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NB. Reported file sizes are approximate only.              Number of lists : 678

[Cabell of Brooke & Buckfastleigh - see CZmisc17 below]
Cade1 (09KB)Uploaded: 25.12.21 / Updated 25.12.21
Cade of Boughton, Cade of King's Langley, Cade of London, Cade of Ollerton
Cadell1 (12KB)Uploaded: 27.04.06 / Updated 27.04.06
Cadell of Banton, Cadell of Cockenzie, Cadell of Grange, Cadell of Tranent
[Cadman of Hansworth Grange & Sheffield - see CZmisc15 below]
Cadogan1 (11KB)Uploaded: 13.02.06 / Updated: 13.02.06
Cadogan Earls Cadogan, Cadogan of Liscartan (Liscarton), Cadogan of Oakley, Cadogan (Cadwgan) of Trostrey
Caesar1 (17KB)Uploaded: 20.07.08 / Updated: 20.07.08
Caesar of Bennington Place, Caesar of Great Gransden, Caesar of Hyde Hall
Cage1 (20KB)Uploaded: 12.01.17 / Updated: 12.01.17
Cage of Hormead, Cage of London, Cage of Longstowe, Cage of Milgate
Cairns1 (10KB)Uploaded: 24.04.09 / Updated: 24.04.09
Cairns of Cults, Cairnis of Linlithgow, Cairnes of Monaghan, Cairns of Orchardton
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[Calcraft of Rempstone - see CZmisc23 below]
Caldecott1 (20KB)Uploaded: 18.05.14 / Updated: 27.10.22
Caldecote of Caldecote (Calcott of Calcott, Cheshire), Calcott of Preston Mountford, Caldecott of Rugby
Caldecott2 (17KB)Uploaded: 18.05.14 / Updated: 18.05.14
Calcott of Brackley, Caldecott of Holmer House, Caldecot of Holton Hall, Caldicott of Selmeston, Caldicott (Caldecott) of Sherrington
[Caldecott - see also Chaldecot below]
Calder1 (17KB)Uploaded: 08.01.04 / Updated: 08.01.04
Calder of Cawdor (Calder), Calder of Muirtoune
Calder2 (12KB)Uploaded: 04.01.18 / Updated: 04.01.18
Calder of Achingale, Calder of Lynegar, Calder of Newton, Calder of Strath
Calderwood1 (11KB)Uploaded: 04.09.03 / Updated: 04.09.03
Calderwood of Dalkeith, Calderwood of Polton
Caldwell1 (08KB)Uploaded: 03.09.08 / Updated: 03.09.08
Caldwell of Castle Caldwell
[Caldwall (Caldwell) of Bewdley - see within Winford1]
[Caldwell of Johnshill - see Temp24]
[Caldwell - see also Colwell below & Kadwell]
Call1 (10KB)Uploaded: 29.04.20 / Updated: 29.04.20
Call of Edingthorpe, Call of Little Melton, Call of Whiteford
[Callaghan - see O'Callaghan]
Callander1 (14KB)Uploaded: 14.05.19 / Updated: 14.05.19
Callendar of Callendar (Callendar of Callendar), Callander of Craigforth, Callander of Preston Hall, Callander of Westertown
[Callard - see CZmisc11 below]
[Callendar - see under Callander just above]
Calley1 (08KB)Uploaded: 12.03.10 / Updated: 12.03.10
Calley of Burderop
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Calmady1 (14KB)Uploaded: 15.12.11 / Updated: 15.12.11
Calmady of Calmady, Calmady of Langdon, Calmady of Wembury
Calmady2 (15KB)Uploaded: 15.12.11 / Updated: 15.12.11
Calmady of Combeshead (Combshead), Calmady of Langdon, Calmady of Leawood, Calmady of Wembury
Calthorp1 (11KB)Uploaded: 18.03.05 / Updated: 18.03.05
Calthrop (Calthorp or Calthorpe) of Burnham Thorpe, Calthrop (Calthorp) of Erwarton
Calthorp2 (19KB)Uploaded: 18.03.05 / Updated: 05.05.22
Calthorp of Barsham, Calthorp (Calthorpe or Calthrop) of Cockthorp(e), Calthorp of Hickling
Calton1 (13KB)Uploaded: 19.03.22 / Updated: 19.03.22
Calton of Calton, Calton of Catworth, Calton of Chesterfield, Calton of Goring, Calton of Milton, Calton of Stanton
Calveley1 (19KB)Uploaded: 03.09.10 / Updated: 03.09.10
Calveley of Calveley, Calveley of Lea
Calverley01 (18KB)Uploaded: 25.10.03 / Updated: 26.10.03
Calverley of Calverley, Calverley of Rothwell
Calverley02 (11KB)Uploaded: 25.10.03 / Updated: 20.06.16
Calverley of Calverley, Calverley of Oulton, Calverley of Rothwell
Calvert01 (08KB)Uploaded: 17.05.04 / Updated: 17.05.04
Calvert of Baltimore
Calvert02 (18KB)Uploaded: 17.05.04 / Updated: 17.05.04
Calvert of Albury Hall, Calvert of Furneaux Pelham, Calvert of Hunsdon House, Calvert of Nine Ashes, Verney of Claydon
Calwoodleigh1 (08KB)Uploaded: 06.02.18 / Updated: 06.02.18
Calwoodleigh of Calwoodleigh (Cawoodley of Cawoodley), Calwoodley of Padstow, Calwoodleigh of Studley
[Calybutt of Castle Acre - see CZmisc17 below]
[Cambell of Clay Hall & London - see CZmisc04 below]
Cameron01 (12KB)Uploaded: 03.04.04 / Updated: 23.11.17
Cameron of Ballegarno, Cameron of Cameron (Cambrun)
Cameron02 (26KB)Uploaded: 03.04.04 / Updated: 23.11.17
Cameron of Fassiefern, Cameron of Lochiel
Cameron03 (15KB)Uploaded: 23.11.17 / Updated: 23.11.17
Cameron of Erracht, Cameron of Worcester
[Camoys - see CZmisc03 below]
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See here for a schedule that shows the 'hierarchy' of the Campbell family pages and includes a note on the reviews of those pages.
Campbell01 (18KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 06.12.20
Campbell of Lochow (Lochawe)
Campbell02 (42KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 11.12.20
Campbell of Argyll, Campbell of Lyston (Liston) Hall, Campbell of Lundy (Lundie or Luthie), Campbell of Mamore
Campbell03 (25KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 14.12.20
Campbell of Glenorchy (Glenurchy), Campbell of Monzie
Campbell04 (19KB)Uploaded: 20.02.03 / Updated: 19.12.20
Campbell of Loudoun
Campbell05 (25KB)Uploaded: 19.05.03 / Updated: 13.12.20
Campbell of Cawdor (Calder), Campbell of Clunes
Campbell06 (29KB)Uploaded: 26.12.03 / Updated: 14.12.20
Campbell of Borland, Campbell of Breadalbane, Campbell of Carwhin, Campbell of Glenfalloch, Campbell of Glenorchy, Campbell of Lochdochart, Campbell of Mochaster
Campbell07 (18KB)Uploaded: 06.03.04 / Updated: 26.01.15
Campbell of Ardkinglas (Ardkinglass), Callander of Craigforth
Campbell08 (26KB)Uploaded: 07.03.04 / Updated: 18.12.20
Campbell of Achanard (Achinard), Campbell of Dunstaffnage Castle, Campbell of Torry
Campbell09 (21KB)Uploaded: 08.03.04 / Updated: 12.11.20
Campbell of Ardslignish, Campbell of Balerno, Campbell of Ballimore, Campbell of Barbreck, Campbell of Lochnell
Campbell10 (31KB)Uploaded: 08.03.04 / Updated: 20.12.20
Campbell of Cruachan, Campbel of Inverawe, Campbell of Kilmartin, Campbell of Shirvan, Campbell of South Hall
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Campbell11 (21KB)Uploaded: 09.03.04 / Updated: 16.12.20
Campbell of Auchinbreck, Campbell of Carsaig, Campbell of Castleswene, Campbell of Kilmichael, Campbell of Knockemellie, Campbell of Strondour, Campbell of Wester Kames
Campbell12 (21KB)Uploaded: 28.08.04 / Updated: 26.01.15
Campbell of Ardentinny, Campbell of Blythswood, Campbell of Dunoon, Campbell of Elie, Campbell of Silvercraig, Campbell of (North) Woodside, Douglas of Mains, Douglas of Douglas Support
Campbell13 (26KB)Uploaded: 28.09.04 / Updated: 26.01.15
Campbell of Ardpatrick, Campbell of Islay, Campbell of Shawfield, Campbell of Skipness (Skippinche, Skippinych, Skipnish or Skipniss), Campbell of Woodhall
Campbell14 (17KB)Uploaded: 26.01.15 / Updated: 14.05.19[the original Campbell14 now forms the lower section of Campbell31]
Campbell of Ardkinglas (Ardkinglass), Campbell of Orchard
Campbell15 (24KB)Uploaded: 16.10.04 / Updated: 14.12.20
Campbell of Balliveolan, Campbell of Barcaldine, Campbell of Blarcherin, Campbell of Glenure, Campbell of Innerzeldies
Campbell16 (17KB)Uploaded: 29.01.15 / Updated: 14.12.20
Campbell of Lawers, Campbell of Loudoun, Campbell of Murthlie
Campbell17 (26KB)Uploaded: 16.03.07 / Updated: 16.12.20
Campbell of Kildalloig, Campbell of Kilmory, Campbell of Kilberry, Campbell of Kilduskland, Campbell of Knockbuy, Campbell of Torblaren
Campbell18 (14KB)Uploaded: 02.04.07 / Updated: 19.12.20
Campbell of Ardgartan, Campbell of Glendochart, Campbell of Glenfalloch, Campbell of Strachur
Campbell19 (10KB)Uploaded: 02.04.07 / Updated: 02.04.07
Campbell of Clenamacrie (Glennamacrie), Campbell of Condie, Campbell of Ederline, Campbell of Inverhae
Campbell20 (15KB)Uploaded: 03.05.07 / Updated: 20.12.20
Campbell of Auchmannoch, Campbell of Fairfield, Campbell of Logan, Campbell of Whitehaugh
Campbell21 (16KB)Uploaded: 21.06.07 / Updated: 14.12.20
Campbell of Duneaves, Campbell of Glenlyon
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Campbell22 (11KB)Uploaded: 03.05.08 / Updated: 12.05.20
Campbell of Bargour, Campbell of Horsecleugh, Campbell of Skerrington
Campbell23 (19KB)Uploaded: 06.07.08 / Updated: 16.12.20
Campbell of Achalader, Campbell of Glendaruel, Campbell of Jura, Campbell of Sanaig (Sonaig)
Campbell24 (33KB)Uploaded: 14.09.10 / Updated: 13.12.20
Campbell of Baltullo, Campbell of Calsayend, Campbell of Easter Denhead, Campbell of Keithock, Campbell of Kinochtree, Campbell of Ormidale, Campbell of Otter (Ottir), Campbell of Persie, Campbell of Smiddiegreen, Campbell of Souterhouse(s) (Soutarhouses), Campbell of Wester Denhead
Campbell25 (11KB)Uploaded: 19.06.13 / Updated: 19.06.13
Campbell of Ardchattan, Clarke of Comrie
Campbell26 (13KB)Uploaded: 27.07.14 / Updated: 19.12.20
Campbell of Barquharrie, Campbell of Cesnock (Cessnock), Campbell of Mayfield, Campbell of Treesbank
Campbell27 (15KB)Uploaded: 12.01.15 / Updated: 16.12.20
Campbell of Dunbarton, Campbell of Succoth
Campbell28 (17KB)Uploaded: 26.01.15 / Updated: 26.01.15
Campbell of Carrick, Campbell of Drumsynie, Campbell of Kilbridemoir
Campbell29 (21KB)Uploaded: 28.01.15 / Updated: 28.01.15
Campbell of Ardtarich, Campbell of Dergachy, Campbell of Knochamellie, Campbell of Leix (Lix)
Campbell30 (26KB)Uploaded: 28.01.15 / Updated: 28.01.15
Campbell of Auchawillan, Campbell of Blunham, Campbell of Clachan, Campbell of Dunoon, Campbell of Inellan (Innellan)
Campbell31 (22KB)Uploaded: 27.08.05 / Updated: 14.12.20[initially launched as Campbell16]
Campbell of Aberuchill, Campbell of Hundleshope, Campbell of Kailzie, Campbell of Kilbryde, Campbell of Kinloch, Campbell of Possil
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Campbell32 (17KB)Uploaded: 30.01.15 / Updated: 30.01.15
Campbell (MacIver) of Asknish, Campbell of Ballochyle, MacIver of Dergachie, Campbell (MacIver) of Kilbryde, MacIver of Lergaconzie, Campbell of Stronshiray
Campbell33 (23KB)Uploaded: 31.01.15 / Updated: 20.12.20
Campbell of Aird, Campbell of Corranmore, Campbell of Craignish, Campbell of Duncrosk, Campbell of Inverneill, Campbell of Tuerechan
Campbell34 (33KB)Uploaded: 31.01.15 / Updated: 31.01.15
Campbell of Barrichbeyan, Campbell of Campbelltown, Campbell of Craignish, Campbell of Lagganlochan
Campbell35 (09KB)Uploaded: 06.01.18 / Updated: 06.01.18
Campbel of Lochend, Campbell (McIver) of Quoycrook, Campbell of Thurso
Campbell36 (10KB)Uploaded: 12.05.20 / Updated: 09.06.20
Campbell of Bogcoroch, Campbell of Bruntwood, Campbell of Garrallan, Campbell of Killoch, Campbell of Montgarswood, Campbell of Schankistone
Campbell37 (09KB)Uploaded: 06.06.20 / Updated: 20.12.20
Campbell of Brownside, Campbell of Cowfauldshaw, Campbell of Kingancleuch, Campbell of Netherplace
Campbell38 (10KB)Uploaded: 09.06.20 / Updated: 18.12.20
Campbell of Auldhouseburn, Campbell of Middle Wellwood, Campbell of Peatoun, Campbell of Rachean
Campbell39 (11KB)Uploaded: 06.12.20 / Updated: 19.12.20
Campbell of Melfort
Campbell40 (10KB)Uploaded: 06.12.20 / Updated: 06.12.20
Campbell of Duntroon, Campbell of Glencharran, Campbell of Raschoille
Campbell41 (07KB)Uploaded: 06.12.20 / Updated: 06.12.20
Campbell of Ellangreig, Campbell of Ormidale
Campbell42 (14KB)Uploaded: 11.12.20 / Updated: 11.12.20
Campbell of Evanachen, Campbell of Inverliver, Campbell of Otter
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Campbell43 (11KB)Uploaded: 11.12.20 / Updated: 20.12.20
Campbell of Barbreck, Campbell of Lundie
Campbell44 (16KB)Uploaded: 12.12.20 / Updated: 12.12.20
Campbell of Achanduin (Achindown), Campbell of Bragleen, Campbell of Knock, Campbell of Lerags, Campbell of Stonefield (Auchincloich)
Campbell45 (12KB)Uploaded: 13.12.20 / Updated: 13.12.20
Campbell of Airds, Campbell of Flinesmour, Campbell of Moy, Campbell of Sonnachan
Campbell46 (08KB)Uploaded: 14.12.20 / Updated: 14.12.20
Campbell of Ardeonaig, Campbell of Clathick, Campbell of Kinpunt, Campbell of Lochend
Campbell47 (08KB)Uploaded: 16.12.20 / Updated: 16.12.20
Campbell of Auchlyne, Campbell of Thomas Ditton
Campbell48 (16KB)Uploaded: 16.12.20 / Updated: 16.12.20
Campbell of Danna, Campbell of Glencarradale, Campbell of Kilberry
Campbell49 (07KB)Uploaded: 18.12.20 / Updated: 18.12.20
Campbell of Crackaig, Campbell of Scammadale, Campbell of Torry
[Campbell of Clewis - see Temp05]
[Campbell of Glasgow - see Tmp28]
[Campbell of London - see (also) under Cambell in CZmisc04 below]
[Campbell of Skeldon - see Temp24]
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Campion1 (15KB)Uploaded: 21.02.09 / Updated: 19.08.21
Campion of Campion's Hall, Campion of Combwell, Campion of Danny Place, Campion of London, Campion of Newoton Valence, Campion of Putney, Campion of Witham
Camville1 (11KB)Uploaded: 18.01.05 / Updated: 02.04.24[originally launched as CZmisc09, renamed on 02.04.24]
Camville of Arrow, Camville (Canville) of Clifton
Cann1 (07KB)Uploaded: 27.11.06 / Updated: 30.11.06
Cann of Brislington, Cann of Bristol, Cann of Compton Green (Greenfield), Cann of Stoke Bishop
Canning1 (19KB)Uploaded: 14.03.05 / Updated: 24.07.09
Canning (Canynges) of Bristol, Canning(e) of Foxcote, Canning of Garvagh
[Cantilupe - see CZmisc02 below]
Capell01 (14KB)Uploaded: 16.10.03 / Updated: 23.12.10
Capell of Hadham, Capell of Raineshall (Rayne Hall), Capell of Rookwood Hall
Capell02 (13KB)Uploaded: 23.12.10 / Updated: 23.12.10
Capell (or Capel) of Essex
[Cappe of York - see CZmisc14 below]
[Capper of Bushey - see CZmisc19 below]
[Caradoc of Howden - see under Cradock below]
Carden1 (13KB)Uploaded: 23.04.09 / Updated: 23.04.09
Carden of Barnane, Carden of Fishmoyne, Carden of Templemore
[de Cardinham of Cardinham & Restormel Castle - see Temp95]
[Carell - see under Caryll below]
[Careswell - see under Carswell below]
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See here for a schedule that shows the 'hierarchy' of the Carew family pages and includes a note on the 2015 Review of those pages.
