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Families covered: Burton of Cartledge, Burton of Chesterfield, Burton of Dronfield, Burton of Holmesfield, Burton of Royds Mill

John Burton of (Totley in) Dronfield, Derbyshire
m. Elizabeth Revell (dau of Richard Revell of Stanington)
1. Thomas Burton of Cartlege in Dronfield
  m. (27.10.1566) Alice Wolstanholme (dau of James Wolstanholme or Wolstenholm of Cartledge)
  A. Thomas Burton of Cartledge in Dronfield, Sheriff of Derbyshire (dsp 1644-5)
  m. (19.05.1598) Helen/Ellen Bright (bur 11.05.1656, dau of Anthony Bright of Dore in Dronfield)
  B. Michael Burton of Holmesfield in Dronfield, Sheriff of Derbyshire (dsp 12.07.1656)
  m. (26.02.1609) Anne Ramscar (bur 26.12.1646, dau/coheir of John Ramscar of Bradfield)
  C. Alice Burton
  m. Ralph Milden of Chesterfield
  D.+ other issue (dsp) - John, Robert
2. John Burton of Dronfield
  m. (15.11.1562) Alice Poynton (dau of Robert Poynton or Paynton of Woodhouse)
  A. John Burton of Apperknoll in Dronfield (a 1634)
  Visitation, supported by 'DerbyGB', identifies John's wife as _ Turner but FMG, which notes that Visitation does so, and 'Hallamshire' identify her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Mower (dau of _ Mower of Greenhill)
  i. Thomas Burton of Fanshaw Gate in Dronfield (bpt 31.05.1601, bur 03.06.1643)
  m. (28.04.1626) Jane Selioke (dau of Robert Selioke of Haselborough, (m2. William Bright of Totley?))
  a. Michael Burton of Cartledge in Dronfield, later of Mosboro' in Eckington (bpt 04.03.1626, bur 24.08.1671)
m. (30.06.1648) Hannah or Anne Duckett (dau/heir of Rev. Henry Duckett of Westmorland, later of Eckington)
  (1) Susanna Burton (a 1701) probably the Susanna who married ...
  m. (11.09.1699) Anthony Lowe of Alderwaslee
  (2)+ other issue (a 1701) - Michael, Thomas, John, Anna, Dorothy
  (7)+ other issue (dvp) - Francis, Helen, Helen
  b. Thomas Burton of All Hallows Barking & Putney (bpt 30.08.1629)
  m1. Mary St. Low (dau of John St. Low (Saint Loo) of London)
  (1)+ issue - Michael (d young), Mary, Jane, Elizabeth
m2. Elizabeth Watkin (dau of Sir David Watkin of London by Honora, dau of Sir George Fleetwood by Catherine Denny)
  (5) Robert Burton (d unm 1709)
  (6) Honora Burton (b 12.01.1686, d 19.08.1756)
  m. Isaac Burrow, Mayor of Derby (d 07.07.1745)
c. Francis Burton of Dronfield, Sheriff of Derbyshire (bpt 22.05.1637, bur 08.07.1687)
  m1. (06.10.1657) Anne Wright (d 03.06.1668, dau of Thomas Wright of Unthank in Dronield)
  (1) Elizabeth Burton (bpt 02.06.1663)
  m. William Walker (alderman of Doncaster)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 03.08.1658, bur 16.11.1660), Francis (bpt 04.03.1659, d unm 1678), William (d infant), Anne (d infant), Mary (bpt 08.07.1662)
  m2. (01.11.1670) Helen Burton (b 1647, bur 29.01.1687, dau of Cassiebelan Burton of Lindley)
  (7) Ralph Burton of Dronfield (bpt 01.09.1675, d unm 10.08.1714)
  (8) Helen Burton (bpt 17.03.1673)
  m. Godfrey Froggatt of Whittington
  (9) Sarah Burton (bpt 17.10.1678, bur 25.06.1725)
  m. (30.09.1703) Clement Rossington of Scropton & Dronfield (d 24.01.1737)
  (10)+ other issue - Michael (bpt 01.11.1677, d infant), Cassibelab (bpt 21.04.1680, d infant), Constantine (bpt 08.12.1681, dsp 1707), Frances (d unm bur 21.10.1749)
  d.+ other issue - John (bpt 07.01.1631, bur 18.06.1638), Robert (bpt 16.11.1634, bur 27.03.1636), William (bpt 18.09.1642, bur 14.04.1645)
ii. Godfrey Burton (bpt 04.04.1611)
  m. Ann Mower 9dau pf George Mower of Holmsfield)
  a. Ellen Burton (d infant)
  b. Ann Burton (bpt 29.12.1658)
  m. Cornelius Blythe of Cold Aston
  iii. William Burton of Holmesfield (bpt 04.04.1611, d 08.07.1657)
  m. (014.07.1644) Mary Mower (bur 12.10.1693, dau of George Mower of Holmesfield, m2. George Milnes of Chesterfield & Dunston Hall)
  a. Thomas Burton of Holmesfield & Aldercar Park (bpt 20.04.1645, d 09.01.1702)
m1. Prudence Lowe (b 1639-40, d 30.04.1671, dau of Francis Lowe of Owlgreave)
  (1) Michael Burton of Holmesfield & Wirksworth (b 19.10.1663?, d 28.12.1719)
  m. Mary Wigley (dau/coheir of Henry Wigley of Wigwall (Wirksworth) by Mary, sister/coheir of John Spademan of Roadnook)
  (A) John Burton of Hallows, Dronfield (b 22.04.1699)
  m. (16.06.1723) Ann Rogers (b c1697, d 09.02.1757, dau of Joseph Rogers of Cowley in Dronfield)
  (i) Jane Burton (dsp 1802)
  m. Philip Smelter of Goddard Hall (b 1725-6, dsp 1818)
  (ii) Mary Burton (b 30.01.1731, d unm 20.04.1773)
  (B) Michael Burton (b 27.02.1700, d 03.03.1739, clerk)
  m. Ann Hicks (dau of Sir Henry Robert Hicks)
  (i) Michael Burton (of Mildenhall, Suffolk?)
