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Families covered: Ainslie of Darnchester, Ainslie of Falla, Ainslie of Hall Garth, Ainslie of Jedburgh, Ainslie of Newbottle, Ainslie of Pilton

David Ainslie of Falla & Jedburgh
Betham identifies David's wife as simply Mary Rutherford. The family site identifies her as Mary, dau of Sir Nicholas Rutherford of Hundalee (who d 1572/3) by Margaret, dau of Andrew Rutherford. The Rtuherford records appear to suggest that she was ....
m. Mary Rutherford (dau of John Rutherford of Hunthill)
Betham shows David & Mary as parents of James of Edinburgh (a 1625), George of Newbottle & John of Jedburgh and, other than James who dsp, follows their descendants. The family site shows them as parents of William of Falla & Templelands (d 1587) & David of Birkenside and follows William's descendants. This raises the concern that the two sources are being inconsistent with each other as to which David married (which) Mary Rutherford. Provisionally we speculate that David & Mary were parents of all 5 sons and combine the information provided by the sources. This will be reviewed in due course.
1. William Ainslie of Falla & Templelands (d 1587) this line provided by the family site
  A. Andrew Ainslie
  B. William Ainslie of Falla & Templelands (b c1545, d 1611/2)
  i. David Ainslie of Falla (b c1567, d c1643)
m. Euphame Ainslie (dau of David Ainslie of Jedburgh by Katherine Richardson)
  a. John Ainslie (a 1643, youngest son)
  (1) William Ainslie (b c1629, a 08.1690)
  See alternate ancestry given below by Betham. This appears to be a continuation of the confusion between the generations shown on Ainslie1.
  m1. Margaret Riddell
  (A) John Jedburgh Ainslie (b 26.10.1667, d 03.10.1729)
  m. (c1700) Margaret Crombie (dau of Andrew Crombie by Elizabeth, dau of Andrew Ainslie of Blackhills)
  (i) Gilbert Ainslie of Jedburgh (b 20.10.1701, d 08.1732)
  m. Christina Rutherford (dau of Thomas Rutherford of Knowsouth)
  (a) Thomas Ainslie of Quebec & Overawells (b 08.02.1729, d 07.04.1806)
  m. (26.03.1762) Mary Potts (d 14.03.1767, dau of James Potts by Mary Haigh)
  ((1))+ issue - Gilbert (b 12.02.1763, d 12.03.1768), Thomas Philip (b 16.08.1766, d 1837), Mary Murray (b 01.04.1764, d 12.03.1768), Christian (b 19.06.1765, d 06.04.1767)
  (b) Alexander Ainslie (b 05.06.1730, a 1774)
  m1. Margaret E. Elliot
  ((1)) William Ainslie (d 1838, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. (20.5.1786) Jean Plenderleith
  m2. (31.03.1794) Sarah Caddy
  ((2)) Thomas Ainslie had issue
  m. (1797) Agnes Jack
  ((3))+ other issue - Gilbert (b 1759), Margaret (b 20.12.1763-5)
  m2. Janet White
  ((5))+ other issue - John (b 1771), James (b 1772), Alexander (b 1774)
  (c) James Ainslie of Jedburgh, Carlisle, Kendall & Hall Garth (b 02.4.1732, d 25.02.1790)
  m. (04.05.1758) Margaret Farrer of Carlisle (b 1731, d 21.05.1765, dau of Major Montague Farrer)
  ((1)) Henry Ainslie of Kendal, Hall Garth & Grizedale (b 21.03.1760, d 26.08.1834, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (09.08.1785) Agnes Ford (dau of William Ford by Agnes Harrison)
  ((2)) Gilbert Ainslie (b 27.11.1763, d 17.12.1792, cleric) had issue
  m. (27.11.790) Ellen Rawlison (d 08.03.1791, dau of Henry Rawlinson of Lancaster & Liverpool)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Ainslie (b 01.08.1761, d 11.1826)
  m. (09.11.1786) George Edward Lind (d 11.1832)
  ((4))+ other issue - Montague Farrer of Grays Inn & Hall Garth (b 28.02.1759, d 02.05.1830), Christian (b 31.07.1762, d 14.02.1843), Margaret (b 15.04.1765, d 21.08.1765)