Carew01 (29KB)Uploaded: 25.09.03 / Updated: 13.09.19
Carew of Beddington, Carew of Bickley, Carew of Carew, Carew of Mohun's Ottery, Carew of Mulsford (Moulesford), Carew of (Great) Purley
(14KB)Uploaded: 25.09.03 / Updated: 04.06.15
Carew of Haccombe
(24KB)Uploaded: 10.11.04 / Updated: 13.09.19
Carew of Antony, Carew of Barley
(12KB)Uploaded: 19.05.08 / Updated: 19.05.08
Carew of Ballinamona, Carew of Castle Boro
(12KB)Uploaded: 04.06.15 / Updated: 13.09.19
Carew of Lanteglos, Carew of St. Teath, Carew of Trevia
(12KB)Uploaded: 13.09.19 / Updated: 13.09.19
Carew of Camerton, Carew of Carew Castle, Carew of Crowcombe
[Carew of Beddington - see within Throckmorton02]
[Carey - see under Cary below]
[Cariadog - see under Cradock below]
[Carington - see under Carrington below]
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[Carleill - see under Carlyle just below]
Carleton1 (23KB)Uploaded: 30.05.14 / Updated: 30.05.14
Carleton of Carleton, Carleton of Dorchester, Carleton of Market Hill, Carleton of Rossfad (Rossford)
Carleton2 (14KB)Uploaded: 30.05.14 / Updated: 30.05.14
Carleton of Baldwin Brightwell, Carleton of Holcombe (Huntercombe)
Carleton3 (15KB)Uploaded: 30.05.14 / Updated: 30.05.14
Carleton of Clare, Carleton of Clonmel, Carleton of Darlinghill
(07KB)Uploaded: 10.11.03 / Updated: 10.11.03
Carlyle of Carlisle
(13KB)Uploaded: 10.11.03 / Updated: 10.11.03
Carlyle of Boytath, Carlyle of Torthorwald
(14KB)Uploaded: 21.04.10 / Updated: 21.04.10
Carleill of Sewerby
Carlyon1 (09KB)Uploaded: 17.08.15 / Updated: 17.08.15
Carlyon of Tregrehan
(39KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 24.06.03
Carmichael of Balmblae, Carmichael of Balmedie, Carmichael of Bonnytoun, Carmichael of Carmichael, Carmichael of Edrom, Carmichael of Hyndford, Carmichael of Mauldsley, Carmichael of Meadowflat, Carmichael of Park, Carmichael of Whelphill
Carminowe1 (19KB)Uploaded: 20.04.06 / Updated: 20.04.06
Carminow(e) of Carminow(e), Carminow(e) in Cornwall, Carminow of Fentongollan
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Carnaby1 (21KB)Uploaded: 31.03.14 / Updated: 31.03.14
Carnaby of Aydon, Carnaby of Farnham, Carnaby of Halton, Carnaby of Langley, Carnaby of The Heritage
Carne1 (20KB)Uploaded: 04.01.10 / Updated: 04.01.10
Carne of Ewenny Priory, Carne of Nash, Turbervill of Ewenny
Carnegie01 (25KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 21.12.06
Carnegie of Balmachie, Carnegie of Balnamoon, Carnegie of Carnegie, Carnegie of Cookstoun, Carnegie of Craigs (Craigo), Carnegie of Kinnaird, Carnegie of Leuchland, Carnegie-Arbuthnott of Findowrie
Carnegie02 (22KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 11.05.13
Carnegie of Craig, Carnegie of Pittarrow, Carnegie of Southesk
Carnegie03 (25KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 09.06.07
Carnegie of Boysack, Carnegie of Finavon, Carnegie of Kinnoull, Carnegie of Northesk, Carnegy of Lour
[Carnesewe - see under Carnsewe just below]
Carnsewe1 (11KB)Uploaded: 12.12.11 / Updated: 12.12.11
Carnsewe of Bokelly, Carnsewe (Carnesew) of St. Kue, Carnsewe (Carnesew) of Trecarne
Carnsewe2 (08KB)Uploaded: 29.11.18 / Updated: 29.11.18
Carnsew of Budock, Carnsew (Thoms) of Carnsew, Carnsew of Lostwithiel, Carnsew of Trewoone (Treune)
Carpenter1 (12KB)Uploaded: 13.10.23 / Updated: 16.07.24
Carpenter of Holme (Homme), Carpenter of Killaghy, Carpenter of Tyrconnel
Carpenter2 (06KB)Uploaded: 13.10.23 / Updated: 13.10.23
Carpenter of Mount Tavy
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Carr01 (15KB)Uploaded: 23.04.05 / Updated: 06.10.15
Carr of Aswarby, Carr of Hillingdon (Hellingdon), Carr (Carre) of Sleford or Sleaford
Carr02 (20KB)Uploaded: 08.12.09 / Updated: 18.08.19
Carr of Dunston Hill, Carre of Forde Castle, Carr of Hedgeley, Carr of Hencoats, Carr of Hetton, Carr of Hexham, Carr of Le Lee, Carr of The Spittal, Carr of Woodhall
Carr03 (14KB)Uploaded: 29.04.16 / Updated: 29.04.16
Carr of Birley Edge, Carre of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Carr04 (10KB)Uploaded: 31.01.17 / Updated: 31.01.17
Carr of Cocken, Carr of Newcastle-on-Tyne
Carr05 (12KB)Uploaded: 12.04.19 / Updated: 12.04.19
Carr of Alnwick, Carr of Hipsburn, Carr of Lesbury, Carr of West Ditchburn, Carr of Woodhall
Carr06 (12KB)Uploaded: 08.06.19 / Updated: 08.06.19
Carr of Eshot, Carr of Eshot Heugh, Carr of Hetton
Carr07 (10KB)Uploaded: 28.08.19 / Updated: 28.08.19
Carr of Etal
[Carr of Chichester - see within EZmisc04]
[Carr and Carre- see also under Ker]
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Carreg1 (11KB)Uploaded: 04.12.09 / Updated: 04.12.09
Carreg of Carreg
[Carrell - see under Caryll below]
[Carrier of Wirksworth - see Temp38]
[Carrington of Burford - see within Smith04]
[Carrington of Upton - see within Smith20]
Carroll1 (12KB)Uploaded: 02.10.23 / Updated: 02.10.23
Carroll of Ballynure, Carroll of Dublin, Carrol of Tulla
[Carroll - see also under O'Carroll]
[Carrow of Seton Carrow - see Temp35]
Carruthers01 (08KB)Uploaded: 01.10.07 / Updated: 01.10.07
Carruthers of Mouswald
Carruthers02 (23KB)Uploaded: 01.10.07 / Updated: 01.10.07
Carruthers of Dormont, Carruthers of Holmains
[Carson of Shanroe - see CZmisc01 below]
Carstairs01 (16KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 08.08.17
Carstairs of Kilconquhar, Carstairs of Newgrange, Carstairs of Unthank
Carstairs02 (12KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 16.07.03
Carstairs of Cassingray, Carstairs of Cupar, Carstairs of Radernie
[Carswell of Carswell - see CZmisc17 below]
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[Cart of Hansworth & Manchester - see CZmisc14 below]
Carter01 (15KB)Uploaded: 08.04.10 / Updated: 22.10.19
Carter of Castlemartin, Carter of Chilton, Carter of Robertstown, Carter of St. Columb
Carter02 (12KB)Uploaded: 14.03.17 / Updated: 14.03.17
Carter of Canterbury, Carter of Crundale
Carter03 (14KB)Uploaded: 09.08.20 / Updated: 09.08.20
Carter of Annaghkeene, Carter of Dublin
Carteret1 (12KB)Uploaded: 10.12.04 / Updated: 05.05.17
de Carteret of Carteret, de Carteret of Melesches, de Carteret of St. Ouen, de Carteret of Sark
Carteret2 (21KB)Uploaded: 05.05.17 / Updated: 05.05.17
Carteret Earl Granville, Carteret of Hawnes, Carteret of Metesches, de Carteret of Rozel, de Carteret of St. Ouen, de Carteret of Sark
Carteret3 (17KB)Uploaded: 05.05.17 / Updated: 05.05.17
de Carteret of La Hague, de Carteret of La Hougue, de Carteret of Vincheles de Haut
Carteret4 (23KB)Uploaded: 05.05.17 / Updated: 17.05.17
de Carteret of S. John (La Hougue Boete), de Carteret of S. Trinity, de Carteret of Vincheles de Bas
Carthew1 (18KB)Uploaded: 05.12.18 / Updated: 05.12.18
Carthew of Cannalidgy, Carthew in Norfolk, Carthew of St. Austell
Cartwright01 (25KB)Uploaded: 13.03.06 / Updated: 16.01.12
Cartwright of Malbeck, Cartwright of Marnham, Cartwright of Normanby, Cartwright of Normanton, Cartwright of Norwell, Cartwright of Ossington, Cartwright of Whitehouse
Cartwright02 (12KB)Uploaded: 13.03.06 / Updated: 13.03.06
Cartwright of Aynhoe
[Carver of Chesterfield & Morthen - see CZmisc8 below]
[Carver in Wales - see also under Kerver]
[Carveth of Cornwall - see CZmisc19 below]
[Carwardine - see CZmisc15 below]
Carwithen1 (14KB)Uploaded: 06.02.18 / Updated: 06.02.18
Carwithen of Exeter, Carwithen of Manaton, Carwytham of Panston
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Cary01 (16KB)Uploaded: 03.11.03 / Updated: 02.07.18
Cary of Cary, Cary of Cockington, Cary of Keckbeare, Cary of Ladford
Cary02 (15KB)Uploaded: 10.04.04 / Updated: 25.11.11
Cary of Cockington, Cary of Torre (Tor) Abbey
Cary03 (17KB)Uploaded: 25.11.11 / Updated: 25.11.11
Cary (Carey) of Falkland
Cary04 (20KB)Uploaded: 25.11.11 / Updated: 25.11.11
Carey of Dover, Carey of Leppington, Carey Lords Hunsdon, Carey of Monmouth
Cary05 (17KB)Uploaded: 25.11.11 / Updated: 28.09.13
Cary of Clovelly, Cary of Redcastle
Caryll1 (17KB)Uploaded: 17.06.08 / Updated: 17.06.08
Caryll of Bentons, Caryll of Harting, Carell of Tangley, Carrell of Warnham
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Casamajor1 (12KB)Uploaded: 23.11.20 / Updated: 23.11.20
Casamajor of London, Casamajor of Upper Tockington
[Casauban - see under Causabon below]
Case1 (17KB)Uploaded: 18.06.22 / Updated: 18.06.22
Case of Great Fransham, Case of Hayton, Case of Testerton
[Cassan of Sheffield (Cappoly) - see CZmisc05 below]
Castle1 (10KB)Uploaded: 27.05.15 / Updated: 27.05.15
Castle of Bermondsey, Castle of Bridge in Holmfirth, Castle in Holme, Castle of Hull, Castle of Wooldale
Castle2 (17KB)Uploaded: 13.05.22 / Updated: 13.05.22
Castell (de Castello or Castle) of Horningtoft, Castell of Raveningham
Castle3 (13KB)Uploaded: 13.05.22 / Updated: 13.05.22
Castell of (East) Hatley, Castel of Norwich, Castell of Yarmouth
Castleford1 (08KB)Uploaded: 04.06.16 / Updated: 04.06.16
Castleford of Darley, Castleford of Worsborough Dale, Adams of Worsborough
Castleton1 (09KB)Uploaded: 26.12.07 / Updated: 26.12.07
Castleton (Castilton) of Ditton, Castleton of St. Edmundsbury
[Castre - see Craster below]
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Catelyn1 (15KB)Uploaded: 23.10.1 / Updated: 23.10.19
Catelyn (Catlyn) of Kirby Cane (Kirkby Caime), Catlyn of Randes (Raundes), Catelyn of Wingfield Castle, Catlyn of Wolverston
[Caterall - see under Catterall below]
(10KB)Uploaded: 25.08.16 / Updated: 25.08.16
Caterick of Carlton (Carleton), Caterick (Cateryck or Catterick) of Stanwick
(22KB)Uploaded: 16.03.06 / Updated: 16.03.06
Catesby of Ashby St. Leger, Catesby of Althorp, Catesby of Catesby, Catesby of Coventry, Catesby of Ecton, Catesby of Lapworth, Catesby of Seaton, Catesby of Whiston
(11KB)Uploaded: 06.12.03 / Updated: 08.05.20
Cathcart of Carleton, Cathcart of Cathcart, Cathcart of Clolynan
Cathcart02 (14KB)Uploaded: 06.12.03 / Updated: 06.12.03
Cathcart of Cathcart
Cathcart03 (14KB)Uploaded: 06.12.03 / Updated: 08.05.20
Cathcart of Carleton, Cathcart of Genoch, Cathcart of Killochan, Cathcart of Knockdolian
Cathcart04 (12KB)Uploaded: 07.06.20 / Updated: 07.06.20
Cathcart of Alloway, Cathcart of Ayr, Cathcart of Carbiston, Cathcart of Duchray
[Catheral - see Catterall just below]
Caton1 (11KB)Uploaded: 07.07.22 / Updated: 07.07.22
Caton of Denham, Caton of Thorpe Abbots
[Cator of Beckenham & Ross - see CZmisc09 below]
[Catlyn - see under Catelyn just above]
Catterall1 (16KB)Uploaded: 06.01.13 / Updated: 06.01.13
Catterall of Catterall (Caterall of Caterall), Caterall of Giggleswick, Caterall of Little Mitton, Caterall of Newhall, Caterall of Rathmell
Catterall2 (17KB)Uploaded: 07.01.13 / Updated: 07.01.13
Catheral of Broxton, Catterall of Crooke, Catheral (Catherall) of Kiddington (Cuddington), Catheral (Catherall) of Horton
[Catterick - see under Caterick above]
Caulfeild1 (26KB)Uploaded: 19.07.04 / Updated: 19.07.04
Caulfeild of Benown, Caulfeild of Charlemont, Caulfeild of Clone, Caulfeild of Donamon, Caulfeild of Drumcairn, Caulfeild of Raheenduff
[Causabon of Youghal - see Temp49]
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Cave01 (11KB)Uploaded: 22.09.05 / 22.09.05
Cave of Cave
Cave02 (26KB)Uploaded: 22.09.05 / 22.09.05
Cave of Bargrave, Cave of Barrow, Cave of Ingarsby, Cave of Pickwell, Cave of Stanford
Cave03 (18KB)Uploaded: 22.09.05 / 22.09.05
Cave (Cave-Browne-Cave) of Stanford
[Cavell - see CZmisc02 below]
[Cavenagh - see under Kavanagh]
Cavendish01 (14KB)Uploaded: 08.04.03 / Updated: 12.12.04
Cavendish of Cavendish Overhall, Cavendish of Chatsworth, Cavendish of Newcastle
Cavendish02 (16KB)Uploaded: 08.04.03 / Updated: 05.07.03
Cavendish of Burlington, Cavendish of Devonshire
Cavendish03 (18KB)Uploaded: 13.01.05 / Updated: 22.05.06
Cavendish of Doveridge, Cavendish of Waterpark
Cavendish04 (08KB)Uploaded: 06.06.10 / Updated: 06.06.10
Cavendish (Gernon) of Grimston Hall
[Cawarden - see CZmisc10 below]
[Cawood of Cawood - see CZmisc22 below]
[Cawoodley - see under Calwoodleigh above]
[Cawthorne of Bank End - see CZmisc08 below]
[Cawthroppe - see under Caythorpe]
Cay1 (09KB)Uploaded: 09.04.19 / Updated: 09.04.19
Cay of Edinburgh, Cay of Laygate, Cay (Kay) of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Cay of North Charlton
[Cay - see also under Kay]
Cayley1 (08KB)Uploaded: 31.12.03 / Updated: 31.12.03
Cailly of Buckenham, Cailly of Cranwich, Cailly of Massingham, Cayley of Normanton, Cayley of Owby, Cayley of Thormanby
Cayley2 (18KB)Uploaded: 11.10.04 / Updated: 11.10.04
Cayley of Brompton, Cayley of Low Hall, Cayley of Thormanby
[Caythorpe - see Temp95]
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Cecil01 (20KB)Uploaded: 20.11.02 / Updated: 18.07.05
Cecil of Exeter
Cecil02 (17KB)Uploaded: 21.04.03 / Updated: 02.08.03
Cecil of Salisbury
Ceely1 (22KB)Uploaded: 06.11.14 / Updated: 06.11.14
Ceely (Cely) of Charlton, Ceely (Cely) of Huntham, Cely-Trevilian of Midelney, Ceely (Cely) of North Curry, Ceely of Plymouth, Ceely of St. Ives
[Chad of Thursford - see CZmisc01 below]
[Chadderton or Chaderton - see under Chatterton below]
Chadwick01 (11KB)Uploaded: 24.11.08 / Updated: 24.11.08
Chadwick of Chadwick (Chadwyke), Chadwick of Heley (Healey)
Chadwick02 (14KB)Uploaded: 24.11.08 / Updated: 24.11.08
