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Families covered: Browne of Colchester, Browne of Deptford, Browne of Horton Kirby, Browne of London, Browne of Stretton, Browne of Walcot

For interest, we note the years in which various people mentioned in this section were Lord Mayor of London (as reported in www.steeljam.dircon.co.uk.). The term of office is from November to November.
Sir John Browne, Lord Mayor of London (Lord Mayor in 1480)
BP1934 reports that Sir John was father of Sir William by the following Alice Swinsted. BEB1841 reports that he married twice, 1st Alice, dau/heir of William Swineshed (mother of Robert) and 2nd Anne Betwood, mother of Sir William. Berry shows the marriage to Ann Belwood (m2. Lord Mountjoy) with her as mother of William. Provisionally we follow BP1934..
m. Alice Swinsted (dau of Sir William Swinsted)
1. Sir William Browne, Lord Mayor of London (d 1514)
  Sir William was Lord Mayor in both 1509 (TCB says 1507, BP1934 says 1508) and 1513. BP1934 mentions his second marriage but not his first. The contributor referred to below as a Main Source for this section kindly provided additional information which, inter alia, helped clarify confusion over the fact that he had two daughters called Anne.
  m1. Margaret Shaw (dau of Sir Edmund Shaw or Shaa, Lord Mayor of London in 1482)
  A. William Browne of Flamberts
  m. ?? (dau of ?? Baldrey (not Baldney), Lord Mayor) (apparently sister of Alice below)
  B. Anne Browne
  m. Richard Fermour, 1st of Easton Neston (d 17.01.1552)
  C. Juliana Browne
  m. Sir John Mundy of Checkendon, Markeaton, etc, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (d 27.08.1537, Mayor in 1522)
  m2. Alice Keble (dau of Sir Henry Keble (Kevell or Kebyll), Lord Mayor of London)
  D. John Browne of Horton Kirby & Stretton (d 1570, royal almoner)
  m1. Alice Baldrey (dau of Sir Henry Baldrey, Lord Mayor)
  The following was added 17.02.19. It comes from CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p377) which is the only one of our Main Sources to show that John had children by Alice, dau of Sir Thomas Baldries (sic).
  i. William Browne of Horton Kirby
  m. Margaret Marten (dau of Edward Marten of Franks)
  a. Thomas Browne of Horton Kirby
  m1. Mary Whetstone (dau of Barnard Whetstone of Essex)
  (1) Mary Browne
  m. Edward Bathurst
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas, William, Humfry, Barnard, Martha, Mariana, Susanna, Margaret, Elizabeth
  m2. Martha (dau of Richard of Lees)
  (11) Mary Browne (2nd)
  m. Toby Loveday
  (12)+ other issue - John (b c1612, a 1619), Richard, Robert, Joan (dsp), Elizabeth
  b. Edward Browne
  c. Susanna Browne
  m. Arthur Mahood
d. Ann Browne
  m. Rev. Robert Wilkinson
  ii. Gertrude Browne
  m. Humfry Browne
  iii. Ann Browne
  m. _ Hall of London
  m2. Anne Montgomery (dau of Sir John Montgomery of Derbyshire)
  m3. Christiana Crokell (dau of William Crokell of London)
  iv. Charles Browne of Stretton-en-le-field (a 1600)
m. Margery Mulcaster (dau of N. Mulcaster)
  The following is supported by 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 3, part 2, 1804, 'Pedigree of Browne of Stretton en le Field', facing p1029).
  a. John Browne of Stretton-en-le-field (b c1592, d 17.05.1669)
  m1. (26.06.1611) Winifred Harper (dau of Sir John Harper of Harperstone (Harpur of Swarkston))
  (1) John Browne of Stretton-en-le-field (b c1619, a 1664, 2nd son)
  m. (04.07.1648) Dorothy Brudenell (bur 17.10.1660, dau of Thomas Brudenell of Stanton (Staunton Wyvile))
(A) Thomas Browne of Stretton (bpt 10.04.1649, bur 11.09.1705)
  m1. (13.10.1670) Thomasine Fitzherbert (bpt 30.12.1650, dau of John Fitzherbert of Somershall by Mary)
  (i) William Browne of Stretton-en-le-field, late of Hilcote
  The following is supported by 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 2, 1798, p888).
