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Families covered: Heneage of Hainton, Heneage of London
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Sir Thomas Heneage of Hainton (b 1553-4, d 05.06.1613)
m. Barbara Guildford (b 1562-3, d 20.06.1641, dau of Sir Thomas Guildford of Hemsted (not Leampstead), m2. Sir Thomas Elliott)
1. Sir George Heneage of Hainton (d 07.02.1659-60)
  m. (c1613) Elizabeth Tresham (b c1594, d 11.12.1647, dau of Francis Tresham of Rushton)
  A. George Heneage of Hainton (b c1625, d 15.07.1667, 7th son)
  m. Faith Tyrwhitt (b c1629, d 19.10.1709, dau of Sir Philip Tyrwhitt, 3rd Bart of Stainfield)
  i. George Heneage of Hainton (b 16.11.1651)
  m1. Mary Kemp (dau of Thomas Kemp of Slindon)
  a. George Heneage of Hainton (b 03.08.1674, d 31.12.1731)
  m1. (14.04.1696) Mary Petre (b 23/5.03.1679, bur 10.06.1704, dau of William Petre, 4th Lord)
  (1) George Heneage of Hainton (b 30.05.1698, dsp 25.08.1745)
BP1934 does not show his father's 1st marriage and so implies George's mother was Elizabeth Hunloke.
  m. Mary Newport (dau of John Francis Newport of St. John's, Pelham)
  (2)+ other issue - William (d infant), Mary Bridget (b 07.09.1703, d 31.12.1717)
  m2. Elizabeth Hunloke (dau of Sir Henry Hunloke, Bart of Wingerworth)
  (4) Thomas Henry Heneage
  m1. (14.07.1728) Anna Maria Fieschi (dau of Roboaldo Fieschi, Count de Lavagna in Genoa)
(A) George Fieschi Heneage of Hainton (b 07.08.1730, d 21.03.1782)
  m. (18.09.1755) Katherine Petre (d 1783, dau of Robert James Petre, 8th Lord)
  (i) George Robert Heneage of Hainton (b 21.12.1768, d 18.06.1833) had issue
  m. (18.08.1798) Frances Anne Ainslie (d 13.03.1807, dau of Lt. Gen. George Ainslie)
  (ii) Thomas Fieschi Heneage (b 28.09.1771) had issue
  m. (07.1802) Arabella Pelham (d 16.05.1871, dau of Charles Pelham, Lord Yarborough)
  (iii) Mary Anne Winifred Heneage
  m. (03.1797) F. Aitken
  (iv) Teresa Heneage
  m. (03.1797) John Carpenter
(v)+ other issue - Edward (d 21.07.1775), Barbara
  (B) Elizabeth Maria Heneage
  m2. Katherine Newport (dau of John Francis Newport of St. John's, Pelham)
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas, Katherine
  (5) Henry Heneage 'of Cadeby' (b 28.11.1708, d 16.07.1755) who married ...
  m. (1748) Anne Bowes (dau/coheir of Jeremiah Bowes of Worlaby)
  (6) Elizabeth Heneage (b 01.11.1709)
  m. Cuthbert Tunstall of Burton Constable
  (7) Katharine Heneage (b 28.04.1719, d 1758) presumably the Catherine who married ...
  m. George Palmes of Naburn (d 07.02.1774)
  (8)+ other issue - John (b 29.01.1712-3), Robert (b 30.07.1714), James Windsor (b 10.10.1715), Francis (b 06.05.1717), Ursula (d 1713)
  b. Thomas Heneage (of Cadeby ?) (b 14.03.1676-7)
  m. (04.1720) Winifred Moore (dau/heiress of John Moore of Kirtlington)
  c. Winifred Heneage (b 10.04.1676)
  m. (30.05.16995) Sir George Barlow, Bart of Slebech
  d.+ other issue - Henry (b 30.06.1678, d infant), John (b 14.05.1680, d 23.07.1714), Cecily (b 1687, d 07.06.1692)
m2. Frances Moyser
  g. Elizabeth Heneage (b 1687-8, d 29.06.1737)
  m. Edward Greathead of Lincoln
  h.+ other issue - James (b 13.08.1693), Ffrances (bur 20.03.1687-8)
  ii.+ other issue - John (d infant), Elizabeth (d unm), Ann (d unm), Mary, Penelope (nun), Ursula, Winifred (nun), Henrietta (d infant), Constantia (b c1659, d 1717, nun)
  B. Bridget Heneage (b 03.09.1630)
  m. Sir Thomas Clifton, Bart of Westby, Clifton and Lytham (b 07.07.1628, d 13.11.1694)
  C. Margaret Heneage (b 20.01.1635-6)
  m. Richard Tasburgh of Flixton
D. Mary Heneage (b 1619)
  m. (20.05.1636) Sir Francis Mannock of Stoke, 2nd Bart of Gifford's Hall (d 26.04.1686)
  E.+ other issue - William (d infant), Francis (d infant), Thomas (d infant), John (d infant), Henry (b 24.02.1622-3, dvp 27.12.1627), John (b 01.07.1624, dvp), Robert (b 17.11.1626), Charles (b 07.04.1629), Constantia/Scholastica (d 25.06.1664, nun), Ann, (d infant), Dorothy (d infant), Frances (d infant), Elizabeth (d infant), Barbara (b 22.01.1627-8)
2. William Heneage of Yorkshire (b 31.07.1599, 4th son)
  m. Kathrine Portington (dau of Anthony Portington of Owstone)
3. Mary Heneage (b 27.07.1590)
  m. Andrew Boyd of Scotland
4. Martha Heneage
  m. (??) Thomas Swift (rector of Waddington)
5. Jane Heneage
  m. (before 1634) Patrick Plunkett, 9th Lord of Dunsany (b c03.1595, a 05.1668)
6.+ other issue - Guildford (b 27.09.1593), Henry (b 31.07.1594)



Michael Heneage (b 27.09.1540, d 30.12.1600)
m. Grace Honywood (a 1620, dau of Robert Honywood of Charing)
1. Thomas Heneage of Battersea (d 09.08.1641)
  m. Bridget Woodward (dau of George Woodward of Upton, widow of Sir Thomas Liddell of Ravensworth Castle)
  A. Sir Michael Heneage of London (b 14.10.1632, d 12.1711)
  m. (c09.1662) Phoebe Foote (d 25.04.1703, dau of Samuel Foote of Aldermanbury)
  i. Charles Heneage of London (d 1722/1738)
  a.+ issue (d unm) - Cecil (d 1765), Elizabeth (d 1779)
  ii. Cecil(le) Heneage
  m. John Walker of Hadley (d 01.03.1703)
iii.+ 2 daughters
2. Ann Heneage
  m. Ralph Gill of the Tower of London
  A. Robert Gill
  m. ?? (Mrs Dormer)
  i. Robert Gill
  B. Elizabeth Gill
  m. _ Gregory
  i.+ issue - William, Grace, Elizabeth
  C.+ other issue - Thomas, William, Thomas, Grace, Mary, 2 others
3. Lucy Heneage
  m. William Read of Canterbury
4. Katharine Heneage
  m. Henry Featherstone of Blackfriars and Stanford-le-Hope (d 1646)
5.+ other issue - Robert (d infant), John (d infant), Michael, Robert, John, Mary

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