Chadwick of Callow, Chadwick of Healey, Chadwick of New Hall, Chadwick of Ridware
Chadwick03 (13KB)Uploaded: 13.03.13 / Updated: 13.03.13
Chadwick of Ballinard
Chafin1 (18KB)Uploaded: 22.06.11 / Updated: 28.08.15
Chafin of Chettle, Chafin (Chafyn) of New Sarum (Salisbury), Chafin of Seales Clevedon (Zeales), Chafin (Chafyn) of Warminster
Chaldecot1 (05KB)Uploaded: 09.06.24 / Updated: 09.06.24
Chaldecott of Whiteway, Chaldecot of Quarlstone
[Chaldecot - see also Caldecott below]
Challons1 (08KB)Uploaded: 02.07.08 / Updated: 02.07.18
Challons of Challonsleigh
Chalmers01 (18KB)Uploaded: 02.02.04 / Updated: 09.05.20
Chalmer(s) of Gadgirth
Chalmers02 (12KB)Uploaded: 27.08.16 / Updated: 27.08.16
Chalmer(s) of Strichen
Chaloner01 (16KB)Uploaded: 05.09.06 / Updated: 18.10.20
Chaloner of Guisborough, Chaloner of Steeple Claydon
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[Chamber - see Chambre below]
Chamberlain01 (21KB)Uploaded: 25.01.06 / Updated: 06.02.13
Chamberlaine of Astley, Chamberlaine of Coates, Chamberlaine of Sherburne (Shirburn), Chamberlain of Woodstock
Chamberlain02 (14KB)Uploaded: 25.01.06 / Updated: 01.10.15
Chamberlayne of Maugersbury, Chamberlayne of Wardington, Chamberlayne of Wickham
Chamberlain03 (13KB)Uploaded: 21.08.17 / Updated: 23.04.23
Chamberlen of Alderton, Chamberlen of London, Chamberlaine of Newton Harcourt, Chamberlaine of Southampton
Chambers1 (07KB)Uploaded: 19.02.17 / Updated: 19.02.17
Chambers of Kent
Chambers2 (08KB)Uploaded: 28.06.19 / Updated: 23.07.23
Chambers in Leicestershire, Chambers of Newcastle
Chambre1 (20KB)Uploaded: 15.05.12 / Updated: 15.05.12
Chambre of Llewenni, Chambre of Petton
Chambre2 (22KB)Uploaded: 15.05.12 / Updated: 15.05.12
Chambre of Carnowe, Chambre of Hawthorn Hill, Chambre of Petton, Chambres of Plas Chambres, Chambre of Wolverley
Chambre3 (07KB)Uploaded: 18.10.19 / Updated: 18.10.19
Chambre of Spratton
[Chamber of Kendal - see CZmisc15 below]
[Chambre & Chamber - see also Chambers just above]
[Chamond of Launcells (Lancells) - see CZmisc03 below]
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Champernowne1 (22KB)Uploaded: 22.03.07 / Updated: 12.11.11
Champernowne of Bere Ferrers, Champernowne of Clist, Champernowne of Dartington, Champernowne of Modbury
Champernowne2 (21KB)Uploaded: 12.11.11 / Updated: 12.11.11
Champernowne of Dartington, Champernowne of Modbury
[Champion1 is in the Continental section of the database]
Champion2 (09KB)Uploaded: 23.09.22 / Updated: 24.09.22
Champion de Crespigny of Champion Lodge
[Champion of Champion - see Temp43]
Champneys1 (22KB)Uploaded: 07.11.08 / Updated: 17.11.16
Champneys of Champneys, Champneys of Hall Place, Champneys of Orchardleigh, Champneys of Ostenhanger, Champneys of Vinters
Champneys2 (08KB)Uploaded: 07.02.18 / Updated: 07.02.18
Champneis of Cockworthy, Champnes of Uffculme, Champnes (Champneys) of Yarnscombe
Chancellor1 (08KB)Uploaded: 09.03.07 / Updated: 09.03.07
Chancellor of Shield Hill (Shieldhill), Chancellor of Quadquan (Quothquhan)
[Chancy - see under Chauncy below]
Chandos1 (09KB)Uploaded: 01.10.13 / Updated: 01.10.13
Chandos of Radborne, Chandos (Chaundos) of Snodhill
[Channon (Chanon) of Talliton (Talaton) - see CZmisc17 below]
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Chaplin1 (17KB)Uploaded: 09.02.09 / Updated: 09.02.09
Chaplin of Blankney, Chaplin of Bury St. Edmunds, Chaplin of London, Chaplin of Tathwell
Chapman1 (14KB)Uploaded: 05.07.18 / Updated: 05.07.18
Chapman of Hankford, Chapman of Killua (St. Lucy's), Chapman of London, Chapman of Resprin
[Chardin of Kempton Park - see CZmisc23 below]
[Charles of Morton & Tavistock - see CZmisc17 below]
[Charlesworth of Kettlethorpe Hall - see CZmisc16 below]
Charlton01 (24KB)Uploaded: 11.03.03 / Updated: 08.02.08
Charlton (Charleton) of Apley (Appley) Castle, Cherlton of Powys (Powis), Charleton of Terne
Charlton02 (18KB)Uploaded: 07.12.06 / Updated: 15.03.12
Charlton of Apley Castle, Charlton of Ludford, Charlton of Staunton
Charlton03 (12KB)Uploaded: 09.04.07 / Updated: 09.04.07
Charlton of Hesleyside
Charlton04 (06KB)Uploaded: 29.04.19 / Updated: 29.04.19
Charlton of the Bower, Charlton of Redesmouth
Charnell1 (10KB)Uploaded: 20.01.23 / Updated: 20.01.23
Charnels of Bedworth, Charneles of Elmsthorpe, Charnell of Muston
Charnell2 (11KB)Uploaded: 20.01.23 / Updated: 20.01.23
Charnells of Elmsthorp, Charnell of Snarkeston (Snareston)
Charnell3 (07KB)Uploaded: 20.01.23 / Updated: 20.01.23
Charnells of Snareston, Charnells of Swebston
Charnock1 (17KB)Uploaded: 16.08.20 / Updated: 16.08.20
Charnock of Astley, Charnock of Charnock, Charnock of Leyland
Charnock2 (12KB)Uploaded: 08.12.06 / Updated: 16.08.20 [originally called 'Chernocke1']
Chernocke of Hulcote (Hulcott or Holcott)
[Charron of Beamish & Sutton - see CZmisc16 below]
Charteris01 (07KB)Uploaded: 21.09.03 / Updated: 21.09.03
Charteris of Amisfield
Charteris02 (21KB)Uploaded: 21.09.03 / Updated: 21.09.03
Charteris of Amisfield, Charteris of Clarbrand, Charteris of Duchra, Charteris of Fuffolk, Charteris of Kelwood, Charteris of Nether Barncleuch
[Chassereau - see CZmisc21 below]
[Chattan - see CZmisc03 below]
Chatterton1 (14KB)Uploaded: 16.10.16 / Updated: 16.10.16
Chatterton of Castle Mahon, Chadderton of Chadderton, Chadderton (Chaderton or Chatterton) of Moston, Chatterton (Chadderton or Chaderton) of Nuthurst
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[Chaucer - see CZmisc12 below]
Chauncy1 (16KB)Uploaded: 22.10.19 / Updated: 22.10.19
Chauncy of Gedelston (Gilston), Chauncy of New Place in Gedelston, Chauncy of Skirpenbeck, Chauncy of Yardley Bury (Eardley Bury)
Chauncy2 (12KB)Uploaded: 22.10.19 / Updated: 22.10.19
Chauncy of Edgcote, Chauncy of Tower of Northampton
Chauncy3 (08KB)Uploaded: 22.10.19 / Updated: 22.10.19
Chauncy (Chancy) of Porton, Chancy (Chancey or Chauncey) of Sawbridgeworth
Chaworth1 (13KB)Uploaded: 27.06.03 / Updated: 11.07.05
Chaworth of Chaworth, Chaworth of Kidwelley, Chaworth of Wiverton (Wyverton)
Chaworth2 (13KB)Uploaded: 11.07.05 / Updated: 06.02.16
Chaworth of Annesley, Chaworth of Armagh, Chaworth of Lindley, Chaworth of Wiverton
Chaytor1 (11KB)Uploaded: 28.06.07 / Updated: 28.06.07
Chaytor (Cheytor) of Butterby, Chaytor of Croft
[Cheadle of Cheadle - see Temp93]
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[Cheale of Findon Place - see CZmisc23 below|)
Cheales1 (09KB)Uploaded: 19.11.15 / Updated: 19.11.15
Cheales of Hagworthingham
Cheape1 (14KB)Uploaded: 09.06.07 / Updated: 13.07.24
Cheape of Mawhill, Cheape of Ormiston, Cheape of Rossie, Cheape of Sauchie, Cheape of Strathtyrum, Cheape of Wellfield
[Cheddar or Chedder - see CZmisc05 below]
Cheeke1 (14KB)Uploaded: 07.06.05 / Updated: 07.06.05
Cheeke of Matstone (Motstone, Motiston or Motsonn), Cheek of Merston, Cheeke (Cheke) of Pirgo
[Cheesman of Dormans Well & Lewisham - see CZmisc10 below]
[Cheney - see under Cheyne below]
Chenouth1 (07KB)Uploaded: 04.04.12 / Updated: 04.04.12
Chenouth of Mogion (Chynoweth of Mawgan)
[Chernocke - see under Charnock above]
Cherry1 (10KB)Uploaded: 30.09.23 / Updated: 30.09.23
Cherry of London
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Cheselden1 (11KB)Uploaded: 30.12.10 / Updated: 30.12.10
Cheselden of Alaxtone, Cheseldyne of Borough, Cheselden (Cheseldyn) of Uppingham, Cheseldon of Weldon
[Cheseman - see under Cheesman above]
Cheslyn1 (11KB)Uploaded: 29.06.23 / Updated: 29.06.23
Cheslyn of Langley (Priory or Hall)
[Chesney - see under Cheyne below]
Chester1 (21KB)Uploaded: 19.09.05 / Updated: 21.11.20
Chester of Chichley (Chicheley), Chester of London
Chester2 (18KB)Uploaded: 23.07.08 / Updated: 23.07.08
Chester of Briggins, Chester of Cockenhatch, Chester of Royston
Chester3 (18KB)Uploaded: 22.03.17 / Updated: 22.03.17
Chester of Almondsbury, Chester of Black Friars, Chester of Barton Regis, Chester of Bristol, Chester of Knowle, Chester of Rodford
Chetham1 (19KB)Uploaded: 24.03.16 / Updated: 24.03.16
Chetham of Castleton, Chetham of Crumpsall (Crompsall or Cromsall), Chetham of Moston, Chetham of Nuthurst, Chetham of Turton
[Chetham of Mellor Hall - see CZmisc07 below]
[Chettleton of Chettleton - see Sherard1]
Chetwode1 (10KB)Uploaded: 09.04.06 / Updated: 24.12.18
Chetwode of Chetwode, Chetwode of Oakley, Chetwode of Reyse
Chetwode2 (20KB)Uploaded: 24.12.18 / Updated: 24.12.18
Chetwode of Chetwode, Chetwode of Oakley, Chetwood of Woodbrook
Chetwynd01 (15KB)Uploaded: 01.04.05 / Updated: 01.04.05
Chetwynd of Alspath, Chetwynd of Chetwynd, Chetwynd of Ingestre (Ingestrie)
Chetwynd02 (17KB)Uploaded: 01.04.05 / Updated: 01.04.05
Chetwynd of Bearhaven, Chetwynd of Brocton, Chetwynd of Grendon, Chetwynd of Rudge, Chetwynd of Rugeley
[Chevercourt of Carleton & Wyfordby - see CZmisc23 below]
Chevers1 (22KB)Uploaded: 27.02.06 / Updated: 28.04.06
Chevers of Ballyhaly (Ballyhealy), Chevers of Cregan, Chevers of Killyan, Chevers of Macetown, Chevers of Monkstown
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Cheyne01 (10KB)Uploaded: 28.08.03 / Updated: 14.02.22
Caisneto (or Chesney) of Caisneto (or Chesney), Chesney of Addington, Chesney of Horsford
Cheyne02 (16KB)Uploaded: 28.08.03 / Updated: 14.02.22
Chen of Arnage, Chen of Duffus, Chen of Essilmont, Chesney of Grafham, Chen of Inverugie, Chen or Cheyne of Straloch
Cheyne03 (25KB)Uploaded: 29.08.03 / Updated: 29.08.03
Cheyne of Arnage, Cheyne of Essilmont, Cheyne of Petfichie, Cheyne of Ranieston, Cheyne of Tangwick, Cheyne of Vaila
Cheyne04 (13KB)Uploaded: 21.06.05 / Updated: 21.06.05
Cheney of Boston, Cheney (Cheyne) of Fenn Ditton
Cheyne05 (20KB)Uploaded: 21.06.05 / Updated: 27.11.16
Cheney of Cralle, Cheney of Higham, Cheney (Cheyne) of Shurland (Sherland, Isle of Sheppey), Cheney of Sittingborne, Cheney of Toddington
Cheyne06 (12KB)Uploaded: 21.06.05 / Updated: 13.01.21
Cheyney (Cheyne) of Chesham Bois (Boys), Cheyney of Cheyney (Buckinghamshire), Cheyney of Cogenhoe, Cheyney of Drayton Beauchamp, Cheyne of Newhaven
Cheyne07 (13KB)Uploaded: 08.04.15 / Updated: 08.04.15
Cheney of Badger Hall, Cheney of Bramble-hanger, Cheney of Gaddesby, Cheney of Sundon, Cheney of Woodhey (West Woodhay)
[Cheney of Pinhoe - see Tmp11]
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Chichester01 (19KB)Uploaded: 16.12.04 / Updated: 25.07.12
Chichester of Raleigh, Chichester of Youlston
Chichester02 (30KB)Uploaded: 16.12.04 / Updated: 25.07.12
Chichester of Donegall, Chichester of Dunbrody, Chichester of Raleigh, Chichester of Youlston
Chichester03 (20KB)Uploaded: 16.12.04 / Updated: 25.07.12
Chichester of Arlington, Chichester of Calverleigh Court, Chichester of Marwood, Chichester of Widworthy
Chichester04 (20KB)Uploaded: 25.07.12 / Updated: 25.07.12
Chichester of Hall, Chichester of Heardson, Chichester of Stowford
Chichley1 (18KB)Uploaded: 04.04.06 / Updated: 03.07.08
Chichley of Wimple (Wimpole)
[Chideock - see CZmisc06 below]
[Chidleigh - see under Chudleigh below]
Child01 (14KB)Uploaded: 13.06.06 / Updated: 04.06.13
Child (Tylney) of Castlemaine, Childe of Kinlet, Childe of Northwick, Child of Wanstead
[Child of Osterley Park - se CZmisc05 below]
[Child of Surat - see CZmisc14 below]
Childers1 (11KB)Uploaded: 26.09.17 / Updated: 26.09.17
Walbanke-Childers of Cantley Hall, Childers of Carr House, Childers of Doncaster
[Chinnery of Flintfield - see CZmisc12 below]
Chippendale1 (06KB)Uploaded: 25.11.10 / Updated: 25.11.10
Chippingdale (Chippendale) of Humberston
Chisholm01 (09KB)Uploaded: 30.04.03 / Updated: 05.12.17
Chisholm of Chisholm, Chisholm of Comar, Chisholm of Erchless
Chisholm02 (18KB)Uploaded: 30.04.03 / Updated: 07.12.17
Chisholm of Chisholm, Chisholm of Comer (Comar), Chisholm of Muckerach
Chisholm03 (12KB)Uploaded: 10.06.08 / Updated: 07.12.17
Chisholm of Cromlix, Chisholme of Stirches
(25KB)Uploaded: 07.12.17 / Updated: 07.12.17
Chisholm of Comar, Chisholm of Knockfin, Chisholm of Leitry, Chisholm of Lower Knockfin
(08KB)Uploaded: 09.03.12 / Updated: 09.03.12
Chiverton of Paul (Pawle), Chiverton of Trehansie (Trehunsey)
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[Cholmeley & Cholmley - see under Cholmondeley]
(08KB)Uploaded: 13.06.03 / Updated: 22.06.03
Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cholmondely)
Cholmondeley02 (22KB)Uploaded: 22.06.03 / Updated: 28.05.06
Cholmondeley of Delamere, Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (Cholmondely), Cholmondeley of Vale Royal
Cholmondeley03 (19KB)Uploaded: 20.02.05 / Updated: 08.02.18
Cholmeley of Bletchingley, Cholmeley of Copenhall, Cholmeley of Easton
Cholmondeley04 (27KB)Uploaded: 09.04.05 / Updated: 14.01.21
Cholmeley of Brandsby, Cholmley (Cholmondeley) of Roxby, Cholmley of Whitby
Cholwill1 (10KB)Uploaded: 09.02.18 / Updated: 09.02.18
Cholwill (Cholwell) in Hartland, Cholwill (Cholwell) of Lodisford
Chorley1 (12KB)Uploaded: 16.03.09 / Updated: 18.01.16
Chorley of Chorley
Chorley2 (10KB)Uploaded: 18.01.16 / Updated: 18.01.16
Chorley of Preston
Chowne1 (14KB)Uploaded: 25.01.11 / Updated: 27.02.24
Chowne of Alfriston, Chowne of Fairlawn (Fairlane), Chowne of Oxenhoath, Chowne of Wrotham
Christian01 (26KB)Uploaded: 15.11.05 / Updated: 15.11.05
Christian of Ewanrigg, Christian (McCrystyn) of the Isle of Man, Christian of Milntown
