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Families covered: Floyer of Berne, Floyer of Floiers Hayes, Floyer of Madras, Floyer of Upway

Commoners starts with the following Floierus "who settled soon after the Norman Conquest on the lands beyond the river Exe, in the county of Devon".
1. Richard of Floierslands or Floiers Hayes
  Visitation (Devon) starts with Richard of Floyer Hayes father of Nicholas father of Richard father of John father of Roger father of John father of John father of William father of John father of William father of John father of the John who m. _ Bashe. We follow Commoners which shows the following descent.
  A. Nicholas de Floierslands or Floiers Hayes
  i. Richard de Floierslands or Floiers Hayes
  a. Floyer de Floierslands or Floiers Hayes (d before 1264)
  m. Sabina de Dunstranville (a 1263, dau of Geofffrey de Dunstanville of Enscombe)
  (1) John Floyer of Floiers Hayes
  m. Marriott
  (A) William Floyer of Floiers Hayes
  m. Fina Herewarde (dau of John Herewarde of Doddescot)
(i) John Floyer of Floiers Hayes
  (a) John Floyer of Floiers Hayes
  m. Margaret Clive (dau/heir of Robert Clive)
  ((1)) John Floyer of Floiers Hayes
  m. Alice Basshe (dau/heir of Thomas Basshe of Ottery St. Mary)
  ((A)) William Floyer of Floiers Hayes this generation omitted by Visitation (Devon)
  m. Alice Hache (dau of John Hache of Wolley)
  ((i)) William Floyer of Floiers Hayes (a 1474) - continued below
  m. Philippa Croke (dau/heir of John Croke of Box)
  (2)+ other issue - Roger (a 1256), William



William Floyer of Floiers Hayes (a 1474) - continued above
m. Philippa Croke (dau/heir of John Croke of Box)
1. John Floyer of Floiers Hayes
  m. (c1511) Joan Carew (dau of John Carew of Anthony)
  A. William Floyer of Floiers Hayes (bur 24.04.1578)
  m. (1531) Elizabeth Kirk (bur 18.07.1566, dau/heir of Gilbert Kirk, Mayor of Exeter)
  i. Anthony Floyer of Floiers Hayes & Stanton Gabriel (Dorset) (d 28.11.1608) the first mentioned by BLG1952
  m. Anne Martin (a 1608, dau of Nicholas Martin of Athelhampton by Margaret, sister/coheir of Nicholas Wadham of Merrifield)
  a. Anthony Floyer of Floiers Hayes & Berne (Dorset) (b c1596, d before 11.10.1672)
  m. Eleanor Pole (bpt 1597, dau of Sir William Pole of Colcombe)
  (1) William Floyer of Floiers Hayes & Berne (b c1618?, a 1695 (or d 07.01.1681?))
  m1. (22.05.1641) Margaret Lawrence (dau of Sir Edward Lawrence of Creech Grange)
(A) Anthony Floyer of Floiers Hayes (bpt 31.05.1642, bur 17.11.1701)
  m1. (08.03.1674/5) Katherine Tayler (bur 07.04.1676, dau of Jacob Tayler of Symondsbury)
  m2. Sarah Gould (a 1723, dau of John Gould of Upway)
  Commoners identifies Sarah Gould as Anthony's 2nd wife and mother of Anthony, William & Hubert Charles. Visitation (Dorset) shows only his marriage to Katherine Tayler, who we presume was his 1st wife, but shows her as mother of William. Vivian shows only the marriage to Sarah Gould.
(i) Anthony Floyer of Floiers Hayes (sap)
  (ii) William Floyer (b 1676, d 1742, rector of Trusham)
  m. Sarah Burwell (dau of Hamey (not Amy) Burwell of London)
  (a) William Floyer of Reesby (Lincolnshire) & Athelhampton (Dorset) 'of Louth' (bpt 18.08.1726, d 1759, youngest son)
  m. (1752) Frances Aiscough (dau/coheir of Edward Aiscough of Louth)
  ((1)) Anthony Floyer (d 08.03.1804) generation omitted by Vivian
  m. (1784) Elizabeth Brabines (dau of George Brabines of Blannington Hall)
((A)) John Gould Floyer of Ketsby, Lincolnshire (b 07.1785, d 11.1841) had issue
  m. (1815) Sarah Wright (d 01.1840, dau of Rev. Richard Wright of Wrangle)
  (b) Elizabeth Floyer (bpt 10.11.1737, a 1742) probably the Elizabeth (d 05.1749) who married ...
  m. (1719, sp) Henry Walrond of Columpton or Cullompton, later of Bradfield (d 1724)
  (c) Margaret Floyer (a 1728) probably the Margaret (b 1722, bur 1806) who married ...
  m. (12.02.1743) James Cornish (bpt 02.01.1720, d 18.10.1785)
  (d)+ other issue - Anthony of Dorchester, William (bpt 12.05.1724, d 12.10.1725), John Gould (d unm 1777, rector of Esher), Hubert (bpt 26.02.1729-30, a 1742), Caleb (bpt 26.02.1729-30, a 1742), Elizabeth (b 29.05.1728, d 16.11.1736), Sarah (bpt 23.11.1732, bur 18.05.1741), Jane (bpt 23.07.1734, a 1742), Ann (bpt 12.01.1735-6, d 24.01.1738-9)
  (iii)+ other issue - Hubert Charles, Hussey, Margaret
(B) Elizabeth Floyer
  m2. (19.08.1650) Elizabeth Mainwaring (b c1624, d 22.06.1667, dau of Randle Mainwaring of London)
(C) William Floyer of Berne (d 13.01.1711/2)
  m1. (04/16.07.1677) Amy Pole (bur 21.04.1690, dau of Sir William Pole of Shute)
  (i) John Floyer of Upway (Dorset) & Lincoln's Inn
  m1. (22.07.1714, sp) Mary Ellis (dau of John Ellis of Westminster)
  m2. (14.04.1741) Anne Richards (dau of James Richards of West Knighton)
  (a) John Floyer of Upway (b 28.05.1744, dsp 1789)
  m. Jane Davison (dau of Rev. Samuel Davison of Dalbury by Elizabeth, sister of Sir Edward Wilmot, Bart of Chaddesden)
  (b) William Floyer of Upway (b 05.01.1746, d 29.12.1819, rector of West Stafford, vicar of Stensford) had issue
  m. (03.02.1801) Elizabeth Barton (d 1847, dau/coheir of Stephen Barton of Blandford)
  (c) Anne Floyer (b 28.02.1742)
  m. Rev. Charles Russell of Bath
  (ii) Catherine Floyer (bpt 130.3.1678/9)
  m. Humphrey Sydenham of Dulverton
  (iii)+ other issue - William (bur 13.11.1697), Sarah (bpt 10.02.1679/80)
  m2. Grace (bur 17.06.1694) this marriage mentioned by Visitation (Dorset)
  m3. (04.09.1700, sp) Grace Cosins of Broadwinsor (Broad Windsor)
  (D) Randolph Floyer of Topsham, Devon (bpt 03.07.1656, 4th/5th son)
  m. Mary Ely (dau of Thomas Ely of Topsham)
(i)+ issue (a 1695) - Anthony, Mary
  (E) Charles Floyer, later of Richmond, Surrey (d 30.04.1731, Lt. Colonel)
  The following comes from MGH (NS2, vol 4 (1892), 'Pedigree of Floyer of India, etc.', p129).
  m. (1714) Jane Turner (d 30.08.1759, dau of Nathaniel Turner of London)

