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Families covered: Trevor of Allington, Trevor of Bromham, Trevor of Glynde, Trevor of Plasteg, Trevor of Trevallyn (Trevellian), Hampden of Hampden

Richard Trevor of Trevalyn
m. Matilda (Maud) (dau of Jenkyn ap David ap Griffith of Allington)
1. John Trevor of Allington
  m. Margaret (dau/heir of David ap Rhys ap Kendrick of Cwm)
A. John Trevor of Allington
  m. Anne Broughton (dau of Randal Broughton of Broughton)
  i. John Trevor of Trevallyn (formerly called Allington) (d 15.07.1589)
  m. Mary Bruges (dau of Sir George Bruges of London)
a. Sir Richard Trevor of Trevallyn (formerly called Allington)
  m. Catherine Puleston (dau of Roger Puleston of Emral)
  (1) Magdalen Trevor
  m1. Arthur Bagnall or Bagenhall of Staffordshire
  m2. Sir Anthony Tyringham of Tyringham
  (2) Mary Trevor
  m. Evan Lloyd of Bodidris-in-Yale (d 1637)
  (3) Dorothy Trevor
  m. Sir John Hanmer, 1st Bart of Hanmer (d 1624)
(4) Margaret Trevor
  m. John Griffith of Lynn
  b. Sir John Trevor of Trevallyn (Trevellian), co. Flint (d 1629, Comptroller of the Household for King James I)
  BE1883 misses out the next generation altogether, showing this Sir John as d 1673. Lipscomb provides the intervening generation.
  m. (24.05.1592) Margaret Trevannion (d 29.03.1614, dau of Hugh Trevannion of Cornwall)
(1) Sir John Trevor of Trevellian (d 17.07.1673, Master of the Rolls, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  m. (04.02.1648-9) Anne Hampden (d 1663, dau of Edmund Hampden of Wendover)
  (A) Sir John Trevor 'of Trevallyn' (b c1625, dvp 28.05.1672)
  m. Ruth Hampden (bur 03.12.1687, dau of John Hampden of Great Hampden)
(i) John Trevor of Trevallyn, Plasteg and Glynde (d 30.09.1686)
  John inherited Glynde through the Morley connections with his (presumed sister) Susanna and with his wife Elizabeth Clark.
  m. Elizabeth Clark (b c1660, d 19.02.1692/3, dau of George Clark of London, widow of William Morley of Glynde)
  (a) John Morley Trevor of Trevallyn, Plasteg & Glynde (b 1681, d 12.04.1719)
  m. Lucy Montague (dau of Edward Montague of Horton)
  ((1)) John Trevor of Trevallyn and Plasteg (dsp 1745, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Frankland (d 1742, dau of Sir Thomas Frankland of Thirkleby)
((2)) Lucy Trevor (b 1706)
  m. Edward Rice of Newton (d 05.04.1727)
  ((3)) Ann Trevor (d 1783)
  m. (1743) George Boscawen (b 01.12.1712, d 03.05.1775, General)
  ((4)) Gertrude Trevor (d 13.07.1780)
  m. (27.06.1744) Charles Roper (b 21.05.1721, d 04.02.1754, of Teynham family)
((5))+ other issue - John Morley (b c1704, d 1706), Thomas (b/d 1707), Grace (d unm), Mary (b 1708, d unm), Margaret (b 1710, d unm), Ruth (b 1712, d unm 1764), Arabella (b 1714, d unm), Lucy (d infant)
  (b) Elizabeth Trevor
  m. (03.09.1702) David Polhill of Otford
  (c) Arabella Trevor
  m1. Robert Heath of Lewes
  m2. Edward Montague (Colonel)
  (d)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1684, d 1707), William
(ii) Sir Thomas Trevor, 1st Lord of Bromham (bpt 08.03.1657/8, d 19.06.1730)
  m1. (05.06.1690) Elizabeth Searle (b c1672, bur 29.05.1702, dau/coheir of John Searle of Finchley)
  (a) Thomas Trevor, 2nd Lord of Bromham (b c1692, d 22.03.1753)
  m. (02.02.1713/4) Elizabeth Burrell (b 28.01.1696/7, d 27.08.1734, dau/heir of Timothy Burrell of Cuckfield)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Trevor (d 07.10.1761)
  m. (23.05.1732) Charles Spencer, 5th Earl of Sunderland, 3rd Duke of Marlborough (b 22.11.1706, d 28.10.1758)
  (b) John Trevor, 3rd Lord of Bromham (bpt 27.08.1695, d 27.09.1764)
  m. (30.05.1732) Elizabeth Steele (b 26.03.1709, d 01.01.1782, dau of Sir Richard Steele)
  ((1)) Diana Trevor (b 10.06.1744, d unm 19.01.1778)
(c) Laetitia Trevor (d 25.04.1769)
  m. Peter Cock of Southwell & Camberwell
  (d)+ other issue - Anne, Elizabeth (d 29.08.1773)
  m2. (25.09.1704) Anne Weldon (b c1670, d 05.12.1746, dau of Robert Weldon of London) @@ below
