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Families covered: Burgoyne of Sutton, Burgoyne of Wroxall

BP1870 starts with John Burgoyne whose younger son Robert "was one of the auditors of the Exchequer in the reign of Henry VIII., and one of the commissioners appointed to take the surrenders of the monasteries" and then moves to Robert's great-grandson, Sir John 1st Bart, who m. Jane Kempe. Visitation shows that Robert as grandson rather than son of ...
John Burgoyne of Sutton, Bedfordshire
m. Jone Bill or Byll or Bell of Ashwell
1. Thomas Burgoyne of Sutton
  m. Anne Bowles (dau of John Bowles or Bolles of Wallington, m2. Lord Chief Justice Sir Robert Catlin)
  A. John Burgoyne (dsp)
B. Walter Burgoyne or Burgoin
  Visitation does not mention this Walter who is shown here by Vivian on his report on the Visitations to Devon. However, Vivian, who shows Walter as son of Thomas (by Anne Bolles) son of John (by Joane Bell), shows Walter as father of John father of Geffrey father of William father of Richard who d 1550. Given that Walter's alleged brother Robert is shown just below as being alive (as an adult) in 1545, that suggests that there has been confusion between the generations either within Visitation (Bedfordshire) or by Vivian.
  m. Julian Shildon (dau/heir of Maud Shildon, widow)
  C. Robert Burgoyne of Sutton & Wattonhall (Hertfordshire) & Wroxhall (Warwickshire) (a 1545, Auditor of the Exchequer)
  m. Elizabeth Munden (dau/coheir of Thomas Munden of Wattonhall, m2. Sir Robert Lytton)
  i. Robert Burgoyne of Wroxall
  m. Judeth Wroth (dau of Sir Thomas Wroth of Enfield)
  a. Roger Burgoyne of Wroxall
m. Mary Wendy (dau of Thomas Wendy of Haslingfield)
  (1) Sir John Burgoyne of Sutton, Putton & Wroxall, Sheriff of Bedfordshire, 1st Bart (bur 09.10.1657)
  m. Jane Kempe (dau of William Kempe of Spain's Hall)
  (A) Sir Roger Burgoyne, 2nd Bart (b c1618, d 16.09.1677)
  m1. Anne Snelling (dau/heir of Charles Snelling of London)
  (i) Sir John Burgoyne, 3rd Bart 'of Sutton' (d 09.04.1709)
m. Constance Lucy (dau of Richard Lucy of Charlecote)
  (a) Sir Roger Burgoyne, 4th Bart (d 1716)
  m. Constance Middleton (dau of Sir Thomas Middleton, m2. Christopher Wren (son of Sir Christopher))
  ((1)) Sir John Burgoyne, 5th Bart (d unm 1716)
((2)) Sir Roger Burgoyne, 6th Bart (d 1780)
  m. (1739) Frances Montagu (d 24.07.1788, dau of George, Earl of Halifax)
  ((A)) Sir John Burgoyne, 7th Bart 'of Sutton' (d 1785, Lt. General)
  m. Charlotte Johnstone (dau of Gen. _ Johnstone of Overstone, m2. Lt. Gen. Eyre Power Trench)
  ((i)) Sir Montagu Roger Burgoyne, 8th Bart 'of Sutton Park' (d 1817, Maj. Gen.)
  m. (01.11.1794) Catherine Burton (b 1772-3, d 01.05.1855, dau of John Burton of Owlerton)
  ((a)) Sir John Montagu Burgoyne, 9th Bart (b 17.10.1796, d 17.03.1858, Colonel) had issue
m. (20.12.1831) Mary Harriet Gore-Langton (dau of William Gore-Langton)
  ((b)) Montagu George Burgoyne
  m. (13.12.1855) Louisa Theodosia Frances Vernon (dau of Edward Vernon of Occleston)
  ((c)) Charlotte Catherine Frances Burgoyne
  m. (31.08.1832) Gilbert Blackburn (vicar of Long Ashton)
  ((d)) Marianne Catharine Burgoyne
  m. (1838) H. Bowden of Grosvenor Place
  ((e))+ other issue - William Montagu (d 03.02.1835), Catharine Elizabeth (d 10.06.1806)
  ((ii)) Frederick William Burgoyne (Captain RN) had issue
  m. (01.10.1814) Harriet Wallace (dau of Robert Wallace of Beechmount)
((iii)) George Augustus Burgoyne (d unm 1814, Captain)
  ((iv)) Frances Burgoyne (d 27.12.1841)
  m. (11.07.1801) Robert Henley-Ongley, 2nd Lord Ongley
  ((B)) Montagu Burgoyne 'of Marks Hall' 'of Harlow' (b 19.07.1750, d 06.03.1836)
  m. (30.10.1780) Elizabeth Harvey (dau/heir of Eliab Harvey of Claybury Hall)
  ((i)) Frances Elizabeth Burgoyne (d 07.05.1818)
  m. (13/17.01.1817) Sir Guy Campbell, Bart
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Burgoyne (d 29.03.1833)
  m. (15.08.1818) Christopher Blackett of Wylam
((C))+ "several daughters"
  ((3)) Constantia Burgoyne
  m. John Pigott (Captain)
  ((A)) Constantia Maria Pigot probably of this generation
  m. (1752) Andrew Armstrong of Gallen
  (b) John Burgoyne (Captain)
  m. Anna Maria Burneston (dau of Charles Burneston of Hackney)
((1)) John Burgoyne (b 24.02.1722, d 04.08.1792, General, CIC in America then Ireland, MP, author)
  The following is supported by HoP ('John Burgoyne') & Wikipedia ('John Burgoyne' & 'John Fox Burgoyne') and a contributor (FB, 10.10.20) who kindly confirmed provided information on John's illegimate children.. Wikipedia reports that "there were rumours that (John) might be the illegitimate son of Lord Bingley, who was his godfather."
