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Families covered: Wenman of Caswell (Carswell), Wenman of Tuam, Wenman (Wainman) of Witney (Whitney)

Henry Wainman or Wenman of Blewbury, Berkshire (a 1452)
m. (1482?) Ammota or Emotta Hervey (dau of Simkin Hervey of Hertfordshire, m1./2. Thomas Fermer of Whitney)
1. Richard Wainman of Witney or Whitney (d 1500)
Visitation & BEB1841 show just one Richard (m. Anna Bushe). Lipscomb also shows just one, Richard (d 11.04.1500) who m1. Anne Bushe, m2. (sp) Christian. Because we think that the dates support it, we are following BE1883 in showing 2 generations of Richards.
  m. Anne Humphrey
  A. Richard Wainman of Witney (d 04.10.1534)
  m. Anne Bushe (dau of John Bushe of Northleach)
  i. Sir Thomas Wainman or Wenman of Witney & Caswell & Carswell (b c1504, d 08.08.1557, MP)
  m. (c1525) Ursula Gifford (d 04.12.1558, dau of Thomas Gifford of Twyford by Mary Staveley)
  a. Richard Wenman of Thame Park and Caswell, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (d 07.03.1572-3)
m. Isabella Williams (d 1587, dau of John Williams, Lord Williams of Thame)
  (1) Sir Thomas Wenman of Thame Park and Twyford (b c1548, d 22-3.07.1577, MP)
  BEB1841, in a note, appears to have confused the generations around here, calling this Thomas 'Richard' and showing him as father (rather than great-grandfather) of the Mary who married Sir Francis Wenman, 1st Bart, and as father (rather than grandfather) of Penelope who m. Sir John Dynham. We follow BE1883 which is supported by TCP.
  m1. Alice (mother of Robert Chamberlayne)
  m2. Mary Keble (dau of Thomas Keble of Essex)
m3. (09.06.1572) Jane West (dau of William West, Lord De La Warr)
  (A) Sir Richard Wenman, Sheriff of Oxfordshire, 1st Viscount Wenman of Tuam (b 1573, d 03.04.1640)
  m1. (c1595) Agnes Fermor (bur 04.07.1617, dau of Sir George Fermor of Easton Neston)
  (i) Thomas Wenman, 2nd Viscount Wenman of Tuam (b 1596, d 25.01.1664)
  Visitation identifies Thomas's wife as Maria, dau of Alexander Hampden of Hampden but TCP (Wenman) confirms that she was ...
m. (before 05.07.1617) Margaret Hampden (bpt 13.02.1598/9, d 01.05.1658, dau/coheir of Edmund Hampden of Wendover & Hartwell by Margaret, dau/coheir of Nicholas Ball of Totnes)
  (a) Richard Wenman (b c1622, dvpsp bur 20.06.1646)
  m. Barbara Villiers (bpt 01.06.1622, d 13.12.1680/1, dau of Sir Edward Villiers of Brokesby)
  (b) Frances Wenman (d 25.07.1677)
  m. (11.10.1637) Richard Samwell of Upton (d c1661)
  (c) Penelope Wenman
  m. Sir Thomas Cave, 1st Bart of Stanford (d before 02.1671)
  (d) Elizabeth Wenman (d c02.1649)
  m. Sir Greville Verney of Compton Verney (b 1619, d 09.12.1648)
  (e) Mary Wenman
  m. Sir Francis Wenman, 1st Bart of Caswell (d 02.09.1680) @@ below
(f)+ other issue (d young) - Thomas (bpt 10.10.1634), Edward (bpt 22.04.1637), Philip (bpt 03.06.1639), Margaret
  (ii) Philip Wenman, 3rd Viscount Wenman of Tuam (b 17.10.1610, d 29.04.1686)
  Recognising that his viscountcy would (otherwise) extinguish on his death, in 1683 Philip obtained a special patent through which Richard (below) "heir male of the petitioner's family, both by father and mother" effectively succeeded to the title although it was (arguably) in effect a new creation.
