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NB. Reported file sizes are approximate only.              Number of lists : 321

[Dabernon of Stoke Dabernon & Bradford - see Temp54]
Dabridgcourt1 (12KB)Uploaded: 31.12.09 / Updated: 31.12.09
Dabridgcourt of Longdon, Dabridgcourt of Ossington, Dabridgcourt (Dabridgecourt) of Strathfeldsay (Stratfield Saye)
Dacre1 (16KB)Uploaded: 15.01.03 / Updated: 14.05.04
Dacre of Dacre, Dacre of Gillesland, Dacre of Greystoke, Dacre of Multon
Dacre2 (13KB)Uploaded: 11.05.12 / Updated: 11.05.12
Dacres of Cheshunt
[Dacre of Lanercost - see Temp91]
Dade1 (14KB)Uploaded: 29.10.20 / Updated: 25.07.22
Dade of Shaddingfield, Dade of Tannington, Dade of Wytton
[D'Aeth - see DZmisc08 below]
Dagge1 (14KB)Uploaded: 26.12.19 / Updated: 26.12.19
Dagge of Bodmin, Dagge of Bristol, Dagge of Fowey, Dagge of Treweget (Dag of Treweggett)
[Dagworth - see DZmisc01 below]
[Daiville of Egmanton - see DZmisc10 below]
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Dakin1 (08KB)Uploaded: 29.06.16 / Updated: 29.06.16
Dakin of Bigging, Dakin (Dakeyne) of Stubbing Edge
[Dalamoor of Chirk - see Moore15]
Dalby1 (08KB)Uploaded: 08.11.11 / Updated: 08.11.11
Dalby of Castle Donington
Dale01 (16KB)Uploaded: 08.03.10 / Updated: 08.03.10
Dale of Ashborne (Ashbourn), Dale of Flagg, Dale of Monyash, Dale of Parwich
Dale02 (10KB)Uploaded: 03.08.20 / Updated: 03.08.20
Dale of Bednoll, Dale of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Dale of Tixover, Dale of Winkele
Dale03 (07KB)Uploaded: 17.03.22 / Updated: 17.03.22
Dale of Bristol, Dale of London, Dale of Tunstall
Dalgleish01 (12KB)Uploaded: 27.01.03 / Updated: 21.10.03
Dalgleish of Scotscraig
Dalison01 (20KB)Uploaded: 15.06.08 / Updated: 21.12.16
Dalison of Greetwell, Dalison of Halling, Dalison (Dallyson) of Hamptons, Dalison (Dalyson) of Laughton
Dallas1 (22KB)Uploaded: 25.02.07 / Updated: 21.11.20
Dallas of Cantray, Dallas of Dallas Castle, Dallas of North Newton, Dallas of Petsal, Dallas of St. Martin's
Dallaway1 (07KB)Uploaded: 11.01.21 / Updated: 11.01.21
Dallaway of Birmingham, Dallaway in Gloucestershire
[Dalling of Wood Dalling - see within Bulwer1]
[Dallingridge or Dalyngrigge of Bodiam, etc. - see Temp57]
Dalmahoy1 (20KB)Uploaded: 28.05.14 / Updated: 28.05.14
Dalmahoy of Dalmahoy, Dalmahoy of Ravelrige (Revelrig)
Dalrymple01 (20KB)Uploaded: 11.03.03 / Updated: 13.06.20
Dalrymple (Dalrymple-Hay) of Dunragit, Dalrymple of Stair
Dalrymple02 (14KB)Uploaded: 28.06.04 / Updated: 27.06.04
Dalrymple of Cousland, Dalrymple of Hailes, Dalrymple of Stair
Dalrymple03 (24KB)Uploaded: 28.06.04 / Updated: 13.05.20
Dalrymple of North Berwick, Hamilton-Dalrymple of Bargany, Dalrymple of Dunraw
Dalrymple04 (06KB)Uploaded: 10.10.21 / Updated: 10.10.21
Dalrymple of Waterside
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Dalston1 (17KB)Uploaded: 23.10.06 / Updated: 30.05.14
Dalston of Acornbank (Acorn Bank), Dalston of Dalston, Dalston of Heath Hall
Dalton01 (15KB)Uploaded: 03.11.06 / Updated: 03.11.06
Dalton of Bispham, Dalton of Dalton Hall, Dalton of Thurnham
Dalton02 (25KB)Uploaded: 04.11.06 / Updated: 14.06.16
Dalton of Bedale, Dalton of Hawkeswell (Hauxwell), Dalton of Kingston-upon-Hull, Dalton of Myton, Dalton of Sleningford, Dalton of Swyne (Swine)
Dalton03 (06KB)Uploaded: 04.06.24 / Updated: 04.06.24
Dalton of Derby, Dalton of Shanks House
(20KB)Uploaded: 25.10.05 / Updated: 25.10.05
Daly of Carrownakelly, Daly of Dalystown, Daly of Dunsandle, Daly of Raford
[Dalyngrigge or Dallingridge of Bodiam, etc. - see Temp57]
Dalzell01 (21KB)Uploaded: 09.01.03 / Updated: 13.08.17
Dalzell of Botheax, Dalzell of Carlowrie, Dalzell (Dalziel) of Dalzell, Dalzell of Elliok, Dalyell of Lingo, Dalyell (Dalziell) of The Binns, Dalyell of Ticknevin (Tickneven)
Dalzell02 (21KB)Uploaded: 09.01.03 / Updated: 26.01.03
Dalzell of Carnwath, Dalzell of Glenae
Damer1 (16KB)Uploaded: 05.08.04 / Updated: 30.07.14
Damory of Bucknell, Damer of Came, Damer of Chapel, Damer of Came, Damer of Dorchester, Damer of Milton Abbey
[Damport - see under Davenport below]
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Danby1 (16KB)Uploaded: 05.08.04 / Updated: 10.03.12
Danby of Danby (Danbie of Danbie), Danby of Leake, Danby of Yafford (Yafforth)
Danby2 (15KB)Uploaded: 22.05.09 / Updated: 22.05.09
Danby of Farnley (Farneley), Danby of Great Langton, Danby of South Cave, Danby of Thorpe
[Dancer of Modreeny - see DZmisc09 below]
Dand1 (16KB)Uploaded: 10.02.12 / Updated: 10.02.12
Dand of Dronfield, Dand of Mansfield Woodhouse
Dandy1 (10KB)Uploaded: 15.07.18 / Updated: 15.07.18
Dandy (Danny) of Lanreth
Daniell01 (11KB)Uploaded: 27.03.06 / Updated: 15.11.07
Danyers of Bradley, Danyers of Lymm, Daniell (Danyers) of Tabley
Daniell02 (11KB)Uploaded: 27.03.06 / Updated: 15.11.07
Daniell of Over Tabley
Daniell03 (11KB)Uploaded: 15.11.07 / Updated: 15.11.07
Daniell of Aldridge Lodge, Daniell (Danyell or Danyers) of Daresbury
Daniell04 (14KB)Uploaded: 16.11.07 / Updated: 16.11.07
Daniell of Beswick, Daniell of Lockington
[Daniel of Westbrooke - see DZmisc04 below]
Dannet1 (11KB)Uploaded: 16.02.20 / Updated: 16.02.20
Dannett of Bosbury, Dannet of Brownskinsthorpe, Dannet of Danett's Hall
[Danny - see under Dandy above and Dawnay below]
Dansey1 (17KB)Uploaded: 09.07.08 / Updated: 06.10.11
Dansey of Brinsop, Dansey of Easton Court, Dansey of Little Hereford
Danvers1 (30KB)Uploaded: 05.08.04 / Updated: 29.10.09
Danvers of Adderbury, D'Anvers (Danvers) of Colthorp (Cothorp or Cathrop), D'Anvers (Danvers) of Culworth, Danvers of Dauntsey (Dantsey), Danvers of Epwell (Ipwell), Danvers of Waterstoke (Waterstock)
Danvers2 (10KB)Uploaded: 05.08.04 / Updated: 05.08.04
Danvers of Culworth
Danvers3 (09KB)Uploaded: 24.04.07 / Updated: 02.10.15
Danvers of Swithland
[Danvers of Bath - see within Hood02]
[Danvers - see also Davers below]
[Danyers - see under Daniell above]
[Danzielston - see under Dennistoun below]
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[Darby - see DZmisc07 below]
Darcy01 (15KB)Uploaded: 27.01.03 / Updated: 12.07.07
D'Arcy of Coningsby, D'Arcy (Darcy) of Darcy, Darcy of Knayth, D'Arcy of Nocton
Darcy02 (29KB)Uploaded: 27.01.03 / Updated: 01.01.11
Darcy of Addington, Darcy (D'Arcy) of Aston, Darcy of Dartford, Darcy of Holderness, Darcy of Hornby Castle, Darcy of Navan
