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Families covered: Wallace of Auchans, Wallace of Cairnhill (Carnell), Wallace of Craigie, Wallace of Dundonald, Wallace of Riccarton
[Note made 06.12.03: " This page will be revised in due course. As it stands, it should be viewed as little more than 'draft for discussion' because a number of major changes are expected, even then leaving several issues still to be resolved."
On 10.05.20, a review was made using Paterson. That has been used to add data rather than try to correct what was previously shown. It is likely that at least one further review will be done in due course, using a different source. We hope that we will then be able to make more sense of what we show below!]

Sir John (or Adam) Wallace of Craigie & Riccarton (b c1350)
'The Book of Wallace' suggests that Sir John married a Lady Margaret Stewart. Paterson shows Adam as married to Lady Margaret Stuart. 'The Book of Wallace' and 'The Wallace Papers' identify his wife as Margaret Douglas, daughter of James Douglas of Dalkeith, 'The Book of Wallace' specifying that her mother was Agnes Dunbar, which we disagree with as TSP (Morton) does not show them as having a daughter called Margaret whilst, although James did have a natural daughter called Margaret, she married someone else. Following another report in TSP (Morton), we show his wife, and presumed mother of his sons, as a different Margaret Douglas as follows.
m. Margaret Douglas (dau of Sir Henry Douglas of Lugton and Lochleven)
1. Sir Hugh Wallace of Craigie & Riccarton possibly the Sir John named by Paterson as Adam's eldest son
  Paterson reports that Sir John had 3 sons: William (his successor who had a son John (a 1459) who probably dvp), Adam and Robert (dsp in France).
2. Sir William Wallace of Craigie & Riccarton
  This was possibly either the Adam named by Paterson as Adam's second son or the one who was younger brother of John, eldest son of the above Adam (Hugh). Paterson shows him as husband of ...
  m. Elizabeth Douglas (dau of James Douglas, Earl of Avondale, 7th Earl of Douglas) shown by 'The Book of Wallace' as wife to Sir William
  A. Sir William Wallace of Craigie & Riccarton (d 1450)
m. Margaret Johnston(e) (dau of the Laird of Johnston)
  Paterson reports that they had a son, John of Craigie (a 1489), succeeded probably by a brother, Adam of Craigie who is named Sir Thomas in Douglas's Peerage but Hutcheon/Hugh by Crawfurd but that "the probability is that neither Douglas nor Crawfurd is right". Paterson then reports that, whatever his name (!), he appears to have m1. (sp) Dame Catherine Douglas, m2. Elizabeth, dau of Alan, Lord Cathcart, by whom he had John & Hugh ("said to have been the ancestor of the Cairnhill Wallaces, but, we should think, erroneously") and Isabel (m. Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun).
  i. Sir William Wallace of Craigie & Riccarton
  Paterson mentions that there was a William Wallace of Carnell (d Flodden 1513), and also a James of Cairnhill (a 1527), but that "it can scarcely be supposed that Hugh was the father of William or James".
  m. (c1453) Margaret Dunbar (d c1498, dau of Sir David Dunbar of Cockburn)
a. Sir John Wallace of Craigie & Riccarton
  Paterson reports that Adam was succeeded by John who "is said to have married Mary Rutherfuird, of the ancient family of Rutherfuird" and to have had 4 sons, John (m. Isabella Campbell) and Alexander (m. heiress of Benslie in Yorkshire), Robert (dsp, Colonel in Germany) and Thomas (professor, who had a son named Thomas) plus 2 daughters (one married Hepburn of Wauchton, the other Crichton of Clunie). It does appear that there has been confusion between different Johns (at least!). Paterson reports that the John who married Isabella, dau of Sir Matthew Campbell of Loudoun, had 4 sons by her: John, his successor, Robert, Thomas & Michael of Cuningpark. The thought that Vans may have omitted a generation here is somewhat overweighed by the fact that the John who is shown by Paterson as son of this John & Isabella Campbell appears to be the same person as the John shown by Vans below, FIVE generations later, as husband of Margaret Cuningham.
m1. Isabel Campbell (dau of Sir George Campbell of Loudoun)
  (1) 4 sons - William, Robert, Thomas, Michael
  m2. Katherine Kennedy (dau of John Kennedy, 2nd Lord)
  (5) Sir John Wallace of Craigie and Riccarton (b c1480)
  (1) TSP (Cathcart) names Sibilla's husband as John Wallace of Craigie ("WofC"), son of Hugh WofC. 'Rutherford1' shows a Margaret Rutherford of this period who married a Hugh WofC.
(2) TSP (Loudoun) names the wife of Sir Hugh Campbell as Isabel (shown below as John's daughter), daughter of Sir Thomas WofC.
  m. Sibilla Cathcart (dau of John Cathcart, 2nd Lord)
  (A) Matthew Wallace
  (B) Sir James Wallace of Craigie & Riccarton
(C) Sir John Wallace of Craigie & Riccarton
  m. Janet Logan (of Restalrig)
  (i) Margaret Wallace
  Vans shows no husband for this Margaret but we assume that this is the Margaret who married ...
