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Families covered: Bonar of Bonare, Bonar of Keltye (Keltie), Bonar of Lumquhat, Bonar of Rossie

BLG1858 starts with the following Guilhem (William), identifying him as "the first of this family, with whom we commence the Scottish branches, settled in North Britain under King William the Lion (ante 1200), as feudal Baron of Bonare, in Perthshire, having given to the lands assigned to him in fief his own name".
Sir Guilhem de Bonare, Pershire (a c1200)
1. William de Bonare (a 1230)
A. William Roger de Bonare (a 1230, crusader) the first mentioned by 'Heraldic Illustrations'
  i. William de Bonare of Bonare (seneschal of Kyngshorne)
  a. William de Bonare of Bonare (a 1314, seneschal)
  (1) William Robert de Bonare of Bonare (d Durham 1346, seneschal)
m. Margaret ("of the family of Wemyss of that ilk") ## possibly here? ##
  (A) John Bonar of Bonare (a 1380)
  m. Anne ("of the family of Ramsays of Dalhousie") ## possibly here? ##
  (i) William Bonar of Bonare & Keltye (d 1469)
m. Christian Balfour ("of the Balfours of Burleigh")
  (a) John Bonar of Keltye (a 1478)
  m. Margaret ("of the Setons of Parbroath")
  ((1)) Ninian Bonar (d infant)
  (b) William Bonar of Keltye (d 1478)
  ((1)) (Sir) Ninian Bonar of Keltye (d Flodden 09.1513)
  m. (before 1505) Margaret Oliphant of Drum (dau/heir of John Oliphant of Drum)
  ((A)) Walter Bonar of Keltye (a 1535)
  m. Beatrice ("of the Hays of Errol")
  ((2)) David Bonar of Wester Keyth (a 1513)
  m. Janet Barclay ("of Touch")
  ((A)) David Bonar of Wester Keyth (a 1548)
  m. Mary Kircaldy, heiress of Lumquhat
((i)) David Bonar of Wester Keyth (dsp)
  ((ii)) Alexander Bonar (dsp)
  ((iii)) John Bonar of Lumquhat (a 1573)
  ((a)) John Bonar of Lumquhat (a 1594)
(((1))) John Bonar of Lumquhat (a 1610)
  (((A))) John Bonar of Lumquhat (dsp)
  Wife of one of these Johns, probably this one, was ...
  m. Anna Learmonth (dau of Sir John Learmonth of Birkhill & Balcomie)
  (((2))) Harrye Bonar of Gregston had issue
  ((3)) John Bonar (Abbot of Balmerinoch)
  (c) Robert Bonar of Strathy Bonar
  BLG1858 identifies Robert as "ancestor of the Bonars of Stathy and Coulle, both extinct".
  (d) James Bonar of Bonahalfle (a 1502)
  m. Anne Inglis (dau of (lthe laird of) Tarvet)
  (ii) James Bonar
BLG1858 does not follow this line but does report that James was founder of the Rossye family from whom "also derived the Barons of Cairnbaddy, who held their barony immediately from the crown; also the Lairds of Bonarfield (of whom David, the first, was killed at Flodden), and the Lairds of Balgershaw, and the Kairds of Easter Rossye (of whom John, the first, was killed at Flodden), and the legitimated line of Coltye, and the lines of the Lairds of Forgundenny, and Lairds of Cowbyres." The following comes from 'Fife (P&H', vol1, p245) which reports that "The Bonars held (Rossie) till 1630".
  (a) William Bonar of Rossie, Fife (a 1458, keeper of the rolls, master of the artillery) probably of this generation
  ((1)) James Bonar of Rossie (a 1488)
  m. Margaret Melville (dau of William Melville, 3rd of Raith) probably wife of James, presumed mother of ...
  ((A)) John Bonar of Rossie (a 1493, 1531)
  m. Margaret Mercer (dau of Sir Laurence Mercer) wife of John, presumed mother of ...
((i)) William Bonar of Rossie (a 1541, d 1573) had 3 sons
  ((a)) John Bonar of Rossie
  m. Elizabeth Ramsay (dau of James Ramsay of Ardbekie)
  (((1))) John Bonar (a 1593)
  ((b)) James or William Bonar of Rossie father of Rachel, possibly of this generation
  (((1))) Rachel Bonar
  m. (mcrt 21.08.1612) Sir John Hamilton of Orbiston
  ((c)) Margaret Bonar (d 10.1574) probably of this generation --
  m. (mcrt 30.03.1570) John Melville, 5th of Raith --
  ((2)) Janet Bonar (a 1506) probably of this generation
  m. John Melville, younger of Raith (dvp before 14.09.1494, brother of Margaret)
  (iii) John Bonar of Friarton had issue
  (B) James de Bonar of Bonarton had issue
  BLG1858 reports that James was "founder of that line (Bonarton), and ancestor of other branches, which flourished in Poland and Silesia."
  ii. John de Bonar of Laindes had issue
  BLG1858 reports that John "migrated to Flanders, and was author of several lines which flourished both in that country and in Sweden, Poland, Moravia, Silesia and Breslau."

Main source(s): BLG1858 (Bonar of Bonare, Keltye, Kilgraston, and Kimmerghame) with some support from Burke's 'Heraldic Illustrations' (1846, plate cxviii))
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