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Families covered: Moore of Blyfleet, Moore of Chertsey, Moore (Dalamoor) of Chirk, More of Kirtlington, Moore of Sayes, More of Thelwell
[We are not aware of there being any connection between the families shown below. They share the page for our convenience.]

Robert Moore of Lincolnshire
m. Joan Gent (dau/coheir of John Gent of Norfolk)
1. Thomas Moore
  MGH notes that, whilst Visitation ( Essex) suggests that it was his son John who was Secretary to Queen Anne Boleyn, it was probably this Thomas who held that position.
  A. John Moore
  B. Edmund Moore of Shoreditch, Middlesex (d before 27.05.1614)
  m. Elizabeth Hanmer (a 1614, dau of ?? Hanmer of Hanmer, aunt of Sir Thomas)
  i. Edmund Moore of Stratford Langthorne, Essex (d before 25.08.1651)
  m. Elizabeth Kilburne (dau of Isaac Kilburne of London)
  a. Thomas Moore of Hartswood Park in Buckland, Surrey (b c1611, a 07.1676)
  m. Susanna (d 29.01.1682)
  (1) Susanna Moore
m. (before 01.07.1676) Robert Bristow of Hartswood
  b. Edmund Moore of Ryegate, Surrey (d before 22.02.1671)
  (1) Solomon Moore of Chertsey, Surrey (bur 05.11.1736)
  (2)+ other issue (a 1670) - Edmund, Thomas, David, Sarah
  c. David Moore of Chertsey (d 12.01.1693/4)
  m. Anne Agar (dau of Thomas Agar by Ann, dau of John Milton of London & sister of John Milton (the Poet))
  (1) Sir Thomas Moore of Sayes, Chertsey (d 1735)
  m. Elizabeth Blunden (a 1735, sister of William Blunden of Basingstoke)
  (A) Edmund Moore of Sayes (bpt 31.05.1696, d 12.04.1756, 3rd son)
m. Sarah Lee (bur 14.10.1768, dau of William Lee of Chobham)
  (i) William Moore of Sayes & Blyfleet (bpt 10.04.1733, dsp 07.01.1760, 2nd son)
  m. (13.04.1757) Mary (bur 01.07.1759, widow of _ Cory)
  (ii) Blunden Moore of Sayes (bpt 02.01.1734, bur 01.04.1768)
  m. Bridget Ford (bur 08.05.1783, dau of Richard Ford of Chertsey, m2. George Tate) ## see here ##
(a) William Moore, last of Sayes & Blyfleet (bpt 17.10.1765, d unm bur 06.01.1806)
  (b) Richard Moord of Palace Hampton Court (b 30.10.1767)
  m. (08.08.1792) Charlotte Anne Trimmer (dau of James Trimmer of Ealing by Sarah (authoress), dau of Joshua Kirkby (Founder of the Royal Academy))
  ((1)) John Fitz Moore, later Moore-Halsey (b 06.01.1795, Vicar of Ivinhoe)
  m. (06.02.1821) Sarah Halsey (dau/heir of Thomas Halsey of Great Gaddesden Place, widow of Joseph Thompson Halsey of Great Gaddesden)
  ((2)) Charlotte Selina Moore (b 14.01.1798)
m.(05.10.1824) Henry Lewis Hobart (Dean of Windsor)
  ((3))+ other issue - Edmund Fitz (b 17.11.1801), Mary Bridget (b 04.07.1793), Katherine (b 13.08.1796), Mary Jane (b 25.04.1799)
  (c) Elizabeth Moore (bpt 04.06.1763, bur 07.04.1769)
  (iii) Sarah Moore (bpt 11.10.1739, d 09.04.1777)
  m. (18.08.1761) Sir John Dashwood King of Halton (½-brother/heir of Sir Francis, Bart, Baron Le Despencer)
  (iv)+ other issue - William Blunden (bpt 05.03.1729, bur 28.06.1730), Elizabeth (bpt 18.11.1731)
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 08.03.1686), David (bpt 14.01.1694, bur 01.03.1694), Anne (bpt 27.10.1691)
  d. Elizabeth Moore (a 1676)
  m. (after 1634) Daniel Sellin
  e. Annabella Moore (d before 06.07.1676)
  m. (after 1634) _ Bott
  ii. Elizabeth Moore
  m. Richard Lardge of London



