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Families covered: Arden of Longcroft, Arden of Park Hall, Arden of Wilmcote

Walter Arden of Park Hall (d 05.08.1502)
m. (c1457) Eleanor Hampden (dau of John Hampden of Hampden)
1. Sir John Arden of Park Hall (d 1526)
  m. Alice Bracebridge (dau of Richard Bracebridge of Kingsbury)
  A. Thomas Arden of Park Hall (d 1563)
  m. Mary Andrewes (dau of Sir Thomas Andrewes of Charwelton)
i. William Arden (dvp 1546)
  m. Elizabeth Conway (dau of Edward Conway of Ragley)
  a. Edward Arden of Park Hall, Sheriff of Warwickshire (d 20.12.1583)
  m. Mary Throckmorton (dau of Sir Robert Throckmorton of Coughton)
  (1) Robert Arden of Park Hall (d 27.02.1635)
m. Elizabeth Corbet (dau of Reginald Corbet)
  (A) Sir Henry Arden of Park Hall (b 1580, dvp 1616)
  m. Dorothy Feilding (dau of Basil Feilding of Newnham)
  (i) Robert Arden of Park Hall (d unm 1643)
  (ii) Elizabeth Arden (d 1632)
  m. Sir William Poley of Boxstead
  (iii) Goditha Arden
  m. Sir Herbert Price of Park Hall
  (iv) Dorothy Arden
m. Hervey Bagot
  (v) Anne Arden
  m. (1637) Sir Charles Adderley of Lea
  (B) Margaret Arden
  m. Walter Ferrers
  (2) Catherine Arden (d 20.11.1627)
  m. Sir Edward Devereux, 1st Bart of Castle Bromwich (d 22.09.1622)
  (3) Ellen Arden probably of this generation
  m. John Somerville of Somerville Aston, Warwickshire (a 1582)
  (A) Elizabeth Somerville (coheir)
  m. Thomas Warwick (organist)
  (4) Muriell Arden (a 1613) probably of this generation
  m. William Charnells of Snareston (d c1620)
  (5)+ other issue - Thomas, George, Francis, John, another daughter
  b. Francis Arden of Pedmore
  ii. Simon Arden of Longcroft, Sheriff of Warwickshire (b c1500, d 1600!)
  Commoners shows the marriages the other way around but still with Margaret as the mother of Ambrose.
  m1. Margaret
  a. Ambrose Arden of Longcroft (d 1624)
m. (1588) Mary Wedgwood (dau of John Wedgwood of Harracles)
  (1) Humphrey Arden of Longcroft
  m1. Elizabeth Lascelles (dau of Henry Lascelles)
  (A) Henry Arden of Longcroft (b c1626, dsp 26.11.1676)
  m. Catherine Harper (dau of Richard Harper or Harpur of Little Over)
  (B) John Arden of Wisbech or Wisbeach (b c1626, dsp 02.04.1709)
  m2. (01.12.1630) Jane Rowbotham
  (C) Humphrey Arden of Longcroft (b c1631, d 31.01.1705)
  m. _ Lassal of London
  (i) Henry Arden of Longcroft (bpt 07.11.1665, d 10.08.1728)
  m. Anne Alcock (d 06.01.1698)
  (a) John Arden of Longcroft, Sheriff of Staffordshire (bpt 01.01.1693, d 08.11.1734)
  m1. Anna Catherina Newton (d 17.03.1727, dau of John Newton of King's Bromley by Mary, dau of Sir Thomas Vernon)
  ((1)) Henry Arden of Longcroft (b c1723, d 22.06.1782)
  m. Alathea Cotton (d 01.07.1783, dau of Robert Cotton of Worcester)
((A)) John Arden of Longcroft (b 03.1752, d 10.02.1803, minister of King's Bromley)
  m. Margaret Elizabeth Hamar (d 05.1842, dau of Rear Admiral Joseph Hamar)
  ((i)) John Arden (b c1776, d 02.08.1809, Major) had issue
  m. Anne Maria Hodgson (dau of John Hodgson of Wellingborough)
  ((ii)) Francis Edward Arden of Longcroft (b 1777, d 27.12.1855, rector of Gresham) had issue
  m. Rachel Pinckard (d 1852, dau of John Pinckard of Towcester) ## see here ##
  ((iii)) Samuel Arden (d c1822-3, Major, 4th son) had issue
  m. (1812) Jane Franklyn (dau of James Franklyn, Mayor of Bristol)
  ((iv)) William Arden of Foobrook House (6th son) had issue
  m. Lettice Watson (dau of Rev. John Watson of Prestbury)
  ((v)) Rev. Thomas Arden (d 1861, 9th son) had issue
  m. Isabella Cooper (dau of Rev. Edward Cooper)
  ((vi)) Emma Catherine Arden
  m. Walter William Fell
((vii)) Anne Diana Arden
  m. Francis Close (Dean of Carlisle)
  ((viii)) Mary Jane Arden
  m. George Woodroffe Franklyn (MP for Poole)
  ((ix))+ other issue - Henry, Charles, George Humphrey, George, Eliza
  ((B)) Humphrey Arden of Sutton Codlfield (b 06.12.1758)
  m. (Maria) Launder (dau of Dr. (Walter) Launder or Landor)
  ((C)) Anne Arden (b 1750)
m. Benjamin Spilsbury of Willington
  ((D))+ other issue - Henry (b 1754), Robert (b 24.12.1757, d 10.04.1759), Samuel (b 23.11.1760, Captain), Alathea Catharina
  ((2)) Catherine Arden (d unm)
  ((3)) Anna Catherina Arden
  m. Fettiplace Nott of Lichfield
  ((A)) Fettiplace Nott (dsp)
  ((B)) Sarah Nott (dsp 1816)
  m. Henry Godfrey Faussett of Heppington
  m2. Anne Spateman (dsp 10.11.1764, dau of Rev. John Spateman of Yoxall)
  (b) Elizabeth Arden (bur 12.06.1696)
  (ii)+ other issue (d unm) - Elizabeth (b c1668, d 1689), Catherine (bpt 07.11.1665?)
