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Families covered: Sapcote of Burley, Sapcote (Sapcotts) of Elton, Sapcotts of Lincoln
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Both Maddison and the (Harleian) editor of the Huntingdonshire Visitation used the spelling "Sapcotts" for the title of their entries on this family but, although Maddison used "Sapcotts" within the pedigree itself, Visitation (Huntingdonshire) used "Sapcote". [As far as we are aware, there is no connection between this family and the Shapcotts of Devon.] As noted below, there are disagreements between the two records. Maddison started with ...
John Sapcotts of Elton, Huntingdonshire
1. John Sapcotts or Sapcote of Elton (d 05.01.1500/1) the first mentioned by Visitation (Huntingdonshire)
  m. (before 07.12.1480) Elizabeth Dinham (d 19.10.1516, dau of John Dinham, 6th Lord)
  A. Sir Richard Sapcotts or Sapcote of Elton (d 1543)
  Visitation (Huntingdonshire), supported by Visitation (Rutland, 1618-9, Sapcotts), shows Sir Richard as father, by Anna Vaulx, of John, Thomas of Burley & William with John being father of Sir Richard who, by Christiana Hungerford, was father of Robert of Elton. Maddison acknowledges this by note but shows Sir Richard as married firstly to Anne Vaux (having issue but not identifying them) and secondly to Katharine Hungerford, by whom he had Robert, and thirdly to Christian. We follow Maddision but add Thomas & William as follows:
  m1. Anna or Alice Vaux (dau of Nicholas Vaux, 1st Lord of Harrowden)
  i. Thomas Sapcote of Burley
  m. Jane Francis (dau/coheir of John Francis)
  a. Edward Sapcote of Burley (dsp) called Sir Thomas by Visitation (Rutland)
  b. Anna Sapcote
  m. Anthony Brookesby of Shouldley or Shouldby
  c. Isabella Sapcote
  m. Thomas Wake of Northamptonshire
d. Dorothy Sapcote
  m. John Durance or Durrant of Cottismore
  ii. (Sir) William Sapcote (a 1483)
  m. Anna de St. Mark (dau of Thomas de St. Mark)
  a. Sir Guy Sapcote 'of Huntingdonshire'
  m. Margaret Wolston (dau/(co)heir of Sir Guy Wolston)
  (1) Elizabeth Sapcote
  m1. Sir John Style
  m2. Sir James Yarford
(2) Ann Sapcote 'of Chenies' (d 14.03.1558/9)
  m1. John Broughton of Toddington (b before 1492, d 23/4.01.1517/8)
  m2. Sir Richard Jernegan (dsp, ambassador)
  m3. (1526) John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford (b 1485, d 14.03.1554-5)
m2. Katherine Hungerford (dau of Sir John Hungerford of Downe Ampney)
  iii. Robert Sapcotts or Sapcote of Elton (b c1526)
  Visitation (Huntingdonshire) shows Robert as married firstly to Eleonora Prestland (mother of Eleonora who married Henry Sapcote of Bracebridge) and secondly to an unnamed wife (mother of Bridget & Frances). Maddison shows as follows:
  m1. Catherine Prestland (dau of William Prestland of Cheshire)
  a. Eleanor Sapcote
  m. Henry Sapcote of Bracebridge @@ below
m2. Eleanor Prestland (dau of William Prestland of Cheshire, sister of Catherine)
  Maddison shows the following connections with wavy lines, indicating that he was not certain that Robert & Eleanor were parents of Frances & Bridget. As mentioned above, Visitation (Huntingdonshire) shows Robert as their father but not by Eleanor. The identity of the mother of Frances & Bridget must therefore be treated as uncertain.
  b. Bridget Sapcote
  m. Edmund Molyneux of Carlton (Thorpe)
  c. Frances Sapcote
  m. Sir James Harington, 1st Bart of Ridlington (d 02.02.1613)
  m3. Christian (a 1544, m2. Robert Ap Rice)
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) by which marriage is unknown, was ...
  iv. Anne Sapcote
  m. Sir William Fitzwilliam (d 1576)
2. ?? Sapcotts of Leicester
  A. Henry Sapcotts, Mayor of Lincoln (d 28.06.1553, 2nd son)
  m. Jane Smith (d 28.05.1546, dau/heir of Robert Smith)
  i. John Sapcotts of Therfield, Hertfordshire
  m. Mary Shelton of Suffolk
  a.+ issue - William, Robert mentioned in Visitation (Metcalfe 1886, Hertfordshire, Sapcotts of Tharfield)
  ii. Edward Sapcotts of Lincoln (d 12.07.1578)
  m1. Anne Burton (dau of Thomas Burton of Coates by Grace Fishbourne of Coates)
  a. Henry Sapcotts of Bracebridge, Lincolnshire (a 05.1614)
  m. Eleanor Sapcotts (dau of Robert Sapcotts of Elton) @@ above
  (1) Elizabeth Sapcote (b c1580, a 05.1625)
  m. (by 1614) Thomas Beaumont of Coleorton, 1st Viscount Beaumont of Swords (d before 22.05.1625)
b. Dorothy Sapcotts
  m. _ Wallys
  c. Elizabeth Sapcotts (d 1609-10)
  m. Thomas Burnaby of Watford
  m2. ??
  m3. Margaret Empringham (d 13.04.1569, dau of Richard Empringham of Great Grimsby, widow of John Kingston & William Kelke)
  iii. Anne Sapcotts (bur 24.04.1610)
  m. Martin Hollingworth of Lincoln (draper)
  iv. Winifred Sapcotts (a 1568)
  m1. Lyon Goodricke of East Kirkby (d c1561)
  m2. Humphrey Littlebury of East Kirkby (d before 20.01.1568/9)
  v. Jane Sapcotts
  m. John Dowman or Dolman of Newnham
  vi. Mary Sapcotts
  m. _ Batly
  vii.+ other issue - Nicholas, George
  B.+ other issue - Robert (dsp, Canon of Leicester), William (d 09.09.1568, Canon of Lincoln, rector of Waddington)

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Sapcotts of Lincoln), Visitation (Huntingdonshire, 1613, Sapcotts)
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