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Families covered: Cave (Cave-Browne-Cave) of Stanford

Sir Thomas Cave of Stanford
m. Eleanor St. John (dau of Nicholas St. John of Lydiard Tregoze)
1. Sir Thomas Cave of Stanford
  m. Elizabeth Croft (dau of Sir Herbert Croft of Croft Castle)
  A. Sir Thomas Cave, 1st Bart of Stanford (d before 02.1671)
  m1. (sp) Katharine Haslewood (dau of Sir Anthony Haslewood of Maydwell)
m2. Penelope Wenman (dau of Thomas Wenman, Viscount Wenman)
  i. Sir Roger Cave, 2nd Bart of Stanford (d 11.10.1703)
  m1. (24.02.1675-6) Martha Browne (dau of John Browne of Eydon)
  a. Sir Thomas Cave, 3rd Bart of Stanford (d 21.04.1719)
  m. (20.02.1703) Margaret Verney (d 17.05.1774, dau of John Verney,1st Viscount Fermanagh)
  (1) Sir Verney Cave, 4th Bart of Stanford (b 01.01.1704-5, d unm 12.09.1734)
(2) Sir Thomas Cave, 5th Bart of Stanford (b 27.05.1712, d 07.08.1778)
  m. (1736) Elizabeth Davies (d 15.05.1780, dau of Griffith Davies by Elizabeth Burgoyne)
  (A) Sir Thomas Cave, 6th Bart of Stanford (b 22.08.1737, d 30.05.1780)
  m. Sarah Edwards (d 07.1819, dau of John Edwards of London)
  (i) Sir Thomas Cave, 7th Bart of Stanford (b 06.10.1766, dsp 15.01.1792)
  m. (03.06.1791) Lucy Sherard (d 27.03.1858, dau of Robert Sherard, 4th Earl of Harborough)
  (ii) Sarah Cave, later Otway-Cave, Baroness Braye (b 02.07.1768, d 21.02.1862)
  Sarah successfully claimed the barony of Braye through her great-grandmother, Margaret Verney.
  m. (25.02.1790) Henry Otway of Castle Otway (d 13.09.1815)
  (B) Sir Charles Cave, 8th Bart of Stanford (b 1747, d unm 21.03.1810, rector of Finedon)
  Thanks to a contributor (JA, 17.07.07) for advising us of the following daughters.
  (C) Elizabeth Cave (bpt 03.03.1739/40, dsp 05.03.1797)
  m. (08.10.1767) Bennet Sherard, 3rd Earl of Harborough (bpt 03.09.1709, d 23.02.1770)
  (D) Margaret Cave (b 1742, d 14.07.1817)
  m1. John Moses of Hull (d by 1773)
  m2. Thomas Robinson of Sheffield House, Kensington (d 18.04.1810)
  (E) Maria Constantia Cave (b c1745, d 24.02.1811)
  m. Sir Thomas Etherington, Mayor of Hull, Bart (b 1730/1, dsp 16.08.1819)
  (F) Anne Cave (b c1748, d 23.12.1833)
  m. (01.1777) Thomas Marriott (prebendary of Westminster)
  (G) Isabella Cave (b 07.1750, d 01.01.1817)
  (3) Elizabeth Cave
  (4) Penelope Cave
  m. Richard Thomson
b. Elizabeth Cave (d 16.08.1705)
  m. Sir John Cheshire
  c. Penelope Cave (d 04.06.1726)
  m. John Creswell Wentworth of Lillingston Lovell
  d.+ other issue (dsp) - John, Charles (d 11.1703), John
  m2. Mary Bromley (d 22.11.1721, dau of Sir William Bromley, Speaker)
g. Roger Cave of Eydon (Northamptonshire) & Raunston (Leicestershire) (d 03.1741)
  The following is partly supported by 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 2, 1798, p888).