Darcy03 (18KB)Uploaded: 24.10.04 / Updated: 24.10.04
Darcy of Chiche, Darcy of Danbury, Darcy of Maldon, Darcy of Tiptree, Darcy of St. Osyth's (Osith's), Darcy of Tolleshunt
Darcy04 (13KB)Uploaded: 24.11.07 / Updated: 24.11.07
D'Arcy of Kiltullagh (Kiltulla), D'Arcy (Darcy) of Plattyn (Platten)
Darcy05 (11KB)Uploaded: 24.11.07 / Updated: 09.07.08
D'Arcy of Corbetstown, D'Arcy of Dunmow, D'Arcy of Hyde Park, D'Arcy of Plattyn
Darcy06 (18KB)Uploaded: 09.07.08 / Updated: 09.07.08
D'Arcy of Clonuane, D'Arcy of Gorteen, D'Arcy of Kiltulla (Kiltullagh), D'Arcy of Rockvale
Darell01 (17KB)Uploaded: 23.09.05 / Updated: 09.10.12
Darell of Littlecote, Darell of Pageham, Darell of Sesay (Sessay)
Darell02 (15KB)Uploaded: 09.10.22 / Updated: 09.10.22
Darell (Darrell) of Calehill, Darell of Pageham, Darell of Scotney
Darell03 (29KB)Uploaded: 10.07.08 / Updated: 14.10.15
Dayrell (Dairell) of Hanworth, Dayrell of Langport (Lamport or Longport), Dayrell (Dairell) of Lillingston Dayrell, Dayrell of Shudy Camps (Castle Camps)
Darell04 (12KB)Uploaded: 23.09.05 / Updated: 09.10.22[originally named Darell02]
Darell (Darrell) of Calehill
Darell05 (16KB)Uploaded: 09.10.22 / Updated: 09.10.22
Darell (Baronets), Darell of Fulmere, Darell of Trewarnon, Darrell of West Retford
Darley1 (13KB)Uploaded: 01.05.12 / Updated: 01.05.12
Darley of Aldby Park, Darley of Buttercrambe, Darley of Kilnhurst, Darley of Wistow
Darley2 (10KB)Uploaded: 15.07.18 / Updated: 15.07.18
Darley of North Hill
Darnell1 (13KB)Uploaded: 24.07.19 / Updated: 15.02.21
Darnell of Deckham Hall, Darnell of Helyng (Healing), Darnall of Maryland, Darnell of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Darnell of Thornholme
[Darrell - see under Darell just above]
[Dart in Devon - see DZmisc02 below]
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Darwin1 (24KB)Uploaded: 27.05.06 / Updated: 10.04.21
Darwin of Breadsall Priory, Darwin of Cleatham, Darwin of Elston, Darwin of Marton
Dashwood01 (31KB)Uploaded: 23.05.03 / Updated: 13.10.15
Dashwood of Kirtlington, Dashwood of Northbrook, Dashwood of Oxfordshire, Dashwood of Stanford, Dashwood of Wycombe, Peyton of Doddington
Daubeney1 (15KB)Uploaded: 27.01.03 / Updated: 20.02.20
Albini of Belvoir, Daubeney of Bridgewater, Daubeney of Daubeney, Daubeney (D'Aubeney) of South Ingleby, Daubeney of South Petherton
Daunt1 (17KB)Uploaded: 30.01.13 / Updated: 30.01.13
Daunt of Fahalea, Daunt of Gortigrenane, Daunt of Newborough, Daunt of Owlpen, Daunt of Tracton Abbey
Daunt2 (14KB)Uploaded: 30.01.13 / Updated: 30.01.13
Daunt of Ballingarry, Daunt of Kilcascan, Daunt of Knockatour, Daunt of Tracton Abbey
Dauntesey1 (13KB)Uploaded: 24.09.06 / Updated: 10.02.10
Dauntesey of Agecroft, Dauntesey of Lavington
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Davenant1 (14KB)Uploaded: 06.01.21 / Updated: 06.01.21
Davenant of Clearbrook, Davenant of Davenant's Lands
Davenant2 (10KB)Uploaded: 06.01.21 / Updated: 06.01.21
Davenant of Landford, Davenant of London, Davenant of Whiddy Island
Davenport01 (25KB)Uploaded: 19.07.05 / Updated: 19.07.05
Davenport of Davenport (Damport of Damport), Davenport of Henbury, Davenport of Welthrough
Davenport02 (22KB)Uploaded: 19.07.05 / Updated: 19.07.05
Davenport (Damport) of Bromhall (Bramhall or Broomhall), Davenport (Damport) of Calveley (Cavely)
Davenport03 (25KB)Uploaded: 19.07.05 / Updated: 19.07.05
Davenport of Boughton (Baughton), Davenport of Capesthorne, Davenport of Chorley, Davenport of Davenport (Salop), Davenport of Lowcrosse, Davenport of Marton, Davenport (Damport) of Woodford
Davenport04 (09KB)Uploaded: 09.08.07 / Updated: 09.08.07
Davenport (Damport) of Henbury, Davenport of Weltrough
[Daventry of Daventry - see DZmisc12 below]
[d'Averanches - see Tmp30]
[Davers - see DZmisc05 below and Danvers above]
Davies01 (11KB)Uploaded: 03.07.10 / Updated: 03.07.10
Davies of Llandyfrydog
Davies02 (14KB)Uploaded: 10.09.09 / Updated: 31.08.19
Davies of Gwysaney (Gwasanau), Davies of Llanerch, Davies of Marrington, Davies of Peniarth
Davies03 (09KB)Uploaded: 27.02.10 / Updated: 31.08.19
Davies of Croft Castle, Davys of Kill, Davys of Mountcashell, Davys of St. Catherine's, Davies of Wellington Court, Davies of Wigmore Hall
Davies04 (11KB)Uploaded: 09.01.21 / Updated: 09.01.21
Davies of Bury Hinton, Davies of Coxhall, Davies of Richard's Castle
[Davies of Caerhun & Carnarvon - see within Wales53]
[Davies/Davys of Tisbury - see Tmp31]
[Davies or Davyie - see also Davy just below]
[Daviles of Badston & Morland - see DZmisc12 below]
[Davintre of Daventry - see DZmisc12 below]
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[Davis of Bere Court in Pangbourne - see DZmisc03 below]
Davison1 (14KB)Uploaded: 04.03.13 / Updated: 31.01.17
Davison of Blakeston (Blakestone or Blackiston), Davison of Elvet, Davison-Bland of Kippax Park, Davison of Winyard
Davison2 (13KB)Uploaded: / Updated: 28.06.19
Davison of Beamish, Davison in/of Lanton, Davison of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Davison of Swarland
Davy01 (23KB)Uploaded: 13.01.08 / Updated: 02.03.18
Davy of Crediton, Davie of Creedie, Davye of Midland, Davie of Sandford
Davy02 (14KB)Uploaded: 07.12.14 / Updated: 07.12.14
Davye of Easton (Eston), Davye of Geyst, Davye of Gunthorpe, Davye of Norwich
Davy03 (09KB)Uploaded: 02.03.18 / Updated: 02.03.18
Davy of Beauford, Davy of Rowborough
Davy04 (14KB)Uploaded: 27.06.22 / Updated: 27.06.22
Davy of Ingoldisthorpe, Davy of King's Lynn, Davy of Mileham
Davy05 (06KB)Uploaded: 02.07.22 / Updated: 02.07.22
Davy of Little Fransham, Davy of Stanfield
[Davy and Davys - see also Davies just above]
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Dawes1 (12KB)Uploaded: 25.09.12 / Updated: 14.08.22
Dawes of Lyons, Dawes of Putney, Dawes of Roehampton, Dawes of Staffordshire, Dawes of Stapleton
Dawes2 (09KB)Uploaded: 30.04.14 / Updated: 30.04.14
Dawes of Birmingham, Dawes of Tamworth
Dawkins01 (10KB)Uploaded: 27.05.11 / Updated: 27.05.11
Dawkins of Jamaica, Dawkins of Over Norton
[Dawley of Lainston - see DZmisc01 below]
Dawnay1 (20KB)Uploaded: 05.09.04 / Updated: 25.05.09
Daunay of Cowick, Dawnay of Downe, Dawnay (Daunay) of Sessay
[Dawnay - see also Dandy above]
Dawson01 (22KB)Uploaded: 26.08.07 / Updated: 26.08.07
