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Families covered: Melville of Melville, Melville of Raith

This family is believed to have come to England from Maleville in Normandy at or around the time of the Conquest. The first known to have settled in Scotland was ...
Galfrid de Maleville, Sheriff of Edinburgh Castle, Justiciar of Scotland (d c1180)
m1. ??
m2. Matilda Malherbe
BP1934 (Leven) reports that Galfrid had 3 sons: Gregory, Philip (ancestor of the Melvilles of Glenbervie) and Walter. It reports that Walter's grandson Sir John de Melville (a 1296) was ancestor of the Sir John Melville (4th) of Raith, father of the 1st Lord of Murdocarney. We report the information provided by TSP (Melville).
1. Gregory Melville (a 1170)
  A. Sir Richard Melville
  m. (before 1199) Margaret Prat (dau of Richard Prat of Tynedale)
  i. William Melville of that ilk
  a. Sir Gregory Melville, Sheriff of Aberdeen (a 1250)
  (1) William Melville (a 1296)
  (A) John Melville (a 1344)
  (i) Thomas Melville (a 1345)
(a) John Melville (a 11.1379)
  ((1)) Thomas Melville of Melville (d 1429)
  ((A)) John Melville of Melville (d before 1442)
  ((i)) Thomas Melville of Melville (d 1458)
  ((a)) Agnes Melville of Melville (d before 16.10.1478) --
  m. (before 1471) Robert Ross, younger of Halkhead (dvp) --
  b. Thomas Melville of Haddington
  m. Christiana (sister of Gregory Lysurs of the Gorton family)
  (1) Cristiana Melville
  m. Adam son of Walter son of Aldwyn
  (2) Alicia Melville
  m. Richard son of Galfrid son of Gunnild
  (3) Eva Melville
  m. Malcolm son of David Dun
  c. David Melville
  probably a younger son of Sir Richard was ...
  ii. Stephen Melville
  a. Walter Melville possibly father of ...
  (1) John Melville (a temp King Robert I 1306-1329)
  (A) Walter Melville
  m. Margaret Ayr (dau of John Ayr)
  Hereafter the genealogy is reasonably secure.
(i) John Melville, 1st of Raith (d before 1427)
  m. _ Stewart (possibly a daughter of Stewart of Lorn)
  (a) Sir John Melville, 2nd of Raith (d before 08.1463)
  m. Marjory or Margaret Scott (dau of William Scott of Balwearie)
  ((1)) William Melville, 3rd of Raith (d 1502)
  m1. (?) Margaret Douglas (dau of Douglas of Longniddry)
  m(2). (c1440) Euphemia Lundie (dau of Sir Robert Lundie of Balgonie)
  ((A)) John Melville, younger of Raith (dvp before 14.09.1494)
  m. Janet Bonar (a 1506, dau of William Bonar of Rossie)
  ((i)) Sir John Melville, 4th of Raith (d 13.12.1548, Master of Artillery) --
  m1. (c07.1503) Margaret Wemyss (dau of Sir John Wemyss of that ilk)
  m2. (c1525) Helen Napier (d c1588, dau of Sir Alexander Napier of Merchiston) --
  ((ii)) David Melville in Edinburgh
((a)) Walter Melville
  ((B)) Elizabeth or Elspet Melville
  m. John Gourlay, younger of Lamlethan
  ((C)) Margaret Melville --
  m1/2. James Bonar of Rossie --
  TSP reports that "according to the family pedigrees, Margaret married James Bonar of Rossie, but no conclusive evidence of this has been found". This may also have been the Margaret Melville who (also) married ...
  m2/1. (1473) David Narne of Sandfurd (d by 1491)
((D)) Gelis Melville --
  m. Henry Pitcairn of that ilk and of Drongy, 11th of Pitcairn (d by 1528) --
  ((E))+ other issue - William of Pitscottie & Dura (d 1513), Andrew, David
  ((2)) Elizabeth Melville --
  m. (before 24.06.1436) David Boswell, 4th of Balgregie, 1st of Balmuto (d 17.06.1490) --
  (b) Christian Melville possibly of this generation
  m. Henry Schank of Kinghorn (a 1442)
2. Galfrid Melville of Grendun (Granton) and Stanehouse (Stenhouse)
  TSP reports that "the conclusion seems not unwarranted that Galfrid, the younger, was the ancestor of" the Melvilles of Carnbee.'East Neuk of Fife' (p330) suggests that the undermentioned Sir Richard (a 1296) was "brother of Sir John Melville of Raith". Provisionally, we keep to following Galfrid as showing him as descended from this Galfrid.
  A. ?? Melville possibly father or grandfather (or great-grandfather) of ...
  i. Sir Richard de Melvill (a 1258, d after 1295)
3.+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, Hugh, Richard, Walter

Main source(s): TSP (Melville)
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