  (d) Margaret Ainslie
  m. (09.06.1764) Gilbert Elliott
  (e)+ other issue - John (d infant), Cecily (d infant)
  (ii) John Ainslie (b 1711, d 1767, youngest son)
  m. Allison Scott
  (a) John Ainslie (b 22.04.1745, d 29.02.1828)
  m1. (27.10.1766) Christian Caverhill (dau of Thomas Caverhill of Jedburgh)
  m2. Mary (b 1748, d 14.09.1825)
  ((1)) Catherine Ainslie
  ((2)) Mary Ainslie
  m. James Shortreed
  (b) Margaret Ainslie (b 1749, a 1823)
  m. _ Rutherford
(iii)+ other issue - William, William, Barbara (b 1705)
  (B)+ other issue - Helen (b 26.06.1666), Elspeth (b 11.07.1675), Margaret
  m2. Margaret Rutherford of Fawlaw
  (E) Robert Ainslie (b 15.03.1683, d 06.11.1762)
  m. (1723) Magdeline Elliot (dau of Gilbert Elliot of Stonedge by Elizabeth Scott)
(i) Robert Ainslie of Darnchester (b 08.01.1734, d 10.04.1795, WS, 2nd son)
  m. (20.03.1765) Katherine Whitelaw (dau of John Whitelaw of Whitelaw by Rachel, dau of George Stirling of Carnock by Janet Hamilton of Preston)
  (a) Robert Ainslie of Darnchester & Edinburgh (b 13.01.1767, d 11.04.1838, WS)
  m. (03.01.1799) Jane Cunninghame (b 1781, d 14.01.1817, dau of Lt. Col. James Cunninghame of Balbougie by Jean Ogilvie)
((1)) Alison Mary Ainslie (b 20.11.1803, d 1863)
  m. (30.04.1832) Francis Farquharson of Finzean (b 1802, d 1876)
  ((2))+ other issue
  (b) Sir Whitelaw Ainslie (b 17.02.1767, d 29.04.1837)
  m. Janet Mary Cunninghame (b 1770, d 07.03.1848, dau of Lt. Col. James Cunninghame of Balbougie by Jean Ogilvie)
  ((1)) Jane Catherine Ainslie of Darnchester & Delgaty Castle (b 1801, d 01.05.1866)
  m. James Cunninghame Grant-Duff of Eden (b 1789, d 23.09.1858)
  (c)+ other issue - Rachel (b 19.03.1768, d 14.11.1769), Douglas (b 23.10.1769, d infant), Douglas (b 06.05.1771, d 19.08.1850)
  (ii) Maria Ainslie
  m. Robert Dudgeon
  (iii)+ other issue - John (b 02.10.1728, d 19.08.1743), Elizabeth
  (F)+ other issue - William (b 03.06.1677), Andrew (b 30.03.1681), Barbara (b 11.04.1688), Christian (b 11.04.1688)
  b. daughter
  m. Andrew Robsone
  c.+ other issue - Thomas (b c1590, d 1642), Henry of Falla (b c1595, d 1618), James (a 1633)
  ii. John Ainslie
  a.+ issue - Thomas of Cessford (d 1687), Walter of Wilton (b c1632), David of Chatto
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1567, d 1611), William
  C. John Ainslie
  i. John Ainslie of Harkers (a 1674)
  a. Thomas Ainslie
  m. Isobel Robson (dau of Stephen Robson)
  (1) Thomas Ainslie
  b. Walter Ainslie
2. David Ainslie of Birkenside mentioned by the family site
3. James Ainslie of Edinburgh (d temp Charles I who r. 1625-1649) mentioned by Betham
4. George Ainslie of Newbottle this line provided by Betham
  m. Janet Steele ("of a respectable family of Newbottle")
  A. John Ainslie of Newbottle
  m. Janet Paterson
  i. George Ainslie (b 1654)
  a. son
ii. John Ainslie in East Lothian
  a. son (dspm, town clerk of Haddington)
  iii. Robert Ainslie of Newbottle (d unm)
  iv. Alexander Ainslie in Edinburgh (d 1720)
  m. _ Gray
a. George Ainslie in Bordeaux, later of Pilton, co. Edinburgh (d 1773)
  m. Jane Anstruther (dau of Sir Philip Anstruther of Anstrutherfield, sister of Christian, Countess of Traquhair)
  (1) Sir Philip Ainslie of Pilton (b 1728, d 19.05.1802, Colonel)
  m. (1772) Elizabeth Gray (b 1754-5, d 08.1787, dau of John, Lord Gray)
  (A) George Robert Ainslie of Pilton (b 1774, Lt. Colonel (General)) had issue
  m. (07.12.1809) Sophia Charlotte Neville (dau of Christopher Neville of Wellingore by Sophia Noel)
  (B) Charles Philip Ainslie (b 08.07.1779, Major General) who married ...
