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Families covered: Hesilrige (Haselrig or Haslerig) of Hesilrige, Hesilrige of Noseley

(1) BP1934 reports that this family's patronymic was originally Hesilrige, changed to Hazlerigg by the 11th Baronet in 1818. Visitation spells the name Haselrig, Haselreg, Hasilrig, Haselrigge, Hasillridge, Heselrigg and Haselrigg. We keep to Hesilrige on this page but may use other spellings on other pages.
(2) Visitation identifies the coat of arms of this family as "Argent a chevron sable between three hazel leaves vert". BP1934 identifies the coat of arms of the baronets as "Arg. a chevron gu. between three hazel-leaves vert".
Simon de Hesilrige of Wottesdale, West Brunton and Yetham Corbet (a 1280)
1. Simon Hesilrige of Hesilrige
  A. William Hesilrige of Fawdon, Cumberland (a 1362, 1386, 4th son)
  m. (Joan) Esselington (dau of Robert Esselington)
i. Thomas Hesilrige, Sheriff of Leicestershire (d 1466, 3rd son)
  m. Isabell Heron (dau of Sir Roger Heron)
  a. Thomas Hesilrige
  Visitation shows Thomas's mother as Isabel, dau of Sir Roger Heron, and his wife as Mabel, dau of John Broket by Margaret, dau of Robert (son of Ralph) Hastings by Isabella, dau of Robert Sodington by _ Mortinall. Nichols shows his mother as Isabel, dau of Sir Roger Heron by Margaret dau of Sir Ralph Hastings by Isabel, dau of Sir Robert Sadington y Joice Martival (which we follow) and his wife as ...
  m. Elizabeth Broket (dau/heir of Sir Thomas Broket)
  (1) William Hesilrige of Noseley
  m. Elizabeth Stanton (dau of Thomas Stanton of Stanton Harold, sister of Margery & Elizabeth)
(A) Thomas Hesilrige ( esquire to the body to King Henry VIII)
  m. Lucy Entwisell (dau of Thomas Entwisell by Edith, sister of Richard Bracebrige of Kinsburie)
  (i) Bertine (Robert) Hesilrige (d 25.07.1565)
  m. Anne Southill (dau of Sir Henry Southill of Stoberston)
  (a) Miles Hesilrige of Noseley (d 1566)
m. Bridget Griffin (dau of Thomas Griffin of Braybroke, m2. William Lane)
  ((1)) Thomas Hesilrige of Noseley Hall - continued below
  m. Ursula Andrews (dau of Sir Thomas Andrews of Charwelton)
  ((2)) Edward Hesilrige 'of Thedingworth' (a 1605)
  m. Anne Nicolls (dau of Thomas Nicolls of Hardwick)
  ((A)) Edward Hesilrige (d 1604)
  m. Frances Brocas (dau of William Brocas of Thedingworth)
((i))+ issue - Bert of Thedingworth (a 1614), daughter
  ((B)) Thomas Hastings (3rd son)
  ((i))+ issue (dsp) - Arthur, Sarah, Anne
  ((C)) Bridget Hesilrige
  m. Thomas Alicock (son of John of Sibertoft)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Hesilrige
  m. _ Forster of Northamtonshire
  ((E)) Mary Hesilrige
  m. Henry Nudigate
  ((F)) Anna Hesilrige
  m. Thomas Hunt of Linton
  ((G))+ other issue - Francis, Austrius, Susana, Frances
((3)) Maria Hesilrige
  m. Edward Rouse of Wygorne
  (ii) Harald Hesilrige
  m. David Williams of Abergavenny
  (iii) Milicent Hesilrige
  m. Walter Kebell (Keble) of Humberstone
  (iv) Edith Hesilrige
  m. John Thorney
  (v) Anne Hesilrige
  m. Edward Catesby of Rutland
  (vi) Elizabeth Hesilrige
  m. Robert Colingwood
  (vii)+ other issue - John, Robert, William, Anthony, Walter, Daniel, 3 other sons, 3 other daughters
  (B) John Hesilrige
  (C) Robert Hesilrige
  m. Elizabeth Shirley (dau or sister of Sir Ralph Shirley)
  (D) Katherine Hesilrige ?? duplication (100 years out) see Katherine just below
m. Thomas Ashby of Quenby
  (E) Ruth Hesilrige
  m. Richard Neale
  (2) Margery Hesilrige
  m. _ Villers
  (3) Eliza Hesilrige
  m. Sir Thomas Turvile
  ii. Katherine Hesilrige possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Ashby of Quenby
  iii+. other issue - William (dsp), Donald, John, Robert
  B.+ other issue - Sir Donald, Thomas, Edward, Simon