In the chart pedigree, MGH shows the surname of the following family as Delamor, Dalamor or Dallamor. However, in the preceding notes, they are identified as being known as Moore of Chirk. We draw attention to the fact that there was a Delamore (de la More or Attamore) family in Gloucestershire, shown here, simply because Bartholomew was a name used much in that family as it was in the following family.
Sir Roger Delamoor or Moore of Chirk
m. Ann (dau/coheir of Sir William of Dean)
1. Sir Bartholomew Dalamor or Moore of Chirk
  m. Ales Welsh (dau of Sir John Welsh of Llanwern)
  A. Sir Robert Dallamor or Moore of Chirk
m. Maud (dau of Sir Thomas ap Adam of Llanllowell)
  i. Sir Roger Dallamoore or Moore of Chirk
  Somewhat arbitrarily, we now move to giving prriority to the name Moore.
  m. Ann Langley (dau of Sir Thomas Langley)
a. Bartholomew Moore (Dalamor) of Chirk
  m. Ann Hopton (dau of Sir Arthur Hopton of Somersetshire)
  (1) John Moore (Dalamoor) of Chirk
  m. Jane Welsh (dau of _ Welsh of Llanwern)
  (A) John Moore (Dalamoor) of Chirk
  m. Margaret Bowles (dau of Sir Thomas Bowles of Penhowe by dau of Sir Thomas Morgan of Pencoyd)
  (i) Richard Moore (Dalamoor) of Chirk
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Thomas John ap Roger of Merthuly)
  (a) Francis Moore (Dalamoor) of Chirk (a 1622)
  m. Elinor Probert (dau of George Probert of Pantglase)



Visitation identifies the arms of the following family as "Sable, a cross argent".
Roger Moort of Hasilden, Cheshire
m. _ Duncalfe of Moberly
1 William More of Thelwell, Cheshire (a 1632)
m. Elizabeth Vaudrey (dau of Alexander Vaudrey of the Banke, Cheshire)
  A. Sir Edward More of Thelwell, later of Kirtlington (Nottinghamshire), Bart (b c1610, d 03.08.1644)
  TCB (vol 2, "Moir or Moore', p420+) identifies Edward (Moir or Moore) as of Langford, Nottinghamshire.
  m. Winifride Whitmore (dau/coheir of William Whitmore of Leighton)
  i. Alice More
  m. Thomas Havers of Thelton (son/heir of Thomas of Thelton)
  ii. Margaret More
m. Hamnet Massy (son/heir of Richard of Risson)
  iii. Elizabeth More
  m. Richard Vine of Westminster
  iv. Frances More
  m. John Welden of Souldren (heir of Bernard Weddon of Souldron)
  B. William More in Spain (dsp 08.1647)
  C. John More of Kirtlington (b c1615, a 08.1662)
  m1. Mary Benet (dau of William Benet of Poulton)
  i. John More or Moore (b c1641, a 08.1662) possibly the John of Kirtlington who was father of ...
  a. Winifred Moore ("heiress")
  m. (04.1720) Thomas Heneage (b 14.03.1676-7)
  i.i+ other issue (a 08.1662) - William (b c1647), Gervase (b c1649), Thomas (b c1650), Winifride (b c1643), Elizabeth (b c1645)
  m2. Mary Young (dau of John Young of Rushton)
  i.+ other issue (d infant) - Edward, Edward
2. John More (a 1596?, "a learned Dr. of Phisick")

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(2) For middle section (uploaded 17.02.22) : MGH (NS5 vol 5 (1925), p187+)
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