  (C)+ other issue - Henry (b 13.02.1702, dsp, clerk), Frances (bpt 17.04.1702, a 1765)
  (2) Buno Francis Burton of London
  m. Elizabeth Ammonet (dau of Matthew Ammonet of London, widow of Archibald Arthur of London)
(3) Thomas Burton (bpt 1667, d Blenheim 1704, Captain)
  (4) Elizabeth Burton
  m. George Beaumont of Yorkshire
  (5) Prudence Burton
  m. (03.11.1704) Lindley Mower of Holmesfield
  m2. Dorothy Willoughby (dau of Percival Willoughby of Derby, son of Sir Percival of Wollaton)
  b. William Burton of Holme in Brampton (bpt 21.04.1646, bur 03.05.1720)
  (1) William Burton of Royds Mill, Sheffield (a 01.1718)
  This line is supported by 'Hallamshire', p236 as reported below, with some input/support from 'Pedigree of Bamforth of the High House' on p225.
  m. Ann Fenton (dau of William Fenton of Gleadleys (Sheffield), brother of Alexander of Gleadleys)
  (A) John Burton of Chesterfield (bpt 12.05.1703, 2nd son?)
m. Ann Haslam (dau/heir of Edward Haslam of Longcourse & Newbold)
  (i) Edward Burton of Chesterfield (dsp 23.04.1782)
  m. Anne Halifax (sister of the Bishop of St. Asaph)
  (ii)+ other issue - Anne, Mary
(B) William Burton of Royds Mill (bpt 25.06.1704, bur 19.05.1764,)
  m. Margaret Bamforth (bpt 06.07.1711, bur 11.10.1749, sister/heir of George Bamforth of The High House)
  (i) John Burton 'of Owlerton' of Bramley Hall in Hansworth (b c1740, d 08.11.1772)
  m. Catherine Law (dau of John Law of Rotherham, m2. Sir Richard Cope, Bart)
  (a) Catherine Burton (b 1772-3, d 01.05.1855)
  m. (01.11.1794) Sir Montagu Roger Burgoyne, Bart (d 1817)
  (ii) William Burton of Sheffield (d 24.05.1798, surgeon)
  m1. Elizabeth Hussey (dsp 24.12.1768, dau of Peter Hussey of Attercliffe Forge)
  m2. Maria Bill (day of Rev. _ Bill of Draycott by dau of Thomas Harrison of Dilhorne by Susan, dau of William Beckwith of Thurcroft)
  (a) Charles Burton (a 1819)
(b) Margaret Burton (a 1819)
  m. _ Hill (d by 1819)
  (iii) Michael Burton of Sheffield & Wadsley
  m. Martha Livingston or Levison of Birmingham
  (a)+ issue - Michael, William
  (iv) Esther Burton
  m. James Allott of Attercliffe (dsp)
  (v) Margaret Burton (b 25.01.1747, d 11.08.1798)
  m. (28.04.1768) Samuel Turner of Sheffield (b c1730, d 1791)
(vi)+ other issue - George Bamforth in Havannah (dvp), William (d young), Robert (d young), Anne (d young)
  (C) Timothy Burton of Whittington (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Farr (dau of Cornelius Farr of Bilsover)
  (D) Esther Burton (bpt 28.04.1700, d 29.12.1778)
  m1. (30.05.1723, sp) George Bamforth of The High House (bpt 17.05.1684, bur 28.04.1730)
  m2. Robert Chapell of Sheffield
  m3. Paul Meyer of Baker's Hill, Sheffield (son of Sir Peter of London, son of Jacob, m1. Mary, dau/coheir of Francis Mason of Crofton)
  (E)+ other issue (d infant) - William, Elizabeth, Anne
  (2)+ other issue - Mary, Anne
  c. Michael Burton (a 1690, youngest son)
  m. Mary Hotham (dau of Rev. Charles Hotham of Wigan, sister of Sir Charles, Bart)
  d. Mary Burton (a 1690)
  m. Robert Macheson or Macheon
  e.+ other issue - Michael (d infant), John (a 1690)

Main source(s): FMG (vol 1, 'Burton-Rossington', MS146, p338+), 'DerbyGN' (part II, 'Pedigree of Derby and of Chetwynd Park, county of Salop, esq.', p557+), 'Hallamshire - The History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield' (Joseph Hunter, 1819, 'Pedigree of Burton of Royds Mill, Sheffield. &c', p236) with a little support from Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4, 'Burton of Dronfield')
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