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Families covered: Henderson of Fordell, Henderson of Glencraig, Henderson in Inverkeithing

Thomas Henderson (b 1385)
1. John Henderson in Inverkeithing (b 1415, a 1449)
  A. Robert Henderson in Inverkeithing (b 1440, d c1486)
  m. Jonet
  i. James Henderson, 1st of Fordell (b 1470, d Flodden 09.09.1513, Lord Advocate, 3rd son)
  m. Helen Batty
  a. James Henderson (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  b. George Henderson, 2nd of Fordell (b c1490, d 1542)
  m1. (1517) Katherine Adamson (d 1539, dau of William Adamson)
(1) William Henderson (b 1510, dvp Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  m. (23.11.1543) Elizabeth Scott (dau of Alexander Scott)
  (A) James Henderson, 3rd of Fordell (b 1544, d c1612)
  m. (mcrt 19.02.1563/4, 15.04.1564) Jean Murray (dau of Sir William Murray of Tullibardine)
  (i) Sir John Henderson, 4th of Fordell (d 01.1618)
  m1. Agnes Balfour (dau of Sir James Balfour of Pittendreich and Burleigh)
(a) Sir John Henderson, 5th of Fordell (d 11.03.1650)
  m. (07.02.1625) Margaret Menteith (dau of William Menteith of Randiford)
  ((1)) Sir John Henderson, 1st Bart of Fordell (d 1683)
  m. Margaret (?) Hamilton (dau of Sir John (not James) Hamilton of Orbiston, Lord Justice Clerk, cousin)
  ((A)) son (d young)
((B)) Sir William Henderson, 2nd Bart of Fordell (d 1709)
  m1. (mcrt 17.02.1682) Jean Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Mountain Hall (not Mountain Hill))
  ((i)) Sir James Henderson, 3rd Bart of Fordell (b 28.12.1686)
  m. Christian Anstruther (dau of Sir Robert Anstruther, 1st Bart of Balcaskie)
  ((a)) son (d young)
  ((b)) Sir Robert Henderson, 4th Bart of Fordell (d 19.10.1781)
  m. (03.10.1748) Isabella Stuart (d 16.08.1796, dau of Archibald Stuart, 5th of Torrance)
(((1))) Sir John Henderson, 5th Bart of Fordell (b c1760, d 12.12.1817)
  m. (05.1781) _ Robertson (d 06.02.1782, dau of General Robertson of Newbigging, Governor of New York)
  (((A))) Isabella Henderson
  m. (1817, sp) Sir Philip Charles Henderson Calderwood Durham of Fordell, Polton and Largo (b 1763, d 1845, Admiral)
(((2))) Sir Robert Bruce-Henderson, 6th Bart of Fordell & Earlshall (b 01.1762?, d unm 03.08.1833)
  Robert inherited Earlshall through family marriages with daughters of the last Bruce of Earlshall. The following Isabella is described in BLG1952 ('Berry of Tayfield') as daughter of Sir Robert Bruce-Henderson, Bart of Fordell and Earlshall, but he died unmarried. Provisionally, we show Isabella as illegitimate but this will be researched further in due course.
  (((A))) Isabella Henderson (b c1791, d 27.01.1871)
  m. (1823) William Berry, 2nd of Tayfield (b 23.03.1774, d 09.12.1852)
  (((3))) (Jean) Henderson (d 1814, "eldest dau.") apparently of this generation
m. (George) Mercer
  Fordell passed to first one then another of their sons who took the name Mercer-Henderson.