  m. Catherine Tate (bur 18.01.1744, dau of Zouche Tate, son of Zouche of De La Pre Abbey)
  (a) Catherine Browne (b 1702-3, d 06.05.1772)
  m. (1721) Roger Cave of Eydon (d 03.1741)
  (b) Matilda Browne (bpt 17.01.1707)
  m. James Chambers (rector of Higham-on-the Hill)
  (c)+ other issue - William (bpt 1711, bur 1714), Charles (bpt 25.12.1717, bur 18.01.1737), Anna Maria (bpt 21.05.1705, d unm bur 14.05.1739), Frances (bpt/bur 1708), Clementine (d young), Louisa (b c1718, bur 18.01.1755)
  (ii) Thomasine Browne (bur 17.11.1751)
  m1. ?? Allsopp of Alsope in the Dale
  m2. _ Hardestie
(iii)+ other issue - Charles (bur 01.01.1684), Lucy (bpt 30.10.1671, bur 04.11.1671), Mary (bur 12.03.1679), Anne (d 02.11.1***)
  m2. Lucy Harcourt (bpt 1648, a 1705, dau of Rev. Vere Harcourt)
  (vii) Vere Browne
  (B)+ other issue (a 1664) - John, William, Henry, Arthur, Dorothy
  (2)+ other issue - John (bur 01.12.1614), Henry (bur 21.09.1652), Charles (bur 15.12.1662), Elizabeth (bpt 19.03.1611), Barbara (bpt 04.08.1616), Ann (bpt 21.03.01618), Isabel (bur 08.11.1655)
  m2. (01.06.1598) Magdalen Grey (bpt 08.05.1598, bur 15.09.1668, dau of Anthony Grey, Earl of Kent)
  (9) Dorothy Browne (a 1664)
m. Edward George of Salop
  (10) Sarah Browne (d 05.05.1666)
  m. Anthony Haslewood of Burbach
  (11) Christian Browne (a 1664)
  m. Henry Adams of Stretton-en-le-Field
  (12) Mary Browne (a 1664)
  m. Daniel Chadwick
  (13)+ other issue - Anne (bur 31.07.1668), Magdalene
  b.+ other issue - Margery (bur 09.07.1638), Mary (bur 20.02.1639)
v.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne
  E. Anne Browne (d 05.03.1581)
  m1. Sir Thomas Tirrell of Heron (d 03.04.1541)
  m2. (before 1543) Sir William Petre of Fogalestone (d 13.01.1572)
The following was added 24.06.13, coming from BEB1841 (Browne of Walcot) & TCB (vol 1, Browne of Walcott, p174).
2. Robert Browne of Walcot in Barnack, Northamptonshire (d 1506-7, Chamberlain of the Exchequer)
  m. Isabel Sharpe (dau/heir of Sir John Sharpe)
  A. Robert Browne of Walcot
  m. Elizabeth Palmer (dau of Sir Edward Palmer of Aughmering)
  i. Robert Browne of Walcot
m. Margaret Barnard (dau/heir of Philip Barnard of Aldenham of Akenham, relict of Sir Bernard Whetstone of Essex)
  a. Sir William Browne of Walcot (d 1603)
  b. Sir Robert Browne of Walcot, 1st Bart (d 1623)
  m1. Anne Capstock (dsp, dau of Roge Capstock)
TCB identifies Robert's 2nd wife as Elizabeth (before 14.06.1658), dau of Edward Cope of Hanwell (by Elizabeth, dau of Walter Mohun - see here), sister of Sir Anthony (1st Bart), widow of Francis Harby, m3. Sir Guy Palmes of Ashwell. Provisionally we follow BEB1841 who identifies her as ...