Dawson of Farlington, Dawson of Greystoke, Dawson of Heworth, Dawson of North Ferriby, Dawson of Osgodby
Dawson02 (09KB)Uploaded: 26.08.07 / Updated: 26.08.07
Dawson of Azerley, Dawson of Ripon
Dawson03 (09KB)Uploaded: 26.08.07 / Updated: 26.08.07
Dawson of Castle Dawson
Dawson04 (16KB)Uploaded: 26.08.07 / Updated: 06.11.14
Dawson of Armagh, Dawson of Charlesfort, Dawson of Clare Castle, Dawson Lord Cremorne, Dawson of Dawson's Grove
Dawson05 (16KB)Uploaded: 26.08.07 / Updated: 03.10.23
Dawson of Breedon, Dawson of Portarlington, Dawson of Whatton, Dawson of York
Dawson06 (15KB)Uploaded: 26.08.07 / Updated: 26.08.07
Dawson of Bolton Hall, Dawson of Ford Manor, Dawson of Halton Gill, Dawson of Langcliffe Hall
Dawson07 (10KB)Uploaded: 23.11.10 / Updated: 20.03.16
Dawson of Daw Green, Dawson of Leeds, Dawson of Morley
Dawtrey1 (12KB)Uploaded: 15.09.06 / Updated: 15.09.06
Dawtrey of Moor House, Dawtrey of Petworth
[Dayrell - see under Darell above]
[Dayrolles - see DZmisc13 below]
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[De Alneto - see Alneto1]
Dealtry1 (11KB)Uploaded: 08.02.12 / Updated: 08.02.12
Dealtry (Dealtereye) of Full Sutton, Dealtry of Gainsborough
Deane01 (18KB)Uploaded: 18.07.08 / Updated: 21.04.09
Deane of Berkeley, Deane-Freeman of Castle Cor, Deane of Crumlin (Cromlin), Deane in Gloucestershire, Deane of Terenure
Deane02 (08KB)Uploaded: 19.04.09 / Updated: 19.04.09
Deane of Dromore, Deane Lords Muskerry
Deane03 (07KB)Uploaded: 28.09.20 / Updated: 28.09.20
Deane of Dynes Hall (Deanshall), Deane of Great Maplestead, Deane of Tunnworth (Tonworth)
[Deane of Chalgrove - see Adeane1]
[Deane - see also Dene & Denne below]
[De Bathe - see Bathe1]
Debonnaire1 (09KB)Uploaded: 03.02.21 / Updated: 03.02.21
Debonnaire of Bromley, Debonnaire of London
[De Bosco - see under Bosco]
[De Burgh - see under Burgh]
[De Carteret - see under Carteret]
[De Castello - see under Castle]
[De Chair - see DZmisc09 below]
[Decker of London - see DZmisc14 below]
[Decons - see under Dickons below]
[De Cresigny - see Champion2 (for Champion de Cresigny)]
Deedes1 (07KB)Uploaded: 08.01.11 / Updated: 08.01.11
Deedes of Canterbury, Deedes of Hythe, Deedes of Sandling
[De Gascoing of La Halle - see GZmisc11]
Degge1 (09KB)Uploaded: 25.06.16 / Updated: 25.06.16
Simon Degge of Derby, Degge of Strongshall (Strangsall or Strangshull)
[De Grey of Merton & Walsingham - see Grey06]
[De Havilland - see Havilland1]
[Deighton - see Dighton below]
Deincourt1 (10KB)Uploaded: 22.04.20 / Updated: 22.04.20
Deincourt of Blankney, Deincourt (or d'Eyncourt) of Eyncourt
[De Insula (and De Lisle) - see IZmisc01 (and also Lisle)]
[Deinville or Deiville - see DZmisc10 below]
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Delabere1 (12KB)Uploaded: 04.07.15 / Updated: 04.07.15
Delabere of Kynardisley (Kinnersley), Delabere of Southam, Delabere of Tibberton
Delafield1 (15KB)Uploaded: 20.12.14 / Updated: 20.12.14
Delafield of Fieldston, Delafield of London
[De La Garde of Jersey - see DZmisc11 below]
[de La Haye - see under Haye]
[Delalynde - see Temp57]
[Delamer or Delamare or Delamore - see Temp22 & Temp62]
[de la More - see DZmisc12 below]
[De La Place of Jersey - see DZmisc03 below]
[Delaune - see DZmisc02 below]
[de la River - see River01]
[de la Vache (Vacche) - see within Veitch1]
Delaval1 (16KB)Uploaded: 04.03.07 / Updated: 21.03.09
Delaval of Seaton Delaval
Delaval2 (24KB)Uploaded: 21.03.09 / Updated: 21.03.09
Delaval of Dishington, Delaval of Seaton Delaval
[De la Pryme - see under Pryme]
[De La Warr or Delawar - see WZmisc03 and Temp51]
[De Lisle (and De Insula) - see under Lisle]
[Dell of Aylesbury - see DZmisc06 below]
Delves1 (13KB)Uploaded: 02.07.04 / Updated: 05.10.05
Delves of Delves Hall, Delves of Doddington (Dodington)
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[De Marisco - see under Marris]
Dempster1 (18KB)Uploaded: 19.06.12 / Updated: 23.10.23
Dempster of Auchterless, Dempster of Balbougie, Dempster of Balrownie, Dempster of Careston, Dempster of Dunnichen, Dempster of Muiresk, Dempster of Pitliver, Dempster of Skibo
Dene1 (07KB)Uploaded: 19.06.18 / Updated: 19.06.18
Dene of Newton St. Patrock
[Dene - see also Deane above and Denne below]
[Denew of Canterbury - see DZmisc04 below]
[Dengaine - see under Engaine]
[Denham - see under Dinham below]
Denison1 (17KB)Uploaded: 29.10.14 / Updated: 29.10.14
Denison of Burmantofts Hall, Denison (Dennison) of Leeds, Denison of Ossington, Wilkinson of Potterton
Denman1 (14KB)Uploaded: 12.03.22 / Updated: 12.03.22
Denman of Dovedale, Denman of Retford
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Denne01 (24KB)Uploaded: 28.02.10 / Updated: 23.12.16
Denne of Bishopsbourne, Denne of Denne Hill, Denne of Kingston, Denne of Lydd, Denne of Lymne, Denne of Patricksborne Court Lodge, Denne of Winchelsea
Denne02 (11KB)Uploaded: 23.12.16 / Updated: 23.12.16
Denne of Bursted, Denne of Littlebourne
[Denne - see also Dene & Deane above]
Dennis1 (14KB)Uploaded: 31.10.06 / Updated: 31.10.06
Dennys of Alveston, Dennis (Dennys) of Derham, Dennys of Gloucester, Dennis of Pulcherchurch (Pucklechurch)
Dennis2 (14KB)Uploaded: 09.11.11 / Updated: 09.11.11
Dennis (Dennys) of Giddicott (Giddycot), Dennis of Holcombe
Dennis3 (13KB)Uploaded: 03.12.11 / Updated: 03.12.11
Dennis of Matcott, Dennis (Dennys) of Orleigh
[Dennis of Lynnbury - see within Swift02]
Dennistoun1 (18KB)Uploaded: 16.10.04 / Updated: 23.07.16
Danzielston (Danielston or Denniston or Dennistoun) of Dennistoun, Dennistoun of Colgrain, Dennistoun of Kelvin Grove
Denny1 (10KB)Uploaded: 12.10.05 / Updated: 12.10.05
Denny of Bishop's Stortford, Denny of Cheshunt, Denny of Waltham Abbey
Denny2 (17KB)Uploaded: 12.10.05 / Updated: 12.10.05
Denny of Moorstown, Denny of Tralee Castle
[Dennys - see under Dennis above]
Denton01 (17KB)Uploaded: 23.04.07 / Updated: 14.10.15
Denton of Amersden, Denton of Appleton, Denton of Fyffiekd, Denton of Hillesden
[Denton of Kent - see DZmisc11 below]
[Denune of Catbole - see DZmisc03 below]
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[Derby of Gaddesby - see DZmisc13 below]
Derham1 (19KB)Uploaded: 13.06.14 / Updated: 13.06.14
Derham (Dereham) of Crimplesham, Dereham (Derham) of Dereham Abbey
[Derhaugh of Badingham & Colston Hall - see DZmisc01 below]
Dering1 (25KB)Uploaded: 11.07.05 / Updated: 06.03.17
