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Thomas Fullerton of Gallery, later of Thornton Castle (b before 1680)
1. John Fullerton of Gallery & Muchals, later also of Thornton (d 12.09.1759, judge)
  m. Mary Bannerman (d 03.09.1717, dau of Sir Alexander Bannerman, 2nd Bart of Elsick, by Isabella Macdonald)
A. Thomas Fullerton of Gallery, Muchals & Thornton
  i. John Fullerton
  m. (12.06.1795, div 1798) Isobel Duncan
  ii. daughter
  m. _ Macdonald
  iii.+ 2 sons
  B. John Fullerton or Foulerton of Thornton (d 10.12.1794)
  m. Helen Mary Barclay (of the family of Urie)
  i. Alexander Foulerton, later Grant (b c1773, d 04.08.1849, Captain) had issue
  m. (19.09.1803) Eliza Grant of Drumminor (b 1783, d 13.07.1869, dau of Robert Grant of Drumminor)
  Their eldest son inherited Drumminor and assumed the name Grant.
  ii. Thomas Foulerton (b 10.03.1777, Captain RN) had issue
  m. Juliana Dorothea Blood (dau of Mathew Blood of Castle Fergus)
  iii. John Foulerton of Montrose and Sundridge
  a. Jane Foulerton
  m. (10.02.1807) Rev. Edward Hodgson



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Sir Robert Plessington, 1st of Burley (d 1394, Treasurer of the Exchequer)
1. Sir Robert Plessington of Burley (d 1405)
  m. Isabel (d 1411) widow of Sir Robert, presumed mother of ...
  A. Robert Plessington of Burley (b c1394, d 1407)
B. Sir Henry Plessington of Burley (d 1452)
  i. William Plessington of Burley (dsp 1457)
  m. _ Scroope (dau of Lord Scroope)
  C. John Plessington of Burley
  i. Isabel Plessington, heiress of Burley (d 26.10.1492)
  m1. Sir John Fraunceys
  a. Joan/Jane Fraunceys
  VCH shows the elder Joan as m1. _ Palmer, m2. William Nevil of Rolleston. Visitation shows that Jane m. Roger Flower. Noting that, around this time, there was a William Nevlil of Rolleston who m. Katherine Palmer, we follow Visitation (which is supported by Lodge).
  m. Roger Flower
  b. Alice Fraunceys (d 1500)
  m1. John Worseley
  m2. William Staveley of Bignell
  c. Joan/Jane Fraunceys
  m. Thomas Sapcote of Burleigh (Burley)
  m2. Sir Richard Sapcote (d 1543)



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We start with 2 brothers.
?? Lauder
1. William Lauder in Edinburgh (Clerk of Session)
  m. Katharine Hunter (dau of Thomas Hunter of Hagburn)
  A. Margaret Lauder
  m. Sir Alexander Seton of Pitmedden
2. Robert Lauder (d by 01.1676, town clerk depute of Dundee)
  m. Euphan Bathgate
  A. Katherine Lauder
  m1. (10.11.1685) William Mowat of Balquholly (bpt 18.10.1636, d 11.1688)
  m2.(30.05.1694) John Benjamin Jorrens (Captain)



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Rev. Thomas Yeale Caverley of Tylehurst (bur 26.01.1770)
m. Hester Woodroffe (bpt 09.06.1702, bur 28.05.1784, dau of Robert Woodroffe)
1. Ann Caverley (bpt 15.08.1735, bur 17.06.1797)
  m. (05.11.1761) Rev. Thomas Walker (bur 24.11.1798)
  A. Jane Walker (bpt 19.12.1762, dsp 05.09.1834)
  m1. Dalhousie Watherston
  m2. (05.06.1819) Hon. William Mordaunt Maitland (d 06.1841, General)



This section first uploaded 11.03.21.
Abraham Cassenave possibly father of ...
1. Jeanne Cassenave (b c1671, bur 31.01.1723-4)
  m1. (c12.1690) James Glaises alias Castres (b c1654)
  A. Susanne Castres
m. Jacob Laulhè of Cork
  i. Jane Susannah Laulhè
  m. (16.09.1758) Richard Kellett (b c1733, d 25.01.1838, alderman of Cork)
  ii. daughter
  m. William Madden (b 1723)
  a. Jane Madden
  m. _ Carruthers (Captain)
  b.+ other issue - Best (d young), Eliza (b c1765, d 1826)
  iii.+ other issue - Peter of Cork, John (captain?), Jacob
  B.+ other issue - Abraham (d 02.05.1757, British Envoy to Lisbon), John
  m2. Peter Rival (d 06.07.1730, minister)
  D. Harriet Judith Rival (b 1706, d 09.09.1776)
  m. (04.07.1733) Roger Donne (d 16.07.1773, Rector of Catfield, m1. Elizabeth Pacey)

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