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Families covered: Gilbert of Lockho (Locko, Locks or Lock), Gilbert of Selby, Cooper (Gardiner) of Thurgarton

The top 2 sections section, all from Visitation (1569+1611), contain so many generations that we view them with suspicion. We suggest that you do too!
Henry Gilbert of Gilberts Place in Lullinton, Derbyshire
1. Thomas Gilbert
  A. Henry Gilbert
  i. Richard Gilbert
a. Thomas Gilbert
  (1) Thomas Gilbert
  (A) Ralph Gilbert (2nd son)
  (i) Thomas Gilbert
  (ii) Richard Gilbert
  (a) William Gilbert (2nd son)
  ((1)) Thomas Gilbert
  ((A)) Richard Gilbert (2nd son) - continued below
  ((B))+ other issue - Roger (a temp Edward 2 who r. 1307-1327), Catherine, Joan
  ((2)) Robert Gilbert
  (b)+ other issue - John, Agnes
  (iii) Robert Gilbert
  (a)+ issue - Elizabeth, Jane
  (B)+ other issue - Roger, Henry
  (2)+ other issue - George, William, Jane
  b.+ other issue - John, Margaret, Helen
  B. Robert Gilbert
  i. Francis Gilbert
  C. Agnes Gilbert
2. Richard Gilbert



Richard Gilbert (a temp Edward 3 who r. 1327-1377) - continued above
1. John Gilbert (2nd son)
  A. Roger Gilbert
i. John Gilbert
  a. Roger Gilbert of Barrowe, Derbyshire
  (1) Thomas Gilbert
  (A) Hugh Gilbert of Selby, Leicestershire
  (i) William Gilbert of Selby 'of Locko'
  m. Elizabeth Cooke (dau of William Cooke of Trusley, widow of John Bird of Nether Locko)
  (a) Thomas Gilbert of Lockho (a 1611) - continued below
  m. Frances Saunders (dau of Francis Saunders of Northamptonshire)
  (b) William Gilbert of Thursington, Leicestershire (a 1619, 3rd son)
  The following comes from Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, 'Gilbert').
  m. Maria Hoode (dau of Thomas Hoode of Bardon Parke)
  ((1))+ issue (a 1619) - Thomas (b c1616), Frances (b c1610), Maria (b c1613)
  (c) Rachell Gilbert mentioned by Visitation (Derbyshire, 1611)
  m. Richard Sharp of Friseby
  (d) Frances Gilbert mentioned by Visitation (Derbyshire, 1611)
  m. Francis Sacheverell of Reresby
  (e) Sara Gilbert mentioned by Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619)
  m. George Wellock of Frisby
  (f)+ other issue - Mathew, Helen (dsp)
  (B) Thomas Gilbert
  (i)+ issue - George, Edward, William
  (2)+ other issue - William, John
  b. John Gilbert
  ii. Robert Gilbert
  B.+ other issue - Thomas, Joan, Elizabeth
2.+ other issue - Nicholas, Mary



Thomas Gilbert of Lockho, Derbyshire (a 1611) - continued above
m. Frances Saunders (dau of Francis Saunders (Sanders) of Northamptonshire)
1. Henry Gilbert of Lockho (b c1598, d 12.1657)
  m. Dorothy Harpur (dau/coheir of Sir Richard Harpur of Swarkston (son of Sir John))
  A. Henry Gilbert of Locko (b c1630, a 1662)
m. (1657) Elizabeth Bernard (b 1630, d 1665, dau of Sir John Bernard of Abington)
  i. Henry Gilbert of Locko (b 1659, d 1720, 2nd son)
  m. Jane Savile (dau of William Savile of Derby by Dorothy, dau of William Stevenson of Matlock)
  a. John Gilbert of Locko, later Cooper of Thurgarton (d 26.05.1773?)
## John inherited Thurgarton from his 2nd cousin, John Cooper.
  m. Dorothy Bainbrigge (dau of William Bainbrigge of Lockington)
  (1) John Gilbert Cooper of Thurgarton (b 1724, d 12.04.1769)
  m. Susan Wright (b c1725, d 10.11.1751, dau of William Wright of Leicester, son of Sir Nathan)
(A) John Gilbert Cooper, later Gardiner, of Thurgarton (b 1751, d 16.08.1822)
  FMG reports that John "assumed the name of Gardiner about 1819".
  m. Catherine Rae (dau of William (or John?) Roe of Sudbroke)
  (i) John Gilbert Cooper Gardiner of Thurgarton (d unm 13.02.1833)
  (ii) Henry Cooper or Gardiner (d 1831, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. Mary Anne Muckle
  (iii) Josepha Cooper or Gardiner (d 1868)
  m. Daniel Lysons (rector of Rodmarton)
  (iv) daughter (d unm)
  (B) Susan Cooper (d unm)
  (2) Elizabeth Cooper
  m. Sir Godfrey (probably not William) Webster, Bart
  (3) Dorothy Cooper
  m. John Gardiner of Thurndridge
b. Thomas Gilbert of Boylston (d 11.09.1733, clerk, 3rd son?)
  m. Elizabeth
  (1) Thomas Gilbert
  c.+ other issue - Henry, Elizabeth
  ii.+ other issue - Bernard (b 1658), Charles (b 1660), William (b 1662, d 1664), Thomas (b 1663), Elizabeth (b 1661)
  B. Jane (not Dorothy) Gilbert
  m. John Cooper (d 1672, son of Sir Roger of Thurgarton)
  C. Lettice Gilbert
  m. Philip Wharton of Basford
  D. Dorothy Gilbert
  m. George Hopkins of Derby
  E.+ other issue - Thomas, William, John (d unm), Charles (d unm in Spain), Frances (d unm), Elizabeth
2. Anne Gilbert
  m. William Hacker of Trowell
3. Elizabeth Gilbert
  m. Gilbert Coke (son of Sir Francis of Trusley)
4.+ other issue (a 1611) - William of Dublin (b c1599, dsp 1654, surveyor of the Plantations), Francis (d young), Philip of St. Edmundsbury, Thomas (dsp by 1658), John, Rachel (d unm)

Main source(s): Visitation (Derbyshire, 1569+1611, 'Gilbert of Locks') with input/support for the lower section from Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662, 'Gilbert of Lockho'), FMG (vol 3, MS360, 'Cooper-Gilbert-Savile', p869+)
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