Christian02 (12KB)Uploaded: 16.11.05 / Updated: 16.11.05
Christian of Hook Norton, Christian of Nether Sparth, Christian of Old Grange (Waterford), Christian of Ronaldsway
Christie01 (12KB)Uploaded: 13.11.07 / Updated: 13.11.07
Christie of Durie, Christie of Stirling
Christmas1 (09KB)Uploaded: 08.02.22 / Updated: 08.02.22
Christmas of Surrey, Christmas of Waterford, Christmas of Whitfield
[Christmas of Colchester - see Temp26]
Christopher1 (11KB)Uploaded: 16.03.23 / Updated: 16.03.23
Christopher of Newton, Christopher of Stockton-on-Tees, Christopher of Stoke Prior
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Chudleigh1 (21KB)Uploaded: 12.01.08 / Updated: 06.12.11
Chudleigh of Ashton, Chudleigh of Chalmington
Churchill1 (20KB)Uploaded: 21.11.02 / Updated:12.05.24
Churchill of Churchill, Churchill of Dorchester, Churchill of Marlborough, Churchiill of Muston
Churchill2 (17KB)Uploaded: 21.11.02 / Updated: 01.12.03
Spencer-Churchill of Marlborough, Spencer Lord Churchill
Chute1 (16KB)Uploaded: 06.10.10 / Updated: 26.04.17
Chute of Bethersden, Chute of Stockwell, Chute of Surrenden
Chute2 (12KB)Uploaded: 06.10.10 / Updated: 06.10.10
Chute of Chute Hall, Chute of Tulligaron
Chute3 (14KB)Uploaded: 26.04.17 / Updated: 26.04.17
Chute of Bethersden, Chute of Hinxhill (Hauxhill), Chute of Stockwell, Chute of Surrenden
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[Clack of Larkbear & Wallingford - see CZmisc20 below]
[Claget of Malling - see CZmisc22 below]
[Claiborn, Claybourne, etc - see under Cleburne]
Clapham1 (09KB)Uploaded: 19.12.05 / Updated: 19.12.19
Clapham of Clapham
Clapham2 (27KB)Uploaded: 19.12.19 / Updated: 19.12.19
Clapham of Barnstaple, Clapham of Beamsley, Clapham of Wither
[Clapham of Leeds - see Tmp09]
Clare1 (22KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.03.06
Clare of Clare, Clare of Gloucester, Clare of Hertford, Clare of Pembroke
Clarell1 (10KB)Uploaded: 21.09.21 / Updated: 05.10.21
Clarell of Aldwark(e), Clarell of Edgcote
Clarges1 (08KB)Uploaded: 27.12.06 / Updated: 27.12.06
Clarges of London
Clarke01 (12KB)Uploaded: 07.06.05 / Updated: 07.06.05
Clarke of Ardington
Clarke02 (16KB)Uploaded: 02.12.08 / Updated: 05.04.13
Clarke of Jamaica, Clarke of Sanford, Clarke of Woodchurch
Clarke03 (19KB)Uploaded: 05.03.10 / Updated: 05.03.10
Clarke of Ashgate, Clarke of Chesterfield, Clarke of Chilcote, Clarke-Jervoise of Idsworth Park, Clarke of Somersall, Clarke of Sutton, Clarke of Ulcomb, Clarke of West Bromwich
Clarke04 (12KB)Uploaded: 06.04.13 / Updated: 15.11.15
Clarke of co Cork, Clarke of Donoughmore, Clarke of Godmanchester, Clarke of co Tipperary
Clarke05 (13KB)Uploaded: 05.02.16 / Updated: 09.06.24
Clarke of Sandford, Clarke of Snailwell, Clarke of Stanley
Clarke06 (24KB)Uploaded: 12.08.16 / Updated: 12.08.16
Clark of Burton-upon-Trent
Clarke07 (12KB)Uploaded: 06.12.19 / Updated: 15.08.20
Clarke of Drayton, Clarke of Liverpool, Clarke of Welton
Clarke08 (13KB)Uploaded: 18.07.21 / Updated: 04.06.23
Clarke of Hardingstone, Clarke of London, Clarke of Somersham, Clarke of Swakeleys
[Clarke of Comrie - see within Campbell25]
[Clarke - see also Clerk(e) below]
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[Claver of Oving - see CZmisc13 below]
[Claver - see also Cleaver below]
Clavering1 (11KB)Uploaded: 06.11.03 / Updated: 20.09.07
Clavering of Clavering, Clavering of Horsford, Clavering of Warkworth
Clavering2 (21KB)Uploaded: 13.11.03 / Updated: 03.03.11
Clavering of Axwell Park, Clavering of Callaly, Clavering of Greencroft, Clavering of Yatlington
Claxton1 (16KB)Uploaded: 29.08.07 / Updated: 17.05.19
Claxton of Claxton, Claxton of Wynyard
[Clay of Crich(e) & Southwell - see draft on Clay01]
[Claybrooke - see under Cleybrooke below]
[Clayfield of Brislington - see CZmisc21 below]
Clayton01 (17KB)Uploaded: 25.11.15 / Updated: 25.11.15
Clayton of Adlington, Clayton of Clayton (Lancashire), Clayton of Fulwood, Clayton of Thelwell
Clayton02 (10KB)Uploaded: 29.09.07 / Updated: 29.09.07[originally called Clayton01]
Clayton in Buckinghamshire, Clayton in London, Clayton in Surrey
[Clayton of Great Grimsby - see CZmisc04 below]
[Clayton - see also under Cleaton just below]
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[Cleaton (Clayton) of Lea Hall - see Temp86]
Cleaver1 (16KB)Uploaded: 03.01.17 / Updated: 03.01.17
Cleaver of (Over or Upper) Boddington, Cleaver of Bygrave
[Cleaver - see also Claver above]
Cleburne01 (29KB)Uploaded: 28.09.06 / Updated: 28.09.06
Cleburne of Ballycullatan Castle, Cleburne of Bunadubber, Cleburne of Cliburn, Cleburne of Killerby
Cleburne02 (11KB)Uploaded: 18.08.15 / Updated: 18.08.15
Clibborn of Moate, Clibborn of Whelan Grove
Cleiveland1 (09KB)Uploaded: 04.12.22 / Updated: 04.12.22
Cleiveland of Hinckley, Cleiveland of Liverpool
Cleland01 (07KB)Uploaded: 01.05.04 / Updated: 01.05.04
Cleland (Clelland) of Cleland, Cleland of Faskin (Faskine), Cleland of Glenhoofe (Glenhuif)
Cleland02 (12KB)Uploaded: 01.05.04 / Updated: 01.05.04
Cleland of Cleland, Cleland of Faskin, Cleland of Gartness, Cleland of Knownoblehill (Connoblehill), Cleland of Monkland
Clements01 (10KB)Uploaded: 29.01.08 / Updated: 19.02.13
Clements of Croft, Clements of Leitrim, Clements of Rathkenny
[Clement of Chardstock & Plymouth - see CZmisc18 below]
[Clement of Ightham Mote - see Tmp17]
Clench1 (10KB)Uploaded: 27.03.21 / Updated: 27.03.21
Clench of Burgh, Clench of Holbrook
[Clenhill or Clenhell - see under Clennell just below]
[Clennell of Clennell & Harbottle - see Temp13]
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Clephane1 (11KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 27.10.03
Clephane of Carslogie
Clephane2 (07KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 17.02.11
Clephane of Carslogie
Clere1 (14KB)Uploaded: 19.06.08 / Updated: 19.06.08
Clere of Blickling, Clere of Ormesby, Clere of Stokesby
Clerk01 (19KB)Uploaded: 09.12.05 / Updated: 09.09.11
Clerk-Rattray of Craighall-Rattray, Clerk of Listonshiels, Clerk of Penicuik, Clerk of Spittal, Clerk of Westholme
Clerk02 (27KB)Uploaded: 10.12.05 / Updated: 10.12.05
Clerk of Guilsborough, Clerke of Launde Abbey, Clerke of Ulcombe, Clerke of Watford, Clerke of Weston, Clerke of Willoughby
Clerk03 (10KB)Uploaded: 06.10.15 / Updated: 06.10.15
Clerke of Hitcham, Clerke of North Weston, Clerke of Shabbington
[Clerke - see also Clarke above]
Clervaux1 (18KB)Uploaded: 15.12.07 / Updated: 15.12.07
Clervaux of Croft
[Cleveland in USA - see CZmisc01 below]
[Cleveland - see also Cleiveland above]
[Cleybrooke in Kent - see CZmisc16 below]
[Clibborn - see under Cleburne above]
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Cliffe1 (10KB)Uploaded: 11.08.11 / Updated: 11.08.11
Cliffe of Bellevue, Cliffe of New Ross, Cliffe of Westminster
[Cliffe - see also Clive below]
Clifford01 (16KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 09.02.18
Clifford of Clifford
Clifford02 (16KB)Uploaded: 15.01.03 / Updated: 02.07.03
Clifford of Clifford, Clifford of Cumberland
Clifford03 (28KB)Uploaded: 19.03.04 / Updated: 13.07.24
Clifford of Bobbing Court, Clifford of Borscombe (Boscomb), Clifford of Chudleigh, Clifford of King's Teignton, Clifford of Tixall, Clifford of Ugbrooke
Clifford04 (11KB)Uploaded: 08.11.08 / Updated: 06.03.22
Clifford of Frampton
Clifford05 (21KB)Uploaded: 06.03.22 / Updated: 06.03.22
Clifford of Castle Annesley, Clifford of Dublin, Clifford of Frampton, Clifford of Swindon
Clifton01 (19KB)Uploaded: 30.12.03 / Updated: 30.12.03
Clifton of Clifton (Lancashire), Clifton of Lytham, Clifton of Westby
Clifton02 (19KB)Uploaded: 31.12.03 / Updated: 26.08.16
Clifton of Barrington Court, Clifton of Clifton (Nottinghamshire), Clifton of Hodsock, Clifton of Leighton Bromswold
Clifton03 (15KB)Uploaded: 31.12.03 / Updated: 13.11.10
Clifton of Clifton (Nottinghamshire), Clifton of Hodsock
Clifton04 (05KB)Uploaded: 31.12.03 / Updated: 31.12.03
Clifton of Buckenham Castle
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Clinton01 (17KB)Uploaded: 24.03.03 / Updated: 07.07.05
Clinton of Clinton, Clinton of Coleshill, Clinton of Maxstoke (Maxtock or Marstoke), de Tancreville
Clinton02 (25KB)Uploaded: 24.03.03 / Updated: 09.04.07
Clinton of Lincoln, Clinton of Maxstoke (Maxtock or Marstoke)
Clinton03 (06KB)Uploaded: 29.04.21 / Updated: 29.04.21
Clynton of Castleditch
Clippesby1 (08KB)Uploaded: 17.01.11 / Updated: 17.01.11
Clippesby of Clippesby (Clipsbye of Clipsbye), Clipsbye of Owby
Clipsham1 (10KB)Uploaded: 18.02.08 / Updated: 18.02.08
Clipsham of Manthorpe, Clipsham of Morcott, Clipsham of Otby
Clitherow1 (16KB)Uploaded: 30.03.09 / Updated: 10.01.22
Clitherow of Boston House, Clitheroe of London, Cliderou of Salebury
Clive01 (23KB)Uploaded: 16.06.06 / Updated: 24.01.11
Clive of Clive, Clive of Huxley, Clive of Styche, Clive of Walford, Clive (Cliffe) of Whitfield, Clive of Wormbridge
[Clive - see also Cliffe above]
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Clobery1 (15KB)Uploaded: 28.05.10 / Updated: 20.03.17
Clobery (Cleobury or Cloberry) of Bradston (Bradstone)
Clopton01 (09KB)Uploaded: 05.04.06 / Updated: 11.11.20
Clopton of Chiperley, Clopton of Clopton, Clopton of Kentwell, Clopton of Long Melford, Clopton of Toppesfield, Clopton of Wickhambrook
Clopton02 (13KB)Uploaded: 06.04.06 / Updated: 14.11.22
Clopton (Cockesfeild) of Clopton, Clopton of London
Clopton03 (25KB)Uploaded: 11.11.20 / Updated: 11.11.20
Clopton of Kentwell, Clopton of Liston (Lyston) Hall, Clopton of Long Melford
Close1 (14KB)Uploaded: 08.04.14 / Updated: 08.04.14
Close of Drumbanagher, Close of Elm Park, Close in co. Monaghan
Clotworthy1 (13KB)Uploaded: 02.10.06 / Updated: 11.07.13
Clotworthy of Clotworthy, Clotworthy of Massereene, Clotworthy of Rashleigh (Rashley)
[Cloudsley of Leeds - see CZmisc22 below]
Clough1 (17KB)Uploaded: 11.10.09 / Updated: 11.10.09
Clough of Dunham, Clough of Plas Clough
[Clough of Thorpe Stapleton - see CZmisc15 below]
Clouston1 (17KB)Uploaded: 07.04.07 / Updated: 07.04.07
Clouston of Clouston, Clouston of Kirkwall, Clouston of Netherbigging, Clouston of Nisthouse, Clouston of Smoogro, Clouston of Stenness, Clouston of Stromness
Clovile1 (10KB)Uploaded: 03.07.23 / Updated: 03.0723
Clovile of Clovile's Hall, Clovile of Copfauld (Copfold) Hall, Clovile of West Haningfield
[Clovile - see also Colvile below]
Clowes1 (12KB)Uploaded: 16.11.07 / Updated: 16.11.07
Clowes of Broughton, Clowes of Delaford, Clowes of Langley, Clowes of Rudyard, Clowes of Whiteley
Clutterbuck01 (20KB)Uploaded: 27.01.09 / Updated: 07.05.19
Clutterbuck of Bristol, Clutterbuck of Eastington, Clutterbuck of King's Stanley, Clotterbooke of Leonard Stanley, Clutterbuck of Southampton
Clutterbuck02 (17KB)Uploaded: 07.05.19 / Updated: 07.05.19
Clutterbuck of The Hyde, Clutterbuck of Warkworth, Clutterbuck of Whittle
[Clynton - see under Clinton above]
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Coats1 (13KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 19.01.07
Coates of Barnhill, Coats of Dykehead, Coats of Paisley
[Coats- see also Cotes below]
Cobb01 (22KB)Uploaded: 03.01.08 / Updated: 03.01.08
Cobb of Sandringham, Cobbe of Sharnebrooke, Cobb of Snettisham (Snetisham)
Cobb02 (11KB)Uploaded: 03.01.08 / Updated: 03.01.08
Cobb of Adderbury, Cobb of Ottringham
Cobb03 (11KB)Uploaded: 03.01.08 / Updated: 03.01.08
Cobbe of Newbridge, Cobb of Northington, Cobbe of Swaraton (Swareton)
Cobb04 (14KB)Uploaded: 14.12.16 / Updated: 14.12.16
Cobb of Aldington, Cobb of Cobb's Court, Cobb of New Romney, Cobb of Reculver
Cobham01 (17KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 14.02.23
Cobham of Allington, Cobham of Cobham, Cobham of Rundale (Rundell or Roundall), Cobham of Sterborough
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Cochrane01 (10KB)Uploaded: 07.10.03 / Updated: 27.03.19
Cochrane of Barbachlaw, Cochrane of Cochrane, Cochrane of Lincliff
Cochrane02 (31KB)Uploaded: 07.10.03 / Updated: 21.06.20
Cochrane of Auchencreugh, Cochrane of Craigmuir, Cochrane of Culross, Cochrane of Dundonald, Cochrane of Ferguslie, Cochran of Ladyland, Cochrane of Ochiltree, Cochrane of Waterside
[Cock - see under Cocks below]
[Cockayne - see under Cokayne below]
Cockburn01 (17KB)Uploaded: 08.06.06 / Updated: 08.01.19[originally uploaded as Cockburn1]
Cockburn of Cockburn, Cockburn of Henderland, Cockburn of Langton
Cockburn02 (24KB)Uploaded: 08.01.19 / Updated: 08.01.19
Cockburn of East Borthwick, Cockburn of Eyemouth, Cockburn of Jamaica, Cockburn of Langton
Cockburn03 (29KB)Uploaded: 08.06.06 / Updated: 18.01.19[originally uploaded as Cockburn2]
Cockburn of Choicelee (Chouslie), Cockburn of Cockburn, Cockburn of Ryslaw
Cockburn04 (27KB)Uploaded: 09.01.19 / Updated: 09.01.19
Cockburn of Bolton, Cockburn of Cockpen, Cockburn of Ormiston, Cockburn of Sandybed, Cockburn of Woodhead
Cockburn05 (16KB)Uploaded: 18.01.19 / Updated: 18.01.19
Cockburn of Cessford, Cockburn of Glen, Cockburn of Henderland, Cockburn in Lethame, Cockburn of Newholme, Cockburn of Skirling
Cockburn06 (11KB)Uploaded: 18.01.19 / Updated: 18.01.19
Cockburn of Clerkington, Cockburn of Newbigging, Cockburn of Newhall
Cockburn07 (13KB)Uploaded: 18.01.19 / Updated: 18.01.19
