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Families covered: Campbell of Loudoun

Duncan Campbell
m. Susanna Crauford (a 1318, dau of Sir Reginald Craufurd of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr)
1. Sir Andrew Campbell of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr (a 1357)
  A. George Campbell of Loudoun
  i. Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr (a 1483)
  a. George Campbell of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr (d 1485)
  (1) Sir George Campbell of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr (d 1491)
  m. (by 03.1466) Elizabeth Stewart
(A) George Campbell of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr (d by 1495?)
  m1. ?? Kennedy (dau of Gilbert Kennedy, 1st Lord)
  (i) Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr (d by 1530 (by 08.1508?))
  m. Isobel Wallace (dau of Thomas or John Wallace of Craigie)
  (a) Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr (b 1502, d 02.1560-1)
  m1. Margaret Stewart mentioned by HJHeraldry
  m2. Elizabeth Stuart (dau of Matthew Stuart, 2nd Earl of Lennox)
((1)) Sir Matthew Campbell of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr (a 05.1593) - continued below
  m. Isobel Drummond (dau of Sir John Drummond of Innerpeffry)
  ((2)) Thomas Campbell (Commendator of Holywood)
  ((3)) Marian Campbell probably of this generation
  m. Charles (James) Carmichael of Park and Hyndford
  m3. Agnes Drummond (dau of Sir John Drummond of Innerpeffry)
  partner(s) unknown
  ((4)) Alexander Campbell (a 10.1575)
((5)) Margaret Campbell (a 10.1572)
  m. Alexander Nisbet of Bankhead
  (b) Helen Campbell
  m. Lawrence Crawford of Kilbirny (d 1547)
  (c) Isobel Campbell
m. Mungo Mure of Rowallan (d Fawside (Pinkie), 1547)
  (d) Janet Campbell
  m. John Campbell of Cessnock
  (e) Margaret Campbell
  m. (mcrt 02.03.1528) Thomas Kennedy of Bargany
  (f) Annabella Campbell
  Shown by TSP as of this generation. We show her a generation earlier.
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) we suggest that he was probably illegitimate ,was ...
  (g) George Campbell of Bruntwood
  (ii) Matthew Campbell
  (iii) George Campbell of Cesnock (d Flodden 1513)
  HJHeraldry (p57, #578(d)) suggests that George, 1st of Cesnock, may have been of this generation, of this marriage.
  m. Janet Montgomerie (dau of Hugh Montgomerie, 1st Earl of Eglintoun)
  (iv) Colin Campbell
(v) Isabel Campbell (a 1519) --
  m. (c1485) Robert Erskine, 4th Lord (d Flodden 09.09.1513) --
  (vi) Margaret Campbell
  m. Sir Alan Lockhart of Lee
  m2. Marion Auchinleck (dau of Sir John Auchinleck of that ilk)
  (vii) Annabella Campbell (d by 06.1575) --
  TSP shows Annabella a generation later but that must be a mistake as she was heiress of Auchinleck through her mother.
  m1. Thomas Boswell, 1st of Auchinleck (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
m2. John Cuninghame, 4th of Caprington (d 1564) --
  (viii) Giles (or Gelis or Egidia) Campbell (d by 1522) --
  Not mentioned by TSP but shown by some reputable web sites as of this marriage. Her mother was 2nd wife of her husband's father.
  m. William Cuninghame, 2nd of Craigends (d 1533) --
  (B)+ other issue - John, Thomas, Robert
  It is possible that either the John shown here was the same person as the following John OR that one of these sons was father of ...
  (i) John Campbell of Skeldon
  m. (15.02.1505) Janet Fullarton (dau of James Fullarton)
The undermentioned John is identified as probably connected to (the laird of Cessnock). Noting the dates, we think it not unlikely that he was a cousin of the above Matthew, possibly son of one of the above Thomas & Robert.
  (i) John Campbell of Clewis (a 1512)
  b. Sir John Campbell of Wester Loudoun
  m. Alicia (a 1450)
  (1) Elizabeth Campbell
  Although TCP (Glencairn) confirms that Elizabeth had the following 3 marriages, there is some concern that there may have been confusion between her and a younger sister, possibly called Margaret.
  m1. William Wallace of Craigie (d 1530)
  m2. Robert Crichton, 4th Lord of Sanquhar (dsp before 07.01.1535-6 under age)
  m3. (after 01.1535-6) William Cunninghame, 4th Earl of Glencairn (b c1493, d 03.1547-8)
  c. Hucheon Campbell
  m. Kathryn Blare
  d. David Campbell (a 1450)
  ii. Jean Campbell possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Montgomery of Braidstane (d before 04.05.1468)



