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Families covered: Dunbar of Cumnock, Dunbar of Dunbar, Dunbar of Kilconquhar, Dunbar of March
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Sir Alexander of Dunbar (a 26.06.1331)
1. Sir Patrick Dunbar (d 1356-7)
  m. Isabella Randolph (dau of Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray)
  A. George Dunbar, 10th Earl of Dunbar, 3rd Earl of March (b c1340, d c1420)
  m. Christiana (or Margaret) de Seton (dau of Alan de Wyntoun)
  The family fell into dispute with the Royal family after the rejection of his daughter Elizabeth by David Stewart, eldest son of King Robert III, in favour of a daughter of the Earl of Douglas. This focussed the rivalry between the Dunbars and the powerful Douglases. George supported the English against the Scots at the battle of Homildon Hill (14.09.1402) and also supported Henry IV of England at the battle of Shrewsbury. His son played a low profile and appeared to be on good terms with King James I but the King used the excuse of the treason to forfeit the earldoms.
i. Sir George Dunbar of Kilconquhar, 11th Earl of Dunbar, 4th Earl of March (b c1370, d c1456)
  m. Beatrix (d before1421)
  a. Patrick Dunbar, 2nd of Kilconquhar (dvp 1454)
  m. Elizabeth Sinclair
  (1) Patrick Dunbar, 3rd of Kilconquhar
  m. Christian Home
  (A) Patrick Dunbar, 4th of Kilconquhar (d before 1516)
  m1. (before 21.06.1474) Janet Dunbar (dau of Patrick Dunbar of Cumnock and Mochrum) @@ below
(i) Patrick Dunbar, 5th of Kilconquhar (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  (c1501) Christian McDowell of Garthland
  (a) Patrick Dunbar, 6th of Kilconquhar
  m. Margaret Gordon
  ((1)) Andrew Dunbar, 7th of Kilconquhar (dsp c1564)
  m. Eupheme Wemyss (d 16.11.1593, dau of Sir John Wemyss of Wemyss)
  ((2)) Janet Dunbar (d 09.1566)
  m1. (div) William Mundale
  m2. William Adair in Altoun
  ((3)) Elizabeth Dunbar (d unm 09.1566)
((4)) Margaret Dunbar (d before 1582)
  m1. William Macdowall of Freugh
  m2. John Vaus
  m3. (div) John Wemyss
  m4. John Giffart in Gorme
  ((5)) Alison Dunbar (a 1576)
  m. David McCulloch of Drouchtag
  m2. (before 1498) Isabella Dishington
(2) Margaret Dunbar --
  m. John Spens (5th) of Lathallan (d 1494) --
  b. Marjorie Dunbar --
  m1. Sir John Swinton of that ilk (d Verneuil 17.08.1424)
  m2. (c 04.1433) Lucas Stirling of Keir --
  c. Euphemia Dunbar (d c1474)
  m. George Graham
  d.+ other issue - George, Archibald of Little Spot and Balbuthie
ii. Sir David Dunbar of Cockburn (a 1443, 6th son)
  a. Margaret Dunbar (d c1498) --
  m1. Alexander Lindsay, 4th Earl of Crawford (d 1453) --
  m2. Sir William Wallace of Craigie
iii. Elizabeth Dunbar
  m. (before 1396, div by 1400) David Stewart, Earl of Carrick (b 24.10.1378, dsp 26.03.1402)
  iv.+ other issue - Sir Gavin (Wawan) of Newburn (d before 06.1418), Colin (Columba) (d c1435, Bishop of Moray), Patrick, John
  Probably also, but not certainly George's daughter, was ...
  viii. Janet Dunbar --
  m1. Sir William de Seton (dvp Veneuil 17.08.1424) --
  m2. Adam Johnstone of that ilk (d 1454-5)
  partner unknown
  ix. Nicholas Dunbar
  B. John Dunbar, 1st Earl of Moray (d before 15.02.1391-2) --
  m. Marjorie Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, King Robert II of Scots) --
  C. Sir Patrick Dunbar of Biel (a 1438)
  m. Euphemia Stewart, Countess of Strathearn and Caithness (dau of David Stewart, Earl of Strathearn)
  i.+ issue - Patrick, George
  D. Sir David Dunbar of Cumnock (d before 1424)
The following is supported by 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p353+) except that Paterson suggests that David dsp and that the following Sir Patrick was his brother rather than his son.
  i. Sir Patrick Dunbar of Cumnock (d before 1437)
  a. Sir John Dunbar of Cumnock & Mochrum
  (1) Patrick Dunbar of Cumnock & Mochrum
  m. Margaret Boyd (dau of Sir Thomas Boyd)
(A) Euphemia Dunbar --
  m. (before 21.06.1474) Sir James Dunbar of Westfield, Sheriff of Moray (d 20.04.1504) --
  (B) Margaret Dunbar
  m. (before 21.06.1474) Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum
  (C) Janet Dunbar
  m. Patrick Dunbar, 4th of Kilconquhar @@ above
  (2) Cuthbert Dunbar of Blantyre
  b. Patrick Dunbar of Park, Auchentibber & Drumlocherinotch (a 1426)
  E. Agnes Dunbar --
  There is some confusion with this lady. She may have been daughter of the Patrick, Earl of Dunbar, who married Agnes Randolph. He is known not to have had any surviving male issue but there appears to be doubt as to whether or not he had a surviving daughter, possibly this Agnes.
  m. (21.11.1372) Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith (d 1420) --
  F. Elizabeth or Agnes Dunbar --
  m. John Maitland of Thirlestane & Lethington (d c1395) --

Main source(s): TSP (Dunbar), BP1999 (Dunbar of Mochrum), BE1883 (Dunbar)
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