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Families covered: Blackwell of Mortlake, Blackwell of Sprowston Hall, Bonett of London, Billinghurst of Godalming, Barsham of Colkirk, Barsham of Oxwick, Bewley of Binbrook, Bewley of London

John Blackwell of Mortlake, Sheriff of Surrey (b 25.08.1594, bur 02.01.1658)
m1. (1621) Julianna (d 1640)
1. John Blackwell of Mortlake, Governor of Pennsylvania (b 08.03.1624, d 1701)
  m1. (09.06.1647) Elizabeth Smithsby (d 03.1669, dau of James Smithsby, probably cousin of Thomas Smithsby)
  A. Sir Lambert Blackwell, 1st Bart of Sprowston Hall, Norfolk (d 27.10.1727, ambassador, MP, "one of the younger (children)")
  m. Elizabeth Herne (b 24.05.1678, d 12.10.1729, dau of Sir Joseph Herne by Elizabeth, dau of Sir John Frederick, Lord Mayor of London)
  i. Sir Charles Blackwell, 2nd Bart (b c1700, d 18.07.1741)
  m. Anne Clayton (dau of Sir William Clayton, Bart of Merden, m2. Thomas, Bishop of Rochester)
  a. Sir Lambert Blackwell, 3rd Bart of Sprowston Hall (b 1730-1, d unm 09.05.1801)
  b. daughter
  ii. Elizabeth Blackwell (d 21.03.1774)
  m. (1726) Sir Robert Lawley
  B.+ 16 others
  m2. (1672?) Frances Lambert (dau of John Lambert)
  R.+ daughter?
2.+ 9 other children
m2. (09.03.1642) Martha Smithsby (bur 28.04.1652, dau of Thomas Smithsby in Hampton Court)
11.+ 8 other children
m3. (12.03.1657) Mary Rose (m2. Col. John Okey)



George Bonett of London
m. Mary Milborne (dau of George Milborne of Wonastow, m2. Charles Herbert of London)
1. George Bonett of London (bur 12.07.1707, silkman)
  m. Sarah Story (bur 06.10.1701?)
  A. Sarah Bonett (b c1677, bur 02.05.1721
  m. (c02.1695-6) Charles Milborne of London
2. Honoria Bonett
  m. _ Mason
  A. Henry Mason



William Billinghurst of Mychen Hall, Godalming, Surrey (d 29.06.1753)
m. Lettice Woodroffe, heiress of Poyle (bpt 27.06.1705, bur 29.07.1746, dau of Robert Woodroffe)
1. William Billinghurst (bpt 16.11.1738, d 11.01.1790, cleric)
  m. (26.09.1766) Catherine Bellas (bur 07.03.1788, dau of George Bellas of Willey & Doctors' Common)
  A. William Billinghurst, later Woodroffe of Poyle, Sheriff of Surrey (bpt 03.10.1769, dsp 18.08.1824)
  m. _ Skerrett
  B. George Billinghurst, later De Billinghurst, later Woodroffe of Poyle (b 12.11.1776, d 13.01.1854, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (13.04.1801) Anne Hawkins (b 30.10.1781, d 12.05.1861)
  i. Mary Theresa Billinghurst or Woodroffe (b 28.01.1802)
  m. (26.05.1827) Francis Harold Duncombe (b 08.06.1794, d 22.07.1830)
  ii. Anne Catharine Billinghurst or Woodroffe (d 04.1806)
  C. Robert Billinghurst "left numerous descendants (in South America)"
  D. Catgerine Billinghurst (dsp)
  m. Ralph Richardson of Greenfield Hall
  E. Peggy Billinghurst (b 07.07.1778, d 02.04.1865)
  m. John Bowen Colthurst of Dripsey Castle (d 1848, Major)
2. Hester ('Hetty') Billinghurst
  m. Henry Chester of Old Basing (Hampshire) then West Lavington (Wiltshire) (a 1778)
  A. Henry Chester of Kennington, later Woodeoffe of Poyle (d 22.07.1854) had issue
  B.+ 2 daughters



Nicholas Barsham of Colkirk
1. Nicholas Barsham of Colkirk
  A. Thomas Barsham of Colkirk
  m. Awdrey Jennisonne (dau of Thomas Jonnisonne of Burnham, m2. Thomas Barsnham of Oxwick)
  i. William Barsham of Colkirk
  m. Ann Yelverton (dau of Henry Yelverton of Rougham)
  a. William Barsham (b c1588, a 1638)
  b. Thomas Barsham
  (1) Catherine Barsham
  c. Girizell Barsham
  m1. Edmond Dethick of West Newton
  m2. Richard Bullock (Bullwer) of Harpley
  ii. Ann Barsham
  m. Thomas Hare of Ellmome (Elmham)
  iii. Elizabeth Barsham
m. Richard Sherringham of Ellmome
  vi. Dorothy Barsham
  Visitation identifies Dorothy's husband as "Rich. Tewnayne (?) of Elmome". Carthew identifies him as ...
  m. _ Ewnge of Ellmann
  v. Brigett Barsham
  m. Paul Golle of Norwich (MD)
  vi.+ other issue - Thomas, Christopher (a 1639)
2. William Barsham of Oxwick
  A. Thomas Barsham of Oxwick
  m1. Dorothy Cooke (dau of Robert Cooke of Sparham)
  i. Robert Barsham of Oxwick (a 1612)
  m. Mary Athow (dau of Christopher Athow of Brisley)
  ii. Audrey Barsham
  m. John Perdy
  iii. Dorothea Barsham
  m. William Monement
  iv.+ other issue - George (dsp), Edward, Christopher, Thomas, John, Alice (dsp), Anne
  m2. Awdrey Jennisonne (dau of Thomas Jonnisonne of Burnham, widow of Thomas Barnsham of Colkirk)
  xi. William Barsham (dsp)



Commoners reports that "The name of this family is said to have been originally spelt Beaulieu, and tradition derives it from the monastery of Beaulieu or Bewley, in the New Forest, founded by King John; a supposition in some measure borne out by the family crest: viz. a monk's head habited in a cowl."
Richard Bewley of Binbrook, Lincolnshire (b 1676, d 17.01.1751)
m. _ Goodhand of Binbrook
1. Richard Bewley of Binbrook
  m. Margaret Hawksmore (dau of F. Hawksmore of Gainsborough)
  A. Margaret Hawksmore Bewley
  m1. (30.03.1772) Thurston John Caton of Thorpe Abbots (b 15.08.1745, d 13.06.1782)
  m2. George Herbert Adams (d Talavera 1809, Lt. Colonel)
  i. Margaret Hannah Adams
  ii. Georgiana Adams
  m. (04.1817) Hugh Consahan (b c1790, d 30.11.1822, RN)
  B. Hannah Bewley
  m. John Tuffnell of Waltham (son of John Jolliffe of Langleys)
  C. Mary Bewley
  m. William Meek
  i. William Bewley Meek
2. Hannah Bewley (d unm 30.03.1797)



John Bewley of Sealers (alias Hall Place), Kent
1. John Bewley of Sealers (alias Hall Place)
  m. Margaret Reignalds (dau of Lennard Reignalds of Deale)
  A. Thomas Bewley of London (a 1633)
  m. Margaret Sicklemore (dau of Thomas Sicklemore of Ipswich)
  i. Thomas Bewley of London (a 1633)
  m. Lydia French of London
  ii.+ other issue (a 1633) - William, John, Elizabeth

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