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Families covered: Harpur of Bilston, Harpur of Calke Abbey, Harpur of Little Over (Littleover), Harpur of Swarkston, Harpur of Twyford, Crewe of Calke
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(Sir) Richard Harpur of Swarkston, Derbyshire (d 27.01.1573, judge)
m. Jane Fynderne (dau of George Fynderne of Fynderne)
1. Sir John Harpur of Swarkston, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b c1546, d 07.10.1622)
  m1. Isabel Pierrepont (dau of Sir George Pierrepont of Holme Pierrepont)
A. Sir Richard Harpur of Swarkston
  m1. Catherine Greseley (dau of (Sir) Thomas Greseley of Drakelow)
  i. Sir John Harpur of Swarkston (dsp)
  m. Barbara Beaumont (dau of Sir Henry Beaumont of Gracedieu, m2. Sir Wolston Dixe of Bosworth)
  ii. Dorothy Harpur
  m. Henry Gilbert of Locko (b c1598, d 12.1657)
  iii. Catherine Harpur
  m. Sir Roger (not John) Cooper of Thurgarton
  iv.+ issue - Henry (d infant), Isabel, Catherine (d infant)
m2. Elizabeth Greseley (dau of Simon Greseley (Greisley) of Longdon)
  B. John Harpur of Breadsall & Swarkston
  m. Dorothy Dethick (dau/heir of John Dethick of Bredsall)
  i. Sir John Harpur of Swarkston (b c1612, d 1667)
  m. Katherine or Elizabeth Howard (dau of Henry Howard (son of Thomas, Earl of Suffolk) by Elizabeth Basset)
  a. Sir John or Henry Harpur of Swarkston (dsp bur 20.02.1678/9)
  m1. Frances Palmer (dau of Sir Geoffrey Palmer, Attorney General)
  m2. Frances Willoughby (b 12.11.1642, dsp 25.05.1714, dau of William Willoughby, 6th Lord of Parham)
  ii. Dorothy Harpur (dsp(s) 16.03.1666)
  m1. (c1631) Sir John Fitzherbert of Norbury, Sheriff of Derbyshire (dsp 13.01.1649, Colonel)
  m2. Sir John Shore of Derby (b c1616, d 30.06.1680)
  C. Sir Henry Harpur of Normanton, 1st Bart of Calke Abbey (b c1579, d 1638)
  m. Barbara Faunt (b 1580-1, d 02.07.1649, dau of Anthony Faunt of Foston, widow of Henry Beaumont of Gracedieu)
i. Sir John Harpur, 2nd Bart of Calke (b c1616, d 1669)
  m. Susan West of London
  a. Sir John Harpur, 3rd Bart of Calke, later also of Swarkston (b c1642, d 1681)
  m. Anne Willoughby (dau of William Willoughby, 6th Lord of Parham)
(1) Sir John Harpur, 4th Bart of Calke (b 23.03.1679, d 24.06.1741)
  m. Catherine Crewe (dau/coheir of Thomas, Lord Crewe of Stene, by Anne Airmin)
  (A) Sir Henry Harpur, 5th Bart of Calke (d 07.06.1748)
  m. Caroline Manners (d 10.11.1769, dau of John Manners, 2nd Duke of Rutland)
  (i) Sir Henry Harpur, 6th Bart of Calke, Sheriff of Derbyshire (d 10.02.1789, 2nd son)
  m. (17.07.1762/1754) Frances Elizabeth Greville (d 06.04.1825, dau of Francis Greville, Earl Brooke & Earl of Warwick)
  (a) Sir Henry Harpur, later Crewe, 7th Bart of Calke (b 13.05.1763, d 07.02.1818)
  m. (1792) Nanny (Ann) Hawkins (d 20.03.1827, dau of Isaac Hawkins)
  ((1)) Sir George Harpur, later Crewe, 8th Bart of Calke (b 01.02.1795, d 01.01.1844) had issue
  m. (09.09.1819) Jane Whittaker (dau of Rev. Thomas Whittaker of Mendham)
((2)) Henry Robert Harpur (b 04.09.1801, d 29.09.1865, rector of Bredsall) had issue
  m. (1827) Frances Caroline Jenney (d 1886, dau of William Jenney of Bladinwood)
  ((3)) Edmund Lewis Harpur of Repton Park (b 01.08.1803, d 11.08.1874) had issue
  m. (20.09.1832) Caroline Anna Need (d 1887, dau of Lt. Gen. _ Need of Fountain Dale)
  ((4)) Selina Harpur (d 30.03.1838)
  m. (02.01.1822) William Stanhope Lovell (d 20.05.1859, Vice Admiral)
  ((5))+ other issue - Charles Hugh (b 04.04.1805, d 29.03.1874), Louisa Matilda (d unm)
  (ii) Caroline Harpur
  m1. Adam Hay (dsp 15.11.1775, MP)
m2. Archibald Stewart (Major)
  (a) Caroline Stewart
  m. W. Jenny of Bredfield
  (iii)+ other issue - John (d young), Charles (d unm?, Major)
  (B) Jemima Harpur
  m. Sir Thomas Palmer, Bart
  (C) Catherine Harpur (dsp 22.06.1740)
  m. Sir Henry Gough, Bart (b 09.03.1708, d 08.06.1774)
  (D) Mary Harpur probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Sir Lister Holte, 5th Bart of Aston (dsp 1769)
(E)+ other issue - John, Edward (d 1761), Crewe (d 13.02.1724-5), Anne (d infant)
  (2) Anne Harpur
  m. Borlase Warren of Stapleford
