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This section first uploaded 20.02.10.
Probably connected to the Wykehams of Swalcliffe was ...
John (de Wykeham)
m. Sybell
1. William de Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England (b 1324, d 27.09.1404)
2. Agnes
  m. William Champneys
  A. Alice Champneys
  m. William Perrott @@ just below



This section first uploaded 20.02.10.
William Perrott
m. Alice Champneys (dau/heir of William Champneys) @@ just above
1. Sir Thomas Perrott or Parrott, later Wickham or Wykeham (a 1394, 3rd son)
  m. _ Wilkes (dau of William Wilkes)
  A. William Wickham or Wykeham alias Perrott of Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire
  i. Margaret Wykeham (d before 30.05.1477)
  m1. William Fiennes, 2nd Lord Saye and Sele (d Barnet 14.04.1471)
  m2. John Hervy (d 20.03.1504)
2.+ other issue - William, John



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George Brown of Ellieston, Edinburgh
Lipscomb, in his work on the Trevor family, identfies the wife of 2nd Viscount Hampden as "sist. of Lady Wedderburn and Hon. Mrs. Alex. Hope". This point is recorded here in anticipation of finding out more on this George Brown at a later date.
1. Margaret Brown
  m. (02.09.1800, sps) Sir David Wedderburn, 1st Bart of Balindean (b 30.03.1775, d 07.04.1858)
2. Jane Maria Brown (b c1773, d 27.06.1833)
  m. (11.06.1805) Thomas Trevor, later Hampden, 2nd Viscount Hampden (b 11.09.1746, dsp 20.08.1824)
3. Georgina Brown
  m. (23.10.1805) Alexander Hope (b 09.12.1769, d 19.05.1837, General)



This section first uploaded 23.02.10.
George Blunt of Wiggington, Oxfordshire
Anne Danvers (dau of William Danvers of Culworth)
1. William Blunt (Blount) of Wiggington (Wigginton)
  m. Abigall Bruse (dau of William Bruse of Heyford)
  A. George Blount of Wigginton (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Fitters (dau of Anthony Fitters of South Newton)
  i.+ issue (a 1634) - William (b c1625), John, Mary, Hanna, Abigall, Anne
  B. Williajm Blount (dsp)
  C. Anne Blount
  m. Samuel Lydiall of Shennington
  i.+ issue (a 1634) - Richard, William, Christopher, Abigall, Anne
2.+ other issue - George, Isabell, Barbara, Margaret



This section first uploaded 23.02.10.
Sir John Bollingbroke
m. Isabel Rypars (dau/heir of Sir John Rypars)
1. Bartram Bolingbroke (a 1360)
  m. Joan Ayre (dau/heir of John Ayre by Margaret, dau/heir of William Tynslowe)
  A. William Bolingbroke
  m. _ Atvicars
  i. Joane Bolingbroke
  m. William Denman (a 1391)
  ii. Elizabeth Bolingbroke
  m. Sir John Bozon



This section first uploaded 26.02.10.
Edmund Burwell (possibly of Sutton, Suffolk)
m. Margery Alverd (dau of Thomas Alverd of Ipswich)
1. Nicholas Burwell of Woodbridge, Suffolk
  m. _ Curtis
A. Edmund Burwell of Woodbridge, later of Rougham (bur 1652)
  m. Mary Pitman (dau of Jeffery Pitman of Woodbridge)
  i. Sir Jeffrey Burwell of Rougham Place, Suffolk (a 1664)
  m. Elizabeth Derehaugh (dau/heir of Thomas Derehaugh (Derhaugh) of Colston Hall)
a. Mary Burwell (bpt 23.10.1654, d 14.03.1711)
  m. Robert Walpole of Houghton (b 18.11.1650, bur 18.11.1700, MP)
  ii. Thomas Burwell of Dorchester, Dorset (b c1626, a 1677)
  m. (15.09.1659) Jane Stoughton (dau of John Stoughton of Aldermanbury)
  a. Hamey Burwell
Various web sites indicate that this was the Hamey Burwell of London who was father of Sarah. We presume that he was also (or was father of) the Hamey Burwell of Enfield who was father of Jane.
  (1) Sarah Burwell probably of this generation
  m. William Floyer (b 1676, d 1742, rector of Trusham)
  (2) Jane Burwell (d 1767) possibly of this family, of this generation
  m. William Grene (son of John Green or Grene of Enfield)
  b.+ other issue - Thomas (a 1683), Jane, Elizabeth (bpt 08.05.1668)
  The undermentioned Mary is identified by BEB1841 (Pettus of Rackheath) as dau/coheir of Nicholas Burwell of Gray''s Inn and niece of Sir John of Rougham. As the dates indicate that Nicholas would have been of this generation, we presume that BEB1841 should have identifed Mary's uncle as Sir Jeffrey rather than Sir John and that the following Nicholas was another son of Edmund & Mary.
  iii. Nicholas Burwell of Gray''s Inn
  a. Mary Burwell (b c1650, d 24.02.1728, coheir)
  m. Sir John Pettus, 3rd Bart of Rackheath (b c1643, d 25/8.10.1698)
  b. Eliza Burwell (coheir) probably of this generation
  m. Sir Charles Ludowicke Cottrell
  iv. Mary Burwell (b c1611, d 17.07.1675) probably of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Rant of Thorpe Market (b 1603-4, d 02.06.1671



This section first uploaded 27.02.10, reviewed 24.04.24.
Descended from the Bramhalls of Bramhall, Cheshire, was ...
Peter Bramhall of Carleton, Yorkshire (d 1635)
1. John Bramhall, Archbishop of Armagh (b 1594, d 25.06.1663)
  m. Elinor Halley (dau of William Halley of York, widow)
A. Sir Thomas Bramhall of Rathmullyan (co. Meath), Bart (dsp 1667)
  m. (c01.1663/4) Elizabeth Davys (dau of Sir Paul Davys, m2. Sir John Topham)
  B. Isabella Bramhall
  m. Sir James Graham (son of Earl of Menteith)
  C. Jane Bramhall
  m. _ Toxteath (Alderman of Drogheda)
  D. Anne Bramhall
  m. (c07.1664) Standish Harstrong
2. ?? Bramhall (son? daughter?)
  Identified as a niece of Archbishop John was ...
  A. daughter
  m. Robert Thomas Waller (bpt 1609, d 1641, 3rd son, to Ireland)
3. daughter probably of this generation
  m. William Pullein (rector of Ripley)



This section first uploaded 04.03.10.
Christopher Thomson Maling of West Herrington & Hilton
m. Martha Sheels (dau of John Sheels of Middlesex) mother of Martha Sophia, presumed also of Catherine Julia & Selena Ann
1. Martha Sophia Maling (d 17.03.1849)
  m. (20.10.1795) Henry Phipps, 1st Earl of Mulgrave (b 14.02.1755, d 07.04.1831, General)
2. Catherine Julia Maling
  m. (06.04.1796) Robert Ward, later Plumer-Ward of Gilston Park (b 19.03.1765, d 1847)
3. Selena Ann Maling (d 03.02.1821)
  m. Sir William Warre (b 15.04.1784, d 26.07.1853, Lt. General)

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