Cockburn of Dalginche, Cockburn of Gartsford, Cockburn of Rowchester, Cockburn of Selburnrigg, Cokburn of Torry, Cockburn of Trettoun
Cockeram1 (10KB)Uploaded: 11.07.13 / Updated: 11.07.13
Cockeram of Cullompton, Cockeram of Grewen, Cockeram of Purbeck
Cockett1 (11KB)Uploaded: 12.11.15 / Updated: 12.11.15
Cockett (Cokett) of Ampton, Cockett (Cokett) of Apleton, Cokett (Cockett) of South Myms
Cocks1 (26KB)Uploaded: 13.01.07 / Updated: 10.01.21
Cocks of Bishop's Cleeve, Cocks of Castleditch, Cocks of Crowie, Cocks of Dumbleton (Dumblaton), Cocks Lords Somers, Cocks of Woodmancote
Cocks2 (09KB)Uploaded: 31.01.17 / Updated: 31.01.17
Cock of Broxborne, Cock of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Cock of Prittlewell
[Cockshead of Chumleigh (Chimley) - see CZmisc06 below]
[Cockshutt of Huthwaite - see CZmisc01 below]
[Codd - see CZmisc13 below]
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Coddington1 (14KB)Uploaded: 30.06.09 / Updated: 30.06.09
Coddington of Holm Patrick, Coddington of Oldbridge
Codrington1 (23KB)Uploaded: 03.12.08 / Updated: 25.10.14
Codrington in Barbados, Codrington of Codrington, Codrington of Didmarton (Didmartin), Codrington of Dodington, Codrington of Frampton, Codrington of Wroughton
Coetmor1 (18KB)Uploaded: 21.09.09 / Updated: 21.09.09
Coetmor of Coetmor (Coytmore)
Coffin1 (19KB)Uploaded: 20.12.11 / Updated: 20.12.11
Coffin of Alwington, Coffin of Porthledge (Portledge, Portlinch or Porthelinch)
Cogan01 (11KB)Uploaded: 09.07.07 / Updated: 10.02.18
Cogan of Bampton, Cogan of Cogan, Cogan of Dorset, Cogan of Oxford
[Cogeshall (Cogshall) of Essex - see CZmisc16 below]
Coghill1 (11KB)Uploaded: 05.01.18 / Updated: 05.01.18
Coghill of Coghill (Caithness), Coghill of Coghill Hall (Yorkshire), Coghill of Knaresborough
Coham1 (09KB)Uploaded: 04.11.07 / Updated: 30.03.18
Coham of Coham, Coham of Dunsland, Coham of Upcott Avenel
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Cokayne1 (16KB)Uploaded: 12.11.07 / Updated: 28.09.13
Cokayne (Cockayne or Cokaine) of Ashbourne (Ashborne)
Cokayne2 (26KB)Uploaded: 12.11.07 / Updated: 24.06.21
Cokayne of Baddesley Ensor, Cokayne of Cokayne Hatley, Cokayne (Cockayne) Lords Cullen, Cokayne of Rushton Hall
Coke01 (20KB)Uploaded: 29.06.05 / Updated: 21.12.21
Coke of Didlington (Dodington), Coke of Holkham, Coke of Leicester, Coke of Longford, Coke of Ryston, Coke of Sparham, Coke of Thorington
Coke02 (25KB)Uploaded: 29.06.05 / Updated: 23.03.16
Coke of Marchington Woodhouse, Coke of Melbourne, Coke of Trusley
Coke03 (11KB)Uploaded: 30.08.11 / Updated: 30.08.11
Coke of Brookhill, Coke of Eardisley, Coke of Lower Moor, Coke of Suckley
Coke04 (06KB)Uploaded: 21.12.21 / Updated: 21.12.21
Coke of Holkham, Coke of Leicester, Coke of Longford
[Coke of New Sarum (Salisbury) - see Tmp07]
[Coke - see also under Cooke below]
Coker1 (18KB)Uploaded: 08.11.08 / Updated: 09.05.24
Coker of Bicester, Coker of Mapowder
Colbrond1 (06KB)Uploaded: 12.10.10 / Updated: 12.10.10
Colbrond of Boreham (Colbrand of Bornham), Colbrond of Chichester
Colclough01 (10KB)Uploaded: 25.04.08 / Updated: 25.04.08
Colclough of Blurton (Bluerton), Colclough of Delph House
Colclough02 (33KB)Uploaded: 25.04.08 / Updated: 25.04.08
Colcough of Bohermore, Colclough of Duffrey Hall, Colclough of Kildavin, Colclough of Tintern Abbey
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Cole01 (12KB)Uploaded: 27.12.14 / Updated: 27.12.14
Cole in Cornwall, Cole in Devon, Cole of Nythway, Cole of Slade, Cole of Tamer
Cole02 (14KB)Uploaded: 27.12.14 / Updated: 27.12.14
Cole of Buckish (Buckland), Cole of Enstone, Cole of Slade
Cole03 (24KB)Uploaded: 03.08.05 / Updated: 27.12.14[originally named Cole01]
Cole of Enniskillen, Cole of Florence Court, Cole of London, Cole of Newland
Cole04 (10KB)Uploaded: 18.02.21 / Updated: 18.02.21
Cole of Brancepeth Castle, Cole of Stoke Lyne, Cole of Twickenham
Colebrooke1 (08KB)Uploaded: 24.07.09 / Updated: 31.08.15
Colebrooke of Chilham Castle, Colebrooke of Gatton
[Coleire - see under Colier below]
[Colegrave of Cann Hall - see Temp60]
[Coleman - see Colman below]
Colepeper1 (23KB)Uploaded: 07.01.04 / Updated: 21.04.09
Colepeper of Bay Hall, Colepeper of Exton, Colepeper of Wakehurst
Colepeper2 (10KB)Uploaded: 11.12.08 / Updated: 25.01.09
Culpeper of Aylesford, Colepeper of Oxenheath, Colepeper (Culpeper) of Preston Hall
Colepeper3 (20KB)Uploaded: 25.01.09 / Updated: 13.05.09
Colepeper of Bedgebery, Colepeper of Greenway Court, Colepeper of Hollingbourne, Colepeper of Leeds Castle, Colepeper of Thoresway, Colepeper of Wigsell
[Coleridge - see CZmisc12 below]
[Coleshill - see under Colshill below]
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Colier1 (14KB)Uploaded: 18.12.13 / Updated: 18.12.13
Colier (Coleire) of Darlaston, Colier of Stone, Colier of Yarlet
Colier2 (18KB)Uploaded: 19.12.13 / Updated: 19.12.13
Collyer of Amersham, Collyer of London
Colier3 (13KB)Uploaded: 20.12.13 / Updated: 20.12.13
Collyer of London, Collier of London
[Colier - see also Colyear below]
Collamore1 (11KB)Uploaded: 30.12.14 / Updated: 30.12.14
Collamore of Bearcharter, Collamore of Braunton, Collamore of Luscott
Collas1 (16KB)Uploaded: 09.05.17 / Updated: 09.05.17
Collas of Jersey
[Collee (Colneye) of West Court - see Temp35]
Colles1 (17KB)Uploaded: 13.04.10 / Updated: 13.04.10
Colles of Grimley, Colles of Hampton, Colles of Hatfield, Colles of Leigh, Colles of Parkbury
Colles2 (07KB)Uploaded: 27.08.16 / Updated: 27.08.16
Colles (Coles) of Barton
Colleton1 (15KB)Uploaded: 19.04.12 / Updated: 19.04.12
Colleton in Barbados, Colleton of Exeter, Colleton in South Carolina
Colley1 (15KB)Uploaded: 22.11.02 / Updated: 24.03.03
Colley of Castle Carbery, Colley of Edenderry
Colley2 (08KB)Uploaded: 10.12.09 / Updated: 10.11.19
Colley of Dodford, Colley (Colly) of Glaston (Glaiston), Colly (Colley) of Lubenham
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[Collier - see under Colier above and Colyear below]
Collingwood01 (18KB)Uploaded: 27.07.11 / Updated: 27.07.11
Collingwood of Ditchburne, Collingwood of Eslington (Esslington or Estlington), Collingwood of Lilburn Tower
Collins01 (10KB)Uploaded: 27.03.11 / Updated: 27.03.11
Collins of Betterton
Collins02 (13KB)Uploaded: 23.03.17 / Updated: 10.02.18
Collyns of Awtrie St. Marie, Collins of Hythe, Collyns of Offwell, Collins of Rathcoole
Collins03 (13KB)Uploaded: 07.04.23 / Updated: 07.04.23
Collins in Cornwall, Collins of Illogan, Collins of Redruth
[Collinson of Chantry & Lodnon - see CZmisc19 below]
Collis1 (11KB)Uploaded: 31.08.11 / Updated: 31.08.11
Cooke-Collis of Castle Cooke, Collis of Mountford Lodge, Collis of Tieraclea
Collison1 (07KB)Uploaded: 24.06.22 / Updated: 24.06.22
Collison of East Bilney Hall, Collison of Tittleshall
[Collyer - see under Colier above and Colyear below]
Colman1 (08KB)Uploaded: 10.02.18 / Updated: 10.02.18
Colman (Coleman) of Gornhay, Colman of Tiverton
Colquhoun01 (28KB)Uploaded: 15.02.03 / Updated: 11.06.05
Colquhoun of Barrowfield, Colquhoun of Camstradden, Colquhoun of Colquhoun, Colquhoun of Glens, Colquhoun of Luss, Colquhoun of Tilliquhoun
Colquhoun02 (14KB)Uploaded: 22.05.06 / Updated: 22.05.06
Colquhoun of Camstradden, Colquhoun of Craigallian, Colqhuoun of Garscadden, Colquhoun of Killermont
[Colquit of Fowey (Foy) - see CZmisc18 below]
Colshill1 (08KB)Uploaded: 29.10.10 / Updated: 29.10.10
Colshill of Chigwell, Colshill of Devon
Colston1 (11KB)Uploaded: 09.05.21 / Updated: 09.05.21
Colston of Brant Broughton, Colston of Corby, Colston of London
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Colt01 (12KB)Uploaded: 12.07.05 / Updated: 21.08.07
Colt of Auldhame, Colt of Colt, Colt of Gartsherrie, Colt of Garturk, Colt of Inveresk
Colt02 (17KB)Uploaded: 13.12.05 / Updated: 13.12.05
Colt of Colt's Hall, Colt (Coult) of Netherhall
[Colte of Woodwicks - see CZmisc15 below]
[Colt - see also Coutts below]
Colthurst1 (11KB)Uploaded: 02.11.07 / Updated: 18.01.16
Colthurst of Ardrum, Colthurst of Ballyandy, Colthurst of Dripsey Castle, Colthurst of Knutsford, Colthurst of Sandlebridge
Colthurst2 (10KB)Uploaded: 30.06.20 / Updated: 01.07.20
Coulthurst of Bank Newton, Coulthurst of Gargrave, Coulthurst of Upleatham
Columbell1 (12KB)Uploaded: 03.03.08 / Updated: 03.03.08
Columbell of Darley
[Columbine of Norwich - see CZmisc22 below]
Colville01 (10KB)Uploaded: 21.10.03 / Updated: 21.10.03
Colville of Hiltoun, Colville of Ochiltree, Colville of Oxnam (Oxenham)
Colville02 (25KB)Uploaded: 21.10.03 / Updated: 21.10.03
Colvill of Cleish, Colville of Culross, Colville of Easter Wemyss, Colville of Ochiltree
Colville03 (15KB)Uploaded: 06.04.07 / Updated: 06.04.07 [originally named Colvile1]
Colvile of Carleton Colvile, Colvile of Newton Colvile
Colville04 (12KB)Uploaded: 29.05.23 / Updated: 29.05.23
Colvile of Arncliffe, Colville (Colvile) of Bytham
[Colvile - see also Clovile above]
[Colwell of London - see CZmisc08 below]
[Colwell - see also Caldwell above]
Colyear1 (10KB)Uploaded: 21.10.03 / Updated: 21.10.03
Colyear of Portmore
[Colyear - see also Colier above]
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Combe01 (13KB)Uploaded: 21.05.08 / Updated: 21.05.08
Combe of Chicksgrove, Combe of Cobham Park, Combe of Norton Ferrers Manor
[Combe of Stratford (Stretford) - see Temp57]
[(de) Combemartin - see Tmp14]
Comber1 (19KB)Uploaded: 03.06.11 / Updated: 03.05.13
Comber of Allington, Comber of Chichester, Comber of East Newton, Comber of London, Comber of Shermanbury
Comberbach1 (18KB)Uploaded: 21.05.21 / Updated: 21.05.21
Comberbach of Chester, Comberbach of Nantwich
Comberbach2 (10KB)Uploaded: 21.05.21 / Updated: 21.05.21
Comberbach of Haughton, Comberbach of Ridley
Comberford1 (17KB)Uploaded: 15.09.08 / Updated: 05.09.08
Comberford of Comberford
[Comport of Chiselhurst - see CZmisc11 below]
Compton01 (26KB)Uploaded: 09.04.03 / Updated: 06.11.13
Compton of Compton, Compton of Minstead, Compton of Northampton
Compton02 (08KB)Uploaded: 02.03.07 / Updated: 28.07.19
Compton of Hartbury, Compton of Hindlip
Compton03 (11KB)Uploaded: 28.07.19 / Updated: 28.07.19
Compton of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Compton of Carham, Compton of Gainslaw (Gainslow), Compton of Learmouth
Comyn01 (21KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 07.01.09
Comyn of Badenoch, Comyn of Buchan, Comyn of Kilbride, Cummin of Snitterfield
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[Conder of Leeds & London - see CZmisc13 below]
Coney1 (18KB)Uploaded: 16.04.07 / Updated: 16.04.07
Coney (Cony) of Bassingthorpe, Cony of Corby, Cony of Hanthorpe, Coney of Kirton, Cony of Whissendine
Congalton1 (14KB)Uploaded: 14.12.04 / Updated: 14.12.04
Congalton of Congalton, Hepburn of Keith
Congreve01 (13KB)Uploaded: 29.11.06 / Updated: 29.11.06
Congreve of Aldermaston, Congreve of Congreve, Congreve of Stretton
Congreve02 (05KB)Uploaded: 19.08.11 / Updated: 19.08.11
Congreve of Mount Congreve
[Coningham - see under Cunningham below]
Coningsby1 (17KB)Uploaded: 02.02.06 / Updated: 15.07.15
Coningsby of Chapell, Coningsby of Coningsby (Coningsbie), Coningsby of Leominster, Coningsby of Nenne Solers
Coningsby2 (19KB)Uploaded: 02.02.06 / Updated: 15.07.15
Coningsby of Clanbrassil, Coningsby of Hampton Court (Herefordshire), Coningsby of North Mimms
Conner1 (13KB)Uploaded: 16.01.13 / Updated: 16.01.13
Conner of Ballybricken, Conner of Bandon, Conner of Connerville, Conner of co. Cork
[Conner - see also under O'Conor]
Connock1 (10KB)Uploaded: 10.07.18 / Updated: 10.07.18
Connock of St. Cleare, Connock of Treworgy
Conquest1 (12KB)Uploaded: 22.10.11 / Updated: 22.10.11
Conquest of Houghton Conquest
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Consett1 (13KB)Uploaded: 21.04.20 / Updated: 21.04.20
Consett of Brawith Hall, Consett of Linthorpe, Consett of Normanby, Consett of Yarm, Bell of Thirsk
Constable01 (14KB)Uploaded: 24.03.04 / Updated: 24.03.04
Constable of Flamburgh (Flamborough)
Constable02 (19KB)Uploaded: 24.03.04 / Updated: 04.07.07
Constable of Everingham, Constable of Flamburgh (Flamborough), Constable of Kexby
Constable03 (24KB)Uploaded: 24.03.04 / Updated: 23.01.06
Constable of Bentley, Constable of Burton Constable, Constable of Dunbar, Constable of Halsham, Constable of Holderness, Constable of Kilnsea, Constable of St. Sepulchre's
Constable04 (18KB)Uploaded: 04.07.07 / Updated: 04.07.07
Constable of Cliffe, Constable of Hatfield, Constable of North Cliffe, Constable of Wassand
Constable05 (11KB)Uploaded: 02.06.12 / Updated: 02.06.12
Constable of Barnby, Constable of Dromonby, Constable of Sherborne
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Conway01 (23KB)Uploaded: 03.01.06 / Updated: 30.09.09
Conais of Richmond, Conway (Conwy) of Bodrhyddan (Bodrythan), Conway of Conway Castle, Conway of Killultagh, Conway of Ragley
Conway02 (10KB)Uploaded: 30.09.09 / Updated: 30.09.09
Conway (Conwy) of Bodrhyddan (Bodrythan)
[Conwy of Bryneuryn & Plas ucha - see within Wales55]
[Conway of Marston Montgomery - see within Edge1]
[Cony - see under Coney above]
Conyers01 (16KB)Uploaded: 22.06.03 / Updated: 21.10.20
Conyers of Finningham, Conyers of Howton Conyers (Hoton Coigniers), Conyers of Ormesby, Conyers of Sockburne