Dering of Charing, Dering of Hayton, Dering of Petworth, Dering of Surrenden, Dering of Wickens
Dering2 (16KB)Uploaded: 11.07.05 / Updated: 06.03.17
Dering of Barham Court, Dering of Pluckley, Dering of Surrenden Dering
[De Saumarez - see Saumarez1]
[De Shepey - see under Shepey]
Despencer1 (20KB)Uploaded: 28.01.03 / Updated: 22.10.03
Despenser of Camoys Manor, Despencer of Gloucester, Despenser of Goxhill, Despenser of King's Stanley, Despenser of Loughborough, Despencer (Despenser) of Winchester
DeSteCroix1 (10KB)Uploaded: 20.05.17 / Updated: 20.05.17
De Ste. Croix of Jersey
[Des Voeux - see DZmisc09 below]
Dethick1 (23KB)Uploaded: 29.10.13 / Updated: 29.10.13
Dethick of Dethick Hall, Dethick (Dethyke) of Wormygey (Wormegey), Dethick of Wyreham (Wereham)
Dethick2 (17KB)Uploaded: 29.10.13 / Updated: 29.10.13
Dethick of Breadsall (Birdsall), Dethick of Newhall, Dethick of Sagebury
Dethick3 (12KB)Uploaded: 29.10.13 / Updated: 29.10.13
Dethick of Amerstone, Dethicke of Gretham, Dethicke of Poplar
[Devenish - see DZmisc06 below]
Devereux1 (14KB)Uploaded: 28.01.03 / Updated: 30.04.09
Devereux of Bodenham, Devereux of Chartley, Devereux of Devereux, Devereux of Lyonshall
Devereux2 (23KB)Uploaded: 28.01.03 / Updated: 02.04.21
Devereux of Essex, Devereux of Hereford
[Devereux of Saethon & Montgomeryshire - see DZmisc10 below]
[De Waunci - see WZmisc08]
[Dewen (Dewin) of Gwinear - see DZmisc12 below]
[D'Ewes of Stowlangtoft - see DZmisc05 below]
[D'Ewes of Wellesbourne - see within Granville02]
[Dexter of Brannockstown & Dublin - see DZmisc11 below]
[Deyncourt - see DZmisc01 below and Temp91]
[Diamond (Dimond) of Tiverton - see DZmisc12 below]
[Dicer - see under Dycer below]
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[Dicconson - see DZmisc07 below]
Dick1 (17KB)Uploaded: 10.01.15 / Updated: 10.04.15
Dick of Edinburgh, Dick of Frackafield (Fracafield), Dick of Prestonfield, Dick of West Newton
Dickens01 (14KB)Uploaded: 06.06.07 / Updated: 16.09.11
Dickens (Dickins) of Bobington, Dickins of Cherington (Chevrington), Scrase-Dickins of Coolhurst, Dickins of Staffordshire
[Dickinson of Rotherham - see DZmisc04 below]
[Dickons (Decons) of Marston, Napton & Wasperton - see Temp57]
Dickson1 (12KB)Uploaded: 06.11.15 / Updated: 06.11.15
Dickson of Hartree, Dickson of Kilbucho
Dickson2 (12KB)Uploaded: 06.11.15 / Updated: 06.11.15
Dickson (Baronets), Dickson of Inveresk
[Dickson - see also Dixon below]
Digby01 (17KB)Uploaded: 06.05.05 / Updated: 13.03.23
Digby of Digby, Digby of Drystoke, Digby of Tilton
Digby02 (10KB)Uploaded: 13.03.23 / Updated: 13.03.23
Digby of Drystoke, Digby of Gothurst, Digby of Tilton
Digby03 (16KB)Uploaded: 13.03.23 / Updated: 13.03.23
Digby of Bristol, Digby of Coleshill, Digby of Mansfield Woodhouse
Digby04 (24KB)Uploaded: 06.05.05 / Updated: 13.03.23[originally Digby02]
Digby Lords Digby, Digby of Geashill, Digby of Meriden, Digby of Sherburne
Digby05 (24KB)Uploaded: 13.03.23 / Updated: 13.03.23
Digby of North Luffenham, Digby of Oulney, Digby of Welby
Diggs1 (13KB)Uploaded: 11.09.05 / Updated: 14.12.16
Diggs (Dig) of Barham, Diggs of Chilham Castle
[Digges/Digues - see also LaTouche1]
[Diggles of Booth Hall & Manchester - see DZmisc08 below]
Dighton1 (24KB)Uploaded: 11.08.08 / Updated: 11.08.08
Dighton of Lincoln, Dighton of Minting, Dighton of Normanby, Dighton of Owmby, Dighton of Sturton, Dighton of Winceby
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[Dillingham - see DZmisc14 below]
Dillington1 (07KB)Uploaded: 05.03.08 / Updated: 05.03.08
Dillington of Dillington, Dillington of Knighton George
Dillon01 (12KB)Uploaded: 23.11.04 / Updated: 23.11.04
Dillon (Dylon) of Drumrany
Dillon02 (30KB)Uploaded: 23.11.04 / Updated: 23.11.04
Dillon of Brackloon, Dillon of Castello Gallen, Dillon Counts Dillon, Dillon of Dublin, Dillon of Kilcornan Castle, Dillon of Lough Glynn (Loughglynn)
Dillon03 (24KB)Uploaded: 23.11.04 / Updated: 13.08.12
Dillon of Ballydromny, Dillon of Dublin, Dillon of Kentstown, Dillon of Kilmackeron, Dillon of Newtown, Dillon of Rath, Dillon of Riverstown, Dillon of Roscommon, Dillon of Skryne, Dillon of Twomere
Dillon04 (16KB)Uploaded: 12.03.18 / Updated: 12.03.18
Dillon of Chimwell, Dillon of Clonbrock, Dillon of Farthington (Farthingho), Dillon of Hart
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[Dineley and Dingley - see under Dyneley below]
Dingwall1 (19KB)Uploaded: 23.10.21 / Updated: 23.10.21
Dingwall of Aberdeen, Dingwall of Broomhill (Brownhill), Dingwall (Dingwall-Fordyce) of Brucklay, Dingwall-Fordyce of Culsh, Dingwall of Rannieston, Dingwall of Seilscruick (Sealscrok)
Dinham1 (16KB)Uploaded: 31.05.15 / Updated: 31.05.15
Dynham of Boarstall, Dinham of Dinan, Dinham (Dynham) of Hartland
Dinham2 (18KB)Uploaded: 31.05.15 / Updated: 31.05.15
Dinham of Spalding, Dinham of Stamford, Dinham (Dynham) of Wortham
Dinham3 (12KB)Uploaded: 12.03.22 / Updated: 12.03.22
Denholme of Muirhouse, Denham (Dynham) in Surrey, Denham (Denholm) of Westshields
[Dishington (Dischington) of Ardross - see DZmisc10 below
Disney01 (21KB)Uploaded: 18.05.05 / Updated: 18.05.05
Disney of Carlton, Disney of Fulbeck, Disney (De Isney or Deisney) of Norton D'Isney (Disney)
Disney02 (32KB)Uploaded: 18.05.05 / Updated: 15.08.20
Disney of Lincoln, Disney of Norton Disney, Disney of Swinderby, Disney of The Hyde
[Disraeli of Beaconsfield - see DZmisc08 below]
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Dixie1 (16KB)Uploaded: 31.08.05 / Updated: 31.08.05
Dixie of Bosworth, Dixie of Catworth
Dixon01 (15KB)Uploaded: 10.12.08 / Updated: 30.03.24
Dixon of Astle, Dixon of Gledhow, Dixon of Heaton Royds, Dixon of Leeds
Dixon02 (13KB)Uploaded: 09.03.17 / Updated: 09.03.17
Dixon of Durham, Dixon of Hilden, Dixon of Northfrith, Dixon of Tunbridge
[Dixon - see also Dickson above]
Dixwell1 (11KB)Uploaded: 16.01.08 / Updated: 16.01.08
Dixwell of Brome, Dixwell of Churchover, Dixwell of Coton
Dobbs1 (12KB)Uploaded: 17.10.23 / Updated: 17.10.23
Dobbs of co. Antrim, Dobbs of Castle Dobbs
Dobree1 (22KB)Uploaded: 06.07.12 / Updated: 06.07.12
Dobreé of Beauregard, Dobreé of Guernsey, Dobreé of La Maison du Pullet, Dobreé of St. Peter Port, Dobreé of The Truchot, Dobreé of Walthamstow
Dobree2 (33KB)Uploaded: 06.07.12 / Updated: 06.07.12
Dobreé of Belle Vue, Dobreé of Chelsea, Dobreé of Guernsey, Dobreé of Ronceval, Dobreé of St. Peter Port
