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Families covered: Kellett of Clonmel, Kellett of Lota, Kett of Norwich, Kett of Wymondham, Kirby of Wakefield, Kendal of Stourbridge, Kirshaw of Leeds, Kirshaw of Ripley

BP1934 reports that "It is stated that the ancestors of this family were originally settled in Norfolk, and that a branch went over to Ireland with William III".
Richard Kellett of Cloughmacody, Mayor of Clonmel (d c1729)
m. Ann of Clonmel
1. William Kellett, Mayor of Clonmel (d by 1767)
m. Jane Salmon (dau of Thomas Salmon of Clonmel)
  A. Christopher Kellett, Mayor of Clonmel (3rd son)
  m1. (1761) Catherine Shepherd (dau of Arthur Shepherd of Bray)
  i. William Kellett of Great Clonard, co. Wexford
  m. (11.1790) Bridget or Henrietta Segrave (dau of John Segrave of Cabra)
  a. Aruthr Kellett (Comander RN, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (1834) Maria Lucinda Hanna (dau of Major Hanna)
  b. Anna Frances Kellett
  m. (1817) Henry John Segrave of Cabra
  c.+ other issue (d unm) - Christopher (d Vittoria 1813), William Henry of New Bay, John (d 1886), Catherine Clarinda, Henrietta
  ii.+ 2 daughters
  m2. (1776) Frances Pigott
B.+ other issue
2. Richard Kellett (d 1746, Captain)
  m. Deborah Haddock (dau/coheir of Thurston Haddock of Kinsale)
  A. Richard Kellett of Lota, co. Cork (b c1733, d 25.01.1838, alderman of Cork) the first mentioned by MGH
  m. (16.09.1758) Jane Susannah Laulhè (dau of Jacob Laulhè of Cork, niece of Abraham de Castres)
  i. Sir Richard Kellett of Lota, 1st Bart (b 16.05.1761, d 1853)
m. (09.02.1788) Jane Galwey (dau of John Galwey of Westcourt)
  a. Richard Kellett (b 16.05.1790, dsp(vp))
  m. (1817) Mary Blakeney (dau of James Blakeney of Carlow)
  b. Sir William Henry Kellett of Dublin, 2nd Bart (b 10.10.1794, dsp 02.1886)
  ii. William Augustus Kellett (b 09.01.1765, d 06.11.1822)
  m1. (12.08.1790) Jane McDowell Napier (dau of Colonel Napier of Culcreuch & Milliken)
  a. Robert John Napier Kellett (b 15.01.1797, d 02.11.1853, Captain, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (04.12.1823) Jemima Hunter (dau/heir of James Hunter of Ayr)
  b. Jane Napier Kellett
  m. (1827) Charles Hunter (Captain, 'of the Hunters of Hunterston')
  c.+ other issue - Richard (dsp), Augustus Henry (d 1828, Captain RN), George Houston, James
  m2. (d 1811) Mary Towgood Donovan (dau of Morgan Donovan)
  iii. Henry De Castres Kellett (b 20.02.1776) had issue
  m. (1803) Amilia Hickman (dau of Henry Hickman of Cork)
  iv. Susannah Kellett
  m. James Fitter (Lt. Colonel)
  v. Anne Kellett
  m. Thomas Stepney Chudleigh (Major)
  B.+ other issue
3.+ 4 daughters



RHG indicates that earlier ancestors of the following family bore the name Le Chat or Le Cat or Catt, with Kett being used from the 15th century.
John Kett of Wymondham (a 1485) presumed father or grandfather of ...
1. William Kett of Wymondham (a 1545) presumed father of ...
  A. Robert Kett (d 1549)
  i. William Kett (a temp Edward VI who r. 1547-1553)
  a. Thomas Kett (a 1570)
  (1) Richard Kett, last of Wymondham
  (A) Richard Kett (a 1637)
  (i) Richard Kett of Norwich (a 1657)
  (a) Richard Kett of Norwich (a 1694)
m. Martha Hopes (dau of John Hope (of Amsterdam?))
  ((1)) Henry Kett (d 1772)
  m. _ Philipps (dau of George Philipps of Stoke Ferry by _ Plumstead)
  ((A)) Thomas Kett of Seething (d 1820)
  m1. Lucy Gurney (dau of John Gurney of Norwich)
  m2. Hannah Gurney (dau of Samuel Gurney)
  ((i)) George Samuel Kett
  m. Mary Milford (heir)
  ((ii)) Juliana Kett
  m. Charles Tompson
  ((iii)) Anna Maria Kett
  m. (1804) Charles Barclay
  ((2)) Elizabeth Kett
  m. John Gurney of Keswick
  ((3)) Martha Kett
  m. Edmund Gurney of Norwich
  b. Francis Kett (d 1588)
  B. William Kett in Wymondham
  m. Catharine



