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Families covered: Dagworth of Dagworth, Doyngell of Benethwood, Derhaugh of Badingham, Derhaugh of Colston Hall, Dawley of Lainston, Downham (Bishop)

John de Dagworth of Dagworth (Suffolk) & Bradwell (Essex)
m. (after 04.07.1292) Alice (d 15.05.1333, dau/coheir of William FitzWarin)
1. Nicholas de Dagworth (b c1306, d 12.10.1351)
  m. (before 20.09.1334) Margaret
  A. (Sir) John de Dagworth 'of Dagworth & Bradwell' (b c1327, d 16.08.1360)
  m. (before 12.06.1353) Thomasine (m2. Sir William de Furnival, 4th Lord)
  i. Margaret Dagworth (b 1360-1)
2. Sir Thomas de Dagworth, 1st Lord (d 1350)
  m. (c01.1343/4) Alianore de Bohun (dau of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford & Essex, widow of James, Earl of Ormond)
  A. Nicholas de Dagworth of Bickling, 2nd Lord (dsp 02.01.1401/2)
  m. Alianore Rossale (d 28.12.1432, dau of Sir Walter Rossale of Ross Hall, sister/coheir of John of Ross Hall, widow of John Ingelfeld, m3. Sir John Mortimer of Hatfield)
  B. Alianore de Dagworth
  m. (1362) Walter, Lord FitzWalter (b 1345, d 26.09.1386)



Roger Doyngell
m. Joane Charnedon (dau of Robert Charnedon of Benethwood by Joane, dau of John Fitz of Benethwood)
1. Richard Doyngell
  A. John Doyngell
m. Margaret Yawlegge (dau/heir of John Yawlegge)
  i. Thomas Doyngell 'of Benethwood'
  m. Alice Randall (dau of John Randall of Willoustre)
  a. Richard Doyngell
  m. Margaret Kelly (dau of John Kelly)
  (1) John Doyngell of Benethwood
  m. Jane Corington (dau/coheir of William Corington by Anne, dau/heir of Richard Vage of Liskeard)
  (A) Sibbell Doyngell
  m. Thomas Bere of Trevedo
  Their children's dates suggest that Sibbell & Thomas married in the mid 16th century.
  B. Joan Doyngull possibly fits here
  m. William Trelawny



Thomas Derhaugh of Badingham, Suffolk
1. William Derhaugh of Colston Hall, Suffolk
  m. Margaret Wright (dau/coheir of Edmund Wright of Sutton Hall & Little Buckenham)
  A. William Derhaugh of Badingham & Colston Hall (d 25.04.1619)
  m. Mary Shephard (dau of Owen Shephard of Kirby)
  i. Elizabeth Derhaugh (b c1604, d 24.10.1678)
  m. Sir Jeffery Burwell (d 06.07.1684)
2. Julian(a) Derhaugh
  m. John Chapman alias Barker of Sibton



Thomas Dawley
m. Mary Brokesly (dau of Sir Anthony Brokesly)
1. Thomas Dawley
2. Anthony Dawley of Southamptonshire
  m. Elizabeth James (dau of John James, sister/heir of Daniell)
A. Walter Dawley of Ibesley (Ibsley) & Laustor (Lainton)
  m. Christian Whithead (dau of Sir Henry Whithead of Titherley)
  i. Henry Dawley of Lainston (Lanston) (b c1623, d 1654)
  m. Anne Worsley (dau of John Worsley of Gatcombe)
  a. Henry Dawley of Lainston (b c1646, d c1703, MP)
  m. (c09.1670) Mary Collins (b c1646, dau of Anthony Collins of Newport, Isle of Wight)
  (1) Anthony Dawley, last of Lainston, Sheriff of Hampshire (b c1679, a 1711, 2nd son)
  (2)+ other issue - Henry (d infant), Anne (b c1675, a 1686), Mary (b c1680, a 1686), Frances (b c1681, a 1686)
  b. Cecilia Dawley
  m. Thomas Swayne of Nottinghamshire
  c.+ other issue - |Edward (b c1647, a 1686), Walter of London (b c1488, a 1686), Anthony (d young), Francis (d young), Christian (d unm), Anne (d unm)
  ii. Walter Dawley of Ireland had issue
  m. _ Tent (sister of Sir Henry Tent)
  iii. Constance Dawley (d 14.09.1666)
  m. Oliver St. John of Farley Chamberlain
  B. Anthony Dawley
  C. Mary Dawley
  m. Sir Edward Dennys



William Downham, Bishop of Chester (b c1511, d 1577)
Wikipedia ("William Downham") reports that William was "said to have been a native of Norfolk".
m1. ??
m2. ??
1. George Downham (or Downame), Bishop of Derry (b c1566, d 17.04.1634) the first mentioned by MGH
m1. Ann Harrison (d 18.03.1616, dau of Rev. William Harrison (antiquarian))
  A. James Downham (b 1611, d before 13.07.1681, Dean of Armagh)
  i. Ann Downham (d before 28.05.1712)
  m. Arthur Newburgh, Sheriff of Tyrone (d before 13.05.1675)
  ii. Jane Downham (d 04.1688)
  m. Walter Cope of co. Armagh
  B. Mary Downham
  m. George Downing (MP)
  C. Jane Downham
  m. (John) Knox (son of Bishop Andrew)
  D. Elizabeth Downham
  m. Dudley Phillips (Major, son of Sir Thomas)
  E. Dorothy Downham
  m. Charles Vaughan (Prebendary of Comber)
  F.+ other issue
  m2. (20.04.1617) Jaell de Peigne (d before 28.03.1632, widow of Sir Henry Killigrew) ## see here ##
  m3. Margery (natural dau of Sir Nicholas Bagenal, widow of Sir Francis Roe of co.Tyrone)
2. John Downham (or Downame) (b 1571, d 1652, Rector, theologian)
3. daughter
  m. Roger Bradshaw of Pennington (b 1572, d 1625)

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