  ((ii)) James Henderson probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Helen Bruce (dsps 1775, dau of Robert Bruce of Earlshall)
  ((iii)) William Henderson (dsp, 3rd son) probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m1. Margaret Bruce (dau of Robert Bruce of Earlshall)
  m2. Margaret Graham (dau of Thomas Graham of Greigston)
  m2. Helen Donaldson (dau of Andrew Donaldson)
  ((C)) Bethia Henderson
  m. John Roberton of Earnock
  ((D)) Margaret Henderson probably of this generation
  m. Alexander Stewart, 5th Lord Blantyre (d 20.06.1704)
  ((2)) James Henderson (b c1630, d 02.05.1675, 3rd son)
  m. Margaret Scott
  ((A)) John Henderson in Inverkeithing (d 27.06.1746)
  m. Janet Bairdie
  ((i)) William Henderson in Cockairnie (b 01.08.1683, d 01.05.1722)
  m. Alison Drysdale
  ((a)) Robert Henderson in Cockairnie and Balbougie (b 06.04.1717, d c1796)
  m. Christian Beveridge
  (((1))) John Henderson in Rowsland, of Glencraig (d 12.03.1831) had issue
  m. Marion Waterson
  (((2))) Elizabeth Henderson (d 1836)
  m. Walter Oswald
(((3)))+ other issue - William (b 21.02.1759, d unm 1806), Robert (dsp)
  ((b)) William Henderson in Dunfermline (b 03.10.1722, 4th son)
  (((1)))+ issue (dsp) - David, Robert of Glencraig
  ((c))+ other issue - John, James
  ((ii))+ other issue - James (b 16.02.1689), Alexander (b 25.06.1693), Margaret (b 24.10.1686)
  ((3)) Jean Henderson
  m. (27.04.1648) Thomas Bruce of Blairhall
((4)) Margaret Henderson
  m1. (09.06.1653) Sir Henry Wardlaw of Pitreavie, 3rd Bart (dsp before 16.05.1654)
  m2. Peter Hay of Haughton
  ((5)) Elizabeth Henderson
  m1. (09.05.1656) Alexander Mercer of Kinnaird
  m2. (14.05.1660) Sir Robert Cunningham, Bart (physician to King Charles II)
  m3. (07.07.1679) Sir William Denholme of Weshield
  ((6)) Bethia Henderson (bur 28.03.1685)
  m1. (05.03.1662) John Robertson of Ernock
  m2. Alexander Hamilton, 2nd of Dalzell (d 1691-2)
  ((7)) Anna Henderson
m1. (1669) Archibald Stewart of Dunearn (bpt 28.02.1643, d 02.1688)
  m2. Walter Denholme (captain)
  ((8))+ other issue - William (b c1628, d 21.07.1676), Francis (dsp), George (dsp 1659)
  (b) Margaret Henderson
  m. John Scott of Spencerfield
  (c) Bethia Henderson
  m. Sir John Hamilton of Orbiston (Lord Justice Clerk)
(d)+ other issue - Francis, Jean, Harie, Euphanie
  m2. Anne Halkat (dau of Sir Robert Halkat of Pilfivrane)
  (h) James Henderson (b 03.02.1618, d 05.1644)
  (i) Jean Henderson (d 07.1653)
  m. (c1643) James Hamilton of Boiges, 1st of Dalzell
(ii) Sir Robert Henderson of Tunnygask (d 1622)
  m. Anna Kirkpatrick
  (iii) Anne Henderson (bpt 21.12.1567)
  m. William Hamilton
  (iv) Janet Henderson
  m1. William Elphinstone (b 26.09.1544, d 26.07.1602)
  m2. Alexander Livingstone (? Thomas Livingstone of Hayning)
  (v) Grizel Henderson
  m. Alexander Douglas, 9th of Mains (a 1618)
  (vi) Euphanie Henderson
  m. John Dempster of Logiealton and Balbougie
  (vii) Barbara Henderson
  m. James Spittal of Leuchat
  (viii) Margaret Henderson
  m. William Echline of Pittandro
  (ix) Elizabeth Henderson
  m. Henry Scott of Spencerfield
  (x)+ other issue - Francis of Easter Duvis (d 1628), James (d 1638)
  (B)+ other issue - Agnes, Janet
  (2) John Henderson of Bengour, Little Fordell and Dryden had issue
  m. Marion Sinclair (dau of Edward Sinclair of Dryden)
(3) James Henderson
  m. Margaret Frissel
  (4) Janet Henderson
  m1. Alexander Guthrie (Town Clerk of Edinburgh)
  m2. David Carnegie of Kinnaird
  (5) Marion Henderson
  m. George Hay
  m2. (11.1543) Marion Scott (dau of Sir William Scott, 8th of Balwearie)
  c. Margaret Henderson --
  m. James Foulis --
  d. Agnes Henderson --
  m. William Lauder of Hatton --
  e. Isabella Henderson
  m. (26.11.1526) Thomas Stewart of Galston
  ii.+ other issue - John (dvp), George

Main source(s):
(1) 'The Baronage of Scotland' compiled by Sir Robert Douglas, Bart, published 1774
(2) BLG1999 (Henderson of Fordell), TCB (vol 3, 'Henderson of Fordell', p346+), with a little input from 'Fife (P&H, vol 2, p183+)' and as reported above
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