  m2. Elizabeth Doyley (dau of John Doyley of Chiselhampton, m(3). Sir Guy Palmes of Ashwell)
  (1) Sir Thomas Browne of Walcot, 2nd Bart (d 16.04.1635)
  m. Anne Palmes (d before 1661, dau of Sir Guy Palmes of Ashwell, m2. Robert Sutton, 1st Baron Lexington of Aram)
  (A) Elizabeth Browne
  (B) Anne Browne (b 10.07.1635)
  m1. (c1650) John Poulett, 2nd Lord of Hinton St. George (d 15.09.1665)
m2. (c01.1669) Sir John Strode of Chantmarle & Parnham
  (2) Sir Robert Browne of Walcot, 3rd Bart (d unm c1662)
  BEB1841 suggests that the 3rd Bart was uncle of the 2nd Bart but TCB confirms that he was Thomas's brother.
  b. Cicely Browne possibly of this generation
  m. John Lambe of Colston (Coulston) (d before 17.03.1614/5)
  ii. John Browne of Welley, Wiltshire
  iii. Jane Browne possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Essex of Lamborne & Bewcot (a 1566)
  iv. Lucy Browne possibly of this generation
  m. Humfry Essex of Lamborne (brother of Thomas)
  B. Edward Browne (knight of Rhodes)
  C. Isabel Browne
  m. George Quarles of Ufford ## see here ##



Hugh Browne of Middlesex
1. Stephen Browne of Middlesex
  A. Hugh Browne
  B. Walter Browne of Hitcham, Suffolk
m. Elianor Trevor or Trenour
  i. Thomas Browne of Colchester, Essex
  m. Agnes Tuske (dau of John Tuske (Turke or Tuxke) of Colchester)
  a. John Browne of Colchester
  m1. Florence Chersey (dau/heir of John Chersey)
  (1) William Browne of Colchester
  m. Margaret Leech (dau of Robert Leech)
(A) Susan Browne
  m. William Bourchier of Barnsley, Gloucestershire (d c1564)
  (B)+ other issue - Robert, William, Richard, Edward, Margaret (d unm)
  (2) Sir Richard Browne (clerk of the Green Cloth, 3rd son)
m. Joane Vigors (dau of John Vigors of Langham)
  (A) Christopher Browne of Sayes Court in Deptford, Essex
  m. Thomasin Gonson (dau/coheir of Ben Gonson, m1. Edward Fenton)
  (i) Sir Richard Browne of Sayes Court, Deptford (b c1605, d 12.02.1682/3, ambassador)
  The following is supported by TCB (vol 3, Browne of Deptford).
  m. Elizabeth Pretiman (b c1610, d 06.10.1652, dau of Sir John Pretiman or Prettyman of Dryfield by Mary, dau of William Bourchier of Barnesley)
  (a) Mary Browne (b c1634, d 09.02.1708/9)
  m. (27.06.1647) John Evelyn of Wotton
  (b)+ other issue (d young)
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas, John, Clement, Margaret
  m2. Elizabeth Knightbridge (dau of William Knightbridge)
  (7) Katherine Browne shown of this marriage by Visitation (1634) & MGH but of the first marriage by Visitation (1612)
  m. William Simnell

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 22.09.05, expanded 24.06.13) : BP1934 (Cave-Browne-Cave) with input from a contributor (RCBC, 11/16.01.06) quoting from 'The Genealogy of the Ancient and Knightly Families of Cave and Browne etc.' (by James Cathrow-Disney and George Harrison Rogers-Harrison, 1840) and further input & support as reported above
(2) For lower section (uploaded 12.01.12, reviewed 17.03.21) : Visitation (Essex, 1612, Browne (No. 1)), Visitation (Essex, 1634, Browne (No. 2)), MGH (NS2, vol 1 (1886), 'Browne Pedigree', p123+)
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