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Families covered: Deincourt of Blankney, Deincourt (or d'Eyncourt) of Eyncourt

Walter d'Ayncourt or Eyncourt, 1st lord (a 1066)
According to BE1883, Walter (cousin to Remigius, Bishop of Lincoln) may have been a kinsman of the Conqueror, probably through his mother. BE1883 identifies him as the 1st baron, and calls his successors barons also, but notes that they were "barons by tenure, until summoned to parliament by writ, 22nd EDWARD I". We use the diminutive "lord" rather than "Lord" until the Edmund who was so called to parliament, thereby being consistent with TCP and BE1883, albeit with the latter only until that Edmund whom BE1883 identifies as the 8th baron. From the father of that Edmund we change the spelling of the family name but note that this is not followed consistently by all sources.
m. Matilda
1. William d'Eyncourt
2. Ralph d'Eyncourt, 2nd lord
  A. Walter d'Eyncourt, 3rd lord (a 1141)
  i. John d'Eyncourt, 4th lord (d 06.11.1183)
  m. Ann or Alice Murdac (dau/sister of Ralph Murdac)
  a. Oliver d'Eyncourt, 5th lord (b c1162, d by 1201)
  m. Annabella
(1) Oliver d'Eyncourt, 6th lord
  m. Nicola (granddau of William Fitzernest by Nicolda de la Haye)
  (A) John Deincourt of Blankney, 7th lord (d before 14.10.1257)
  m. Agnes de Neville (dau of Sir Geoffrey de Neville of Raby)
  (i) Edmund Deincourt of Blankney and Branston, 1st Lord (d 06.01.1326/7)
  m. Isabel de Mohun (dau of Sir Reynold de Mohun of Dunster)
(a) John Deincourt (dvp)
  ((1)) Edmund Deincourt (d before 1327)
  ((A)) Isabel Deincourt
  ((2)) William Deincourt, 2nd Lord (b c1300, d 02.06.1364)
  BE1883 identifies William's wife as Millicent de Ros (dau of William de Ros, 3rd Lord) but we follow TCP which identifies her as ...
m. Milicent la Zouche (d 22.06.1379, dau of Sir William la Zouche, 1st Lord of Harringworth)
  ((A)) Sir William Deincourt (dvp)
  m. Margaret de Welle (dau of Adam de Welle, 3rd Lord)
  ((i)) William Deincourt, 3rd Lord (b 26.12.1357, d 15/16.10.1381)
  m. Alice Nevill (d 20.06.1433, dau of Sir John Nevill, 3rd Lord of Raby)
((a)) Ralph Deincourt, 4th Lord (b 24.06.1380, d 07.11.1384)
  ((b)) John Deincourt, 5th Lord (b 28.02.1382, d 11.05.1406)
  m. (1401) Joanna Grey of Rotherfield (b by 20.07.1386, d 20.11.1408, dau of Robert de Grey, 4th Lord of Rotherfield)
  (((1))) William Deincourt, 6th Lord (dsp 05.09.1422)
  m. (c1418) Elizabeth Beaumont (d 07.1447, dau of Henry Beaumont, 5th Lord)
  (((2))) Alice, Baroness Deincourt and Rotherfield (b 25.02.1403/4, d 10.02.1473/4)
  m1. (before 31.08.1422) William Lovel, Lord of Titchmarsh and Holland (d 13.06.1455-6)
  m2. (1463) Ralph Boteler, Lord Sudeley (dsps 02.05.1473)
  (((3))) Margaret Deincourt (b 21.09.1405, dsp 15/6.09.1455)
m. (before 03.11.1423) Ralph de Cromwell, 3rd Lord of Tattershall (b c1403, dsp 04.01.1454/5)
  ((c)) Elizabeth Deincourt possibly of this generation
  m. Sir William de Clinton (dvp 25.10.1383)
  ((B)) Margaret Deincourt
  m. Robert de Tibetot, 3rd Lord (d 1372)
  ((3)) John Deincourt (a 1341)
  (b) William Deincourt (d Stirling 23.06.1314)
  (c) Margaret Deincourt (d before 25.03.1317)
  m. (by 1303) Sir Robert de Willoughby, 1st Lord of Eresby (d 1316)
  (d) Joan Deincourt
  m. (1302) Sir Philip de Draycott, younger of Paynsley (dvp 1308)
  ii. Oliver d'Eyncourt (a 1141, dvp)
  iii. Roger d'Eyncourt
  Thoroton follows the senior line above down to John father of Edmund father of Isabella. Thoroton also shows a Roger in this generation, connected by dotted line that presumably implied some uncertainty, who is shown as probably father of Robert father of Roger father of Roger father (by Joana, dau of William Thorp) of John of Kanpthorp & Parkhall who is identified as father of the William who we show above as the 2nd Lord. We give precedence (above) to the pedigree supported by TCP (and BE1883).
  B. Hugo d'Eyncourt

Main source(s): TCP ('Deincourt'), BE1883 ('D'Eyncourt') with some support from BLG1847 ('Tennyson-D'Eyncourt of Bayons Manor), 'History of Nottinghamshire' (Robert Thoroton (edited Jonn Throsby), vol 1, 1797, p212)
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