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Families covered: Holte of Aston, Holte of Nichells

(1) We follow BEB1841 in spelling the family name as Holte but Visitation, and most cross-references from other sources, spell the name without the e.
(2) BEB1841 and Visitation disagree as to the first 2 or 3 generations of this family. Visitation starts with John Holt (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307) whose son Simon (a temp Edward III) married Albreda, dau of George Castell(o) and was father of John and Walter. BEB1841 shows as follows ...
Sir Hugh Holte
m. Matilda de Erdington (dau of Sir Henry de Erdington, lord of Erdington)
1. John Atte Holte (a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327)
  m. Alice de Castello (dau of Sir George de Castello)
  A. Simon del Holte
  m. Albreda de Bermingham
  i. John Atte Holte (a 1348)
  m. Maude Grimsard (dau of Adam Grimsard)
  a. John Atte Holte of Dudston (a 1348, 1365, dsp)
  m. Eleanor Durvassal (dau of William Durvassal of Spernall)
b. Walter Holte (dsp)
  ii. Walter Holte of Aston
  m. Margery (dau/sister of Sir William Bagot of Bagington)
  a. John Holte of Yardley (a 1404)
  (1) Adam or Audomar Holte
  b. Simon Holte of Nichells (a 1400)
  m. Maude Colings
(1) John Holte of Aston (a 1438)
  m. Margaret Delabeere (dau of Sir Richard Delabeere by _ Ludlowe)
  (A) William Holte of Aston
  m. Margaret Cumberford (dau of William Cumberford of Cumberford)
  (i) William Holte of Nichells
  m. Jane Knight (dau of Adam Knight of Shrewsbury)
  (a) Thomas Holte of Aston
  m. Margery Willington (dau of William Willington of Barcheston)
  ((1)) Edward (Edmund?) Holte of Aston, Sheriff of Warwickshire (a 1583) - continued below
  m. Dorothy Ferrers (dau of John Ferrers of Tamworth Castle)
  (b) Winifred Holte
  m. Thomas Fisher alias Hawkins (d 12.06.1577, son of Thomas (Hawkens alias Fisher) of Warwick)
  ((1)) Sir Edward Fisher of Warwick
  m. _ Longe (dau of Sir Richard Longe)
  ((A))+ issue - John, Dorothy
  (c) Anne Holte
  m. _ Piers
  (d) Elizabeth Holte
  m. _ Weston
  (e) Margery Holte
  m. _ Nicholes
  (f) Ellen Holte
  m. _ Perman
  (g) Frances Holte
  m. _ Forster
  (h) Margaret Holte
  m. _ Stanley
  (i)+ other issue - Mark, John, Nicholas
  (ii)+ other issue - John, Thomas, Margery, Christian, Alice, Elizabeth, Joane, Anne
  (B) Elizabeth Holte
  m. John Redgley of Wiginton
  c. William Holte of Aston (a 1434)



Edward (Edmund?) Holte of Aston, Sheriff of Warwickshire (a 1583) - continued above
m. Dorothy Ferrers (dau of John Ferrers of Tamworth Castle)
1. Sir Thomas Holte, Sheriff of Warwickshire, 1st Bart of Aston (b c1571, d 14.12.1654)
  m1. Grace Bradburne (dau /coheir of William Bradburne of Hough, "presumably" by Frances, dau of John Preist)
  A. Edward Holte (dvp bur 30.08.1643, 'Groom of the bedchamber of King Charles I'))
  m. Elizabeth King (dau of John King, Bishop of London)
  i. Sir Robert Holte, Sheriff of Warwickshire, 2nd Bart of Aston (d 03.10.1679)
  m1. (23.05.1648) Jane Brereton (d 1648, dau of Sir John Brereton of Brereton)
a. Sir Charles Holte, 3rd Bart of Aston (b c1649, d 20.06.1722)
  m. (c8.1680) Anne Clobery (b c1650, d 03.1737/9, dau/coheir of Sir John Clobery of Winchester & Bradstone by Anne, dau of William Cranmer of London)
  (1) Sir Clobery Holte, 4th Bart of Aston (b c1682, d 25.07.1729)
  m. Barbara Lister (dau of Thomas Lister of Whitfield)
(A) Sir Lister Holte, 5th Bart of Aston (b c1721. dsp 1769)
  m1. (10.1739) Anne Legge (d 07.1740, dau of William Legge, Earl of Dartmouth)
  m2. (18.07.1742) Mary Harpur (d 1752, dau of Sir John Harpur, Bart of Calk)
  m3. (1754) Sarah Newton (d by 04.1794, dau of Samuel Newton of King's Bromley)
  (B) Sir Charles Holte, 6th Bart of Aston (b c1722, d 13.03.1782)
  m. (1754/5) Anne Jesson (d by 07.1799, dau of Pudsey Jesson of Langley)
  (i) Mary Elizabeth Holte
  m. (1775) Abraham Bracebridge of Atherston Hall (d 1832)
m2. Mary Smith (bur 18.06.1679, dau of Sir Thomas Smith of Hough)
  b.+ other issue - Robert, others (dvp)
  ii. John Holte (d unm)
  iii. Grace Holte
  m. George Hampson
  iv. Elizabeth Holte
  m1. _ Duncombe of Surrey
  m2. _ Richbell of London
  v. Catherine Holte
  m. Sir Edward Neville, Bart of Grove (dsp 1686)
  B. Anne Holte
  m. Walter Gifford of Chillington (b 1611, d 1688)
C. Catherine or Dorothy Holte
  m. Anthony Roper of Well Hall
  D. Grace Holte (d 12.04.1677)
  m1. (1634) Sir Richard Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh (b c1598, d 13.06.1656)
  m2. (27.10.1659) John Keating of Norraghmore (Lord Chief Justice in Ireland)
  E.+ other issue - sons (dvp), daughters
  m2. (sp) Anne Littleton (dau of Sir Edward Littleton of Pillaton Hall)
2. Anne Holte
  m. Edward West
3. Lucey or Lettice Holte
  m. John Hugford
4. Katherin Holte
  m. Humphrie Wirley
5.+ other issue - Francis, Robert, Mary, Dorothy (dsp), Margaret (dsp), Frances (dsp)

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Holte of Aston), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Holt and Fisher)
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