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Families covered: Bromley of Baginton

The following William, father of Sir William, is reported by VCH to have bought Baginton in 1618. Possibly in an attempt to find the roots of the following family, some people have confused Baginton, which is in Warwickshire, with Badinton (aka Badington), seat of some Bromleys in the 14th century, which is in Cheshire.
William Bromley of Baginton (a 1618)
1. Sir William Bromley of Baginton
m. Ursula Leigh (dau of Sir Thomas Leigh, 1st Lord of Stoneleigh)
  A. William Bromley of Baginton Hall (b 1663-4, d 13.02.1731-2, Speaker of the House of Commons, Secretary of State, MP)
  HoP shows just 2 marriages for William, to Catherine Clobery & Elizabeth Stawell. The Chester book, which starts with this William, shows 4 as follows.
  m1. Catherine Clobery (dau/coheir of Sir John Clobery of Winchester)
  i. Clobery Bromley of Westminster & Baginton (bpt 18.12.1685, dsp 20.03.1711, MP)
  m. (25.03.1708-9) Dorothy Bromley (dau of William Bromley of Holt Castle)
  m2. (21.11.1689) Trevor Fortrey (dau of Samuel Fortrey of St. Giles-in-the-Fields)
m3. Cecilia Swan (dau of Sir William Swan, Bart)
  ii. Thomas Bromley (b c1693, dvp 08.1716)
  m4. (c01.1698) Elizabeth Stawell (dau of Ralph Stawell, 1st Lord of Somerton)
  iii. William Bromley of Baginton (b 1698, d 12.03.1736-7, MP)
  m. (02.07.1724) Lucy Throckmorton (d 27.09.1771, dau/heir of Clement Throckmorton of Haseley, m2. Richard Bowe Chester of Lackford)
  a. William Throckmorton Bromley of Baginton (b c1726, bur 12.03.1789, MP)
  m. (08.05.1756) Bridget Davenport (dau of Richard Davenport)
  (1) William Davenport Bromley of Baginton (d 1810)
The Chester book does not mention this William but HoP ("William Throckmorton Bromley") shows that there was a son in this generation. A web site on Baginton Church reports that Bromleys continued to live at Baginton until the 1820s, the last being Lucy (Mrs. Price). Thanks to a contributor (CV, 19.03.17) for drawing our attention to page 131 of 'Bromley. A Midlands Family History' by Ian Bromley (2007, ISBN 10:1-905237-95-2) where the last of the male line, being great-grandson of the Speaker, is identified as this William Davenport Bromley with his sister/heir being the following Lucy. Lucy left Baginton Hall to her cousin, Rev. Walter Davenport. That is supported by VCH and helps identify William & Lucy's mother. We hope to study Ian Bromley's book in due course.
  (2) Lucy Bromley of Baginton (d 1822)
  m. Cromwell Price (Captain)
  (3)+ other issue (d unm) - Bridget (b 1757, d 1785), Mary (b 1762, d 1787)
b.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas, Lucy (d 1771)
  iv. Francis Bromley (b 1702-3, d 1753, rector of Wickham) date of death from DNB (vol 21, "Francis Gastrell")
  m. (25.03.1724) Rebecca Gastrell (dau/heir of Francis Gastrell, Bishop of Chester)
  a. William Bromley, later Chester of Cleeve Hill, Gloucesterhsire (bpt 20/30.07.1738, dsp 12.12.1780, MP)
  m. (20.04.1765) Elizabeth Lucy Chester, later of Knole Park (bpt 21.02.1741, d 09.01.1799, dau/heir of Richard Howe Chester of Haseley & niece of Thomas Chester of Knole Park)
  b. Elizabeth Bromley (d unm 12.05.1766)
  c. Frances Bromley (bpt 07.12.1740, d 22.06.1816)
  m. (02.02.1765) Sir William Ullithorne Wray, Bart (b 1721-2, d 09.08.1808, rector of Darley)
  v. Mary Bromley (d 22.11.1721) probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Sir Roger Cave, 2nd Bart of Stanford (d 11.10.1703)
  vi.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne

Main source(s): pages 49-50 in 'Chester of Knole Park' ('Genealogical Memoirs of the Families of Chester ... (and) Astry') by Robert Edmond Chester Waters (1881), with thanks to a contributor (CV, 21.03.17) for bringing that book to our attention (it is available at archive.org), HoP ("William Bromley") with some input/support from VCH (Warwickshire, vol 6, 'Parishes: Baginton')
[The core of the above was first launched in a Temporary page on 15.02.06, based on cross-references from elsewhere in the database. It was reviewed & expanded on 20.03.17 using HoP and some input from a contributor (CV, 19.03.17). It was moved here after CV had brought our attention to the above-mentioned book on the Chesters.]
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