Dobyns1 (07KB)Uploaded: 09.05.06 / Updated: 09.05.06
Dobyns of Evesbatch, Yate of Bromesberrow
[Docker in Westmoreland & Cumbria - see Tmp14]
[Docminique - see DZmisc07 below]
Docton1 (10KB)Uploaded: 13.03.18 / Updated: 06.09.21
Docton of Docton
Docwra1 (12KB)Uploaded: 08.05.08 / Updated: 08.05.08
Docwra of Bradkirke, Docwra of Fulborn, Docwra (Dockwra) of Putteridge
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Dod01 (18KB)Uploaded: 11.09.09 / Updated: 08.04.20
Dod of Broxton, Dod (Dodd) of Edge
Dod02 (17KB)Uploaded: 11.09.09 / Updated: 11.09.09
Dod of Cloverley (Calverhall), Dod of Knoles
Dod03 (15KB)Uploaded: 11.09.09 / Updated: 23.09.16
Dodd of Broxton, Dodd of Egerton
Dod04 (14KB)Uploaded: 08.04.20 / Updated: 08.04.20
Dod of Edge, Dod of Shocklach
Doddridge1 (10KB)Uploaded: 26.11.21 / Updated: 26.11.21
Doddridge of Barnstaple, Doddridge of Brembridge, Doddridge of Isleworth, Doddridge (Dodderidge) of South Molton
Dodington1 (23KB)Uploaded: 08.08.09 / Updated: 20.04.22
Dodington of Dodington, Dodington of Horsington, Manning of Little Houghton, Marriott of Hardingstone
[Dodington of Breamore - see Temp69]
Dodson1 (14KB)Uploaded: 28.04.16 / Updated: 28.04.16
Dodson of Hay (Dotson of Hey), Dodson of Hurstpierpoint, Dodson of Kirkby Overblows
Dodsworth1 (15KB)Uploaded: 17.08.13 / Updated: 23.02.16
Dodsworth of Thornton Watlass
Dodsworth2 (25KB)Uploaded: 17.08.13 / Updated: 17.08.13
Dodsworth of Halnaby Grange, Dodsworth of Masham, Dodsworth of Riccall, Dodsworth of Settrington, Dodsworth of Stranton
Doggett1 (13KB)Uploaded: 04.11.20 / Updated: 04.11.20
Doggett of Boxford, Doggett of Groton, Doggett of London
Doig1 (20KB)Uploaded: 20.05.19 / Updated: 20.05.19
Doig of Ballingrew, Doig in Gargunnock, Doig of Kilmadock, Doig in Murdieston
Doig2 (13KB)Uploaded: 20.05.19 / Updated: 20.05.19
Doig of Cessintullie, Doig of Dunrobin, Doig of Gartincaber
Doig3 (27KB)Uploaded: 20.05.19 / Updated: 20.05.19
Doig in Central Scotland, Doig of Kilmadock
Dolben1 (13KB)Uploaded: 23.09.07 / Updated: 03.03.11
Dolben of Caeau Gwynion, Dolben of Finedon, Dolben of Segrwyd
Dolman01 (17KB)Uploaded: 17.03.10 / Updated: 17.03.10
Dolman of Badsworth, Dolman of Bottesford, Dolman of Newnham, Dolman of Pocklington
[Dolphin of Goulbully, Loughrea & Turoe - see DZmisc02 below]
[Dombleton - see Temp39]
Domville1 (24KB)Uploaded: 22.03.11 / Updated: 22.03.11
Domville of Brunstath, Domvile of Leighlingstown, Domville of London, Domville of Lymme, Domville of Oxton, Domville of St. Albans, Domvile of Templeogue
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Don1 (10KB)Uploaded: 15.05.10 / Updated: 15.05.10[originally called Done2]
Don of Newton Don, Wauchope of Edmonstone
[Donald of Geilston - see DZmisc11 below]
Done1 (16KB)Uploaded: 07.06.09 / Updated: 06.06.11
Done of Crowton, Done of Utkinton
Done2 (12KB)Uploaded: 06.06.11 / Updated: 06.06.11
Done of Duddon, Done of Flaxyards, Done of Utkinton
Done3 (14KB)Uploaded: 16.11.20 / Updated: 16.11.20
Donne of Horsenden, Donne of Kidwelly, Donne of London, Donne of Norfolk
Donelan1 (14KB)Uploaded: 06.03.11 / Updated: 06.03.11
Donelan of Ballydonelan, Donelan of Killagh (Killaghmore), Donelan of Rahally, Donelan of Peterswell
[Donington or Donnington - see Temp12]
[Donne - see under Done just above]
Dopping1 (08KB)Uploaded: 22.06.09 / Updated: 22.06.09
Dopping of Derrycassan, Dopping of Dopping Court, Dopping of Erne Head, Dopping of Lowtown
[Doreward - see under Dorward below]
Dormer1 (22KB)Uploaded: 15.10.03 / Updated: 11.10.05
Dormer of Carnarvon, Dormer of Grove Park, Dormer of Peterley, Dormer of West Wycombe, Dormer of Wyng
Dormer2 (18KB)Uploaded: 12.10.05 / Updated: 06.10.15
Dormer of Ascot, Dormer of Dorton, Dormer of Farthingoe, Dormer of Lee Grange, Dormer of Long Grendon, Dormer of Purston, Dormer of Rousham, Dormer of Shipton Lee
Dorsett1 (07KB)Uploaded: 23.05.11 / Updated: 23.05.11
Dorsett of Glascoed, Dorsett of Llanidan
[Dorward (Doreward) of Bocking - see Temp14]
[Dotheridge - see under Dodderidge above]
[Dotson - see under Dodson above]
[Douce - see under Dowse below]
Doughty1 (15KB)Uploaded: 12.08.08 / Updated: 12.08.08
Doughty of Louth, Doughty of Martlesham, Doughty of Ruckland, Doughty of Snarford, Doughty of Theberton Hall, Doughty of Worlaby
Doughty2 (10KB)Uploaded: 12.10.11 / Updated: 12.10.11
Doughty of Aylsham, Doughty of Hanworth
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Douglas01 (23KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 06.07.03
Douglas of Douglas, Douglas of Nithsdale, Douglas of Tourraine
Douglas02 (25KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 10.11.03
Douglas of Angus, Douglas of Glenbervie, Douglas of Kilspindie, Douglas of Morton, Douglas of Parkhead, Douglas of Torthorwald
Douglas03 (16KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 14.10.03
Douglas of Aberdour, Douglas of Borg, Douglas of Dalkeith, Douglas of Hermiston, Douglas of Morton
Douglas04 (16KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 10.11.03
Douglas of Drumlanrig
Douglas05 (20KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 23.01.15
Douglas of Cavers, Douglas of Edderton, , Douglas of Friarshaw, Douglas of Springwood Park, Douglas of Whittinghame
Douglas06 (20KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 22.01.08
Douglas of Buchan, Douglas of Lochleven, Douglas of Morton
Douglas07 (12KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 05.08.03
Douglas of Dounteray, Douglas of Ferguston, Douglas of Mains
Douglas08 (25KB)Uploaded: 03.01.03 / Updated: 21.07.03
Douglas of Angus, Douglas of Ardit, Douglas of Douglas, Douglas of Dumbarton, Douglas of Forfar, Douglas of Glenbervie, Douglas of Mordington
Douglas09 (30KB)Uploaded: 09.06.03 / Updated: 21.07.03
Douglas of Dornock, Douglas of Dover, Douglas of Kelhead, Douglas of March, Douglas of Queensberry
Douglas10 (10KB)Uploaded: 01.11.07 / Updated: 01.11.07
Douglas of Brigton, Douglas of Whytriggs
Douglas11 (13KB)Uploaded: 22.01.08 / Updated: 22.01.08
Douglas of Morton
Douglas12 (21KB)Uploaded: 11.07.08 / Updated: 09.07.13
Douglas of Inchmarlo, Douglas of Tilquhilly (Tilquhillie or Tilwhilly)
Douglas13 (12KB)Uploaded: 12.07.08 / Updated: 12.07.08
Douglas of Auchinshinnoch, Douglas of Fingland, Douglas of Morton, Douglas of Salwarpe, Douglas of Witham
