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Families covered: Denman of Dovedale, Denman of Retford
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BP1934 mentions the following William, reports that fifth in descent from him was Nicholas (m1. Elizabeth Eyre, m2. Ann Hercy) whose issue by his first marriage became extinct with the undermentioned Thomas of Walcot. BP1934 then reports that the undermentioned Thomas of Bevercotes was 9th in descent from the first William without specifying whether or not that descent was through Nicholas. BP2004 ('Denman of Dovedale') starts with William, mentions that Nicholas was 5th in descent from him, and then reports that Thomas was 9th in descent from Nicholas by his 2nd marriage. Visitation provides most of the following top section.
William Denman (a 1391)
m. Joane Bolyngbrok (dau/coheir of William Bolyngbrok)
1. John Denman
  m. Jane Fauconberg (dau of Henry Fauconberg, m2. Thomas Bury)
  A. Thomas Denman
  m. Isabel Hercy (dau of Hugh Hercy)
i. John Denman
  m. Katherine Sandford (dau of Sir Bryan Sandford)
  a. John Denman
  m. Isabel Mountney (dau of John Mountney)
(1) Nicholas Denham 'of Retford'
  m1. Elizabeth Eyre (dau of Roger Eyre of Holme)
  (A) Ralph Denman
  m. Elizabeth Wentworth (dau of Thomas Wentworth)
  (i) Nicholas Denham 'of Rufford'
  m. Ellen (or Jane) Beeston (dau of Ralph Beeston)
  (a) John Denman of Newhall Grange (a 1585)
  m. Rosamund Bette (dau/coheir of William Bette of Northampton)
  ((1)) William Denman (b c1580)
  Visitation ends with this generation. BP1934 reports that the line of the descendants of the Nicholas who married Elizabeth Eyre became extinct in the sixth generation at the death of the undermentioned Thomas whom we presume to have been grandson of this William.
  ((A)) ?? Denman
  ((i)) Thomas Denman of Walcot, Lincolnshire (dsp)
  ((2))+ other issue - Frances, Margaret
  (ii) Thomas Denman of London
  m1/2. Alice Heneage (dau of William Heneage of Ore)
  (a) William Denman of London
  m. Ann Ravening (dau of John Ravening of Buckinghamshire)
  ((1)) Anne Denman (b c1602)
  m2/1. Alice (widow of _ Allpoole)
  (b) Nicholas Denham
  (c) Dorothy Denham
m. Nicholas Bremer
  (d) Elizabeth Denham
  m. William Bradshaw
  (iii)+ other issue - Ralph, Brian
  BP1934 mentions the following Nicholas as great-great-grandson of Nicholas & Elizabeth Eyre. It is not known how Mayor Nicholas was related to the above. This connection is shown arbitrarily, it being suggested that it may have been one of the above sons who was father of ...
  (a) ?? Denman
  ((1)) Nicholas Denman, Mayor of Kingston-upon-Hull (a 1644)
  m2. Ann Hercy (dau of Humfrey Hercy, sister/coheir of Sir John of Grove)
Visitation shows 3 sons of this marriage: William (parson of Ordsall), Francis (priest) & Thomas. Thanks to a contributor (CV, 27.07.12) for providing us with an extract from "English Small Town Life - Retford 1520-1642" by David Marcombe (published 1993 by the University of Nottingham) which shows the following.
  (B) William Denman (d 1587?, rector of Ordsall) had issue
  m. Ellen
  (C) Francis Denman (rector of West Retford)
  The following is partly supported by TCB (vol 2, 'Aylesbury', p11).
  m. Anne Blount (dau of Robert Blount of Eckington, widow of Nicholas Towers)
  (i) Anne Denman (bur 13.11.1661)
  m1. William Darrell (d 1610)
  m2. (c10.1611) Sir Thomas Aylesbury, Bart (b 1576, d 1657)
  (ii) Barbara Denman (d 1653)
  m. Edward Darrell (d 1626, son of Sir Thomas)
  (D) Thomas Denman
  m. Elizabeth Pettinger
  (i) Thomas Denman had issue
m. Anne Spivy
  (ii) John Denman
  m. Anne Travers
  Unfortunately, as suggested above, our sources do not identify the connection to the undermentioned Thomas. We speculate that either William or Thomas was father of ...
  (i) ?? Denman
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (a) ?? Denman
  ((1)) Thomas Denman of Bevercotes (d 1741) - continued below
  m. (27.11.1688) Anne Nicholson (dau of William Nicholson of West Retford)



Thomas Denman of Bevercotes, Nottinghamshire (d 1741) - continued above
m. (27.11.1688) Anne Nicholson (dau of William Nicholson of West Retford)
1. John Denman of Bakewell, Derbyshire (b 1693, d 25.09.1752)
  m. (06.05.1726) Elizabeth Buxton (d 07.1760, dau of Anthony Buxton)
  A. Joseph Denman of Buxton, Derbyshire (b 1731, dspl 20.07.1812)
  m. (22.03.1761) Elizabeth Finney (d 05.03.1803, dau/coheir of Richard Finney)
  B. Thomas Denman of London (b 27.06.1733, d 26.11.1815, physician)
  m. (01.11.1770) Elizabeth Brodie (d 19.01.1833, dau of Alexander Brodie of Londone)
  i. Thomas Denman, 1st Lord Denman of Dovedale (b 23.02.1779, d 22.09.1854, Lord Chief Justice) had issue
  m. (18.10.1804) Theodosia Anne Vevers (d 28.06.1852, dau of Rev. Richard Vevers of Saxby by Theodosia Dorothy, dau of Rev. Sir William Anderson, 6th Bart of Lea)
  ii. Margaret Denman (d 24.09.1847)
  m. (03.11.1789) Sir Richard Croft, 6th Bart (d 1818)
  iii. Sophia Denman (d 06.08.1845)
  m. (05.5.1791) Matthew Baillie (d 23.09.1823)

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Denman') with input for upper section from Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, 'Denman of New Hall') and some support for lower section from FMG (vol 3, Buxton, MS408, p959)
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