Conyers02 (24KB)Uploaded: 22.06.03 / Updated: 29.08.07
Conyers of Hornby, Conyers of Marske, Conyers of Wynyard
Conyers03 (17KB)Uploaded: 31.07.07 / Updated: 20.04.14
Conyers of Laton (Layton), Conyers of Sockburne
Conyers04 (22KB)Uploaded: 02.04.12 / Updated: 21.03.23
Conyers of Bowlby, Conyers of Copt Hall (Copped Hall), Conyers of Northallerton, Conyers of Scarborough, Conyers of Walthamstow, Conyers of Whitby
Conyers05 (16KB)Uploaded: 20.03.19 / Updated: 20.03.23
Conyers of Chester-Le-Street, Conyers of Horden, Conyers of Wakerley (Wakerly)
[Conyers of Hoppen - see CZmisc19 below]
[Conyers of Norton Conyers - see Norton02]
[Conyngham - see under Cunningham below]
Coode1 (13KB)Uploaded: 04.10.11 / Updated: 20.07.12
Coode of Morval (Morevale)
Coode2 (12KB)Uploaded: 10.07.18 / Updated: 10.07.18
Coode of Breage, Coode of Methleigh, Coode of Tresa
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Cooke01 (19KB)Uploaded: 16.09.05 / Updated: 16.09.05
Cooke of Doncaster, Cooke of Owston, Cooke of Sandall, Cooke of Wheatley, Cooke-Yarborough of Campsmount
Cooke02 (19KB)Uploaded: 19.04.06 / Updated: 20.01.21
Cooke of Chigwell, Cooke of Giddey (Giddea or Gidea) Hall, Cooke of Highnam
Cooke03 (11KB)Uploaded: 28.01.07 / Updated: 15.06.13
Cooke of Camerton, Cooke of Harefield, Cooke of London, Cooke of Peak
Cooke04 (14KB)Uploaded: 30.05.11 / Updated: 30.05.11
Cookes of Bentley Pauncefoot, Cookes of Norgrove, Cookes of Powyck
Cooke05 (10KB)Uploaded: 19.08.11 / Updated: 18.01.16
Cooke of Castle Cooke, Cooke of Kiltinane Castle
Cooke06 (11KB)Uploaded: 06.09.11 / Updated: 17.11.20
Cooke of Broome, Cooke of Linstead
Cooke07 (10KB)Uploaded: 14.04.17 / Updated: 26.07.19
Cook of Aydon, Cooke of Bexley, Cooke of Mount Mascall, Cooke of North Cray, Cooke of Rustington, Cooke of Wickham
Cooke08 (12KB)Uploaded: 11.02.18 / Updated: 11.02.18
Cooke of Southmolton, Cooke of Thorne
Cooke09 (18KB)Uploaded: 06.05.19 / Updated: 11.09.19
Cook of Amble Newhall, Cook of Newton-on-the-Moor, Cook of Togston, Cook of Warkworth
Cooke10 (13KB)Uploaded: 09.05.19 / Updated: 11.09.19
Cook of Brainshaugh, Cook of Eastfield, Cook of Low Newton
Cooke11 (13KB)Uploaded: 30.11.20 / Updated: 24.04.24
Cooke of Campsall, Cooke of Kingsthorpe, Cooke of Leeds
[Cooke - see also under Coke above]
[Cookes - see under Cooke above]
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Cookson1 (10KB)Uploaded: 21.02.12 / Updated: 21.02.12
Cookson of Penrith, Cookson of Whitehill, Crackanthorpe of Newbiggin Hall
Cooper01 (11KB)Uploaded: 10.06.05 / Updated: 07.12.10
Cooper of Rockbourne, Cooper (Ashley-Cooper) of Shaftesbury
Cooper02 (16KB)Uploaded: 08.03.09 / Updated: 24.03.16
Cooper of Blackley, Cooper of Cooper's Hill (co. Sligo), Cooper of Markree, Cooper of Dublin
Cooper03 (20KB)Uploaded: 09.03.13 / Updated: 09.03.13
Cooper of Barn Hall, Cooper of Beamore, Cooper of Butterhilll, Cooper of Cooper Hill (co Meath), Cooper of Dublin, Cooper of Killenure Castle, Cooper of Kinsaley
Cooper04 (14KB)Uploaded: 24.05.16 / Updated: 26.09.16
Cooper of Cooper's Hill (aka Sragh, in Queen's Co.), Cooper of Thurgarton
Cooper05 (19KB)Uploaded: 13.04.19 / Updated: 13.04.19
Cooper of Ballindalloch, Cooper of Failford, Couper (Cooper) of Gogar, Couper in Tower of Banheath
Cooper06 (12KB)Uploaded: 17.01.23 / Updated: 17.01.23
Cooper of Burbach (Burbage), Cooper of Leicester, Cowper of Sapcote, Cooper (Cowper) of Stoney Stanton
[Cooper of Ardsley - see CZmisc07 below]
[Cooper - see also Cowper & Cupper below]
Coote01 (14KB)Uploaded: 24.11.04 / Updated: 27.10.13
Coote of Mountrath, Coote in Norfolk
Coote02 (18KB)Uploaded: 24.11.04 / Updated: 27.10.13
Coote of Ash Hill, Coote of Castlecoote, Coote of Killester, Coote of Mount Coote, Coote of West Park, Purdon-Coote of Ballyclough
Coote03 (13KB)Uploaded: 24.11.04 / Updated: 24.11.04
Coote of Bellomont (Bellamont), Coote of Coloony, Coote of Donnybrooke, Coote of Coote Hill
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Cope01 (23KB)Uploaded: 03.04.05 / Updated: 05.07.21
Cope of Banbury, Cope of Bramshill, Cope of Denshanger, Cope of Hanwell, Cope of Mardon
Cope02 (24KB)Uploaded: 03.04.05 / Updated: 05.07.21
Cope of Castlegal, Cope of Drummilly, Cope of Dublin, Cope of Loughgall
Cope03 (15KB)Uploaded: 06.10.19 / Updated: 05.07.21
Cope of Brewerne, Cope of Canons Ashby, Cope of Eydon, Cope of Ranton Abbey
Cope04 (05KB)Uploaded: 08.10.21 / Updated: 08.10.21
Cope of Osbaston, Cope of Salford Priors
Copinger1 (20KB)Uploaded: 20.06.14 / Updated: 20.06.14
Copinger of Buxhall, Copinger of Lavenham
Copinger2 (26KB)Uploaded: 20.06.14 / Updated: 20.06.14
Coppinger of Ballyvolane, Coppinger of Barryscourt, Coppinger of Cork, Coppinger of Granacloyne, Coppinger of Midleton, Coppinger of Rossmore
Copledike1 (16KB)Uploaded: 09.02.09 / Updated: 09.02.09
Copledike of Copledike, Copledike of Frampton, Copledike of Harrington, Copledike of Kirkby
[Coplen-Langford of Kilcosgriff - see LZmisc07]
Coplestone01 (22KB)Uploaded: 08.01.09 / Updated: 22.07.12
Copleston of Bideford, Coplestone of Brickton, Coplestone of Coplestone (Copleston of Copleston), Copleston of Eggesford
Coplestone02 (29KB)Uploaded: 22.07.12 / Updated: 21.07.24
Copleston of Bowden, Copleston of Instow, Copleston of Nash, Coplestone of Ottery St. Mary, Copleston of Wear Gifford, Coplestone of Woodland
Copley01 (40KB)Uploaded: 15.11.06 / Updated: 29.04.21
Copley of Batley Hall, Copley of Doncaster, Copley of Gatton, Copley of Hotham, Copley of Roughway, Copley of Sprotborough, Copley of Wadworth
[Coppin - see Temp99]
[Coppinger - see under Copinger above]
[Coram of Awtrie (Ottery) St. Mary - see CZmisc18 below]
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Corbet01 (26KB)Uploaded: 31.07.03 / Updated: 31.05.09
Corbet of Alcester, Corbet of Caus Castle, Corbet of Hedeley, Corbet of Moreton Corbet, Corbet of Wattlesborough (Watlesburgh), Corbet of Willaston
Corbet02 (39KB)Uploaded: 31.07.03 / Updated: 14.08.22
Corbet of Adderley, Corbett of Barton, Corbett of Darnhall, Corbet of Moreton Corbet, Corbet of Stanwardine, Corbet of Stoke, Corbet of Ynynsymaengwyn
Corbet03 (14KB)Uploaded: 01.08.03 / Updated: 06.03.07
Corbet of Albrighton (Abrighton), Corbet of Leighton, Corbet of Longnor
Corbet04 (20KB)Uploaded: 18.06.05 / Updated: 18.06.05
Corbet of Fickstowe (Fokstow), Corbet of Hampton, Corbet of Leigh (Lee), Corbet of Newton, Corbet of Pontesbury
Corbet05 (06KB)Uploaded: 18.06.05 / Updated: 18.06.05
Corbet of Sprowston
[Corbet of Corbet Hill - see Singleton2]
[Corbet of Lanton & Mackerston - see within Dunbar01]
Cordell1 (09KB)Uploaded: 11.03.22 / Updated: 11.03.22
Cordell of London, Cordell of Long Melford
[Coren of Bubsworthy & Lawhitton - see CZmisc21 below]
Corfield1 (21KB)Uploaded: 20.06.07 / Updated: 20.06.07
Corfield of Chatwall Hall, Corfield of Longville, Corfield of Penryn, Corfield of Shrewsbury
Corindon1 (11KB)Uploaded: 20.05.18 / Updated: 20.05.18
Corindon (Corndon or Coryndon or Corington) of Bratton Clovelly
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Cornewall1 (17KB)Uploaded: 19.04.04 / Updated: 29.08.11
Cornewall (Cornewalle or Cornwall) of Burford
Cornewall2 (15KB)Uploaded: 29.08.11 / Updated: 29.08.11
Cornewall of Berington, Cornewall of Bredwardine Castle, Cornewall of Moccas
[later Cornewall of Moccas Court - see within Amyand1]
Cornish1 (24KB)Uploaded: 02.03.07 / Updated: 02.03.07
Cornish of Black Hall, Cornishe of Buckland, Cornishe of Kerse, Cornish of Salcombe Hill, Cornishe of Thurlestone, Cornishe of West Alvington, Cornishe of Whitley (Whitleigh)
Cornwallis1 (32KB)Uploaded: 22.10.04 / Updated: 17.09.09
Cornwallis of Albemarle (Abermarles), Cornwallis of Brome (Broome), Cornwallis of Cornwallis, Cornwallis of Eye, Cornwallis of Oakely
Corrance1 (09KB)Uploaded: 02.03.10 / Updated: 02.03.10
Corrance of Parham, Corrance of Rendlesham, Corrance of Rougham
Corry1 (08KB)Uploaded: 04.06.20 / Updated: 04.06.20
Corry of Castlecoole, Corry of Kelwood
Corsellis1 (13KB)Uploaded: 16.11.21 / Updated: 16.11.21
Corsellis of Layer Marney, Corsellis of London, Corsellis of Wivenhoe
Cory1 (12KB)Uploaded: 13.02.18 / Updated: 13.02.18
Cory of Bradworthy, Cory of Cory (Corrie of Corrie), Cory of Hartland, Cory of West Putford
[Coryn of Kenwyn - see CZmisc18 below]
[Coryndon - see under Corindon above]
Coryton1 (15KB)Uploaded: 06.03.07 / Updated: 11.07.18
Coryton (Coriton) of Coryton, Coryton of Newton Ferrars, Coryton of West Newton, Goodall of Fowey
Cosby1 (20KB)Uploaded: 20.10.10 / Updated: 20.10.10
Cosby of Cosby, Cosby (Cosbie) of Stradbally Hall
[Cosin/Cosyn - see CZmisc12 below]
[Cosington - see CZmisc22 below]
[Cossen of Madron - see within MZmisc14]
Cosworth1 (06KB)Uploaded: 26.06.13 / Updated: 26.06.13
Cosworth of Cosworth
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Cotes01 (22KB)Uploaded: 29.09.08 / Updated: 29.09.08
Cotes of Cotes, Cotes of Woodcote
Cotes02 (10KB)Uploaded: 26.10.22 / Updated: 26.10.22
Cotes of Ayleston, Cotes of Leicester
[Cotes - see also Coats above]
Cotesworth1 (06KB)Uploaded: 16.04.19 / Updated: 16.04.19
Cotesworth of Gateshead Park, Cotesworth of The Hermitage
Cotgreave1 (14KB)Uploaded: 27.08.16 / Updated: 27.08.16
Cotgreave of Chester, Cotgreve of Hargreve (Cotgrave of Hargrave), Cotgreave of Netherlegh
[Coton - see under Cotton below]
Cottell1 (14KB)Uploaded: 13.02.18 / Updated: 13.02.18
Cottell of North Tawton, Cottell of Yealmbridge (Yeombridge)
Cotter01 (15KB)Uploaded: 25.02.10 / Updated: 25.02.10
Cotter of Anngrove, Cotter of Aylsham, Cotter (Cottir) of Innismore, Cotter of Rockforest
Cotterell01 (11KB)Uploaded: 19.07.08 / Updated: 19.07.08
Cottrell of Hadley, Cottrell-Dormer of Rousham, Cotterell of Southrepps
Cottington1 (06KB)Uploaded: 27.05.24 / Updated: 27.05.24
Cottington of Fonthill Gifford
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Cotton01 (14KB)Uploaded: 14.04.05 / Updated: 14.04.05[formerly Cotton03]
Cotton of Alkington, Cotton of Bellaport, Cotton of Cotton (Salop), Cotton of Etwall
Cotton02 (27KB)Uploaded: 14.04.05 / Updated: 28.03.20
Cotton of Connington (Conington), Cotton of Cotton (Cotun, in Broxton, Cheshire), Cotton of Gedding, Cotton of Ridware (Richware), Cotton of Tiscot
Cotton03 (34KB)Uploaded: 13.04.05 / Updated: 27.09.13[formerly Cotton01]
Cotton of Bedhampton, Cotton of Combermere, Cotton of Warblington
Cotton04 (25KB)Uploaded: 06.07.06 / Updated: 04.10.06
Cotton of Barton, Cotton of Clavering, Cotton of Cotton Hall (Cambridgeshire), Cotton of Lanwade (Landward, Landwade or Langwade, etc.), Cotton of Madingley Hall, Cotton of Oxenhothe (Oxenheath), Cotton of Starsonn
Cotton05 (13KB)Uploaded: 12.08.08 / Updated: 27.02.12
Cotton of Cotton Wood (in Northwich, Cheshire), Cotton of Horsenden, Cotton of Whittington
Cotton06 (15KB)Uploaded: 05.01.16 / Updated:14.06.16
Cotton of Hackney, Cotton of Nether Denby, Cotton of The Haigh, Cotton of Wakefield
Cotton07 (13KB)Uploaded: 15.02.18 / Updated:15.02.18
Cotton of Ridware Hemstall, Cotton of Silverton
Cotton08 (16KB)Uploaded: 28.03.20 / Updated: 09.11.21
Cotton of Bold, Cotton of Crakemarsh, Coton (Cotton) of Panfield, Cotton of Poughill, Cotton of Tiscot
Cotton09 (07KB)Uploaded: 26.10.22 / Updated: 12.12.22
Cotton of Dadlington, Cotton of Laughton
[Cottrell - see under Cotterell above]
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[Coudray - see under Cowdray below]
[Coulson of Jesmond & Blenkinsopp Castle - see CZmisc20 below]
Coulter1 (07KB)Uploaded: 12.04.19 / Updated: 12.04.19
Coulter of Lesbury, Coulter of Newcastle
[Coulthurst - see under Colthurst above]
[Couper - see under Cooper above]
Courcy1 (16KB)Uploaded: 31.01.05 / Updated: 31.01.05
De Courcy of Stoke Courcy, De Courcy of Kinsale (Kingsale)
Courcy2 (15KB)Uploaded: 01.02.05 / Updated: 01.02.05
De Courcy of Killnacloane, De Courcy of Kingsale (Kinsale)
[à Court - see CZmisc04 below]
Courten1 (10KB)Uploaded: 02.04.21 / Updated: 02.04.21
Courten of Flanders, Courten (Courteen) of London
Courtenay1 (15KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 19.02.18
Courtenay of Courtenay, Courtenay of Devon, Courtenay of Okehampton
Courtenay2 (33KB)Uploaded: 21.02.03 / Updated: 19.02.18
Courtenay of Bickleigh, Courtenay of Boconnoc, Courtenay of Devon, Courtenay of Powderham Castle, Courtenay of Upcott
Courtenay3 (25KB)Uploaded: 21.02.03 / Updated: 10.12.18
Courtenay of Devon, Courtenay of Powderham Castle
Courtenay4 (15KB)Uploaded: 25.04.07 / Updated: 10.12.18
Courtenay of Ladock, Courtney of Lanrake (Courtenay of Landrake), Courtenay of St. Erme, Courtenay of Trehane, Courtenay of Trethurfe
Courtenay5 (07KB)Uploaded: 19.04.12 / Updated: 19.04.12
Courtenay in Bath, Courtenay in Ireland
Courtenay6 (23KB)Uploaded: 28.02.18 / Updated: 28.02.18
Courtney of Molland
Courtenay7 (18KB)Uploaded: 10.12.18 / Updated: 10.12.18
Courtenay of Ethy, Courtney of Lanevet (Lanivet), Courtney of Penkevell, Courtenay of Pensford (Painsford), Courtenay of Tremere (Courtney of Tremure)
Courthope1 (16KB)Uploaded: 21.02.09 / Updated: 16.04.17
Courthope of Cranbrook, Courthope of Danny, Courthope of Wards, Courthope of Whiligh (Wylie or Wyleigh)
[Couteur of Jersey - see under LeCouteur]
