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Families covered: Rutherford of Chatto, Rutherford of Hunthill, Rutherford of Rutherford, Rutherford of Wrightsland, Rutherford of Quarryholes
[In 2003 we were advised by a contributor that 'The Scots Peerage' (TSP) is not a reliable source on this family because it based its information on "the spurious works of Thomas H. Cockburn-Wood ....... without due investigation". This allegation, which did not give any examples of which data are wrong, may be looked into in due course but is not being given a high priority. TSP is generally viewed as a reputable & reliable source so we are wary of accepting criticism of it blindly. Nevertheless, even though the reliability of the source of the allegation was itself subsequently questioned by another contributor, we feel duty-bound to draw attention to it.]

There are many Rutherfords mentioned in early records but the earliest known proven connection to the later families was ...
Sir Richard Rutherfurde of that ilk (Ambassador to England 1398, d before 1445)
m. Jean Douglas
1. James Rutherfurd of that ilk (a 1452)
  m. Christian Lauder (dau of John Lauder) wife of James, presumed mother of ...
  A. James Rutherfurd of that ilk (d 1493)
  m. Margaret Erskine
  i. Philip Rutherford, younger of that ilk (dvp)
  m. (1485) Elizabeth Ker (d 19.10.1548, dau of Sir Walter Ker of Cessford)
  a. Richard Rutherfurd of that ilk (dsp before 09.11.1500)
  b. Katherine Rutherford
  m. (before 1505) James Stewart, 1st of Traquhair (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
c. Helen Rutherford (dsp)
  m1. (c11.1506) Sir John Forman of Bawane
  m2. Sir Thomas Ker of Mersington
  m3. Andrew Rutherford of Hunthill (dsp) @@ below
  m4. (before 01.12.1534) Patrick Home of Broomhouse (d 1553)
  ii. John Rutherford (d before 13.05.1501)
  a.+ four natural sons
  iii. Thomas Rutherford of Edgerston
  iv. Christian Rutherford --
  m. (mcrt 12.02.1484) Sir Robert Ker of Caverton, younger of Cessford (dvp before 06.11.1500) --
  v. Janet Rutherford
  m. (1480) John Rutherford of Hunderlee
  vi.+ other issue - Andrew (d before 1504), Robert
2. Robert of Rutherfurd (a 1388)
m1. ??
  A. George Rutherford of Chatto (d before 06.02.1429-30)
  m. Jonet Rutherford
  i. Robert Rutherford of Chatto (a 1484, d before 05.1495)
  m. Margaret Glendinwyn (dau of Sir Simon Glendinwyn of that ilk)
  a. George Rutherford of Hunthill (d c1496)
  m. Mariota ??
  (1) William Rutherford of Hunthill (d by1507)
  (A) George Rutherford of Hunthill (a 1516)
  (i) Andrew Rutherford of Hunthill (dsp before 01.12.1534)
  m. Helen Rutherford (dau of Philip Rutherford, younger of that ilk ) @@ above
(ii) John Rutherford of Hunthill (a 08.1573)
  m1. Christine Hoppringle
  m2. Isobel Ker (dau of Sir Walter Ker of Cessford)
  Not clear which wife was the mother of which children
  (a) John Rutherford of Hunthill (a 03.1576) --
  m1. Agnes Kirkton --
  m2. Grizel Home
  (b) Mariotta Rutherford
  m. William Rutherford of Leith
  (c) Mary Rutherford
  m. David Ainslie of Fala
  (d) Betty Rutherford
  m. Richard Rutherford of Edgerston
  (e)+ other issue - Steven (a 01.1580-1), Thomas of Grundisnuke (a 10.1593), Isabel
  (iii) William Rutherford
  m. Christian Armstrong
  (iv) Archibald (?) Rutherford, Canon of Jedburgh
  m. _ Douglas (dau of _ Douglas of Bonjedward)
  (a) William Rutherford
  (b) John Rutherford (d 12.1577)
  m. Christian Forsyth
  ((1)) John Rutherford (d 04.10.1585, minister)
m. Janet Inglis (dau of David Inglis of Ardit)
  ((A)) David Rutherford
  ((B)) John Rutherford (b 1585, d 08.06.1632, minister)
m. (before 1606) Barbara Sandilands
  ((i)) John Rutherford (d 03.1656, minister)
  m. Isobel Auchmouttie (dau of ?? Auchmouttie of Drumeldrie)
  ((a)) John Rutherford
  m. Janet Muschett
  (((1))) James Rutherford (bpt 11.01.1657)
(((2))) Margaret Rutherford (bpt 22.03.1658)
  m. David (sb Daniel?) Auchmouttie of Drumeldrie
  ((b)) Janet Rutherford
  ((2)) William Rutherford (d 04.11.1587)
  ((A)) William Rutherford of Wrightsland and Quarryholes (d 14.11.1624)
  m. (mcrt 28.12.1608) Gelis Stewart (dau of James Stewart, 6th of Traquhair)
  ((i)) Robert Rutherford of Wrightsland and Quarryholes, Governor of Majorca
  ((a)) William Rutherford (Treasurer to the King of Spain)
  ((b)) Robert Rutherford, 'Count Rutherford' (Governor of Ostend)
((ii)) William Rutherford of Quarryholes (dsp c1656)
  m. Margaret Guthrie (dau of Alexander Guthrie)
  ((iii)) Andrew Rutherford, 1st Lord Rutherford, Earl of Teviot (dsp 03.05.1664)
  The Earldom expired on his death but the Barony was inherited by his kinsman Sir Thomas Rutherford of Huntill.
  m. (mcrt 18.04.1651) Susanna de Melville
  ((iv)) Isabel Rutherford
  m. Archibald Wilkie of Harlawmuir
  ((v)) Christine Rutherford
  m. Robert Durie of Grange
  ((3)) Christian Rutherford
b. Robert Rutherford of Chatto ancestor of later Rutherfords of Chatto
  m. Janet ??
  c. Richard Rutherford of Glennysland (d 1508-9) ancestor of Rutherfords of Glennysland
  d. Margaret Rutherford (a 09.1505)
  m. Hugh Wallace of Craigie
  e. Helen Rutherford (a 1506)
  m. Philip Nisbet of that ilk
  ii. Adam Rutherford
  iii. George Rutherford of Langnewtown (d before 16.02.1499-1500)
  m. Catherine Sele
  iv. Walter Rutherford, 1st of Redheugh (a 1495) ancestor of Rutherfords of Redheugh
  v. Katherine Rutherford (a 1474)
  m. William Cockburn of Henderland (a 1474)
  vi. Helen Rutherford
  m. Sir Thomas Borthwick of Colylaw and Bourhouse
  B. Laurence of Rutherfurd
  m2. Joan of Heton (b 01.08.1389, dau of Sir Henry of Heton)
3. William Rutherford of Eckford (d 1436)
4. Sir John Rutherford (d Crevant 1423)
5. Nicol Rutherford (a 05.1453)
  m1. Margaret Charteris (dau of Thomas Charteris of Cagnore)
  m2. ?? Cranstoun (dau of Sir Thomas Cranstoun, Warden of the Marches)
  Not clear who was mother of ...
  A. John Rutherford ancestor of Rutherford of Henderlee

Main source(s): TSP (Rutherford), BLG1886 (Rutherford of Fairnington), BE1883 (Rutherford of Teviot)
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