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Families covered: Stawel (Stawell) of Cothelston, Stawell (Stawel) of Somerton, Stawel (Stawell) of Stawel

BLGI1912 reports that "The founder of this family in England was a Norman knight who accompanied William the Conqueror". BLGI also reports that the family originally held both Coveston and Stawell and was known as both de Coveston and de Stawell and goes on with: "It is, however, certain that by the commencement of the 13th century the name of de Coveston was abandoned and the family was known from thenceforth under that of de Stawell." For interest we show that Visitation starts with ...
Sir Ralph Stowell
1. Sir Pagan Stowell
  A. Sir Raphe Stowell
  i. Sir Pagan Stowell
  m. _ Palton
  a. Sir Leonard Stowell
  m. _ Somerton
  (1) Sir Henry Stowell
  m. ?? (dau of Sir Mathew of Stratton)
  (A) Sir Nicholas Stowell
  m. Christian Russell (dau of William Russell)
  (i) Sir Adam Stowell
  m. _Trompington
  (a) Sir Mathew Stowell see ## below
  m. _ Brent
BLGI1912 & Collins provide the following pedigree which, from the Geoffry/Jefferie asterisked, is consistent with the Visitation.
Adam de Stawel
BLGI inserts here another generation, a Sir Geoffrey who d c1240.
1. Henry de Stawel & Stratton (d 1261)
  m. _ Stratton (dau of Sir Matthew de Stratton)
  A. Galfridus (Geoffrey) de Stawel (d c1303)
  i. Mathew de Stawel (d 1316) see ## above
  m. Anastasia Brent (dau of _ Brent of Cossington)
  a. Sir Geoffry (Galfridus) de Stawel of Cothelston (a 1270, d c1325)
  m. Joan (dau of John de Columbariis or Columbers, son of Philip, son of Philip, son of Philip, son of Philip)
(1) Sir Geoffry de Stawel of Cothelston, Stawel, etc. (d 1364-5)
  m. Julia Gastelin (d c1358, dau of Sir Walter Gasselyn, sister of William Gastelin of Frampton)
  (A) Sir Matthew Stawel of Cothelston, Stawel, etc. (d c1380)
  m. Eleanor Merton (dau of Sir Richard Merton or Martyn of Merton)
  (i) Sir Thomas Stawel of Cothelston, Stawel, etc. (d 1438/9)
  m1. Joan Berkeley (dau of Sir John Berkeley)
  m2. Joan Frampton (dau of Walter Frampton of Buckland Ripers, etc)
  (a) Walter Stawel (dvp)
m. Joan Farway (dau of John Farway of Penhallam by Agnes, dau of Sir John Longland by Isabella, dau of John Beaupre by Margaret, dau of Sir John Carmino)
  ((1)) Robert Stawel of Cothelston, etc. (b c1422, d 28.10.1499)
  m. (1438) Elizabeth Wadham (dau of William Wadham of Merrifield)
  ((A)) Edward Stawel 'of Cothelston' (dvp 1496)
  m. Agnes or Elizabeth Cheyney (dau of John Cheyney of Pinhoe)
  ((i)) Robert Stawel
  m1. Anne St. Maure (dau of John St. Maure)
  ((a)) John Stawel - continued below
  m. Dorothy Carew (dau of Sir Edmond Carew)
  m2. Elizabeth Stukeley (dau of Nicholas Stukeley of Devon)
  ((b)) Thomas Stawel
((ii)) George Stawel or Stowell
  m. Isabel Lympenye
  ((a)) Ralph Stowell
  m. Florence Arundell (dau of Thomas Arundell of Clotworthie)
  (((1))) William Stowell (dsp young)
  (((2))) Robert Stowell
  m. Joane Ware
  (((A))) Ralph Stowell
((B)) David Stawell
  ((C)) Anne Stawel possibly of this generation
  m1/2. John Daunt
  m2/1. John Clevedon of Mere
  ((D)) Katherine Stawel possibly of this generation
  m. John Cooke of Thorne (d before 07.10.1545)
  ((2)) Joyce Stawel possibly of this generation
  m. William Moore of Moor Hayes
  m3. Margaret Burton (dau of Henry Burton)
  (ii) Edith Stawel probably of this generation
  m. John Frampton of Moreton (b c1365, d 26.05.1426)
  (B) William Stawel of Flambardaston
  (2) Eleanor Stawel
  m. (1333) Richard de Stapleton
  b.+ ?? other issue - Nicholas, Reginald, Rollo (+ Sir Henry?)
  ii.+ other issue - Rollo, Nicholas