Coutts1 (17KB)Uploaded: 23.03.22 / Updated: 23.03.22
Coutts (Colt or Coult or Cowtis) of Auchtercoul, Coutts of Edinburgh, Coutts of Fullarton, Coutts of Montrose
[Coutts - see also Colt above]
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Coventry1 (20KB)Uploaded: 31.03.04 / Updated: 31.03.04
Coventry of Aylesborough, Coventry of Cassington, Coventry of Coventry
Covert1 (10KB)Uploaded: 06.07.09 / Updated: 06.07.09
Covert of Bradbridge, Covert of Chaldon, Covert of Sillington (Sullington)
Covert2 (19KB)Uploaded: 06.07.09 / Updated: 16.03.17
Covert of Hascombe (Huscombe), Covert of Sillington (Sullington), Covert of Slougham
[Coward of Wells - see CZmisc05 below]
[Cowdray & Cowdrey - see draft Cowdray1]
Cowlin1 (08KB)Uploaded: 11.07.18 / Updated: 11.07.18
Cowlin of Madron, Cowlin of Trengwainton (Trenguenthen)
Cowper1 (11KB)Uploaded: 23.09.04 / Updated: 15.05.24
Cowper of Cowper, Cowper of Hertingfordbury, Cowper of Ratling(e) Court
[Cowper - see also Cooper above]
Cox1 (16KB)Uploaded: 15.09.17 / Updated: 15.09.17
Cox of Castletown, Cox of Dunmanway
Cox2 (11KB)Uploaded: 21.01.22 / Updated: 21.01.22
Cox of Ballynoe, Cox of Coolcliffe
[Cox - see also Cocks above]
Coxwell1 (08KB)Uploaded: 10.05.13 / Updated: 10.05.13
Coxwell (later Coxwell-Rogers) of Ablington
[Coytmore - see Coetmor above]
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Crabb1 (17KB)Uploaded: 10.12.18 / Updated: 10.12.18
Crabb of Callington, Crabb of Castlewich, Crabb of Chickett Hall
Crackenthorpe1 (17KB)Uploaded: 21.02.12 / Updated: 21.02.12
Crackenthorpe of Brougham, Crackenthorpe of Howgill, Crackenthorpe of Newbigging
Cracroft1 (10KB)Uploaded: 21.06.06 / Updated: 21.06.06
Cracroft of Burgh-in-the-Marsh, Cracroft of Cracroft, Cracroft of Hogsthorpe
Cracroft2 201KB)Uploaded: 21.06.06 / Updated: 21.06.06
Cracroft of Hackthorn, Cracroft of Ingoldmells, Cracroft of Louth, Cracroft of Sleaforth, Cracroft of Whisby
Cracroft3 (12KB)Uploaded: 21.06.06 / Updated: 07.01.20
Cracroft of Burgh-in-the-Marsh, Cracroft of Fulnetby, Cracroft of Louth
Cradock01 (07KB)Uploaded: 16.06.07 / Updated: 03.04.20
Cradock (Cariadog of Caradog) of Newton
Cradock02 (18KB)Uploaded: 17.06.07 / Updated: 17.06.07
Cradock of Caverswall Castle, Cradock of Durham, Cradock of Hartforth, Cradock of Newhouses
Cradock03 (13KB)Uploaded: 12.12.22 / Updated: 12.12.22
Cradock-Hartopp of Freby (Freathby), Cradock of Leicester, Cradock of Walsal, Bunney of Leicester
[Cradock, Lord Howden - see Tmp03]
[Craford - see under Crayford below]
Craggs1 (06KB)Uploaded: 01.05.18 / Updated: 01.05.18
Craggs of Landew, Craggs of Wiserley (Wyserley)
Craig01 (14KB)Uploaded: 08.04.06 / Updated: 23.06.20
Craig of Riccarton, Heriot of Ramornie
Craigie1 (09KB)Uploaded: 18.07.17 / Updated: 18.07.17
Craigie of Dumbarnie, Craigie of Kilgraston, Craigie of Lahill
[Crake - see under Creyke below]
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Cramer1 (11KB)Uploaded: 08.02.11 / Updated: 08.02.11
Cramer of Ballyfoile, Cramer of Rathmore, Coghill of Coghill
Cramlington1 (14KB)Uploaded: 18.07.19 / Updated: 19.07.19
Cramlington of Cramlington, Cramlington of Earsdon, Cramlington of Newcastle, Cramlington of Newsham
Crampton1 (08KB)Uploaded: 01.09.09 / Updated: 01.09.09
Crampton of Dublin
[Cranage or Cranach - see Crofton1 below]
Crane1 (18KB)Uploaded: 26.04.12 / Updated: 27.09.19
Crane of Chilton, Crane of Stoneham
Crane2 (12KB)Uploaded: 13.07.18 / Updated: 27.09.19
Crane of Cramborne, Crane of Crane, Crane of London, Crane of Loughton, Crane of Stoke Park, Crane of Woodrising
[Cranfield - see CZmisc08 below]
[Cranford - see CZmisc06 below]
Cranmer1 (15KB)Uploaded: 27.05.10 / Updated: 29.08.23
Cranmer of Aslockton (Aslerton), Cranmer of Canterbury, Cranmer of Sutterton
Cranstoun01 (08KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.06.03
Cranstoun of Cranstoun
Cranstoun02 (13KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 24.05.03
Cranstoun of Crailing, Cranstoun of Cranstoun
[Cranswick of Cranswick - see CZmisc11 below]
Craster1 (14KB)Uploaded: 15.01.13 / Updated: 08.04.19
Craster of Craster
Crathorne01 (30KB)Uploaded: 14.05.09 / Updated: 20.10.20
Crathorne of Crathorne (Craythorne of Craythorne), Crathorne in Lincolnshire, Crathorne of Saltfleetby
[Crauford, Craufurd or Craufuird - see Crawford just below]
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Craven01 (15KB)Uploaded: 18.12.05 / Updated: 23.04.19
Craven of Appletreewick, Craven of Craven, Craven of Coombe Abbey, Craven of Hamsted Marshall
Crawford01 (14KB)Uploaded: 02.01.03 / Updated: 02.06.20
Craufurd (Crawford or Crauford) of Crawford, Craufurd of Craufurdland, Crawford of Crawfordjohn
Crawford02 (18KB)Uploaded: 02.01.03 / Updated: 31.05.20
Craufurd (Crawford or Crauford) of Auchenames (Auchinames or Achinames), Craufurd of Crosbie, Craufurd of Newark, Craufurd of Previck, Craufurd of Thirdpart
Crawford03 (29KB)Uploaded: 02.01.03 / Updated: 19.06.20
Craufurd of Balshagray, Craufurd of Birkheid (Birkhead), Craufurd of Craufurdland, Craufurd of Fergushill, Craufurd of Giffordland, Crafurd of Glasgow, Crawfurd of Possill
Crawford04 (26KB)Uploaded: 11.05.06 / Updated: 30.05.20
Crawfurd of Cartsburn, Crawfurd of Jordanhill, Crawfurd of Kilbirnie, Crawfurd-Pollok of Pollok, Ker of Kersland
Crawford05 (14KB)Uploaded: 07.04.09 / Updated: 07.05.24
Crawford of Auburn, Crawford of Lawrencetown, Crawford of Millwood, Crawford of Snowhill
Crawford06 (17KB)Uploaded: 28.04.20 / Updated: 13.06.20
Craufurd of Camlarg, Craufurd of Drongan, Craufurd of Kerse (Crawfurd of Carse)
Crawford07 (12KB)Uploaded: 11.05.20 / Updated: 18.05.20
Craufurd of Daleglis (Dalleagles), Craufurd of Lochnorris (Lefnorris, Lefnoreis, Leifnorris, etc.), Craufurd of Nether Skeldoune
Crawford08 (10KB)Uploaded: 16.05.20 / Updated: 16.05.20
Craufuird of Ardmillan, Craufuird of Baidland
Crawford09 (15KB)Uploaded: 18.05.20 / Updated: 15.06.20
Crawfurd of Achinames, Crawfurd (Crawfurd or Craufuird) of Drumsoy
Crawford10 (09KB)Uploaded: 25.05.20 / Updated: 31.05.20
Crawfurd of Dundee, Crawfurd of Easter Setoune, Crawfurd of Monorgan, Craufurd of Nethermains, Craufurd of Newfield  
Crawley1 (19KB)Uploaded: 11.08.10 / Updated: 28.10.19
Crawley-Boevey of Flaxley Abbey, Crawley of King's Walden, Crawley of London, Crawley of Luton
[Crawley - see also Crowley below]
[Crawshay of Cyfarthfa & Stoke Newington - see CZmisc14 below]
Crayford1 (13KB)Uploaded: 13.12.16 / Updated: 13.12.16
Crayford of Canterbury, Crayford of Great Mongeham (Craford of Mongham)
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Creagh01 (17KB)Uploaded: 11.05.07 / Updated: 11.05.07
Creagh of Bally Andrew, Creagh of Kilowen, Creagh of Laurentinum
[Creake - see CZmisc02 below]
Cremer1 (11KB)Uploaded: 16.11.06 / Updated: 16.11.06
Cremer of Ingoldsthorpe, Cremer of Seche, Cremer of Snettisham
[Creon - see CZmisc23 below]
[Cresacre of Barnborough - see CZmic07 below]
[Cresigny (de Cresigny) - see under Champion above]
[Cressener of Earl's Cone - see Temp52]
Cresset1 (16KB)Uploaded: 01.06.08 / Updated: 01.06.08
Cresset of Cound, Cresset (Cressett) of Upton
[Cressey - see under Cressy below]
Cresswell01 (14KB)Uploaded: 07.03.07 / Updated: 19.10.10
Cresswell of Cresswell
Cresswell02 (11KB)Uploaded: 08.03.07 / Updated: 08.03.07
Cresswell of Barnhurst (Barnehurst), Cresswell of Pinkney Park, Cresswell of Sidbury Hall
[Cressy (Cressey) of Birkin, Blyborough, Fulsby & Hodsock - see draft Cressy1]
Cressy2 (16KB)Uploaded: 21.03.16 / Updated: 21.03.16
Cressy (Cressey) of Birkin, Cressy of Holme
[Cressy of Dodford - see Tmp15]
[Creswick of Sheffield - see CZmisc11 below]
[Crewdson - see CZmisc21 below]
Crewe01 (14KB)Uploaded: 15.07.11 / Updated: 15.07.11
Crewe of Aston, Crewe of Crewe, Crewe of Nantwich, Crewe of Pulcroft, Crewe of Sound (Sonde), Crewe of Worleston
Crewe02 (15KB)Uploaded: 01.01.05 / Updated: 17.12.22[previously CreweXX then Crewe01]
Crewe of Crewe Hall, Crewe (Crew) of Stene, Crewe of Utkinton
Crewe03 (11KB)Uploaded: 27.09.08 / Updated: 15.07.11[previously Crewe02]
Crewe of Crewe Hall
[Crew of Holt & Crue of Chester - see CZmisc14 below]
[Crewe of Halke - see within Harpur1]
[Crewes - see also under Cruse below]
[Crewkerne - see under Crukerne below]
Creyke1 (26KB)Uploaded: 10.03.07 / Updated: 10.03.07
Creyke (Crake) of Colleston (Colliston), Creyke of Ganton, Creyke of Heslarton, Creyke of Marton
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Crichton01 (10KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 29.10.03
Crichton of Brunston, Crichton of Cairns, Crichton of Crichton
Crichton02 (15KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 30.06.03
Crichton of Auchingoul, Crichton of Frendraught
Crichton03 (23KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 03.08.17
Crichton of Dumfries, Crichton of Kirkpatrick, Crichton of Ryhill, Crichton of Sanquhar
Crichton04 (10KB)Uploaded: 29.10.03 / Updated: 29.10.03
Crichton of Ruthven
Crichton05 (13KB)Uploaded: 11.03.05 / Updated: 08.01.16
Creichton of Crom Castle, Creichton of Dromboory, Creichton (Crichton) Lords Erne
[Crichton of Cluny, Cranston Riddell, Eliock, Lugton & Naughton - see draft Crichton06]
[Crimes - see under Crymes below]
Criol1 (17KB)Uploaded: 04.04.22 / Updated: 04.04..22
Criol of Croxton, Criol (Kryell or Kyrriel) of Westenhanger
[Cripps - see under Crispe immediately below]
Crispe1 (25KB)Uploaded: 12.01.09 / Updated: 15.08.20
Crispe of Clive, Crispe of Copcott (Copcote), Crispe of London, Crispe of Maidstone, Crispe of Marsfield, Crispe of Queckes (Queeks), Crispe of Stanlake
Crispe2 (06KB)Uploaded: 14.02.21 / Updated: 14.02.21
Cripps (Crispe) of Circencester
[Crispin of Bec - see Temp13]
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Croasdaile1 (10KB)Uploaded: 08.04.13 / Updated: 08.04.13
Croasdaile of Ballinroan, Croasdaile of Cloghstoken, Croasdaile of Frisnure, Croasdaile of Rynn, Croasdaile of Woodford
[Crochrode - see CZmisc12 below]
[Crocker - see under Croker below]
Croft1 (16KB)Uploaded: 04.09.04 / Updated: 25.10.12
Croft of Croft Castle, Croft of Wharton
Croft2 (16KB)Uploaded: 04.09.04 / Updated: 04.09.04
Croft of Croft Castle, Croft of Waterhouse
Croft3 (11KB)Uploaded: 07.03.07 / Updated: 28.04.16
Croft of Stillington
Croft4 (21KB)Uploaded: 02.09.08 / Updated: 01.08.23
Crofts of Bardwell, Crofts of Saxham Parva, Crofts of West Stow (Westow)
Croft5 (21KB)Uploaded: 06.02.13 / Updated: 06.02.13
Crofts in Bolton Abbey, Crofts of Churchtown, Crofts of Streamhill, Crofts of Velvetstown
Croft6 (06KB)Uploaded: 27.12.22 / Updated: 27.12.22
Croft of Barwell, Croft of Peckleton
Crofton1 (14KB)Uploaded: 21.10.05 / Updated: 21.10.05
Crofton of Ballymurray, Crofton of Lissanarre, Crofton of Longford House, Crofton of the Mote, Crofton of Temple House
Crofton2 (13KB)Uploaded: 22.10.05 / Updated: 22.10.05
Crofton of Mohill Castle
Croke1 (23KB)Uploaded: 10.07.07 / Updated:11.06.24
Croke of Chequers, Croke of Chilton, Croke of Marsh Gibbon, Croke of Studley, Croke of Waterstock
Croker01 (18KB)Uploaded: 16.01.09 / Updated: 17.11.11
Crocker of St. Agnes, Croker (Crocker) of Lineham (Lyneham), Croker of Trevillas
Croker02 (13KB)Uploaded: 16.01.09 / Updated: 16.01.09
Croker of Ballinagarde, Croker of Quartertown, Croker of Rawleighstown (Rawlinston)
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Cromer1 (10KB)Uploaded: 16.10.10 / Updated: 16.10.10
Cromer of Tunstall
[Cromie of Cromore - see CZmisc13 below]
Crompton01 (37KB)Uploaded: 13.01.11 / Updated: 14.12.15
Crompton of Breightmet, Crompton of Chorley Hall, Crompton of Derby, Crompton of Driffield, Crompton of Duffield, Crompton of Gainsborough, Crompton of Hounslow, Crompton of Prestolee, Crompton of Skerne, Crompton of Woodend
Crompton02 (13KB)Uploaded: 18.01.11 / Updated: 18.01.11
Crompton of London, Crompton of Stone
Crompton03 (07KB)Uploaded: 22.09.19 / Updated: 22.09.19
Crompton of Breakmet (Breightmet), Okey of Bolton
Cromwell01 (07KB)Uploaded: 13.08.03 / Updated: 13.08.03[formerly Cromwell2]
Cromwell of Cromwell, Cromwell of Tattershall, Cromwell of West Hallam
Cromwell02 (09KB)Uploaded: 27.11.02 / Updated: 01.06.22[formerly Cromwell1]
Cromwell of Ardglass, Cromwell of Essex
Cromwell03 (25KB)Uploaded: 12.02.06 / Updated: 12.02.06
Cromwell of Cheshunt Park, Cromwell of Hinchinbrook, Cromwell of Spinney Abbey, Cromwell of Theobalds
[Cronier of Jersey - see under LeCronier]
[Cropley of Clerkenwell & Soham - see CZmisc06 below]
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Crosbie01 (27KB)Uploaded: 20.05.08 / Updated: 20.05.08
Crosbie of Ardfert, Crosbie of Ballyheigue, Crosbie of Brandon, Crosbie of Glandore, Crosbie of Maryborough
Crosier1 (14KB)Uploaded: 28.02.11 / Updated: 28.02.11
Crosier (Crosyer) of Newbiggin (Newbigginge)
[Crosman of Crosse - see CZmisc18 below]
[Cross - see CZmisc07 below]
Crosse1 (18KB)Uploaded: 16.08.13 / Updated: 16.08.13
Crosse of Chorley, Crosse of Crosse Hall, Crosse of Ledsham, Crosse of Liverpool, Legh of Adlington
Crosse2 (09KB)Uploaded: 05.08.16 / Updated: 05.08.16
Crosse of Leverington, Crosse of Wisbech
[Crossing of Exeter - see CZmisc18 below]
Crossley1 (19KB)Uploaded: 22.03.16 / Updated: 10.04.17
