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Families covered: Otway of Castle Otway, Otway of Ingmire Hall, Otway of Middleton

Thomas Otway of Middleton, Westmorland (a temp Henry VII who r. 1485-1509)
1. Thomas Otway of Middleton
  A. Roger Otway of Bickside Hall (b 1560, d 10.02.1648/9)
  This line is partly supported by Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1666, Otway of Ingmer-Hall). Dugdale identifies Roger's wife as "Anne, daughter of John Mayer of Sedbergh". BIFR1976 identifies her as ...
  m. Anne Hibblethwaite (d 03.1652, dau of James Hibblethwaite of Sedbergh)
i. Sir John Otway of Ingmire Hall (Westmorland) & Gray's Inn (b 1619, d 15.10.1693)
  m1. Mary Riggs (dau of Robert Riggs of Fareham)
  a. John Otway of Ingmire Hall (b 1650, d unm)
  b. Charles Otway (b 1654, d unm 1721)
  c. Anne Otway (b 1655)
  m1. (c07.1675) John Warden of Burnchurch
  (1) Anne Warden probably of this generation
  m. Francis Flood of Burnchurch
  m2. Agmondesham Cuffe of Desart
  d. Mary Otway
m. Rev. Posthumous Wharton of Sedbergh
  m2. Elizabeth Braithwate (dau of John Braithwaite, niece/heir of Thomas Braithwaite of Ambleside)
  e. Braithwaite Otway of Ingmire Hall (b 1669, d unm)
  f. Elizabeth Otway (a 02.1737)
  m1. (John) Byram (bur 03.03.1695/6)
  m2. Robert Hedges of Chester (Major)
  m3. _ Hamilton
  g. Margaret Otway
  m. _ Fothergill
  h. Katherine Otway
  m. William Upton of L'Upton
  ii. Abigail Otway
  m. Daniel Redman of Ballylinch
  iii. Dorothy Otway
  m. Rev. Richard Jackson of Whittington
  iv. Jane Otway
  m. (c09.1641) Richard Steevens of Westminster
v.+ other issue (d unm) - George, Henry
  B. Edward Otway of Bocking, Hertfordshire (b 1563, d 1616, cleric)
  i. Humphrey Otway (b 1611, d 1670, cleric)
  a. Thomas Otway (b 03.03.1652, d unm 14.04.1685, dramatist)
  C. George Otway (b 1578, vicar of Alderbury in Wiltshire)
  i. John Otway of Clohonan or Cloghanane Castle (later called Castle Otway), Sheriff of co. Tipperary (d 1694)
  Some of the following was first reported (29.09.05) in a Temporary page, based on BP1870 which starts with this generation but jumps the next. BP1870 identifies John's wife as Phoebe, dau of Sir A. Loftus, Bart. We cannot find such a baronet so follow BIFR1976 which identifies her as ...
  m. (1650) Phoebe Loftus (dau of Nicholas Loftus of Fethard, son of Sir Dudley of Rathfarnham Castle)
  a. John Otway of Castle Otway (d before 16.12.1704)
  m. (1686) Mary Whiterow (d 1715, dau of James Whiterowe of co. Limerick)
  (1) John Otway of Castle Otway (b 17.08.1701, d unm 04.1722)
(2)+ other issue - Henry (d young), Katherine, Phoebe, Mary
  b. Thomas Otway 'of Lissenhall' (b 1655, d before 15.05.1724, 3rd son)
  m. Christian Lock (dau/coheir of Richard Lock of Tullagory)
  (1) Henry Otway of Castle Otway, Sheriff (b 1699, d 19.01.1737)
  m. Mary Cooke (d 20.11.1750, dau of Phanuel Cooke of Clonamekin)
  (A) Thomas Otway of Castle Otway (b 1731, dsp 04.07.1786)
m. (03.1757) Martha Prittie (dau of Henry Prittie of Dunally Castle)
  (B) Cooke Otway of Castle Otway (d 1800)
  m. (08.1766) Elizabeth Waller (d 1807, dau of Samuel Waller of Newport or Lisbrian)
  (i) Henry Otway of Castle Otway (bpt 02.08.1768, d 13.09.1815, 2nd son)
  m. (25.02.1790) Sarah Cave, later Otway-Cave, Baroness Braye (b 02.07.1768, d 21.02.1862, dau of Sir Thomas Cave, 6th Bart of Stanford)
The following is partly supported by TCP (Braye).