Douglas14 (14KB)Uploaded: 03.02.10 / Updated: 03.02.10
Douglas of Carr, Douglas in England, Douglas of Kinglassie, Douglas of Kirkness
Douglas15 (10KB)Uploaded: 27.07.19 / Updated: 12.05.20
Douglas of Garrallan, Douglas of Matfen, Douglas of Newcastle
[Douglas of Selkirk - see within Hamilton13]
[Douglass of Grace Hall - see DZmisc09 below]
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Dowdall1 (17KB)Uploaded: 22.07.09 / Updated: 03.11.13
Dowdall of Athlumney, Dowdall of Glasspistol, Dowdall of Mounttown, Dowdall of Newton, Dowdall (Dovedale) of Termonfechan
[Dowdeswell - see DZmisc09 below]
Downes1 (11KB)Uploaded: 24.06.09 / Updated: 15.11.15
Downe of Debnam, Downe of East Haddon, Downes of Great Melton
Downes2 (10KB)Uploaded: 17.04.16 / Updated: 17.04.16
Downes of Manchester, Downes of Sheffield
[Downham - see DZmisc01 below]
Downing1 (26KB)Uploaded: 04.09.06 / Updated: 17.09.20
Downing of Dawson's Bridge, Downing of East Hatley, Downing of Gamlingay Park, Downing of Rowesgift
Dowrish1 (16KB)Uploaded: 15.07.12 / Updated: 15.07.12
Dowrish (Dowrich) of Dowrish
Dowse1 (13KB)Uploaded: 12.03.21 / Updated: 12.03.21
Dowse of Browton, Dowse of Moore Court, Douce of Jamaica, Douce of West Malling
Doyly1 (26KB)Uploaded: 31.03.07 / Updated: 19.09.13
D'Oyly (Doyley or Doyly) of Chiselhampton, Doyley of Merton, Doyley of Stodham
Doyly2 (23KB)Uploaded: 31.03.07 / Updated: 30.01.24
D'Oyly of Overbury Hall, D'Oyly (Doyle) of Pondhall, D'Oyly of Shottisham
Doyne1 (13KB)Uploaded: 27.02.13 / Updated: 27.02.13
Doyne of Wells (co. Wexford)
[Doyne - see also Dunne below]
[Doyngell - see DZmisc01 below]
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Drake01 (20KB)Uploaded: 21.11.02 / Updated: 14.07.12
Drake of Ashe, Drake of Dartington, Drake of Mount Drake, Drake of Otterton
Drake02 (15KB)Uploaded: 17.12.06 / Updated: 14.07.12
Drake of Esher, Drake (Tyrwhitt-Drake) of Shardeloes, Drake of Wiscomb
Drake03 (24KB)Uploaded: 10.07.05 / Updated: 14.07.12
Drake of Buckland Monachorum
Drake04 (13KB)Uploaded: 15.07.12 / Updated: 21.04.22
Drake of Barnstaple, Drake of Crowndale, Drake of Whitchurch
Drake05 (19KB)Uploaded: 16.07.12 / Updated: 16.07.12
Drake of Aylesbeare, Drake of Bystock, Drake of Littleham, Drake of Topsham, Drake of Yardbury
Drake06 (14KB)Uploaded: 16.03.16 / Updated: 16.03.16
Drake of Barnoldswick Cotes, Drake of Halifax, Drake of Horley Green, Drake of Northowram, Drake of Shipden
Drake07 (26KB)Uploaded: 16.03.16 / Updated: 16.03.16
Drake of Halifax, Drake of Northowram, Drake of The Lee
Drake08 (15KB)Uploaded: 16.03.16 / Updated: 16.03.16
Drake of Pontefract, Drake of York
[Drake-Brockman of Beachborough - see within Brockman1]
Dransfield1 (09KB)Uploaded: 25.10.11 / Updated: 25.10.11
Dransfield of Stubbs Walden, Dransfield of West Bretton, Dransfield of Whitley
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Draper1 (26KB)Uploaded: 18.03.22 / Updated: 18.03.22
Draper of Beswick, Draper of Camberwell, Draper of Colland, Draper of Crayford, Draper of Flintham, Draper of Islington, Draper of London, Draper of Melton Mowbray
Drax1 (09KB)Uploaded: 26.06.06 / Updated: 26.06.06
Drax of Woodhall
Drax2 (09KB)Uploaded: 26.06.06 / Updated: 26.06.06
Drax in Barbados, Drax of Charborough, Drax of Ellerton Abbey
Draycott1 (20KB)Uploaded: 03.10.05 / Updated: 10.08.16
Draycott of Leigh, Draycott (Draycote) of Paynsley (Painsley), Draycott of Tillington
[Drayton of Atherston & London - see DZmisc13 below]
[Drayton of Drayton - see within Vere3]
[Dreghorn of Ruchill - see DZmisc10 below]
Drewe1 (25KB)Uploaded: 30.10.08 / Updated: 15.03.18
Drewe of St. Lennards, Drewe of Sharpham, Drewe of The Grange
Drewe2 (18KB)Uploaded: 20.10.11 / Updated: 14.03.18
Drew of Ballyduff, Drew of Drewsboro', Drewe of Drewscliff (Drewcliffe), Drew of Drew's Court, Drew of Frogmore, Drewe of Higham, Drew of Kilkenny, Drew of Meanus, Drew of Mocollop, Drew of Rockfield
[Dring of Cork & Rockgrove - see DZmisc02 below]
Drinkwater1 (14KB)Uploaded: 07.04.20 / Updated: 07.04.20
Drinkwater of Bent, Drinkwater of Irwell, Drinkwater of Shrewsbury
Drinkwater2 (15KB)Uploaded: 07.04.20 / Updated: 07.04.20
Drinkwater of Chester, Drinkwater of Grappenhall, Drinkwater of Latchford, Drinkwater of Massey Green, Drinkwater of Salford, Drinkwater of Sutton
Drought1 (10KB)Uploaded: 21.08.12 / Updated: 21.08.12
Drought of Cappogolan, Drought of Droughtville (The Heath), Drought of Lettybrook, Drought of Whigsboro'
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Drummond01 (27KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 21.06.17
Drummond of Cargill, Drummond of Drummond, Drummond of Innerpeffray, Drummond of Lennox, Drummond of Stobhall
Drummond02 (20KB)Uploaded: 29.01.03 / Updated: 15.09.03
Drummond of Lundin, Drummond of Lussan, Drummond of Melfort, Drummond of Perth
Drummond03 (28KB)Uploaded: 29.01.03 / Updated: 07.10.03
Drummond of Cadland, Drummond of Machany, Drummond of Maderty (Madderty), Drummond of Stanmore, Drummond of Strathallan
Drummond04 (13KB)Uploaded: 22.05.03 / Updated: 05.04.05
Drummond of Blair Drummond, Drummond of Carnock, Drummond of Hawthornden, Drummond of Ledcrieff
Drummond05 (11KB)Uploaded: 17.10.04 / Updated: 17.10.04
Drummond of Concraig, Drummond of Lennoch, Drummond of Megginch
[Drummond of Logiealmond - see Temp15]
Drury01 (13KB)Uploaded: 24.06.05 / Updated: 08.11.20
Drury of Horningsheath, Drury of Livermere, Drury of Rougham, Drury of Thurston
Drury02 (22KB)Uploaded: 25.06.05 / Updated: 08.11.20
Drury of Docking, Drury of Holt House, Drury of Rougham, Drury of Tendring
Drury03 (38KB)Uploaded: 25.06.05 / Updated: 08.11.20
Drury of Besthorpe (Beesthorpe), Drury of Hawstead, Drury of Intwood, Drury of Hedgerley (Egerley), Drury of Riddlesworth, Drury of Rollesby
Drury04 (16KB)Uploaded: 25.06.05 / Updated: 08.11.20
Drury of Colne, Drury of Earith, Drury of Overstone
Drury05 (14KB)Uploaded: 08.11.20 / Updated: 09.11.20
Drury of Aylsham, Drury of Fincham, Drury of Swaffham Prior, Drury of Talbot's Hall
Drury06 (13KB)Uploaded: 08.11.20 / Updated: 08.11.20
Drury of Downham Market, Drury of Great Dunham, Drury of London
Drury07 (08KB)Uploaded: 07.12.21 / Updated: 07.12.21
Drury of Nottingham
Dryden1 (15KB)Uploaded: 04.07.05 / Updated: 04.07.05
Dryden of Canon's Ashby