Crossley of Lisburn, Crossley (Crosleye) of Scaitcliffe, Crossley of Todmordern Hall
Crouch1 (12KB)Uploaded: 17.08.20 / Updated: 19.08.20
Crouch of Alswick Hall, Crouch of Corneybury
[Croun - see CZmisc23 below]
Crowder1 (13KB)Uploaded: 30.01.16 / Updated: 30.01.16
Crowder of Brotherton, Crowder of Knighton
Crowe1 (22KB)Uploaded: 31.05.22 / Updated: 31.05.22
Crowe of East Bilney, Crowe of Ennis, Crowe of Llangerne (Laugharne), Crowe of Mileham, Crowe of Norwich
Crowley1 (08KB)Uploaded: 30.03.22 / Updated: 30.03.22
Crowley of London
[Crowley - see also Crawley above]
[Crowmer - see under Cromer above]
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[Crowther - see Crowder just above]
Croxton1 (14KB)Uploaded: 14.07.13 / Updated: 14.07.13
Cranage of Cranage (Cranach of Cranach), Croxton of Croxton, Knutsford of Twemlowe, Tremlowe of Twemlowe
Croxton2 (10KB)Uploaded: 14.02.11 / Updated: 14.02.11[originally Croxton1]
Croxton of Croxton Green, Croxton of Gousley, Croxton of Norley, Croxton of Ravenscroft
[Crozier - see Crosier above]
[Crue - see under Crewe above]
[Cruis - see under Cruse below]
[Crukerne of Chilhay - see CZmisc20 below]
[Crum - see CZmisc01 below]
Crump1 (13KB)Uploaded: 05.05.22 / Updated: 05.05.22
Crumpe of Barleymount, Crump of Stonelynch
Cruse1 (19KB)Uploaded: 19.01.12 / Updated: 13.07.18
Cruwys (Crewse or Cruse or Cruis) of Morchard, Cruse (Cruse) of Morchester
Cruse2 (07KB)Uploaded: 13.07.18 / Updated: 13.07.18
Crewes (Crws) of Gerrans (St. Garrons), Crewse of Liskeard
[Cruse - see also under Crewe above]
[Cruwys - see under Cruse immediately above]
[Crws - see under Cruse immediately above]
Crymes1 (14KB)Uploaded: 17.03.16 / Updated: 17.03.16
Crymes (Crimes) of Buckland Monachorum, Crimes of Meavy
[Crymes of Peckham - see under Grymes on GZmisc04]
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Cubitt1 (14KB)Uploaded: 19.07.16 / Updated: 19.07.16
Cubitt of Catfield, Cubitt of Honing Hall, Cubitt of Mayton Hall, Cubitt of Yarmouth
Cuddon1 (10KB)Uploaded: 27.10.20 / Updated: 27.10.20
Cuddon of Shaddingfield (Shadingfield), Cuddon (Codon or Codun) of Weston
Cudmore1 (10KB)Uploaded: 01.03.18 / Updated: 01.03.18
Cudmore of Kelvedon, Cudmore of Loxbeare
Cuffe1 (24KB)Uploaded: 25.01.06 / Updated: 01.10.20
Cuffe of Castle Inch, Cuffe of Darbystown, Cuffe of Desart, Cuffe of Sandhill, Mathews of Bonnetstown
Cuffe2 (12KB)Uploaded: 14.04.07 / Updated: 14.04.07
Cuff of Ballinrobe, Cuffe of Criche, Cuff of Elm Hall
[de Cukeney - see Temp61]
Culcheth1 (13KB)Uploaded: 02.04.09 / Updated: 02.04.09
Culcheth of Culcheth
[Cullen of Upton - see CZmisc11]
Culley1 (09KB)Uploaded: 31.07.19 / Updated: 31.07.19
Culley of Akeld, Culley of Beaumont Hill, Culley of Coupland Castle, Culley of Denton, Culley of Fowberry Tower
Cullum1 (26KB)Uploaded: 23.09.12 / Updated: 25.04.21
Culme of Canons Leigh, Cullum of Hardwick, Cullum of Hawstead, Culme of Molland, Cullum of Stanhill, Cullum of Thorndon, Culme of Winkleigh
[Culpeper & Culpepper - see under Colepeper above]
[Culy (Culey) of Ratcliffe Cuily - see CZmisc22 below]
[Cumberbach - see under Comberbach above]
[Cummin - see under Comyn above]
Cumming01 (09KB)Uploaded: 14.12.04 / Updated: 14.12.04
Cumming of Altyr, Cumming of Lochtervandich
Cumming02 (16KB)Uploaded: 14.12.04 / Updated: 14.12.04
Cumming of Altyr, Cumming of Auchry, Cuming (Cumming) of Logie, Cumming of Pittulie, Gordon-Cumming of Gordonstoun
Cumming03 (14KB)Uploaded: 18.05.20 / Updated: 18.05.20
Cuming of Earnside, Cuming of Relugas
[Cumming of Culter (Comyn of Coulter) - see draft Cumming04]
[Cumming of Hilderstone - see CZmisc10 below]
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Cunliffe1 (21KB)Uploaded: 18.02.05 / Updated: 09.12.14
Cunliffe of Addingham, Cunliffe of Acton Park, Cunliffe of Hollins, Cunliffe of Ilkley, Cunliffe in Liverpool, Cunliffe of Whycollar (Wicollar), Cunliffe of Woodhead
Cunningham01 (13KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.12.07
Cunynghame (Cunningham) of Kilmaurs
Cunningham02 (28KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 03.06.20
Cunningham of Glencairn, Cuninghame of Mountgreenan
Cunningham03(31KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.06.20
Cunningham of Craigends, Cunningham of Robertland
(23KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 18.06.20
Cunynghame of Brownhill, Cuninghame of Caprington, Cunynghame of Geis (Geise or Geiss), Cunynghame of Lambrughton, Dick of Prestonfield
Cunningham05 (09KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 14.06.20
Cuninghame of Bridgehouse, Cunningham of Gilbertfield, Cuninghame of Lainshaw
Cunningham06 (17KB)Uploaded: 30.04.04 / Updated: 30.04.04
Cuninghame of Bandalloch, Cuninghame of Drumbeg, Cuninghame of Drumquhassil, Cuninghame of Polmaise
Cunningham07 (12KB)Uploaded: 04.05.06 / Updated: 22.03.14
Cunningham of (West) Barns, Cunynghame of Livingstone, Cunyngham(e) of Milncraig, Cunyngham (Cuningham) of Polquhairn
Cunningham08 (20KB)Uploaded: 15.12.07 / Updated: 15.12.07
Cuninghame of Caddel, Cuninghame (Conyngham) of Glengarnock, Cuninghame of Quarreltoun, Cuninghame of Thornton
Cunningham09 (13KB)Uploaded: 17.12.07 / Updated: 15.06.20
Cuninghame of Carlung, Cuninghame of Corsehill (Corshill), Montgomery-Cuninghame of Corsehill, Cuninghame of Watterstoun
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Cunningham10 (11KB)Uploaded: 04.12.16 / Updated: 04.12.16
Conyngham of Mount Charles, Conyngham of Slane, Conyngham of Spring Hill
Cunningham11 (10KB)Uploaded: 03.05.20 / Updated: 03.06.20
Cunninghame of Ashinyards (Eissenyards), Cuningham of Cairncurran
Cunningham12 (19KB)Uploaded: 17.05.20 / Updated: 13.06.20
Cuninghame of Auchinharvie (Auchenharvie), Cuninghame of Baidland (Cunynghame of Bedland), Cuninghame of Craigance, Cunyngham of Glengarnock
Cunningham13 (10KB)Uploaded: 25.05.20 / Updated: 03.06.20
Cuninghame of Aiket, Cuninghame of Clonbeith, Cuninghame of Collelan
Cunningham14 (11KB)Uploaded: 17.06.20 / Updated: 17.06.20
Cuningham of Cuninghamhead
[Cuninghame of Langlane & Enterkine - see Temp08]
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Cuppage1 (10KB)Uploaded 14.08.11 / Updated: 14.08.11
Cuppage (Cuppaidge) of Coleraine, Cuppage (Cuppaidge) of Lambstown
[Cupper of Glympton - see Temp51]
Cure1 (07KB)Uploaded 25.03.12 / Updated: 25.03.12
Cure of Blake Hall, Cure of Newington, Cure of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Cure of Southwarke
[Curre of Clemenstone - see within Turbervile1]
Currer1(13KB)Uploaded 10.08.09 / Updated: 10.08.09
Currer of Kildwick
Currie1 (13KB)Uploaded: 20.03.20 / Updated: 20.03.20
Currie of Berwick, Currie of Cheshire, Currie of Bush Hill
[Curry of Bishop Oak - see CZmisc19 below]
[Curson - see under Curzon just below]
Curtis01 (12KB)Uploaded: 29.08.10 / Updated: 15.03.17[formerly 'Curteis1']
Curteis of Appledore, Curteis of Otterden Place, Curteis of Tenterden, Curteis of Westcliffe
Curtis02 (11KB)Uploaded: 08.12.10 / Updated: 14.07.18
Curtis of London (later of Cullands Grove), Curties (Curtis) of Pill
Curtis03 (27KB)Uploaded: 15.03.17 / Updated: 15.03.17
Curteis of Heronden, Curteis of Tenterden, Curteis of Windmill Hill
Curwen01(16KB)Uploaded: 16.07.05 / Updated: 16.07.05
Curwen of Sella Park, Curwen (Culwen) of Workington Hall
Curzon1(21KB)Uploaded: 06.02.07 / Updated: 20.11.20
Curson of Beckhall, Curzon (Curson) of Croxhall (Croxall), Curzon of Kedleston, Curzon (Curson) of Waterperry (Waterpury or Water Perry)
Curzon2(20KB)Uploaded: 01.04.04 / Updated: 06.02.07[formerly 'Curzon1']
Curzon of Breedon, Curzon of Kedleston, Curzon of Penn, Curzon of Scarsdale
Curzon3 (07KB)Uploaded: 03.06.13 / Updated: 03.06.13
Curzon of Croxall (Croxhall)
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[Cusack of Cussington, Gerardstown, Killeen & Lismullen - see draft Cusack01]
Cusack02 (10KB)Uploaded: 01.03.12 / Updated: 01.03.12
Cusack of Clonard, Cusack of Girley, Cusack of Moyaugher, Cusack of Staffordstown
[Cusack of Fortanemore & Snaty - see CZmisc06 below]
Cust1(19KB)Uploaded: 23.05.06 / Updated: 23.05.06
Cust Lord Brownlow, Cust of Cockayne Hatley, Cust of Gosberton, Cust of Pinchbeck, Cust of Stamford, Cust of Quadring, Cust of Stamford
[Custance of Weston - see CZmisc02 below]
Cutcliffe1 (20KB)Uploaded: 24.01.12 / Updated: 24.01.12
Cutcliffe of Barnstaple, Cutcliffe of Damage, Cutcliffe of Ilford Combe, Cutcliffe of Weach|
[Cuthbert ot Towcorsburn - see CZmisc20 below]
Cutler01 (17KB)Uploaded: 19.12.10 / Updated: 19.12.10
Cutler of Sidmouth, Cutler of Stainbrough (Stainborough or Stainburgh), Cutler of Upton, Cutler of Wortley
[Cutler of London - see Temp41]
Cutts1 (12KB)Uploaded: 10.10.15 / Updated: 10.10.15
Cutts of Beyingbey (Beningbery), Cutts (Cutt) of Childerley, Cutt of Thaxted, Cutts (Cutt) of Woodhall
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CZmisc01 (15KB)Uploaded: 04.03.03 / Updated: 30.01.21
Crum of Thornliebank, Cleveland in USA, Chad of Thursford, Cockshutt of Huthwaite, Carson of Shanroe
CZmisc02 (21KB)Uploaded: 28.03.03 / Updated : 10.06.15
Cantilupe of (A)Bergavenny, Cantilupe (Cauntelo) of Cantilupe, Cantilupe of Greseley (Greasley), Cantilupe of Ilkeston, Creake of North Creake, Custance of Weston, Cavell of Trehaverock
CZmisc03 (16KB)Uploaded: 25.04.03 / Updated: 14.05.19
Camoys of Camoys, Chattan of Chattan, Chamond of Launcells (Lancells)
CZmisc04 (11KB)Uploaded: 29.08.08 / Updated: 11.05.24
Cambell of Clay Hall, Cambell (Campbell) of London, Clayton of Great Grimsby
CZmisc05 (17KB)Uploaded: 13.12.03 / Updated: 09.09.14
Cassan of Sheffield (Cappoly), Coward of Wells, Cheddar (Chedder) of Ubley, Child of Osterley Park
CZmisc06 (15KB)Uploaded: 03.05.04 / Updated: 26.10.21
Chideock of Chideock, Cockshead of Chumleigh (Chimley), Cranford of Ashby Ledgers, Cropley of Clerkenwell, Cropley of Sohan, Cusack of Fortanemore, Cusack of Snaty
CZmisc07 (16KB)Uploaded: 19.06.04 / Updated: 08.03.16
Chetham of Mellor Hall, Cross of Auchentoshan, Cross in Glasgow, Cresacre of Barnborough, Cooper of Ardsley
CZmisc08 (17KB)Uploaded: 08.01.06 / Updated: 25.08.16
Cranfield of Middlesex, Colwell of London, Carver of Chesterfield, Carver of Morthen, Cawthorne of Bank End
CZmisc09 (06KB)Uploaded: 02.04.24 / Updated: 02.04.24
Cator of Beckenham, Cator of Ross
CZmisc10 (18KB)Uploaded: 04.09.08 / Updated: 15.04.20
Cawarden of Mavesyn Ridware, Cheesman of Dormans Well, Cheesman of Lewisham, Cumming of Hilderstone
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CZmisc11 (16KB)Uploaded: 08.09.10 / Updated: 25.12.21
Creswick of Sheffield, Cullen of Upton, Comport of Chiselhurst, Callarde of Callarde, Callard of Southcott, Cranswick of Cranswick
CZmisc12 (22KB)Uploaded: 20.10.12 / Updated: 02.04.21
Coleridge of Ottery St. Mary, Crochrode of Toppesfield, Chinnery of Flintfield, Cosin/Cosyn (Bishop of Durham), Chaucer of London
CZmisc13 (17KB)Uploaded: 10.12.14 / Updated: 12.12.15
Codd in Linconshire, Walls of Boothby Hall, Claver of Oving, Cromie of Cromore, Conder of Leeds, Conder of London
CZmisc14 (19KB)Uploaded: 23.01.16 / Updated: 21.02.16
Cappe of York, Crew of Holt, Crue of Chester, Cart of Hansworth, Cart of Manchester, Crawshay of Cyfarthfa, Crawshay of Stoke Newington, Child of Surat
CZmisc15 (16KB)Uploaded: 21.04.16 / Updated: 26.08.16
Cadman of Hansworth Grange, Cadman of Sheffield, Colte of Woodwicks, Carwardine of Essex, Chamber of Kendal, Clough of Thorpe Stapleton
CZmisc16 (16KB)Uploaded: 26.08.16 / Updated: 14.09.17
Charlesworth of Kettlethorpe Hall, Cleybrooke of Fulsham, Cleybrooke in Kent, Charron of Beamish, Charron of Sutton, Cogeshall (Cogshall) of Essex
CZmisc17 (18KB)Uploaded: 24.01.18 / Updated: 01.06.22
Calybutt of Castle Acre (Castleacre), Cabell of Brooke, Cabell of Buckfastleigh, Carswell of Carswell (Careswell of Careswell), Carswell of Hatch, Channon (Chanon) of Talliton (Talaton), Charles of Morton, Charles of Tavistock
CZmisc18 (19KB)Uploaded: 28.02.18 / Updated: 14.07.18
Crossing of Exeter, Coram of Awtrie (Ottery) St. Mary, Clement of Chardstock, Clement of Plymouth, Colquit of Fowey (Foy), Coryn of Kenwyn, Crosman of Crosse
CZmisc19 (17KB)Uploaded: 22.11.18 / Updated: 01.08.21
Carveth of Cornwall, Conyers of Hoppen, Capper of Bushey, Collinson of Chantry, Collinson of London, Curry of Bishop Oak
CZmisc20 (18KB)Uploaded: 12.05.20 / Updated: 13.01.21
Cuthbert of Towcorsburn, Clack of Larkbear, Clack of Wallingford, Crukerne of Chilhay (Crukern of Chilley), Coulson of Blenkinsopp Castle, Coulson of Jesmond
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CZmisc21 (19KB)Uploaded: 01.02.21 / Updated: 08.10.21
Clayfield (Clayfield-Ireland) of Brislington, Chassereau, Crewdson of Crook, Crewdson of Kendal, Coren of Bubsworthy, Coren of Lawhitton
CZmisc22 (19KB)Uploaded: 10.01.22 / Updated: 05.01.23
Cawood of Cawood, Claget of Malling, Cosington of Cosington, Cloudsley of Leeds, Columbine of Norwich, Culy (Culey) of Ratcliffe Cuily
CZmisc23 (16KB)Uploaded: 17.02.23 / Updated: 27.01.24
Creon (Croun) of Creon, Creon of Freston, Chevercourt of Carleton, Chevercourt of Wyfordby, Calcraft of Rempstone, Cheale of Findon Place, Chardin of Kempton Park

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