  m. (17.04.1834, div 1843) Jane Anne Gray (b 1806, dsp 1843, dau of Francis Gray, 14th Lord)
  (C) Margaret Jane Ainslie (d 03.04.1837)
  m. (07.01.1801) Francis Stuart, Earl of Moray
  (D) Loiusa Barbara Ainslie (b 05.1782)
  m. (01.1803) John Lee Allen of Errol House
  (E) Charlotte Elizabeth Ainslie who married ...
  m. Thomas Inglis (d 1821, Lt. Colonel)
(F)+ other issue - John (d infant), Francis Stuart (d young), Philip Barrington b 1785), daughter (d infant), Christina Penelope (d young), Christina (b 1786, d 1794)
  (2) George Ainslie (d 07.07.1804, General)
  m. (25.07.1774) Anne Sharpe (dau of Samuel Sharpe)
  (A) Sir Robert Sharpe Ainslie, 2nd Bart (b 08.01.1777, dspms 14.03.1858, MP) had issue
  Robert inherited the baronetcy of his uncle Robert (below). He had 4 sons, none of whom survived him, and 4 daughters by ...
  m. Elizabeth
  (B) Eleanor Jane Ainslie (b 07.10.1775)
  m. (03.12.1794) William Corbett (son of Thomas of Darnhall)
  (C) Frances Anne Ainslie (b 28.10.1781)
  m. (28.08.1798) George Robert Heneage of Hainton Hall
  (D) Anne Penelope Ainslie (b 06.11.1786, d 30.03.1887) who married ...
  m. (06.10.1821) Henry Charles Hoare (b 1790, d 1852)
  (E)+ other issue - George Ralph (b 11.03.1778, dsp 1796), Mary Christina (b 02.06.1785)
  (3) Sir Robert Ainslie, 1st Bart (b c1730, d unm 21.07.1812, MP, ambassador)
  (4) Elizabeth Ainslie
  m. Jacob Sandilands in Bordeaux
  (5) Christina Ainslie
  (6) Jane Ainslie
  m. Count Montalembert
  (7) Penelope Ainslie
  m. Sn de Monbrison
  (8) Grace Ainslie
  m. le Chavalier de Vivons, Sn de Barry, Guienne, etc.
  b. Elizabeth Ainslie
  m. William Bell of Edinburgh
  c. Mary Ainslie
  m. James Binning ("of the family of Dininno, Fife")
  d. Johanna Ainslie
  m. Alexander Innes of Edinburgh
  e.+ other issue - Alexander of Edinburgh, Robert of Hull (Yorkshir)
5. John Ainslie of Jedburgh shown here by Betham, see the note on Ainslie1 regarding the line of Provost John
  A. William Ainslie of Jedburgh see alternate ancestry given above by the family site
  m. Margaret Riddell

Main source(s):
(1) William Betham's 'The Baronetage of England', vol 5 (1805), 'Ainslie of Great Torrington, Lincolnshire'
(2) the family web site at www.ainslie.org.uk
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