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DuCane1 (12KB)Uploaded: 18.07.08 / Updated: 18.07.08
Du Cane of Braxted Park, Du Cane (Du Quesne) of London
[DuCane (DuQuesne) - see also LeQuesne1]
[Ducie - see DZmisc08 below]
(16KB)Uploaded: 15.03.18 / Updated: 30.11.20
Duck of East Wonford, Duck of Heavitree, Duck of Mount Radford
(14KB)Uploaded: 09.09.08 / Updated: 09.09.08
Duckett of Grayrigg
Duckett2 (13KB)Uploaded: 09.09.08 / Updated: 09.09.08
Duckett of Calstone, Duckett of Duckett's Grove, Duckett of Flintham, Duckett of Hartham, Duckett of Philipstown
[Duckworth - see DZmisc04 below]
Duddingston1 (14KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 03.10.17
Duddingston of Kilduncan, Duddingston of Sandford
[Duddingston2 has been absorbed by Duddingson1]
Dudley01 (15KB)Uploaded: 27.09.03 / Updated: 29.10.03
Dudley of Leicester, Dudley of Northumberland, Dudley of Roxbury, Dudley of The Hough, Dudley of Warwick
Dudley2 (11KB)Uploaded: 17.08.19 / Updated: 17.08.19
Dudley of Clopton (Clapton)
[Dudmaston - see DZmisc13 below]
Duff01 (07KB)Uploaded: 07.05.03 / Updated: 12.11.03
Duff of Castlefield, Duff of Muldavit
Duff02 (47KB)Uploaded: 07.05.03 / Updated: 14.11.03
Duff of Braco, Duff of Corsindae, Duff of Dipple, Duff of Drummuir, Duff of Eden, Duff of Fetteresso, Duff of Fife, Duff of Hatton, Duff of Muirtown
Duffield1 (06KB)Uploaded: 10.03.23 / Updated: 10.03.23
Duffield of Medmenham
Dugdale1 (10KB)Uploaded: 15.07.08 / Updated: 15.07.08
Dugdale of Blyth Hall
[Dugdale of Merevale - see within GZmisc05]
Duguid1 (15KB)Uploaded: 26.03.15 / Updated: 26.03.15
Duguid of Auchinhove, Leslie of Balquhain
[Duheaume of Jersey - see DZmisc04 below]
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Duke01 (18KB)Uploaded: 12.10.06 / Updated: 13.10.06
Duke of Benhall, Duke of Brampton, Duke of Shadingfield, Duke of Wandsworth, Duke of Worlingham
Duke02 (24KB)Uploaded: 19.10.12 / Updated: 19.10.12
Duke of Cossington (Costenton), Duke of Otterton, Duke of Poerhayes (Powerhayes)
Duke03 (17KB)Uploaded: 21.10.12 / Updated: 19.05.24
Duke of Lake, Duke of Sarson
[Duke of Castle Jordan - see Temp23]
Dukinfield1 (21KB)Uploaded: 28.05.06 / Updated: 28.05.06
Dukinfield of Dukinfield (Dokenfeild)
Dumaresq01 (16KB)Uploaded: 02.05.17 / Updated: 02.05.17
Dumaresq of La Haule, Dumaresq of Vincheles de Bas
Dumaresq02 (15KB)Uploaded: 02.05.17 / Updated: 02.05.17
Dumaresq of Grouville, Dumaresq of Samares, Dumaresq of S. Clement
Dumaresq03 (10KB)Uploaded: 02.05.17 / Updated: 02.05.17
Dumaresq of the Colombiers
Dumaresq04 (17KB)Uploaded: 02.05.17 / Updated: 02.05.17
Dumaresq of Anneville, Dumaresq of Augres
Dumaresq05 (19KB)Uploaded: 02.05.17 / Updated: 02.05.17
Dumaresq in England, Dumaresq of Morin
Dummer1 (08KB)Uploaded: 26.12.20 / Updated: 26.12.20
Dummer of Dummer, Dummer of Swaithling
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Dunbar01 (19KB)Uploaded: 27.09.02 / Updated: 30.07.19
Dunbar of Dunbar, Dunbar of Lothian, Dunbar of March, Corbet of Lanton, Corbet of Mackerston
Dunbar02 (14KB)Uploaded: 25.09.07 / Updated: 11.05.20
Dunbar of Cumnock, Dunbar of Dunbar, Dunbar of Kilconquhar, Dunbar of Lothian, Dunbar of March
Dunbar03 (27KB)Uploaded: 27.09.02 / Updated: 11.05.20[formerly Dunbar02]
Dunbar of Aldcash, Dunbar of Baldoon, Dunbar of Bogall, Dunbar of Conzie, Dunbar of Kilbuyack, Dunbar of Mochrum, Dunbar of Moray, Dunbar of Westfield
Dunbar04 (17KB)Uploaded: 12.05.06 / Updated: 12.05.06
Dunbar of Burgie, Dunbar of Hempriggs, Dunbar of West Grange, Tulloch of Burgie
Dunbar05 (27KB)Uploaded: 10.08.03 / Updated: 20.05.15[formerly Dunbar03]
Dunbar of Boath, Dunbar of Durn (Durne), Dunbar of Durris, Dunbar of Grangehill, Dunbar of Kincorth
Dunbar06 (09KB)Uploaded: 03.03.11 / Updated: 03.03.11
Dunbar of Dunbar House, Dunbar of Mochrum, Dunbar of Woodside
Dunbar07 (18KB)Uploaded: 03.03.11 / Updated: 04.01.18
Dunbar of Hempriggs, Dunbar of Newton, Dunbar of Northfield, Dunbar of Thunderton
Dunbar08 (09KB)Uploaded: 12.05.20 / Updated: 12.05.20
Dunbar of Derrygonelly, Dunbar of Knockshinnoch, Dunbar of Weathersta
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Duncan1 (08KB)Uploaded: 13.02.07 / Updated: 13.06.20
Duncan of Camperdown, Duncan of Hillar, Duncan of Lundie
Dunch1 (17KB)Uploaded: 15.01.08 / Updated: 08.06.21
Dunch of Avebury, Dunch of Little Wittenham, Dunch of North Baddesley, Dunch of Pusey
Duncombe1 (17KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 23.06.03
Duncombe of Barley End, Duncombe of Drayton, Duncombe of Duncombe Park, Duncombe of Winthorpe Hall
Duncombe2 (34KB)Uploaded: 15.12.07 / Updated: 24.12.22
Duncombe of Broughton, Duncombe of Ivinghoe (Ivingo), Duncombe of Much Brickhill, Duncomb of Shalford, Duncomb of Shere, Duncomb of Tangley Park, Duncomb of Weston
Duncombe3 (08KB)Uploaded: 15.12.07 / Updated: 13.08.15
Duncombe of East Claydon, Duncombe of Moreton, Duncombe of Whitchurch
Dundas01 (06KB)Uploaded: 30.01.03 / Updated: 15.06.03
Dundas of Dundas
Dundas02 (20KB)Uploaded: 30.01.03 / Updated: 29.08.03
Dundas of Blair Castle, Dundas of Dundas, Dundas of Kincavel
Dundas03 (16KB)Uploaded: 30.01.03 / Updated: 19.01.04
Dundas of Amesbury, Dundas of Barton Court, Dundas of Carron Hall (Carronhall), Dundas of Fingask, Dundas of Kerse, Dundas of Zetland
Dundas04 (21KB)Uploaded: 30.01.03 / Updated: 10.07.03
Dundas of Arniston, Dundas of Melville
Dundas05 (15KB)Uploaded: 30.01.03 / Updated: 10.07.03
Dundas of Duddingston, Dundas of Manour, Dundas of Newhalls, Dundas of Ochtertyre, Dundas of Richmond
[Dundas of Craigton, Newliston & Philipstoun - see draft Dundas06]
[Dungan or Dongan - see DZmisc06 below]
[Dunham or Donham - see DZmisc05 below]
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Dunlop01 (22KB)Uploaded: 02.09.03 / Updated: 26.05.20
Dunlop of Boarland, Dunlop of Dunlop, Dunlop of Hapland, Dunlop of Househill, Dunlop of Hunthall, Dunlop of Loanhead
Dunlop02 (19KB)Uploaded: 02.09.03 / Updated: 28.08.04
Dunlop of Garnkirk, Dunlop of Househill, Buchanan-Dunlop of Drumhead
Dunne1 (22KB)Uploaded: 07.01.12 / Updated: 07.01.12
Dunne of Ard, Dunne of Brittas, O'Doinn of Castlebrack, O'Doinn of Iregan (Hy Regain), Doyne of Kilcavan, O'Doyne (O'Doinn) of Park
[Dunne - see also Doyne above]
[Dunning of Ashburton - see Temp43]
[Duntze of Tiverton - see DZmisc03 below]
