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Families covered: Griffith of Cichle, Griffith of Penrhyn

Gwilym ap Griffith of Penrhyn (d 1431)
m1. Morfydd (dau/heir of Goronwy Fychan, son of Sir Tudor ap Goronwy of Penmynydd)
Griffith's Pedigrees (Plas Penmynydd, p106) shows Morfydd as mother of Tudor, Elin & Angharad. However, Griffith's Pedigrees (Penrhyn, p185) shows Morfydd as mother only of Tudor and Jonet as mother of William, Elin & Angharad. Provisionally, we follow the latter.
1. Tudor Vychan of Penmynydd
  m. Anne Puleston (dau of Robert Puleston of Emral)
m2. Janet or Jane Stanley (d 1466, dau of Sir William Stanley of Hooton)
2. Gwilym (William) Griffith of Penrhyn, Chamberlain of North Wales (b 1415, d 1483)
  m1. Ales Dalton (dau/heir of Sir Richard Dalton of Apethorpe)
  A. Sir William Griffith of Penrhyn, Chamberlain of North Wales (b 1445, d 1506)
  m. Jane Troutbeck (d 1458-9, dau of Sir William Troutbeck by Margaret, dau of Sir Thomas Stanley)
  i. Sir William Griffith of Penrhyn, Chamberlain of North Wales (b 1478, d 1531)
m1. (by 1494) Jane Stradling (dau of Thomas Stradling)
  a. Sir Edward Griffith of Penrhyn, Chamberlain of North Wales (d 11.03.1540, 2nd son)
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Plas Newydd, p57).
  m1. _ Williams (dau of WIlliam Williams of Cochwillan)
  m2. Jane Puleston (dau of Sir John Puleston, m2. Rhys ap Sir William Thomas of Aber)
  (1) Eleanor Griffith (d 09.02.1573)
  m. (31.08.1553) Sir Nicholas Bagenal of Newry Castle, Marshal of Ireland (d 1575)
(2) Jane Griffith
  m. William Herbert of St. Julian
  (3) Catherine Griffith
  m. Sir William Herbert of Swansea (d 1610)
  b. Sir Rhys Griffith of Penrhyn (d 1580)
  m. (1526, sp) Margaret (dau of Morris ap John ap Meredydd, of Rhiwaedog)
  m2. Catherine Mostyn (dau of Piers Mostyn of Talacre, m2. Sir Thomas Mostyn of Mostyn)
  (1) Piers Griffith, last of Penrhyn
  m. Margaret Mostyn (dau of Sir Thomas Mostyn)
  (A) Margaret Griffith (d young)
  m. Humphrey Humphreys
(B)+ other issue (d young) - Pierce, William, Robert, Rhys, Catherine, Jane, Dorothy, Ursula, Elizabeth, Grace
  (2) Ales Griffith
  m. William Williams of Bedlew
  (3)+ other issue - William (a 1644), William (d young)
  c. John Griffith of Cichle
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Cichle, p137).
  m. Margaret Wynn (dau of Meredydd Wynn ap Ieuan ap Robert, of Gwydir)
  (1) William Griffith 'of Cichle'
  m1. Catherine Whyte (dau of Richard Whyte of Friars)
  (A) Elizabeth Griffith
  m. Robert ap Hugh ap Howel ap Iorwerth
  (B)+ other issue - Mary, Douce
  m2. Dorothy Bellot (dau of Edward Bellot of Bichton (sb Burton?))
