st Earl of Arran, sister of Archbishop John)
  m2. (before 21.10.1539) Christian Schaw (d 04.1599)
  As noted above, not clear which wife was mother of which child. However, it is likely that Jonet Hamilton was mother of at least James.
  A. James Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh (d before 1594)
  m. Isabella Sinclair (dau/coheir of John Sinclair of Woodhouselee)
  i. Alison Hamilton (a 1630)
  m. Gavin Hamilton, Bishop of Galloway @@ above
  ii. Christian Hamilton
  m. David Fullerton of that ilk
  B. David Hamilton of Monktown Mains, later of Bothwellhaugh (d 14.03.1613 (or 1619))
  m. Alison Sinclair (d 14.03.1619 or 06.1681, dau/coheir of John Sinclair of Woodhouselee, sister of Isabella)
  i. David Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh (d before 1628)
  p/m(1). Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton by Eleson Bane)
  m(2). Katherine Dunlop
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  a. James Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh (d 12.1643)
  m. Margaret Arnot (d before 22.10.1652)
  (1) Anne Hamilton (a 1654)
m. Lewis Cant (son of John of Morton)
  ii. Andrew Hamilton
  iii. Claud Hamilton of Barnhill (b c1572, d by 1631)
  m1. Marion Jackson (d by 1626)
  a. Claud Hamilton of Bardisdyke
  m1. Agnes Cors
  m2. Janet Hamilton (dau of William Hamilton of Blantyreferme, m2. James Lindsay in Calderwood Logan)
  b. David Hamilton (dsp by 1656)
  c. Janet Hamilton (d before 29.12.1666)
  m. (mcrt 23.06.1624) John Yule, younger in Cornehills
  d. Isobelle Hamilton
  m. John Miller in Barnehill
m2. Margaret Hamilton
  e. James Hamilton (dsp?)
  C. John Hamilton (d 19.10.1594, Prior of Blantyre, Provost of Bothwell)
  m. Margaret Muirhead
  i. Abigail Hamilton (a 03.1605)
  m1. Robert Hamilton of Baitland (brother of Andrew of Westburn) ## see here ##
  m2. (03.05.1598) Edward Merschell (a 03.1605)
  ii. Agnes Hamilton
  D. Janet Hamilton
  m. James Muirhead of Lauchope
  E. Jean Hamilton (d by 1624)
  m. (mcrt 1553) George Home of Spott (d 09.1591)
  F. Christian Hamilton (d 15.03.1586/7)
  m. William Boyd of Badinheath
  G.+ other issue - Archibald (a 1570), Arthur (a 1584)
5. daughter
  m. the laird of Hawkhill
6. daughter
  m. Alexander Stewart of Raith
7.+ other issue - Archibald in Edinburgh (writer), Arthur

Main source(s) (see here): 'HamiltonHistory' ('Orbieston', p639+), 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Dalziel', p270+), HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 'The Hamiltons of Dalzell', p49+) with some support from BP1934 ('Hamilton of Dalzell') and as reported above
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