Charles Floyer of Hollin Close Hall (Yorkshire), Governor & CIC of Madras (b 1714-5, d 07.09.1766)

  m. Mary Berriman
  (a) Charles Floyer of Madras (a 1782, Member of the Council)
  m. Catherine Cavallo
  ((1)) Sir Augustus Floyer of Madras (d 17.10.1818, Colonel) had issue
  ((2)) Charles Floyer (d 01.05.1794)
(b) Robert Floyer
  (c) Augustus Floyer
  m. Anne Lisle (b c1741, d 14.01.1774, dau of Warren Lisle)
  ((1))+ issue - Edward Augustus (bpt 02.05.1768), Whichcote
  (d) Frances Floyer (d 20.12.1798)
  m. (17.03.1770) John Francis Erksine of Mar
  (ii) Wills Floyer (b c04.1717, d 31.01.1738)
  (iii) Jane Floyer (b c1718, d 20.01.1800)
  m. Norton Nicholls
  (a) Norton Nicholls (Rector of Lound & Bradwell)
(F) Elizabeth Floyer
  m. James or John Holwey
  (GF+ other issue - John (a 1670), Benjamin (bpt 13.04.1655, bur 16.10.1656), Edmund
  (2) Mary Floyer
  m. (23.01.1648/9) Thomas Hippesley
  (3) Anne Floyer
  m. (25.06.1650) John Bridges
  (4) Sarah Floyer
  m. (08.10.1657) Samuel Bulstrode of Charmouth
  (5) Elizabeth Floyer
m. (16.08.1660) Richard Tomes of London
  (6)+ other issue - Anthony (bpt 28.11.1624), Jane (bpt 09.05.1626), Catherine (bpt 20.06.1628), Eleanor of Topsham (bpt 13.01.1629-20, d before 16.03.1694/5), Grace (bpt 15.08.1631, a 1695, d unm?)
  b. John (probably not William) Floyer of Merlinch or Moorlinch, Somerset
  Commoners (605) names the 2nd son as William of Merlinch, "ancestor of the Floyers, of Whitehouse, parish of Landilio, in the county of Monmouth". This appears to be the same person as John of Moorlinch, identified by MGH as 3rd son of Anthony by "a coheir of Nicholas Martin".
  c. Thomas Floyer (a 1608)
  ii. Marie Floyer (bpt 10.01.1554-5)
  m. (23.03.1576-7) John Hockmore (d 12.04.1582)
  iii. Margaret Floyer (bpt 01.05.1556)
  m. (07.04.1578) Arthur Hall
  iv.+ other issue - Charles (bpt 03.058.1559), William of Merlinch (bpt 06.04.1561, d unm 1623), Elizabeth (bpt 28.05.1558), Anne
  B. Thomazine Floyer
  m1. Thomas Stowell of Somerset
  m2. Richard Coplestone of Devon
  C.+ other issue - Thomas (bur 14.03.1577-8), Baldwin (priest), Martha
2. Thomas Floyer of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
  As explained on the continuation, showing Thomas as of this family of this generation is speculative and unproven.
3. Jane Floyer
  m. John Maynard of London
4. Elizabeth Floyer
  m. John Wilford of London

Main source(s): Commoners (vol I, 'Floyer of Stafford', p605+), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Floyer of Floyer Hayes', p344+) with some support/input from BLG1952 ('Floyer-Acland (formerly Floyer) of West Stafford'), Visitation (Dorset, 1677, 'Floyer')
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