  b. Jane Harpur
  m. Henry Dyson of Seagrave
  c. Susanna Harpur
  m. James Dean (rector of Halloughton)
  d. Dorothy Harpur
  m. John Harpur of Twyford @@ just below
e.+ other issue (d unm) - Henry (b c1643), Richard, Charles, Edward, Barbara, Elizabeth
  ii. William Harpur of Bedstone or Bilshon or Bilson or Bilston, Leicestershire (3rd son) had issue
  m. Alice Coke (dau of William Coke of Trusley, son/heir of Sir Francis)
  a. John Harpur of Bilston & Twyford
  m. Dorothy Harpur (dau of Sir John Harpur of Calke, Bart) @@ just above
  (1) Dorothy Harpur
  m. Richard Guile of Stoke Golding
  (2) Anne Harpur
  m. Henry Franceys of Derby
  (3) Frances Harpur
  m. Robert Revil of Carnfield
  (4)+ other issue (d young) - John, Alice, Barbara, Elizabeth, Mary
  b. Wolston Harpur of London
  m. Bathsuah Bradford (dau of William Bradford of Stoke Golden)
  (1) John Harpr (rector of Stanton)
  c. Henry Harpur
  m. Catharine Barbour of Tamworth
(1)+ issue - William (dsp), John (dsp), Henry, Mary, Catharine, Dorothy
  iii. Elizabeth Harpur (b 1610-1)
  m. Richard Manley (son of Sir John)
  iv. Jane or Anne Harpur
  m. Thomas Twyford of London
  v. Dorothy Harpur (d 22.01.1682)
  m. Sir Nicholas Wilmot of Osmaston (b 1611, d 28.12.1682)
vi. Isabel Harpur
  m. Nicholas Hurt of Casterne
  vii. Barbara Harpur
  m. John Manley (son of Sir John)
  viii.+ other issue - Henry in London (dsp), Catharine
  D. Jane Harpur
  m. Patrick Lowe of Denby (b c1561)
  E. Dorothea Harpur
  m. Sir John White of Tuxford (d 1625)
  F. Winifred Harpur
m. (26.06.1611) John Browne of Stretton-in-le-Field
  G. Isabel Harpur
  m. (c01.01.1604/5) Sir Phillip Sherrard of Stapleford
  H.+ other issue (d unm) - Francis, William, Thomas, George, Winifred (d young)
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Noel (dau of Sir Andrew Noel of Dalby on the Wolds)
2. Sir Richard Harpur of Twyford & Little Over (b c1559, d 16.03.1635)
  m. Mary Rereseby (dau of Thomas Reresby of Thryber)
  A. Richard Harpur of Little Over (b c1588, a 03.1662)
m. Elizabeth Backer (dau of John Hacker of Bridgford)
  i. John Harpur (b c1622, a 1685, rector of Morlay, 2nd son)
  m1. Mary Balidon (dau of Paul Balidon or Ballidon of Derby)
  a. Elizabeth Harpur
  m1. Sir Edmund Sleigh (probably not Sir Samuel Sleigh of Etwal)
  m2. (??) Sir S. Treton
b.+ other issue (d unm) - Richard (d young), Mary, Joyce
  m2. (14.02.1669/70) Mary Greseley (dau of Thomas Greseley of Drakelow, sister of Sir Thomas (Bart))
  e. John Harpur of Littleover
  m. Mary Walker (dau of Edward Walker of Derby)
  (1) Richard Harpur of Littleover
  (2) Jane Harpur possibly of this generation
  m. (05.04.1724) Francis Meynell of Anslow (b 1698, d 1757)
  (3)+ "several other sons and daughters"
  f. Dorothy Harpur
  ii. Joseph Harpur of Evelery, Derbyshire (4th son)
m. Dorothy Pegge (Pegg) of Rodesley
  a. Dorothy Harpur
  m. Thomas Godwin of Derby
  b.+ other issue (d unm) - John, William
  iii. Elizabeth Harpur
  m. Robert Draper of Coland
  iv. Catherine Harpur
m. Henry Arden of Longcroft
  v.+ other issue - Richard (b c1617, a 03.1662, d unm), Henry (d unm), William in Plymouth (dsp), Mary (d young)
  B. George Harpur of Twyford, Derbyshire (b c1594, d 16.11.1658)
  m. Ann Vernon (b c1599, d 15.01.1688, dau of Sir Edward Vernon of Sudbury)
  i. George Harpur (b c1640, d 20.03.1672)
  m. Catharine Wardour (b c1641, d 06.11.1669, dau of Edward Wardour of Nether Havern)
  a. Catherine Harpur
  m. George Alleyne (son of John of Greseley)
  b.+ other issue - John, Frances
  ii. Mary Harpur
  m. John Alleyn of Greseley
  iii. Elizabeth Harpur
  m. John Dalton of Derby
  iv.+ other issue - Edward, John (d 1671), Richard
  C. Elizabeth Harpur
  m. Jacinth Scheverell of Morley
  D. Jane Harpur
  m. Godfrey Thacker of Repton (b c1582, d 1652)
  E.+ other issue - Frances (d unm), Mary

Main source(s): Wotton (Kimber & Johnston, vol 1, 'Harpur of Calke', p256+), BP1870 (Crewe, baronet), Visitation (Derbyshire, 1611, 'Harpur of Normanton'), Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4, Harpur- various)
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