  m. Alan Cathcart, 4th Lord (b 1537, d 12.1618)
  (D) Sir William Wallace of Craigie & Riccarton (d 1530)
m. Elizabeth Campbell (dau of Sir John Campbell of Wester Loudoun)
  (i) Sir William Wallace of Craigie (b c1507, d 1538)
  m1. Margaret Kennedy (dau of Alexander Kennedy of Bargany)
  (a) Sir John Wallace of Craigie (b c1530, d 1570)
  m. Margaret Cunningham (dau of Alexander Cunningham, 5th Earl of Glencairn) named Mary by Paterson
  (b)+ other issue - William, Margaret
  m2. (1532) Grisel Sempill (d 10.1575, dau of Robert Sempill, 3rd Lord)
  (ii) John Wallace of Auchans & Dundonald 
  The following comes from 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p25) which reports that John was the 3rd of Dundonald, after William (a 1527) & William (a 1566).
  m. Agnes Stewart (dau of Sir John Stewart of Minto, sister of Walter, 1st Lord Blantyre)
  (a) John Wallace of Auchans & Dundonald (d 01.1609/10)
  m. Margaret Cathcart
  ((1)) John Wallace of Dundonald (a 1625, d unm?) succeeded by ...
  ((2)) Mathew Wallace of Dundonald
  m. ?? (relict of _ Stewart of Ardgowane)
  ((A)) John Wallace of Auchans, last of Dundonald (a 1643) possibly of this generation
((B))+ other issue - Janet, Agnes, Annabell, Marie
  "One of the daughters is said to have married" ...
  m. Robert Montgomerie of Whitefoord
  (b) Agnes Wallace
  m. _ Patersoun of Edinburgh (baker)
  (c) Margaret Wallace apparently of this generation
  m. Robert Montgomery of Hessilhead (d before 26.10.1623)
  (d) Joan Wallace probably of this generation
  m. (before 05.02.1582) James Mowat of Busbie (a 1621)
  (e)+ other issue - James (d unm), Thomas (had issue)
(iii) Margaret Wallace
  Vans shows this Margaret as wife of Alan Cathcart, 4th Lord, but TSP (Cathcart) names her father as John, not William.
  (iv) Sibilla Wallace
  m. Sir John Hepburn of Waughton
  (E) Alexander Wallace
  (F) Isabel Wallace (d before 1530)
  m. Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr (d by 1530)
  (6) Hugh Wallace
  m. Margaret Rutherford
  (7) Matthew Wallace (d before 14.10.1508)
  m1. ??
  (A) William Wallace
m2. Isobel Hoppringle (of Smailholm)
  (8) Thomas Wallace
  b. Adam Wallace of Cairnhill (Carnell) shown by Vans below
  The following comes from 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p342+). It was added 11.05.20. Paterson refers to Robertson's work on this family, sometimes correcting it.
  (1) John Wallace of Cairnhill (a 1510)
  (2) William Wallace of Cairnhill (Carnell) (d Flodden 1513)
(A) James Wallace of Cairnhill (Carnell) (d before 1538)
  m. Janet Montgomerie ("probably of Giffen")
  (i) Hew (Hugh) Wallace of Cairnhill (Carnell)
  m. Isabel Mure (dau of Mungo Mure of Rowallane)
  (a) Helen Wallace
  m. John Schaw of Sornbeg
  (b) Margaret Wallace possibly of this generation
  m. John Craufurd of Craufurdland (b c1533, d 1603)
  (ii) Margaret Wallace 
  m. (before 12.02.1530/1) William Dalrymple of Stair
  (iii) Katherine (or Christian) Wallace possibly of this generation
  m. (before 08.04.1536) John Boyle of Ballikewin (a 09.1583)
  (B) John Wallace of Cairnhill (Carnell) successor to Hew, possibly fits here
  (i) Hew (Hugh) Wallace of Cairnhill (Carnell) (a 1582) successor to John, possibly fits here
  (a) Robert Wallace (a 1582, dvp?)
((1)) John Wallace of Cairnhill (Carnell) (d 1602)
  ((A)) James Wallace of Cairnhill
  ((B)) Sir John Wallace of Cairnhill (a 1630) successor to James, possibly fits here
  Cairnhill passed from this family into the Cathcart family, related by marriage, and then to other Wallaces (starting with this Robert Wallace) before going to this Thomas Wallace.
m. Jeane (not Helen) Stewart (d 10.1618, dau of Sir Archibald Stewart of Castlemilk)
  ((i)) Mathew Wallace of Carscadden (3rd son)
  ((a)) Jonet Wallace
  ((ii)) Isabel Wallace possibly of this generation
  m. David Boswell of Auchinleck (d 1661)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Hew, William, Jeane, Margaret
((C)) Adam Wallace brother of Sir John
  (b) (Marion or Helen) Wallace (a 1548)
  m. Gavin Hamilton of Orbiestoun
  (ii) Jean Wallace possibly of this generation
  m. Adam Hall of Falquinhill, later of Fulbar (a 1567)
  (C) Katherine Wallace possibly of this generation
  m. (before 15.09.1518) Robert Barclay of Pierston (d before 21.02.1531-2)
  ii. Thomas Wallace
  a. Thomas Wallace (professor)
  (1) Thomas Wallace
  B. Hugh Wallace
  C. Adam Wallace of Cairnhill shown by Paterson above
  D. Margaret Wallace --
  m. Robert Lyle, 1st Lord (d c1470) --
3. Marion Wallace shown by Paterson as daughter of the first Adam
  m. (c1400) Rankin Fullarton of Fullarton and Dreghorn

Main source(s): the Vans Family Archive at http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~vfarch/ (information taken in December 2003, not yet rechecked) with support from 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p336+) (used in May 2020) with input as reported above
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