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Families covered: Dunlop of Boarland, Dunlop of Dunlop, Dunlop of Hapland, Dunlop of Househill, Dunlop of Hunthall, Dunlop of Loanhead

Paterson suggests that the following Alexander may possibly have been the son of his predecessor John (a 1407) who succeded James of Dunlop.
Alexander Dunlop of the Hunthall
1. John Dunlop (a 1485)
  A. Constantine Dunlop (d 1505-6)
  i. Alan Dunlop (dvp 1500)
  ii. John Dunlop of Hunthall
  Paterson shows John as son of Alexander, brother of Constantine. We are following BLG1952.
  m. (1492) Marion Douglas
  a. Alexander Dunlop of Dunlop
m. Ellen Cunningham (of Glencairn)
  (1) John Dunlop (d c1548)
  m. Helen Cunyngham
  (2) James Dunlop of Dunlop (d 1596)
  m. Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of Gavin Hamilton of Orbiston)
  (A) James Dunlop of Dunlop (d 1617)
m. (1576) Jean Somerville (dau of James Somerville, 3rd of Cambusnethan)
  (i) James Dunlop of Dunlop (d 1634)
  m. (1614) Margaret Hamilton (dau of Gavin Hamilton, Bishop of Galloway)
  (a) James Dunlop of Dunlop (d 1684 (1670?)
  m. Elizabeth Cunningham (dau of Alexander Cuninghame of Corsehill by Mary Houstoun)
  ((1)) Alexander Dunlop of Dunlop (d 1691)
  m. (1667) Antonia Brown (dau of Sir John Brown of Fordel by Mary, dau of Sir John (James?) Scott of Rossie)
  ((A)) John Dunlop (d unm 1706)
((B)) Francis Dunlop of Dunlop (d 02.1746)
  m1. (1706) Susan Leckie (dau of John Leckie of Newlands)
  ((i)) John Dunlop of Dunlop (b 1707, d 1785)
m. (1745) Frances Ann Wallace (dau of Sir Thomas Wallace, Bart of Craigie)
  ((a)) Francis Dunlop (b 07.08.1749, d young)
  ((b)) Thomas Dunlop-Wallace of Craigie had issue
  m. (09.1772) Eglantine Maxwell (dau of Sir William Maxwell, Bart of Monreath)
  ((c)) Andrew Wallace-Dunlop of Dunlop (d unm 1804, Brig. General)
  ((d)) James Dunlop of Dunlop (d 1832, Lt. General)
  m. (1802) Julia Baillie (dau of Hugh Baillie, son of (Hugh) Baillie of Monkton)
  (((1))) Sir John Dunlop, 1st Bart
  m1. Constance Downs Jackson
  (((A))) Sir John Dunlop, 2nd Bart (b 1830, d unm 1858)
  (((B))) Charlotte Constance Dunlop
  m. Reynold Martin
  m2. Harriet Pimrose
(((2))) Hugh Dunlop (Admiral)
  m. (1831) Ellen Clementine Cockburn (dau of Robert Cockburn)
  (((3))) Anna Dunlop (d 1825)
  m. (1824) Francis John Davies (Captain)
  (((4)))+ other issue - Andrew Robert (b 1810, d 1831), Frances
  m2. Harriet Pimrose
((e)) John Wallace-Dunlop of Morham had issue
  m. Magdalene Dunlop (b c1765, dau of Robert Dunlop) @1@ below
  ((f)) Anthony Dunlop
  m. Ann Cunningham (dau of Alexander Cunningham, brother of Sir William of Robertland)
  ((g)) Eleanor Dunlop
  m. _ Pirochon (of France?)
  ((h)) Frances Dunlop
  m. (24.02.1777) Robert Vans Agnes of Barnbarroch and Sheuchan (b 24.04.1755, d 11.02.1809)
  ((i)) Rachel Dunlop
m. Robert Glasgow
  ((j))+ other issue - Keith, Henrietta (d young)
  ((ii)) Hugh Dunlop (d young)
  ((iii)) Alexander Dunlop (b 13.07.1710, Major)
  ((a)) Alexander Dunlop (d 1796, Captain)
  ((iv)) Antonia Dunlop (b 01.11.1708, dsp)
  m. (23.12.1765) Sir Thomas Wallace of Craigie (d 1770)
  m2. (mcrt 17.04.1729) Magdalene Kinloch
  ((v)) Francis Dunlop (d unm)
  ((vi)) Magdalen Dunlop
  m. Robert Dunlop @2@ just below
  ((C)) Robert Dunlop
That this Robert was father of the following Robert was reported by a contributor (HNK, 11.09.03).
