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Families covered: Wallace of Cairnhill, Wallace of Sewalton (Shewalton), Wallace of Underwood

The earlier Wallace family that owned Cairnhill is shown here. The later one is shown here.
Matthew Wallace of Underwood ("of the Craigie family")
1. John Wallace of Underwood
2. Robert Wallace of Cairnhill (a 1655, d by 1680)
  m. (20.06.1649) Elizabeth Fullarton (dau of James Fullarton of that ilk) probably wife of this Robert, possibly mother of ...
  A. William Wallace of Cairnhill (a 1680, d by 1690?)
  i. Robert Wallace of Cairnhill (d by 1690?) possibly of this generation
  B. Robert Wallace of Cairnhill (d 1712, burgess of Ayr) uncle & successor to Robert, possibly of this generation
  m. (04.1698) Jane (Mrs Young)
  i.+ issue - Robert (bpt 09.02.1693), George (bpt 14.03.1694), William (bpt 08.10.1695), John (bpt 15.09.1697)
  C. James Wallace of Ayr (Bailie)
  m. Jean McKerrell (dau of ?? McKerrell of Hillhouse)
  i. issue - William (b 28.11.1696), Robert (b 16.10.1699)
  D. Catherine Wallace possibly fits here
  m. John Harvie of Broadlie (a 1676)



Lambert Wallace of Sewalton (a 1473) presumed father of ...
1. ?? Wallace presumed intermediary generation
  A. Edward Wallace of Sewalton (a 1543) possibly father of ...
  i. John Wallace of Sewalton (a 1583) possibly brother of ...
  ii. Edward Wallace of Shewalton (Sewalton) (a 1586) probably father of ...
  a. Edward Wallace of Sewaltoun (Sewalton) (d c1615?)
m. Marjorie Dunbar (d 07.1614)
  (1) David Wallace of Sewaltoun (Sewalton) (a 1615)
  m. Jonet Peebles (possibly dau of John Peebles, Prvosot of Irvine)
  (2) Edward Wallace of Sewalton (d 1649, 3rd son?)
  m. Elizabeth Muir (dau of John Muir of Blacklaw) wife of Edward, possibly mother of ...
  (A) William Wallace of Sewalton (a 1633)
m. Margaret Scott (dau of Lawrence Scott)
  (i) Edward Wallace of Sewalton (a 1633, d before 1670?)
  m1. (mcrt 16.05.1646) Janet Porter (dau/heir of William Porter of Edinburgh)
  (a) William Wallace of Sewalton (a 09.1694)
  m. (mcrt 15.04.1670) Mary Boyle (dau of David Boyle of Halkshill by Grizel Boyle of Kelburn)
  ((1)) Edward Wallace, last of Sewalton (a 02.1715)
  (b)+ other issue - John in Whitehill (a 1672), Lawrence, Robert, daughter
  m2. Elizabeth More (m2. Major John Fullarton)
  (ii) Margaret Wallace possibly of this generation
  m. George Montgomerie of Broomlands (b 1614, d 07.05.1700)
  (iii) daughter
  (3)+ other issue - Robert (dvp?)John, Agnes, Jean, Wallace
  iii. William Wallace (a 1595, tutor of Sewaltoun) possibly of this generation
  m. Helen Dunbar
  a. Margaret Wallace (a 1619) possibly fits here

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(2) For lower section : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p35+)
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