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Families covered: Mayne of Bovington, Mayne of Dinton, Mayne of Elmdon

John Mayne of Ascot
1. John Mayne
2. Richard Mayne of Bovington, Hertfordshire
  He is named Robert by Visitation (Buckinghamshire) but Visitation (Warwickshire) names him Richard and identifies his wife as a Bradshaw. It appears that she was ...
  m. (Agnes) Bradshaw
  A. Henry Mayne of Bovington
m. Alice Randolph or Randall of Buckinghamshire (heir)
  i. James Mayne of Bovington or Babington
  m. Mary (probably not Susan) Andrew (dau/heir of John Andrew of Hitchin by Susan Duncombe)
  Visitation (Buckinghamshire) shows just one son, James. Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619) shows that they had the following children then alive: Andrew (b c1601), John (b c1607), Peter (b c1609), Alice (b c1599), Maria (b c1605), Elizabeth (b c1608). The following comes from Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, Mayne of Bovington).
  a. James Mayne of Bovington (a 1634)
m. Dorothy Hawes (dau/heir of John Hawes of London)
  b. Alice Mayne
  m. Daniel Caldwell of Horndon
  c. Mary Mayne
m. Reynes Lowe of Clifton
  d.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne, Sarah
  ii. Simon Mayne of Dinton, Buckinghamshire
  m. Celiberry (Coluberry) Lovelace (dau of Richard Lovelace of Hurley, sister of Lord Lovelace, relict of Richard Beak)
  a. Simon Mayne of Dinton (b c1611, d 1661, judge, 'regicide')
  m. Jane Burgoin (dau of John Burgoin of Bedfordshire)
Visitation (Buckinghamshire) ends with this generation. Various details of Simon and the following were found on various web sites. Simon was one of the judges who signed the death warrant of King Charles.
  (1) Simon Mayne of Dinton
  m. Elizabeth Browne (dau of Christopher Browne of Tolethorpe) wife of Simon, presumed mother of ...
  (A) Simon Mayne, last of Dinton Hall (a 1727)
  (2) Dorothy Mayne
  m. Charles Harrison (son of Thomas 'the regicide')
  (A) Anne Harrison (d 1747)
  m. Thomas Willing
  b. Celiberry Mayne
  m. (04.12.1626) Thomas Bulstrode (son/heir of Henry of Hedgly)
  iii. John Mayne of Elmdon, Warwickshire
  m1. Blanche Coles (dau of WIlliam Coles of Parkeberie)
The following comes from Visitation (Warwickshire, 1682, Mayne of Elmdon).
  a. John Mayne of Elmdon (b c1608, d 08.1677)
  m. Dorothy Griffith (a 1682, dau of John Griffith of Bloxam)
  (1) James Mayne of Elmdon (b c1656, 3rd son)
  m. Anne Somervile (dau of William Somervile of Edston)
  (A)+ issue (a 1682) - William (b 18.12.1681), Anne (b c1680)
  (2) Blanch Mayne
  m. Charles Harrison of Lichfield
  (3)+ other issue - John (d unm 1669). Richard (d unm 1676), Margaret, Dorothy, Anne
b. Blanche Mayne
  m. John Wollaston of Walsall
  m2. Anne Lovelace (dau of Sir Richard Lovelace of Hurley)
  c. Joseph Mayne (b c1612, a 1619)
  iv. Susanna Mayne
  m. William Colles of Parkberie
  v. Anna Mayne
  m. Ralph Gape of St. Albons
  a.+ issue (a 1619) - John, Henry, William, Symon, Florence, Susan, Mary, Elizabeth
  B. William Mayne
  i.+ issue - Richard, Henry, William, Francis, Edward, Bridget, Jane, Elizabeth
  C. Richard Mayne
  i. Edward Mayne
  D. Elizabeth Mayne
  m. (Nicholas) Hodson (brother of John?)
  E. Alice Mayne
  m. John Gollol

Main source(s): Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, Mayne of Dinton), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Mayne) with input as reported above
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