  ((i)) Robert Dunlop
  m. Magdalen Dunlop (dau of Francis Dunlop of Dunlop) @2@ just above
  ((a)) Robert H. Wallace Dunlop (b c1774, d 18.7.1843, RN) had issue
((b)) Magdalene Dunlop (b c1765)
  m. John Wallace-Dunlop of Morham @1@ above
  ((D)) Mary Dunlop
  m1. William Kelso of Dankeith (a 1693)
  m2. (17.04.1707) William Fullarton of Fullarton
  ((E)) Margaret Dunlop
m. John Baillie of Hardington OR Sir Robert Denham, Bart of Weshield
  ((F)) Anna Dunlop
  m. John Barclay of Cullerny OR _ Brewster
  Commoners & Paterson show the following as of this generation:
  ((2)) John Dunlop
((3)) Jean Dunlop
  m. (11.1674) William Ralston of Ralston (b 1610, d 1691)
  ((4)) Marion Dunlop
  m. David Montgomery of Lainshaw
  (ii) Alexander Dunlop (d young ?)
  (iii) John Dunlop, 1st of Garnkirk (d 1662)
m. (before 10.11.1631) Elizabeth Dunlop (widow of John Mackildune of Glasgow)
  (iv) William or Robert Dunlop of Bloack (and Craig?)
  (v) Thomas Dunlop of Househill (a 1646)
  m. Grissel Cochran (b c1615, dau of Alexander Cochran of that ilk)
  (a) James Dunlop of Househill probably the James (d 1684) who married ...
  m. Christian Hamilton (a 1705, dau of John or James Hamilton of Bangour) wife of James, presumed mother of ...
  ((1)) James Dunlop of Househill
  In 1750, possibly by this James Dunlop or by a son of his, Househill was sold to Robert Dunlop of the Garnkirk family.
  (vi) Allan Dunlop
  (vii) Dorothy Dunlop
  m. James Stewart
  (viii) Christian Dunlop
m. (by 1620) David Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh
  (B) Alexander Dunlop
  m. Jean Hamilton (dau of Gavin Hamilton, Bishop of Galloway, of Orbiston family)
  (C) Allan Dunlop
  (3) Robert Dunlop of Hapland (a 1551, 4th/5th son)
  The following comes from 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p50+).
  (A) Adam Dunlop of Hapland (dspms by 1573)
  (B) ?? Dunlop
  (i) John Dunlop of Hapland (a 1576) succeeded by ...
  (a) David Dunlop of Hapland then Boarland (a 1597) succeeded by ...
  ((1)) ?? Dunlop of Boarland succeeded by ...
  ((A)) John Dunlop of Over Boarland (a 1650)
  m. Elizabeth Walkinshaw probably parents of ...
  ((i)) John Dunlop of Boarland
  m. _ Montgomerie of the "Heigh Corce" in Stewarton
  ((a)) John Dunlop of Boarland
  m. (c1740) Mary Clerk (dau of William Clerk in Shitterflat by Margaret Simpson)
  (((1))) John Dunlop of Boarland
  m. Jean Gilmour (coheir of Tailend)
  (((A))) Mary Dunlop (d 1839)
  m. Andrew Brown of Craighead
  (((B))) Jean Dunlop
  m. Thomas Reid of Balgray
  (((C)))+ other issue (dsp)
(((2)))+ other issue - William, James, Robert, Mary, Margaret
  ((b)) James Dunlop of Loanhead (aka Mains of Aiket)
  m. Agnes Service (dau of John Service of the Holms of Cauf)
  (((1))) James Dunlop of Loanhead (d 01.06.1829)
  m. Agnes Black (dau of James Black of Pennel then Locherbank)
  (((A))) James Dunlop of Glasgow (d 07.1843) had issue
  m. (26.08.1817) Marianne McMillan (dau/heir of Andrew McMillan of Port Glasgow)
  ((C)) Margaret Dunlop (d young)
  (C) daughter
  m. John Maxwell of Auldhouse
  (D)+ other issue
  (4)+ other issue - William, Constantine (d 1549/50), Andrew (d 1558)
  iii. Janet Dunlop
  m. (before 10.08.1506) Ninian Stewart, Sheriff of Bute and Arran

Main source(s):
(1) 'The Dunlop of Dunlop (and of Auchenskaith, Keppoch and Gairbraid)' by J. G. Dunlop, privately printed by Butler & Tanner, 1939
(2) BLG1952 (Dunlop formerly of Lockerbie House) with some support/input from 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p46+) & (along with some contradiction on the early generations) from Commoners (vol i, Dunlop of that ilk)
(3) For Dunlop of Househill : Crawfurd's Renfrewshire
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