Sir Matthew Campbell of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr (a 05.1593) - continued above
m. Isobel Drummond (dau of Sir John Drummond of Innerpeffry)
1. Sir Hugh Campbell of Terrinzeane, Sheriff of Ayr, 1st Lord of Loudoun (d 15.12.1622)
  m1. (1572) Margaret Gordon (d 22.05.1607, dau of Sir John Gordon of Lochinvar)
  A. George Campbell, Master of Loudoun (dvp 03.1612)
  m. (1603) Jean Fleming (d 03.1612, dau of John Fleming, 1st Earl of Wigtown)
  i. Margaret Campbell, Baroness Loudoun (b c1605, a 1663)
m. (1620) Sir John Campbell of Lawers, 1st Earl of Loudoun (b 1598, d 15.03.1663)
  ii. Elizabeth Campbell
  m. Sir Hugh Campbell of Cessnock
  B. Egidia (Juliana) Campbell
  m. (1594) Sir Colin Campbell, 2nd Bart of Glenorchy (dsp 06.09.1640)
  C. Isobel Campbell
  m. Sir John Maxwell, 1st Bart of Pollok (d 01.11.1647)
D. Margaret Campbell
  m. John Kennedy of Blairquhan
  E. Agnes Campbell
  m. (mcrt 10.1603) Robert McClellan of Bomby, 1st Lord Kirkcudbright
  m2. (after 11.08.1608) Elizabeth (Isabel) Ruthven (d 01.1617, dau of William Ruthven, 1st Earl of Gowrie)
F. Jean Campbell
  m. David Crawfurd of Kerse
  G. Margaret Campbell
  m. (1636, sp) Sir William Cuninghame, 1st Bart of Cuninghamhead (d c1640)
  m3. (mcrt 10.1617, sp) Margaret Home (dau of Sir George (not David) Home of Wedderburn)
2. George Campbell
3. Jean Campbell (d by 1612)
  m1. (mcrt 04.1589) Robert Montgomery of Giffen (d 08.1596)
  m2. (08.1598) Ludovic Stuart, 2nd Duke of Lennox, Duke of Richmond (b 29.09.1574, d 16.02.1623-4)
4. Margaret Campbell (d 05.05.1597)
  One of the following dates or connections must be wrong if Margaret married Thomas Boyd (by whom she appears to have had several children) after John Wallace. Alternatively, there may have been 2 Margarets (rare but not unknown).
  m1. Sir John Wallace of Craigie (d after 1596)
  m2. (before 1568) Thomas Boyd, 6th Lord (d 06.1611) this marriage not reported by TSP (Loudoun) but is by TCP (Boyd)
5. Agnes Campbell
  m. William Cuninghame of Caprington
6. Isobel Campbell
  m. William Crauford of Lochnoris
7. Annabella Campbell
  m1. David Ker of Kersland
  m2. David Dunbar of Enterkin

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (moved here from Campbell01 on 29.01.15) : TSP ('Loudoun'), BP1934 ('Loudoun') with some support from HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'House of Loudoun', p55+)
(2) For lower section (first uploaded 20.02.03) : TSP (Loudoun), BP1934 (Loudoun) with some support from HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'House of Loudoun', p57+)
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