  (f) Robert Trevor, later Hampden, 4th Lord, 1st Viscount Hampden (b 17.02.1705/6, d 22.08.1783)
  m. (06.02.1743) Constantia de Huybert (b c1727, d 15.06.1761, dau of Peter Anthony de Huybert, Lord of Van Kruningen)
  ((1)) Thomas Trevor, later Hampden, 2nd Viscount Hampden (b 11.09.1746, dsp 20.08.1824)
  m1. (13.06.1768) Catherine Graeme (b 12.04.1749, d 24.05.1804, dau of General David Graeme of Braco)
  m2. (11.06.1805) Jane Maria Brown (b c1773, d 27.06.1833, dau of George Brown of Ellistoun)
  ((2)) John Trevor, 3rd Viscount Hampden (b 24.02.1748-9, dsp 09.09.1824)
  m. (05.08.1773) Harriet Burton (b c1751, d 26.06.1829, dau of Rev. Daniel Burton)
  ((3)) Maria Constantia Trevor (b 22.02.1744, dsps 08.02.1767)
m. (25.05.1764) Henry Bowes Howard, 12th Earl of Suffolk, 5th Earl of Berkshire (b 16.05.1739, d 05.03.1779)
  ((4)) Anne Trevor (d unm 12.04.1760)
  (g) Richard Trevor, Bishop of Durham (b 30.09.1707, d unm 09.06.1711)
  (h) Edward Trevor (d young)
  (iii) Richard Trevor of Morley Park, Sussex
  m. Mary Hornby (d 1742, dau of Joseph Hornby of Chertsey)
  (iv) Anne Trevor (d 1748)
  m. (1685) John Spence of Maulin (Mallin)
  (v) Elizabeth Trevor
  m. John Borrett of Westmoreland & Shreham
  (a) Elizabeth Borrett
m. David Polhill of Chipstead (son of Thomas of Clapham by Elizabeth, dau of Henry Ireton (Lord Deputy of Ireland) by Elizabeth, dau of Oliver Cromwell)
  (vi) Susanna Trevor probably of this generation
  m. William Morley of Glynd (b 1653, m2. Elizabeth Clarke)
  (vii)+ other issue - Edward, Hampden, Mary (d 1738)
  (B)+ other issue - Ellen (bpt 20.02.1637-8), Frances (bpt 1639)
  (2) Margaret Trevor mentioned by Lipscomb but not by BE1883
  m. John Fielder
  (3) Anne Trevor not mentioned by Lipscomb but BE1883 shows as dau of Sir John & Margaret Trevallion
  m. Robert Weldon of London
  (A) Anne Weldon (b c1670, d 05.12.1746)
  m1. (26.05.1692) Sir Robert Bernard, 3rd Bart of Brampton (d by 1703)
  m2. (25.09.1704) Thomas Trevor, 1st Lord of Bromham (bpt 08.03.1657/8, d 19.06.1730) @@ above
  (4) Jane Trevor not mentioned by Lipscomb but BE1883 shows as dau of Sir John & Margaret Trevallion
  m. Sir Francis Compton (d 20.12.1716, Lt. General)
  (5) Elizabeth Trevor not mentioned by Lipscomb but BE1883 shows as dau of Sir John & Margaret Trevallion
m. William Masham (son/heir of Sir William, Bart)
  (6)+ other issue - Charles, Arthur, William, Richard (d 17.07.1676)
  c. Randulph Trevor (d unm 21.07.1590, 2nd son?)
  d. Sir Sackville Trevor 'of Trevallyn'
  m. (1602) Eleanora Savage (dau of Sir John Savage, relict of Sir H. Bagnall)
  e. Sir Thomas Trevor (b 06.07.158/24.03.15736, d 21.12.1656, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, MP)
  m1. (1611/2) Prudence Botiler (bur 06.01.1614/5, dau of Henry Botiler or Boteler or Butler, widow of John Meredith of London)
  (1) Sir Thomas Trevor, Bart of Enfield (b c1612, dsp 05.02.1676/7, MP)
  m1. (c05.1632) Anne Jenner (b c1617, dsp, dau of Robert Jenner of London)
  m2. (c07.1647) Mary Hortrey (b c1622, d before 04.1696, dau of Samuel Hortrey of Kew (by Catherine, dau of John de Latfeur of Heynalt), m2. Lt. Gen. Sir Francis Compton of Hamerton)
  m2. (22.04.1617, sp) Frances Blennerhasset (bur 12.01.1625, dau/heir of Danel Blennerhassed of Norfolk, widow of iWilliam Mann of Westminster)
  m3. (by 02.11.1626, sp?) Rebecca (d before 1629, widow of William Rodway of London)
  m4. (sp) Ellen Poyntell (d 1654, widow of Edward Allen (alderman of London))
  f. Winifred Trevor
  m. Edward Puleston of Allington
  g. Ermine Trevor
  m. Robert Lloyd of Hartsheath
  h. Catherine Trevor
  ii. Margaret Trevor
  m. Roger Jones of Llwynon
  iii.+ other issue - David, Edward
  B.+ other issue - Richard, Edward

Main source(s):
(1) BE1883 (Trevor of Trevor and Hampden) with input from TCP (Trevor of Bromham) & TCP (Hampden)
(2) Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Trevor and Trevor-Hampden, Baron Trevor, and Viscount Hampden, of Great Hampden, &c.', p296+)
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