  Not clear who was the mother of ...
  (D) Mary Arden
  m. Walter Payton of Mazlepitt Hall
  (E) Elizabeth Arden
  m. Robert Masters of Farwell
  (F) Anne Arden
  m. Rugeley Littleton of Newfeild
  (G) Grace Arden (d unm)
  b. John Arden
  (1)+ 2 daughters
c. Ambrose Arden of Barton (bur 15.07.1656, 6th son)
  (1)+ issue - Humphrey (bpt 02.11.1634), Henry (bpt 07.10.1637), Benjamin (bpt 19.07.1642), John (bpt 03.09.1643), William (bpt 08.01.1647, bur 18.09.1666)
  d.+ other issue (dsp) - Richard, Simon, Walter
  m2. Christine (widow of Thomas Bond of Ward End)
  iii. Joyce Arden
  m. Richard Cade of London
  iv. Elizabeth Arden
  m. _ Beaupre in Wales
  v. Cicely Arden
  m. Henry Shirley of Woodborough
  vi. Mary Arden
  m. Francis Waferer in London
  vii.+ other issue - George, Thomas, Edward
  B. John Arden (dspm)
  C. Geys Arden
  m. Thomas Brayles
  D. Katherine Arden
  m. Richard Muklowe of Hodon
  E. daughter
  m. _ Brown
  F. Margaret Arden
  m. _ Kambur
  G. Agnes Arden
m. Richard Cotton of Siddington
2. Thomas Arden probably (but not certainly) the Thomas Arden of Wilmcote who was father of the undermentioned Robert
  BLG1952 (Arden) names only Thomas's probable son Robert and then, without naming his wife, names his daughter Mary and her husband, describing Mary as his co-heir. The remainder of his family is as reported in a web site on the Webb family. It should be noted that a contributor (JT, 25.02.07) has kindly warned us that the identification of Robert's (first) wife is "a very substantial claim" which has eluded others.
  A. Robert Arden of Wilmcote and Snitterfield (d 16.12.1556)
  m(1). Mary Webb (b 1512, dau of Sir John Alexander Webb)
  i. Mary Arden (b 1537, d 09.09.1608)
  m. (after 1556) John Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon (d 1601, cousin)
  ii. Margaret Arden (b 1538/9)
  m. Sir Alexander Webb (b 24.12.1534, d 1573, cousin)
  iii.+ other issue - Agnes, Katharine, Joan, Joyce, Alice, Thomas
  B. Grace Arden (b 1512, d 03.12.1539)
  m. Sir Henry Alexander Webb (b 11.05.1510, d c1544)
3. Martin Arden of Natford
  m. Margery East (dau of Henry East of Yardley)
  A. Elizabeth Arden
m1. William Rugeley of Shenstone
  m2. Thomas Gibbons of Ditchley
4. William Arden of Hanes (6th son)
  m. Elizabeth Francklin (dau of John Francklin of Thurley)
  A.+ issue - Thomas, 2 daughters
5. Joyce Arden
  m. John Charnells of Snareston ## see here ##
6. Elizabeth Arden
  m. Walter Leveson of Wolverhampton
7. Margaret Arden
  m. _ Abell
8. Alice Arden
  m. _ Buckland
9.+ other issue - Robert, Henry

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Arden formerly of Longcroft) with support from Commoners (vol i, Arden of Longcroft)
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