  (a) Robert Otway, later Otway-Cave of Castle Otway (b 1796, dvmsp 29/30.11.1844, 3rd son)
  m. (23/5.10.1833) Sophia Burdett (dsp 17.05.1886, dau of Sir Francis Burdett, Bart)
  (b) Anne Otway (dsp 22.05.1871)
  m1. (28.02.1828) J.A. Arnold of Lutterworth (dsp 1844)
  m2. (02.12.1847) Henry Kemp Richardson (rector of Leire)
  (c) Catherine Otway-Cave (dsp 04.11.1875)
  m1. (19.10.1826) Henry Murray (b 02.1800, dsp 26.11.1830)
  m2. (11.02.1830) John Pyndar, formerly Lygon, Earl Beauchamp (b c1783, dsp 01.1853)
  (d) Henrietta Otway-Cave, later suo jure Baroness Braye (b 03.11.1809, d 14.11.1879)
  m. (24.09.1844) Edgell Wyatt-Edgell (b c1801, d 25/6.09.1888, rector of North Cray)
(e)+ other issue - Henry (d infant), George (d infant), Thomas (d unm 19.01.1831, Major), Mary (b 24.12.1792, d unm 13.05.1879)
  (ii) Sir Robert Waller Otway, 1st Bart (b 04.1770, d 13.05.1846, Admiral) had issue
  m. (15.08.1801) Clementina Holloway (d 20.10.1851, dau of Admiral (John) Holloway of Wells)
  (iii) Samuel Jocelyn Otway (b 1772, d 05.09.1855, cleric 5th son) had issue
  m. (04.10.1800) Margaret Hart (d 22.01.1863, dau of Colonel (General?) Simon Hart)
  (iv) Sir Loftus William Otway (b 28.04.1775, d 07.06.1854, Lt. General) had issue
  m. Frances Blicke (dau of Sir Charles Blicke of Caroon Park)
  (v) Martha Otway (d 03.1802)
  m1. George Hartpole of Shrule Castle
m2. (10.09.1800) Francis Aldborough Prittie (b 1779, d 1853)
  (vi)+ other issue - Thomas (d young), Cooke John (d unm), George (dsp 1804, Major)
  (C) William Otway
  (D) Frances Otway (b 1728, d 12.08.1797)
  m. (05.1757) Samuel Judge of Ballyshiel (d 15.03.1813)
  (i) Frances Henrietta Dorothea Judge probably of this generation
  m. (04.12.1790) Thomas Mulock of Kilnagara (b 1746, d 20.03.1827)
  (E) Harriet Otway
m. O. Latham
  (2) Jane Otway
  m. (01.11.1730) Lambert Pepper of Mota
  (3) Lettice Otway (d 17.02.1794)
  m. (1732) Daniel Toller of Grange
  (4) Rose Otway
  m. Rev. Robert Craven
  (A) Elizabeth Craven
  m. John Carden of Templemore
  (5)+ other issue - John, James, Catherine
  c. Adam Otway of Claren, co. Tipperary (d 23.07.1699)
  m. Juliana Carew (dau of Robert Carew of Castle Boro)
  (1) Amy Otway (b 16.07.1699, d unm)
  d. James Otway of Kilnacarr, co. Tipperary (d 1733, 6th son)
  m. (01.04.1703) Elizabeth Vickers (dau of James Vickers of Dublin)
  (1) James Otway of Rapla, co. Tipperary (d 1763)
  m. (1749) Sarah Woodward (dau of William Woodward of Cloughprior)
  (A)+ issue (d unm) - James of Prior Park (b 1751, d 1839), William (d 1780)
  (2) Loftus Otway of Lissen Hall (dsp 1777, 3rd son)
m. Anne Lloyd (dau of John Lloyd of Lloydsboro')
  (3) Caesar Otway of Nenagh, co. Tipperary (d before 15.09.1782)
  m1. Sarah Clarke
  (A) Loftus Otway of Nenagh (b 11.04.1755, d 1789)
  m. (1779) Sarah Woodward (dau of William Woodward of Cloughprior)
  (i) Caesar Otway (b 1780, d 03.1872, cleric) had issue
  m1. (1803) Frances Hastings (dau of James Hastings, Dean of Achonry)
  m2. (17.01.1837) Elizabeth La Touche (dsp, dau of William Digges La Touche of Dublin)
  (ii) William Otway (b 24.03.1781, d 1869, Captain) had issue
  m. (1815) Sibella Barrington (dau of Sir Jonah Barrington)
  (iii) Phoebe Otway (b 28.08.1782, d unm 28.03.1869)
(iv) Sarah Otway (b 22.01.1784)
  m. (1804) Francis Freeman of Summer Hill
  (B)+ 12 others (d young) presumed all of this marriage
  m2. (03.1762) Grace Short (dau of William Short of Cashelrone)
  (4) Edward Otway of Cork (7th son) had issue (descendants in West Indies & Canada)
  m. _ Wallis
  (5) Mary Otway
  m. John Cuppage of Killowning (Captain)
  (6) Phoebe Otway (d 1786)
  m. Daniel Freeman of Rapla (d 1807)
  (7)+ other issue (dsp) - John (d 1740), Thomas (b 04.1715, d Fontenay 1745), George (d Fontenay 1745), Henry, Richard
  e. Elizabeth Otway
  m. John Lloyd of Lloydsboro'
  f. Phoebe Otway (b 11.11.1655)
  m. John Reading of Rahins
  g.+ other issue - Nicholas (b 1660, dsp, prebendary of Tomgraney), Caesar of Kilduff (dsp before 12.04.1725)
  ii. Thomas Otway, Bishop of Ossory (b 01.11.1616, d unm 06.03.1693)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Otway-Ruthven) with some support from BP1870 (Otway)
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