[Dupre of Jersey - see DZmisc03 below]
[Du Pre of Wilton Park - see DZmisc05 below]
[Du Quesne - see DuCane1 above]
{DuQuesne - see also LeQuesne1]
[Dunstanville - see Temp59]
Duppa1 (09KB)Uploaded: 01.08.21 / Updated: 01.08.21
Duppa of Hollingbourne, uDppa of Kington, Duppa of Whitney
Dupuis1 (09KB)Uploaded: 03.02.21 / Updated: 03.02.21
Dupuis of London, Dupuis of Pall Mall
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Durant1 (15KB)Uploaded: 02.07.10 / Updated: 02.07.10
Durant of Cottesmore, Durant of Enfield, Durant of Walsoken
Durant2 (06KB)Uploaded: 03.11.11 / Updated: 03.11.11
Durrant of Scottow
Durell1 (21KB)Uploaded: 10.05.17 / Updated: 10.05.17
Le Vavasseur-dit-Durell of Jersey
Durell2 (10KB)Uploaded: 10.05.17 / Updated: 10.05.17
Durell of Jersey, Le Vavasseur-dit-Durell of Jersey
Durham01 (07KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.06.03
Durham of Arduie, Durham of Grange
Durham02 (18KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 23.03.14
Durham of Largo, Durham of Pittkerrow
Durie01 (16KB)Uploaded: 31.01.03 / Updated: 15.06.03
Durie of Craigluscar, Durie (or Dury, Drury, Durrie, etc) of Durie
[Durie of Grange - see Temp44]
[Durie - see also Dury just below]
[Durnford of Stonehouse - see DZmisc09 below]
[Durrant - see under Durant above]
[Durward - see under Dorward above]
[Dury of Bonsal & Hadley Green - see DZmisc13 below]
[Dury - see also Durie just above]
[Dutens of London - see DZmisc13 below]
Dutton01 (17KB)Uploaded: 15.07.04 / Updated: 15.07.04
Dutton of Dutton, Dutton of Hatton
Dutton02 (20KB)Uploaded: 15.07.04 / Updated: 27.06.10
Dutton of Dutton, Dutton of Hatton, Dutton of Sherborne
[Dycer - see DZmisc06 below]
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Dyer01 (14KB)Uploaded: 11.04.08 / Updated: 11.04.08
Dyer of Roundhill, Dyer of Sharpham Park, Dyer of Stoughton
Dyer02 (16KB)Uploaded: 11.04.08 / Updated: 11.04.08
Dyer of Heytesbury, Dyer of Tottenham, Dyer of Westhope
Dyke1 (12KB)Uploaded: 03.10.06 / Updated: 03.10.06
Dyke of Cranbrooke, Dyke of Horeham, Dyke of Lullingstone Castle
Dyke2 (10KB)Uploaded: 16.04.07 / Updated: 16.04.07
Dykes of Wardhall
Dymoke1 (27KB)Uploaded: 20.01.04 / Updated: 19.11.15
Dymoke of Friskney, Dymoke of North Carlton, Dymoke of Scrivelsby
Dymoke2 (16KB)Uploaded: 20.01.04 / Updated: 06.09.20
Dymoke of Grebby Hall, Dymoke of Saucethorpe, Dymoke of Scrivelsby, Dymoke of Tetford
Dymoke3 (11KB)Uploaded: 26.06.15 / Updated: 26.06.15
Dymock of Halchdon, Dymock of Penley, Dymock of Willington
Dymoke4 (11KB)Uploaded: 26.06.15 / Updated: 26.06.15
Dymock of Penley, Dymock of Willington
Dyne1 (10KB)Uploaded: 31.03.17 / Updated: 31.03.17
Dyne of Bethersden, Bradley-Dyne of Gore Court, Dyne of Lankhurst, Dyne of Westfield
Dyneley1 (26KB)Uploaded: 13.10.06 / Updated: 26.08.14
Dyneley (Dineley) of Charlton, Dineley (Dyneley) of Hanley Castle, Dingley in Kent, Dineley of Peopleton, Dineley of Redmarley Dabitot
Dyneley2 (08KB)Uploaded: 25.03.24 / Updated: 25.03.24
Dyneley of Bramhope
[Dyneley or Dynley of Wolverton - see Temp87]
[Dynham - see under Dinham above]
Dyott1 (11KB)Uploaded: 04.07.13 / Updated: 04.07.13
Dyott of Freeford, Dyott of Lichfield, Dyott of Stichbrook
Dyson1 (16KB)Uploaded: 23.10.23 / Updated: 23.10.23
Dyson of Elland, Dyson of Lower Goal House, Dyson in/of Sowerby, Dyson of Stamyngdon, Dyson of Swift's Place
Dyve01 (18KB)Uploaded: 03.04.08 / Updated: 03.04.08
Dyve of Brampton, Dyve of Bromham, Dyve of Quinton
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DZmisc01 (15KB)Uploaded: 27.01.03 / Updated: 21.04.21
Dagworth of Dagworth, Doyngell of Benethwood, Derhaugh of Badingham, Derhaugh of Colston Hall, Dawley of Lainston, Downham (Bishop)
DZmisc02 (19KB)Uploaded: 05.10.03 / Updated: 17.04.20
Dring of Cork, Dring of Rockgrove, Dolphin of Goulbully, Dolphin of Loughrea, Dolphin of Turoe, Delaune of Sharsted, Dart (alias Wallis) in Devon
DZmisc03 (16KB)Uploaded: 23.02.04 / Updated: 21.12.17
Duntze of Tiverton, Davis of Bere Court in Pangbourne, De La Place of Jersey, Dupre of Jersey, Denune of Catbole
DZmisc04 (16KB)Uploaded: 23.07.16 / Updated: 28.03.19
Dickinson of Rotherham, Duckworth of Orchardleigh Park, Duckworth (Bart), Daniel of Westbrooke, Denew of Canterbury, Duheaume of Jersey
DZmisc05 (19KB)Uploaded: 09.09.05 / Updated: 11.10.20
Davers of Rougham, Davers of Rushbrook, D'Ewes of Stowlangtoft, Dunham of Kirtlington, Du Pre of Wilton Park
DZmisc06 (15KB)Uploaded: 28.04.06 / Updated: 11.08.15
Devenish of Hellingleigh (Heiling Leigh), Dungan (Dongan) of Castletown, Dungan of Limerick, Dell of Aylesbury, Dycer of Wrentham, Dycer (Dicer) of Hackney, Dycer of Uphall
DZmisc07 (17KB)Uploaded: 16.11.06 / Updated: 06.04.23
Dicconson of Eccleston, Dicconson of Wrightington, Darby of Leap, Darby of Colebrookedale, Docminique of Chipstead
DZmisc08 (18KB)Uploaded: 23.03.07 / Updated: 31.01.16
Ducie of Little Aston, Ducie of Islington, Ducie of London, Ducie of Tortworth, D'Aeth of Dartford, D'Aeth of Knowlton, D'Aeth of London, Disraeli of Beaconsfield, Diggles of Booth Hall, Diggles of Manchester
DZmisc09 (25KB)Uploaded: 17.12.10 / Updated: 30.06.12
Dancer of Modreeny, Des Voeux of Queen's County, Dowdeswell of Bushley, Dowdeswell of Pull Court, Douglass of Grace Hall, Durnford of Stonehouse, De Chair
DZmisc10 (20KB)Uploaded: 06.08.14 / Updated: 13.03.15
Devereux in Montgomeryshire, Devereux of Saethon, Deiville of Adlingfleet, Deiville (Daiville or Deinville) of Egmanton, Dishington (Dischington) of Ardross, Dishington of Kynbrachmont (Kilbrackmonth)
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DZmisc11 (18KB)Uploaded: 23.10.15 / Updated: 08.07.21
Dreghorn of Ruchill, Donald of Geilston, Dexter of Brannockstown, Dexter of Dublin, Denton of Kent, De La Garde of Jersey
DZmisc12 (18KB)Uploaded: 02.03.18 / Updated: 04.04.20
Daviles of Badston, Daviles of Morland, Diamond (Dimond) of Tiverton, Dewen (Dewin) of Gwinear, Davintre (Daventry) of Daventry, de la More of Oldland
DZmisc13 (18KB)Uploaded: 16.06.21 / Updated: 10.07.23
Dayrolles, Dury of Bonsall, Dury of Hadley Green, Drayton of Atherston, Drayton of London, Dutens of London, Dudmaston of Dudmaston, Derby of Gaddesby
DZmisc14 (05KB)Uploaded: 02.08.23 / Updated: 11.03.24
Decker of London, Dillingham

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