Francis Kirby of London
1. Joshua Kirby of Wakefield, Yokrshire (bpt 02.06.1617, d 09.06.1676, preacher)
  m. Mary Balam (d 11.03.1688-9, sister of Balaam & Phoebe Balam)
  A. Susanna Kirby
  m. _ Wilson of Wakefield
  B. Elizabeth Kirby
  m. Samuel Sprint of Little Britain
  C. Phoebe Kirby
  m. John Wadsworth of Horbury
  D. Camdena (Cambdena) Kirby (bpt 29.11.1653)
  m. (06.12.1682) John Wordsworth (not Wadsworth) of Wakefield & Horbury
  E. Welcome Kirby (bpt 31.10.1655, dsp)
  m. (25.05.1697) Samuel Wadsworth (brother of John)
  F. Twin Kirby (bpt 02.01.1661)
  m. (06.12.1682) John Raner (Rayner or Reyner) of Cold Heindley
  G.+ other issue - Godsgift (bpt 10.01.1637, d 22.11.1686), Joshua (d infant)



Edward Kendal of Stourbridge
m. (1712) Anne Cotton (b 19.10.1685, d 22.04.1763, dau of William Cotton)
1. Henry Kendal of Stourbridge & Ulverstone (Lancashire)
  m. _ Jaques
2. George Kendal of Acklington Park, Northumberland
  A. Lucy Kendal
  m. (1732) Thomas Lumb of Silcoats (dsp)
  B. daughter
  m. _ Atcheson
  C.+ other issue - George of London, William of Wakefield
3. daughter
  m. _ Notton of London (grocer)
4. daughter
  m. _ Jones of London
5.+ other issue - Jonathan of Hilcote, 8 others



John Kirshaw (d 1684, rector of Ripley)
m. Rebecca Sykes (dau of Rev. Richard Sykes of Kirk Heaton)
1. Richard Kirshaw (b c1664, d 1736, rector of Ripley)
m1. Constantia Boynton (d 07.05.1705, dau of William Boynton, sister of Sir Griffith)
  A.+ issue - Boynton (d infant), John (d infant), William (dsp), Elizabeth (d unm)
  m2. Rebecca Sykes (dau/coheir of Samuel Sykes of Leeds)
  A. Samuel Kirshaw (d 1786, vicar of Leeds, rector of Ripley
  m. Ann Brook (dau of Rev. Samuel Brook of Leeds (who d 1731))
  i. Frances Kirshaw
  m. (1779) Ralph Shepperdson of Hallgarth (b 1741, d 1793)
ii. Ann Kirshaw
  m. Francis Russell (dsp 1795, Secretary of the Duchy of Lancaster)
  iii.+ other issue - Richard (b 1743, dsp 01.1791, rector of Masham, minister in Leeds), Rebecca (b 1757)
  A.+ other issue - Richard (d infant), Adriana (d 1763)
2. John Kirshaw (a 1712, dsp?)
  m1/2. ??
3. Samuel Kirshaw of Leeds
  m. Mary Sykes (dau of Samuel Sykes of Leeds)
  A.+ issue - Richard (d young), John (d young), Samuel (dsp), Rebecca, Elizabeth, Mary
4. Sarah Kirshaw
  m. Jacob Sympson of Leeds
5. Rebecca Kirshaw
  m. Charles Wilkinson
6. Elizabeth Kirshaw (d unm)

Main source(s):
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