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Families covered: Guldeford of Halden, Guldeford of Hemsted (Hemstead)

This family's name appears to have been written variously, including Guildford, Guildeford, Guilford, Gilford and Guyleford. On this page we keep to Guldeford but we are not consistent with this elsewhere in the database. This family was long based in Kent. No connection has been found with Guildford, Surrey.
Thomas Guldeford
m. Jone
1. Richard Guldeford
  A. John Guldeford
  i. Edward Guldeford
  m. Alis Sambourne (dau of William Sambourne)
a. Sir William Guldeford of Halden, Rolvenden & Hemsted (in Benenden, Kent)
  William is the first mentioned by BEB1841 & BHO. The latter appears to insert another generation, a William who was grandfather of Sir John. However, BEB1841 supports Visitation in showing Sir William as grandfather of Sir John (without naming the intermediary generation).
  m. Jone Halden (dau of John Halden of Halden)
  (1) Edward Guldeford
  m. Julyen Markett
(A) Sir John Guldeford of Halden (d 1493, comptroller of the Royal Household)
  m. Alice Waller (dau of Sir Richard Waller of Speldhurst)
  (i) Sir Richard Guldeford of Hemsted (d c1500)
  m1. Anne Pympe
  (a) Sir Edward Guldeford of Halden (Marshal of Calais)
  m. Elynor West (sister of Thomas, Lord Delawere)
  ((1)) Sir Richard Guldeford (dsp)
  ((2)) Jane Guldeford (b c1508, d 15.01.1554/5)
  m. Sir John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland (b 1502, d 22.08.1553)
(b) George Guldeford of Hemsted
  m. Elizabeth Mortimer (dau of Sir Robert Mortimer of Mortimer's Hall by Isabella Howard)
  ((1)) Sir John Guldeford of Hemsted, Sheriff of Kent (a 1552)
  m1. Barbara West (dau of Thomas, Lord Delawere)
  ((A)) Sir Thomas Guldeford of Hemsted last generation mentioned by Visitation
m. Elizabeth Shelley (dau of John Shelley of Michel Grove)
  ((i)) Sir Henry Guldeford of Hemsted
  m. Elizabeth Somerset (dau of Edward Somerset, Earl of Worcester)
  ((a)) Edward Guldeford of Hemsted
m. Catherine Petre (dau of Thomas Petre, son of John, 1st Lord Petre)
  (((1))) Edward Guldeford of Hemsted (d 1678)
  The following is supported by TCB (vol 4, 'Guldeford of Hempstead', p139).
  m. Anne Throckmorton (dau of Sir Robert Throckmorton of Coughton, Bart)
  (((A))) Sir Robert Guldeford of Hemsted, Bart (dsp before 26.01.1740/1)
m. (c1695) Clara Monson (bpt 01.04.1681, d 1738, dau/coheir of Anthony Monson of Northorpe by Dorothy Withering)
  (((2))) Elizabeth Guldeford
  m. John Brook of Maidley
  (((3))) Catherine Guldeford
  m. Thomas Bodenham of Rotherwas
  (((4))) Mary Guldeford
  m. Sir Samuel Tuke
(((5)))+ other issue - Thomas, Joseph (a 1712)
  ((b)) Anne Guldeford possibly of this generation
  m. Levyn Bufkin of Gore Court in Otham
  ((ii)) Mary Guldeford
  m. John Baker (son/heir of Sir Richard of Sisinghurst)
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Guldeford
  m. Thomas Gage (b 1541, d 1590)
  ((iv)) Barbara Guldeford (1562-3, d 20.06.1641)
  m1. Sir Thomas Heneage of Hainton (d 05.06.1613)
  m2. (1622) Sir Thomas Elliott of Stanford Rivers
((B)) Anne Guldeford
  m. Walter Mayney of Biddenden
  ((C)) Eliza(beth) Guldeford
  m. William Cromer of Tunstall (d 1598)
  ((D)) Mary Guldeford
  m. George Harlackenden of Woodchurch
  ((E)) Dorothy Guldeford
  m. Sir Thomas Walsingham of Scadbury
  ((F))+ other issue - George, Henry, James
  m2. Mary FitzWilliam (dau of William Fitzwilliam of Northamptonshire, relict of John Shelley of Sussex)
  ((I)) Richard Guldeford (d 1586)
  ((2)) Mary Guldeford
  m. Owen West
((3)) Anne Guldeford
  m1. Walter Wadland
  m2. Richard Lyne of Sussex
  (c) Friswythe Guldeford
  m. Sir Mathew Brown (a 1530)
  (d) Elizabeth Guldeford
  m1. Thomas Isley or Iselye
m2. William Stafford
  m3. Richard Shirley
  (e) Philippa Guldeford
  m. Sir John Gage (d 1568)
  (f) Mary Guldeford
  m1. Christopher Kemp (son of Thomas)
  m2. Sir William Haut or Hawte (a 1530)
  m2. Jone Vaux (sister of Nicholas, Lord Vaux)
  (g) Sir Henry Guldeford (controller of the Household for King Henry VIII)
  m1. Mary Wooten (dau of Sir Henry Wooten (Wotton))
  m2. May Brian (dau of Sir Thomas Brian)
  (h) Nicholas Guldeford
  (ii) Elizabeth Guldeford possibly of this generation
  m. Henry Aucher of Losenham
  (2) Elizabeth Guldeford
  m. Robert Horne
  (3) Anne Guldeford (d 05.01.1485)
  m. William Darell (d 03.04.1471)
  (4) Margaret Guldeford
  m. John Bamborough

Main source(s): Visitation (Kent, 1574, Guildford), BEB1841 ('Guldeford of Hemsted') with just a little support from BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent', vol 7, 'Parishes: Benenden')
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