  m. (1721) Catherine Browne (d 06.05.1772, dau of William Browne of Stretton)
  (1) John Cave, later Cave-Browne of Stretton (d 02.10.1798, 2nd son)
  m1. (06.12.1757) Frances Inge (dsp bur 25.10.1758, dau of Theodore William Inge of Thorpe Constantine)
  m2. (03.01.1764) Catherine Asteley (d 08.09.1811, dau of Thomas Astleley of Wood Eaton)
  (A) Sir William Cave-Browne, later Cave-Browne-Cave, 9th Bart of Stanford (b 19.02.1765, d 24.08.1838)
  m1. (13.10.1788) Sarah Prinsep (dsps 21.06.1790, dau of Thomas Prinsep)
  m2. (04.01.1793) Louisa Wilmot (d 23.04.1824, dau of Sir Robert Mead Wilmot, Bart)
  (i) Sir John Robert Cave-Browne, later Cave-Browne-Cave, 10th Bart of Stanford, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 04.03.1798, d 11.11.1855) had issue
  m. (22.11.1821) Catharine Penelope Mills (d 13.03.1871, dau of William Mills of Barlaston Hall)
  (ii) William Astley Cave-Browne (b 03.08.1799, d 13.06.1862, rector of Stretton) had issue
m1. (02.05.1828) Elizabeth Martha Wathen (dsp 06.11.1828, dau of Samuel Wathen of New House)
  m2. (25.03.1830) Julia Minton (d 06.09.1866,dau of Thomas Minton of Stoke)
  (iii) Thomas Cave-Browne of Cliff Hall and Repton Lodge (b 16.06.1801, d 17.04.1854) had issue
  m. (10.04.1827) Anne Walker (d 27.03.1875, dau of John Walker of Levenshulme)
  (iv) Wilmot Cave-Browne (b 05.12.1802, dsp 06.05.1857, vicar of Hope)
  m1. (30.10.1824) Mary Eccles (d 26.11.1824, dau of William Eccles of Davenham)
  m2. (27.10.1825) Mary Westmorland (d 16.11.1897, dau of Rev.Thomas Westmorland)
(v) Edward Sacheverell Cave-Browne (b 03.10.1804, d 07.08.1742, vicar of Stow and Gayton) had issue
  m. (07.07.1830) Mary Watson (d 14.09.1874, dau of John Farsyde Watson of Bilton Park)
  (vi) Harriot Cave-Browne
  m. (04.09.1832) William Booth of Beighton (Major)
  (vii) Louisa Catherine Cave-Browne (bur 24.02.1810)
  (B) John Cave-Browne (b 20.09.1767, d 23.03.1843, rector of Stretton) had issue
  m. (01.05.1798) Margaret Haymes (d 21.11.1851, dau of Robert Haymes)
  (C) Edward Cave-Browne (b 15.11.1779, d 26.07.1841, Lt. Colonel, 5th son) had issue
  m. (08.10.1815) Ann Raban (dau of Thomas Raban of Calcutta)
  (D) Catherine Cave-Browne
  m. Thomas Fownes Luttrell of Dunster Castle
  (E) Frances Cave-Browne (d 09.12.1844)
  m. Samuel Knight of Milton House
  (F) Anna Maria Cave-Browne
  m. (1797) Lebbeus Charles Humfrey (rector of Laughton)
  (G) Louisa Cave-Browne
m. William Haymes of Kibworth
  (H) Selina Cave-Browne
  m. Samuel Codner of Dartmouth
  (I) Anna Maria Cave-Brown
  m. Rev. James Chambers
(J) Penelope Cave-Browne
  m. Thomas Mould
  (K)+ other issue - Charles (d unm), Thomas (bpt 18.02.1777, dsp 1837), Elizabeth (d unm), Harriet (d unm)
  (2) Anna Maria Cave
  m. James Chambers (d 09.05.1790, rector of Stretton-en-le-Field & Barwell)
  (3)+ other issue including Francis, William Bromley (d unm 1788)
  h. Mary Cave (dsp 11.02.1712/3)
  m. Sir William Dixwell, Bart
  i. Eleanor Cave (d 09.1734)
  m1. (1712) Sir Holland Egerton of Heaton, 4th Bart (d 25.04.1730)
  m2. John Brooke
ii. Mary Cave
  m. (1670) Sir Orlando Bridgeman, 2nd Bart of Ridley (d 20.04.1701)
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (d unm), Ambrose (d 1690, Brigadier), Eleanor (d unm)
  B. Dorothy Cave
  m. Sir Rowland Berkeley of Cotheridge (b 1613, a 10.1669)
2. Eleanor Cave
  m1. Sir Thomas Rowe
  m2. Sir George Beeston
3. Margaret Cave apparently of this generation
  m1. Sir John Wynne (d 1656)
  m2. (sp) Francis Aungier, 1st Lord of Longford (bpt 14.05.1558, d 08.10.1632)
  m3. Sir Thomas Wenman of Dublin (d by 1637, Provost Marshal of Munster)
  m4. Hugh Pennant of Bryn Shone (d 1669, Major)
4. Alice Cave possibly of this generation
  BEB1841 (Skeffington of Fisherwick) states that Alice was 7th daughter of Sir Thomas, Bart, but the dates suggest that she was of at least 2 generations earlier than that.
  m. John Skeffington of Fisherwick

Main source(s): BP1934 (Cave-Browne-Cave)
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