John Stawel - continued above
m. Dorothy Carew (dau of Sir Edmond Carew)
1. Richard Stawel of Stawel and Cothelston
  m. Alice Paulet (dau of William Paulet, Marquis of Winchester)
  A. John Stawel of Stawel and Cothelston
  m. Frances Dyer (dau of Sir Thomas Dyer)
  i. Sir John Stawel of Stawel and Cothelston the first mentioned by BE1883
  m. Elizabeth Touchet (dau of George Touchet, Lord Audley)
a. Sir John Stawell of Cothelston and Somerton (b c1599, d 21.02.1661-2)
  m. Elizabeth Hext (d by 05.1657, dau of Sir Edward Hext of Ham)
  (1) George Stawel of Cothelston (d 10.1669, Colonel)
  m. Ursula Austin (dau of Sir Robert Austin, 1st Bart of Bexley)
  (A) Ursula Stawel (d 13.08.1697)
  m1. (before 30.08.1681) Edward Conway, Earl of Conway (b c1623, dsps 11.08.1683)
  m2. (18.03.1685/6, sp) John Sheffield, later Duke of Buckingham (b 08.09.1647, d 24.02.1720/1)
(B) Elizabeth Stawel (d 1725)
  m1. Sir Robert Austin, 3rd Bart of Bexley (d 1706)
  m2. William Wynd of Norfolk
  (2) Ralph Stawell, 1st Lord of Somerton (b c1640, d 05/8.08.1689, 3rd surviving son)
  m1. (c04.1677) Anne Ryves (d 03.12.1670, dau of John Ryves of Ranston)
  (A) John Stawell, 2nd Lord of Somerton (b c1669, d 30.11.1692)
  m. (c04.1691) Margaret Cecil (dau of James Cecil, 3rd Earl of Salisbury)
(i) Anne Stawell (d 03.08.1727)
  m. John Baber of Sunning Hill (d 26.03.1765)
  TCP reports that the Anne Stawell, dau of John, 2nd Lord, who married John Baber, "is usually confused with her aunt, Anne Stawell (who married James Darcy)". BE1883 shows that Anne as married to James Darcy before her marriage to John Baber. We show the aunt as follows, confirmed by TCP (Darcy of Navan) as of Ralph's 1st marriage.
  (B) Anne Stawell
  m. (mcrt 18.06.1703, sp) James Darcy, later 1st Lord Darcy of Navan (b 1650, d 1731)
  m2. (before 13.11.1679) Abigail Pitt (d 27.09.1692, dau of William Pitt of Hartley Wespall)
  (C) William Stawell of Aldermaston, 3rd Lord of Somerton (b c1683, d 23.01.1742)
  m. (16.03.1707) Elizabeth Pert (dau of William Pert of Arnolds Hall by Elizabeth, dau of William Forster)
(i) William Stawell (dvp unm 02.1739-40)
  (ii) Charlotte Stawell
  m1. Ruishe Hassel (Major)
  m2. Ralph Congreve of Aldermaston (dsp, MP)
  (D) Edward Stawell, 4th Lord of Somerton (b c1685, d 07.04.1755)
  m. Mary Stewkley (b c1683, d 20.07.1740, dau of Sir Hugh Stewkley of Hinton Ampner by Mary Young)
  (i) Stewkley Stawell (b 1720, dvp 15.08.1731)
  (ii) Mary Stawell, Baroness Stawell of Somerton (d 29.07.1780)
m1. (11.09.1750) Henry Bilson Legge (b 29.05.1708, d 23.08.1764, Chancellor of the Exchequer)
  m2. (14.10.1768, sp) Wills Hill, 1st Marquess of Downshire (b 30.05.1718, d 07.10.1793)
  (E) Elizabeth Stawell
  m. William Bromley of Bagington or Bagenton (Speaker of the House of Commons, Secretary of State)
  (F) Catherine Stawell
  m. William Higden (prebendary of Canterbury)
  (G)+ other issue - Lucy, Diana
  (3)+ other issue - John (b c1618), Sir Edward (b c1621, d 07.1653),Thomas (b before 1633, dvp after 1650), others (dvpsp - Ferdinand, Richard, William, Robert, Lucy, Mary)
  b. Hugh Stawell (dsp by 1623)
  c. Katherine Stawell possibly the daughter who married ...
  m. Thomas Pyke of Morelinche
2. Thomas Stawell
  m. Thomazine le Aloyer (dau of John le Aloyer)
  A. Thomas Stawell
3. John Stawell (dsp)

Main source(s): Collins (1741, vol iv, Stawel. p217+), Visitation (Somersetshire, 1623, Stowell), BE1883 (Stawel of Somerton), TCP (Stawell (and Stawel) of Somerton) and (for upper section) BLGI1912 (Stawell of Coollman and of Kilbrittain and Lisnegar, co. Cork)
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