  m. Elizabeth O'Brien (d before 30.06.1659, dau of Henry O'Brien, 5th Earl of Thomond)
  (a) Mary Wenman (dsp bur 01.11.1680)
  m. (1675) William Croft of Little Saxham
  (iii) Penelope Wenman
  m. Sir John Dynham of Boarstall
  (iv) Jane Wenman
  m. Arthur (not John) Goodwin of Winchendon
  (v) Mary Wenman (d c1635)
  m. Sir Martin Lister of Thorpe Arnold (b c1603, bur 29.08.1670)
  (vi)+ other issue (dsp) - Edward, Charles, Dorothy (d infant), Anna
  m2. (04.11.1618) Anne (widow of Thomas Roland then Robert Chamberlayne)
m3. Elizabeth (bur 27.04.1629)
  m4. Mary Keble (bur 28.07.1638, dau of Thomas Keble of Essex)
  (B) Ferdinand Wenman
  m. Frances Ryley of Chetwoode
  (i) Elizabeth Wenman
  m. _ Lloyd
  (C) Sir Thomas Wenman of Thame Park (a 1626, MP)
(D) Elizabeth Wenman
  m. Sir Thomas Tredway of Beaconsfield
  (2) Francis Wenman of Caswell (Carswell) (a 1572)
  m. Frances Goodier (dau (sb sister?) of Sir Henry Goodier or Goodyeere of Bagginton)
  (A) Francis Wenman of Caswell (b c1620, d 26.06.1640)
  m. Anne Sandys (dau of Sir Samuel Sandys of Omberslade)
  (i) Samuel Wenman of Caswell (d 1645)
  (ii) Sir Francis Wenman, 1st Bart of Caswell (d 02.09.1680)
  m1. (04.07.1651) Mary Wenman (b c1634, d 13.11.1657, dau of Thomas Wenman, 2nd Viscount) @@ above
  (a) Richard Wenman, 4th/1st Viscount of Tuam (b 1657, d 01.03.1689/90, 4th son)
  As noted above, Richard obtained the title because his kinsman, the 3rd Viscount (above), obtained a special patent identifying him as his successor. Although Richard is often identified as the 4th Viscount, TCP (Wenman) indicates that it should be viewed technically as a new creation.
m. (17.04.1682) Catherine Chamberlayne (b c1668, d 09.02.1741/2, dau of Sir Thomas Chamberlayne, 2nd Bart of Wickham and Northbrook)
  ((1)) Richard Wenman, 5th/2nd Viscount of Tuam (b 29.01.1687/8, d 28.11.1729)
  m. (before 23.06.1709) Susanna Wroughton (d by 1751, dau of Seymour Wroughton of Eastcott)
  ((A)) Philip Wenman, 6th/3rd Viscount of Tuam (b 23.11.1719, d 16.08.1760)
m. (13.07.1741) Sophia Herbert (d 19.07.1787, dau of James Herbert of Tythrop and Kingsey)
  ((i)) Philip Wenman, 7th/4th Viscount (b 18.04.1742, dsp 26.03.1800)
  m. (07.07.1766) Anne Eleanora Bertie (d 19.04.1804, dau of Willoughby Bertie, 3rd Earl of Abingdon)
  ((ii)) Sophia Wenman (b 1743)
  m. (30.12.1768) William Humphrey Wykeham of Swalcliffe
((iii))+ other issue - Thomas Francis (b 18.11.1745), Richard (b 13.11.1746, d young), Henry Herbert (b 18.07.1749, d young)
  ((B)) Richard Wenman
  m. (1773) Jemima (relict of Col. Caulfeild)
  ((2)) Catherine Wenman
  m1. Hon. Robert Bertie of Benham (dsp 1710)
  m2. Sir William Osbaldiston of Chadlington and Nethercote
  ((3)) daughter
  m. John Wicksted
(b)+ other issue - Thomas (d b c1652, d 05.09.1663), Francis (d 03.06.1655), Ferdinand (b c1655, d 02.08.1671), 1 daughter
  m2. Elizabeth (or Mary) Fettiplace (d 17.09.1679, dau of Edward Fettiplace of Swinbrook)
  (f) Dozelina Wenman
  m. Richard Smith of Padbury
  (g) Mary Wenman not mentioned by the undermentioned Main Sources
  m. Gabriel Roberts of Ampthill
  Mary is shown by MGH (NS5 vol 2 (1916-7), p206) as (the only) child of this marriage, showing Mary as an ancestress of Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester, through her marriage to Gabriel.
  ()+ other issue - Loranzo, Philip (d young)
(iii) Anne Wenman
  m. (by 1654) Sir John Fettiplace, 1st Bart of Chilbury
  (3)+ other issue - Henry (dsp), Elizabeth, Margaret, Frances
  b. William Wenman of Fringford (a 1574, d 1541?)
  m. Elianora Poure (dau of Stephen Pourre of Wilcot)
  (1)+ issue - Richard, Francis, Giles, Margaret, Maria, Elizabeth, Hellen
  c. Thomas Wenman of Witney Park
  m. Jane Taverner (dau of Richard Taverner of Woodeton)
  (1)+ issue - John, Thomas, Richard, Mary, Martha, Margaret
  d. Anna Wenman
  m. John Fitzerbert of Juddesbury
  e. Mary Wenman
  m1. John Godard of Castle Eiton
  m2. Thomas Purefoys of Shawlston
  f. Elizabeth Wenman
  m. Christopher Brome of Haulton named Stephen by Lipscomb
  g. Jane Wenman mentioned by Lipscomb
  m1. James Cressoe
  m2. Thomas Tasburg of Hawridge
  h.+ other issue - Henry, William, Gifford
  ii. William Wenman
  B. John Wainman
  C. Elizabeth Wainman
  m. Laurence Farmer of Oxfordshire

Main source(s): BE1883 (Wenman) with input and support from BEB1841 (Wenman of Caswell), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 3, 'Pedigree of Wenman ...', p131+), TCB (vol iii, Wenman of Casswell), Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1566+1574+1634, Gifford of Twyford, co. Bucks. and Wayneman of Casewell Parke, Witney)
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