m3. Nest or Annes (dau of John ap Rhys ap Ieuan ap Dafydd Vychan, of Treban Meyrick)
  (A) Grace Griffith
  m. Hugh Price of Fagwyr & London
  (B)+ other issue - William, Robert, Catherine
  p. Gwenllian
  (E)+ 3 daughters
  (2) Grace Griffith
  m. John Mostyn ap Piers, of Talacre (a 1670)
  (3) Elin Griffith
  m. James Owen (Bowen?) of Pembrokeshire
(4) Dorothy Griffith
  m. Edward Thelwall of Plas y Ward (d 1610)
  (5) Margaret Griffith
  m. Thomas Parry Wynn ap John ap Harry, of Trol Rhuddin
  (6)+ other issue (dsp) - Mawd, Jane
  d. Edmond Griffith not shown by Griffith but shown by some web sites as of this generation, of this marriage
(1) Jane Griffith
  m. James Philipps of Penty Park
  e. Jane Griffith
  m1. Thomas Mostyn of Mostyn
  m2. Sir William Herbert of Colebrooke
  f. Grace Griffith
  m. Sir William Stanley of Hooton
  g. Catherine Griffith
  m. Sir Richard Bulkeley of Baron Hill (a 1534, chamberlain of North Wales)
  h. Elizabeth Griffith
  m. John Philips of Picton Castle (d 1551)
i. Dorothy Griffith
  m1. William Williams of Cochwillan
  m2. Robert Wynn of Conway
  j. Annes Griffith
  m. Hugh Lewis of Presaddfed
k. Elinor Griffith
  m. Hugh Conway of Bryneuryn
  l. Margaret Griffith
  m1. Peter Mytton or Mutton (Serjeant-at-arms)
  m2. Thomas Griffith
  m3. Hugh Thelwall
m.+ other issue - William (d young), Hugh
  m2. (1520) Jane Puleston (dau of John Puleston (Chamberlain of North Wales), relict of Robert ap Meredydd ap Hwlkin Lloyd, of Glynllifon)
  o. William Griffith of Plas Mawr, Carnarvon (d 25.11.1587)
  m. Margaret Wyn (dau of John Wynn ap Meredydd of Gwydir)
  p. Rowland Griffith of Worcestershire
  m. Isabel (dau of John ap Robert, of Castellmarch, relcit of Rhys ap Dafydd, of Nanhoron Issa)
  q. George Griffith (d 1558, Archdeacon of Anglesey)
  r. Mary Griffith
  m1. Sir Randle Brereton of Malpas (a 1566)
  m2. (sp) Sir Hugh Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley (b c1513, d 06.01.1597)
  s. Isabel Griffith
  m. Owen ap Hugh of Bodeon
  partner unknown
t.+ Thomas Griffith
  ii. Margaret Griffith (dsp 1594)
  m1. Sir Nicholas Dutton of Chester
  m2. Simon Thelwall
  iii. Ann Griffith
  m. (sp) _ Winnington
m2. Elizabeth Grey (dau of John or Robert Grey, brother of Lord Grey of Ruthin)
  iv. Alice Griffith
  m1. Piers Coetmore or Coytemore
  m2. David Holland of Abergele
  B. Janet Griffith
  m. Sir Thomas Salusbury of Lleweny (a 1497)
  m2. Gwenllian (dau of Iorwerth ap Dafydd ap Ednyfed Chwith ap Cynddel ap Howel ap Gruffydd ap Sande ap Cadrod Hardd, of Talybolion)
C. Robert Griffith of Plas Newydd (a 1500)
  m. Gwenhyfer (dau of Griffth ap Howel y Farf, of Treiorwerth, m2. Meredyddap Evan ap Robert, of Gwydir)
  D. Edmund Griffith of Porth yr Aur (Carnarvon) & Talybont (Anglesey)
  m. Jonet (dau of Meredydd ap Evan ap Robert)
  E. Elizabeth Griffith
  m. Gruffyd of Isallt
  F. Agnes Griffith
  m. Sir Rowland Vielleville, Constable of Beaumaris Castle
  G.+ other issue - William, Marsli, Alice
3. Elin
  m. William Bulkeley, Constable of Beaumaris Castle
4. Angharad
  m. Dafydd ap Ieuan ap Howel, of Llwydiarth

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees (Penrhyn, p185) with input as noted above
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