  m. (1743) Charlotte Stanley (dsp(ms) 1776, dau of Edward Stanley, 11th Earl of Derby)
  ((A)) Charlotte Elizabeth Burgoyne (dvp)
  partner: Susan Caulfield ("an actress", "an opera singer")
  ((B)) Sir John Fox Burgoyne, Field Marshal, Bart (b 24.07.1782, d 07.10.1871) had issue
  m. (1821) Charlotte Rose (b 1797, d 05.12.1871)
  Their only son, Hugh Talbot Burgoyne (b 17.07.1833, dvp 07.09.1870, Captain RN) was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery during the Crimean War.
  ((C)) Edward William Burgoyne (b 19.10.1786)
  ((D)) Maria Sophia Burgoyne (d 25.12.1860)
m. (22.12.1814) Sir Phipps Hornby (b 1785, d 1867, Admiral)
  ((E)) Caroline Edward Burgoyne (b 24.07.1785, d 14.12.1871)
  m1. (15.01.1818) Henry Thomas Parker
  m2. (04.01.1855) William Whitter (b 03.12.1789, d 13.10.1868)
  (c) Thomas Burgoyne
  m. _ Warren
  (d) Lucy Burgoyne (son)
  m. Elizabeth Howell
(e) Elizabeth Burgoyne
  m. Griffith Davis
  ((1)) Elizabeth Davies (d 15.05.1780) probably of this generation
  m. (1736) Sir Thomas Cave, 5th Bart of Stanford (b 1712, d 1778)
  (ii) Jane Burgoyne
m. John Symonds
  (iii) Anne Burgoyne
  m. John Raymond
  (iv) Mary Burgoyne
  m. William Guyon
  (v) Judith Burgoyne (d unm)
  m2. Anne Robinson (dau of John Robinson)
(vi) Elizabeth Burgoyne probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Matthew Hutton (d 07.07.1711, rector of Aynhoe)
  (vii)+ 2 daughters
  (B) John Burgoyne had issue (in Potton)
  m. Penelope Darcy (dau of Sir T. Darcy of Essex)
  (C) Robert Burgoyne
  m. Catherine Heydon
  (D) Jane Burgoyne
  m. Simon Mayne of Denton
  (E) Mary Burgoyne
  m. Edward Cater of Kempston
(F) Judeth Burgoyne
  m. (1640) William Ashworth or Askwith of Yorkshire
  (G) Elizabeth Burgoyne
  (2) Nathaniel Burgoyne (dsp)
  (3) Roger Burgoyne
  m. _ Yorke of Oxfordshire
  (A) Roger Burgoyne
  (4) Judeth Burgoyne
  m. Onslow Winch of Everton, Sheriff of Bedfordshire (son of the judge)
  b. John Burgoyne
m. Barbara Kunings (dau of Thomas Kunings of Axe)
  (1) Mary Burgoyne
  m. ?? of London
  c. Elizabeth Burgoyne
  m. Edmund Temple of Temple Hall, Leicestershire
  d. Mary Burgoyne
  m. Robert Lloyd of Atherbery
  e. Susan Burgoyne
  m. Robert George of Bannton
  f. Martha Burgoyne
  m. Thomas Chamberlyn
  g.+ other issue - Peter, Thomas (to Virginia), Robert (to Virginia), Anne (d unm)
  ii. Elizabeth Burgoyne
  m. Richard Ruthall of Wolverton
2. Robert Burgoyne

Main source(s): Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566+1582+1634, Burgoyne (of Sutton)), BP1870 (Burgoyne)
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