Thomas Hesilrige of Noseley Hall - continued above
m. Ursula Andrews (dau of Sir Thomas Andrews of Charwelton)
1. Sir Thomas Hesilrige, 1st Bart of Noseley, Sheriff of Leicestershire (d 11.01.1629)
  m. Frances Gorges (d 1638 / 02.06.1589, dau of William Gorges of Alderton)
  A. Sir Arthur Hesilrige, 2nd Bart of Noseley, Governor of Newcastle (d 07.01.1660-1, Colonel, younger son)
  m1. (1625) Frances Elmes (d 1632, dau of Thomas Elmes of Lilford by Christian, dau/heir of William Hickling of Greens Norton)
  i. Sir Thomas Hesilrige, 3rd Bart of Noseley (b 1625, d 25.02.1679/80)
  m. (1664) Elizabeth Fenwick (d 30.05.1673, dau of George Fenwick of Brunton Hall)
  a. Sir Thomas Hesilrige, 4th Bart of Noseley (d unm 11.07.1700)
  b. Mary Hesilrige
  m. Francis Blith of Allesley
  c. Arabella Hesilrige
  m. Rawson Hart of Grantham
(1) Mary Hart possibly of this generation
  m. Charles Boddam of Fort St. George
  d. Dorothy Hesilrige (a 1715) probably of this generation
  m. Robert Shafto of Benwell Tower (bpt 10.03.1664, d 1714)
  ii.+ 1 son (dsp) and 2 daughters
  m2. Dorothy Greville (d 28.01.1650, sister of General Robert, Lord Brooke)
  v. Sir Robert Hesilrige, 5th Bart of Noseley (b 1640, d 22.05.1713, 2nd son of this marriage)
  m. (03.05.1664) Bridget Rolle (d 26.07.1697, dau of Sir Samuel Rolle of Heanton)
  a. Sir Robert Hesilrige, 6th Bart of Noseley (d 19.05.1721)
  m. (29.07.1696) Dorothy Maynard (d 11.09.1748, dau of Banaster Maynard, 3rd Lord)
  (1) Sir Arthur Hesilrige, 7th Bart of Noseley (d 23.04.1763)
  m. (06.1725) Hannah Sturges (d 27.02.1765)
  (A) Sir Robert Hesilrige, 8th Bart of Noseley
  m. Sarah Waller (dau of Nathaniel Waller)
(i) Sir Arthur Hesilrige, 9th Bart of Noseley (dsp 1805)
  m1. Elizabeth Charnand of Smyrna (d 1797)
  m2. Charlotte Elizabeth Gray (d 08.01.1817, dau of Capt. F.E.S. Gray)
  (ii) Sarah Hesilrige
  m. David Henley
  (iii) Hannah Hesilrige
  m. Rev. Thomas Abbot
  (B) Sir Thomas Maynard Hesilrige, 10th Bart of Noseley (dsp 24.04.1817, 3rd son)
  m1. (1805) Mary Tyrell (d 13.02.1809, dau of Edmond Tyrell)
  m2. (30.11.1811) Letitia Wodehouse (d 03.03.1864, dau of John Wodehouse, 1st Lord of Kimberley)
  (C) Charles Hesilrige of Noseley (dsp)
  m. Sarah Wall
  (D) Grey Hesilrige (d 10.1810, Colonel)
  m. Bridget Buckby (dau of Rev. Richard Buckby)
  (i) Sir Arthur Grey Hesilrige, later Hazlerigg, 11th Bart of Noseley (d 24.10.1819) had issue
  m. (25.07.1811) Henrietta Anne Bourne (d 25.10.1868, dau of John Bourne of Stanch Hall)
  (ii) Charles Maynard Hesilrige (b 24.08.1802, d 04.12.1878, rector of Carlton Curlieu, 4th son) had issue
  m. (10.03.1829) Deborah Maria Buckby (d 1866, dau of Arthur Buckby of Seagoe)
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas (b 23.08.1794m, d unm), Robert Greville (b 23.10.1796, d unm), 5 daughters
  (E) Elizabeth Hesilrige
m. Rev. Richard Buckby
  (F) Arabella Hesilrige
  m. Charles Roberts of Thornby
  (G)+ other issue - Arthur (d 1791), Bridget (d unm), Hannah (d unm)
  (2) Dorothy Hesilrige
  m. Rev. _ Battle or Battel
  b. Bridget Hesilrige (d 10.06.1720, 2nd of the name)
  c.+ other issue (dvpsp) - Samuel, Arthur, William, Mary, Bridget, Frances
  vi. Catharine Hesilrige (b 1635, bur 09.09.1670)
  m1. George Fenwick, Governor of Berwick (b c1603, d 15.03.1656, Colonel, MP)
  m2. Philip Babington (Colonel)
  vii. Dorothy Hesilrige
  m. John Doucett
  viii. Frances Hesilrige
  m. Sir William Humble of Twickenham
  ix.+ other issue - Arthur (dsp), Donald (dsp), Mary
  B. John Hesilrige of Halston
  m. Elizabeth
  i.+ issue - Thomas, Francis, Arthur
C. Thomas Hesilrige of London
  m. Rebecca Shefe (dau of Thomas Shefe or Skefe, prebendary of Windsor)
  i.+ issue - Thomas, Dorothy, Frances, Rebecka (dsp)
  D. Mary Hesilrige
  m1. _ Plum
  m2. _ Flint
  m3. _ Blith
  E. Frances Hesilrige
  m. Edward Wood
  F. Anne Hesilrige
  m. Thomas Waite of London
  G. Jane Hesilrige
  m. John Wedgwood of Staffordshire
  H.+ other issue - Donald (dsp), Anthony, John, Thomas, Robert (dsp?), William (dsp?), Anna, Maria, Frances, Jane (dsp?)
2. Bridget Hesilrige (dsp)
3. Mary Hesilrige
  m. William Stafford of Blatherwick
4. Joan Hesilrige
  m. Anthony Frest of Mahorne

Main source(s): Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, 'Haselrig of Noseley'), History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 2, 1798, 'Pedigree of Martival and Hesilrige of Noseley', p756) with input/support for the lower section from BP1934 ('Hazlerigg')
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