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Families covered: Randolph of Moray, Randolph of Strathnith, Restalrig of Restalrig (Lestalric), Romare of Bolingbroke, Romare of Lincoln, Revell (Ravell) of Stoliford

'The Conqueror and His Companions' (see here) notes that the following Gerold should not be confused with the Gerold shown on ZZmisc02.
Gerold de Roumare (d 1064, castellan of Neufmarche)
m1. Aubreye (Albreda)
1. Robert FitzGerold de Roumare
  This may be the Robert de Romare of Bolingbroke confused by BE1883 with his brother Roger.
2. Roger FitzGerold de Roumare, lord of Spalding
  m. Lucy (dau of either Algar, Earl of Mercia, or Thorold, Sheriff of Lincoln)
  A. William de Romare, Earl of Lincoln (b c1096, d before 1161)
  m. Hadewise de Redvers (dau of Richard de Redvers, 1st Earl of Devon)
  i. William de Romare of Lincoln (dvp c1151)
  m. Hawise (or Agnes) of Aumale (dau of Etienne, Count of Albemarle)
  a. William de Romare of Bolingbroke (dsp)
  m1. Alice
  m2. Philippe (dau of Jean I, Count of Alencon)
  ii. Hawyse de Romare
  Hawyse is reported by BE1883 to have married Gilbert de Gant, Earl of Lincoln (d 1160). However, neither she nor this marriage is mentioned by TCP which names Gilbert's wife differently.
  iii. Rohese de Romare
  A Rohese, who is not mentioned by either TCP or BE1883, is shown by various web sites as of this generation and married to Roger FitzReinfride but that seems not to have been the case.
m2. Emicia



Dungeal (Dougal) of Stranith or Nithsdale (a 1124)
1. Ranulf or Randulf
  m. Bethoc
  A. Thomas Randolph, Sheriff of Dumfriesshire (d 1262)
  m. Juliana
i. Sir Thomas Randolph of Strathnith or Nithsdale (d before 1306, High Chamberlain)
  Sir Thomas's wife is often identified as Isobel Bruce, daughter of Sir Robert, Lord of Annandale by Margaret, Countess of Carrick (her second marriage), and so full sister of King Robert I. However, such is believed to be impossible given that King Robert's parents married in 1271 and Sir Thomas's son Thomas, later 1st Earl of Moray, was probably born by 1278. Some sources suggest that Sir Thomas's wife was the daughter of Margaret, Countess of Carrick, by her first marriage but we believe that that is unlikely (albeit not impossible) as we have seen no mention of Sir Thomas having the claim on the Earldom of Carrick that such a marriage would have conferred. We support the view, accepted as possible by TSP (Moray, Randolph) and as probable by TCP (Moray), that she was daughter of Sir Robert of Annandale before his marriage to the Countess of Carrick, thereby being a half-sister of King Robert.
  m. ?? (possibly Isobel) Bruce (dau of Sir Robert de Bruce, 6th Lord of Annandale)
  a. Sir Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray (d 20.07.1332)§D
  m. Isabel Stewart (dau of Sir John Stewart of Bonkill)
  (1) Thomas Randolph, 2nd Earl of Moray (d unm 12.08.1332)
  (2) John Randolph, 3rd Earl of Moray (dsp Durham 17.10.1346)
  m. Euphemia Ross (dau of Hugh, 4th Earl of Ross)
BE1883 reports that John married Isabel, daughter of Sir Alexander Stewart of Bonkyl, but this is rejected by TSP.
  (3) Agnes Randolph (a 24.05.1367)
  m. (c1322, sp) Patrick, 9th Earl of Dunbar, 2nd Earl of March, 'Earl of Moray' (b 1282, d 07.1368)
  (4) Isobel Randolph --
  m. Sir Patrick Dunbar (d 1356-7) --
  Their eldest son became Earl of Dunbar and March. Their second son became Earl of Moray.
  b. daughter --
  m. William Murray --
  c. Isabella Randolph
  Not mentioned by TSP (Moray) but reported by BP1934 (Abercorn) is that Isabella Randolph, sister of Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray, is said to have married Gilbert de Hamilton. It is possible that she was also the sister who married William Murray (see above). Many sources show that she was ancestress of the Hamilton family in Scotland. We used to - but do so no longer. Indeed, doubt has arisen that she ever existed.
  m. Gilbert de Hamilton
  ii. Sir Nicholas Randolph (d c1298)
  B. Fonia HJY
  m. Reginald (Ranald), King of the Isles, Lord of Argyll and Kintyre (d 1207) HJY
2. Dunvenald or Donald of Dunscore
  A. Edgar of Dunscore
  i. Gylconnell
  ii. Affrica
3. Gillepatrick



Peter de Restalrig or Lestalric (b 1084, d 1153)
1. Edward de Restalrig or Lestalric (a 1170)
  A. Sir Thomas de Restalrig or Lestalric, Sheriff of Edinburgh (a 1182, 1214)
  i. Sir John de Restalrig or Lestalric (d before 1260)
  m. Annabella of Strathearn (dau of Robert, 4th Earl of Strathearn)
  a. Sir John de Restalrig or Lestalric (a 1284)
  (1) Symon de Restalrig or Lestalric (a 1296)
  (A) Thomas de Restalrig or Lestalric (a 1316)
  (i) Sir John de Restalrig or Lestalric (d 1382)
  (a) daughter --
  m. Sir Robert Logan of Grugar --



Ralph Ravell (a 1400)
1. Walter Revell of Stoliford
  m. Johanna Leigh (dau/heir of Robert Leigh of Leigh)
  A. William Revell of Stoliford
  m. Mabill
  i. Mabill Revell
  m. William Hill of Penquit & Fleete
  a. John Hill of Penquit & Fleete (dsp)
  b. Juliana Hill
  m. Roger Rous
  ii. Marie Revell
  m. William Fountaine
  iii. Jane Revell
  m. Robert Hurst

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