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Families covered: Bracebridge of Atherston, Bracebridge of Kingsbury, Ludford of Ansley Hall

Peter de Bracebridge or Bracebridgg or Bracebrigg
m. Amice de Arden (dau of Osbert de Ardenof Kingsbury)
1. John de Bracebridge of Kingsbury (dsp 1217-8)
2. William de Bracebridge of Kingsbury (a 1235, judge)
  A. Sir Ralph de Bracebridge of Kingsbury (a 1249)
  i. Sir John de Bracebridge or Bracebrigg (a 1256)
  a. Sir John de Bracebridge or Bracebrigg (d c1316)
  (1) Sir John de Bracebridge or Bracebrigg
  b. Sir Ralph de Bracebridge or Bracebrigg of Kingsbury (a 1338)
  (1) Sir John de Bracebridge
(2) Sir Ralph de Bracebridge of Kingsbury and Lutton (a 1420)
  (A) Ralph Bracebridge of Kingsbury
  m. (1412-3) Joan Newport (dau of Sir William Newport)
  (i) Ralph Bracebridge of Kingsbury
  (ii) Simon Bracebridge of Kingsbury
  (a) Richard Bracebridge of Kingsbury
  m. Joyce Willoughby
Visitation inserts an additional generation here: John (who d 1517) who married thrice:
(1) Elizabeth (dau of Sir Robert Harcourt) - mother of Simon.
(2) Mary (dau of Sir John Browne)
(3) Jane (dau of Thomas Mill)
We provisionally follow Commoners in excluding him.
  ((1)) Simon Bracebridge (dvp)
  ((A)) Thomas Bracebridge of Kingsbury
  Visitation identifies Thomas's wife as Joane Lucy. Commoners names her ...
  m1. Johanna Catesby (dau of George Catesby of Lapworth)
  ((i)) William Bracebridge (d 1559)
  m1. Anne Nethermill (dau of Julian Nethermill of Coventry)
  ((a)) Michael Bracebridge (dsp c1563)
  ((b)) Margery Bracebridge
  m1. (1563) W. Willington of Hartley (Hurley)
  m2. (1571) B(arnaby) East
((c)) Jane Bracebridge
  m. Lionel Skipwith
  m2. _ Esse (dau of _ Esse of Heytrell)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Richard, Edward, Ellen
  m2. Jocosa (Joyce) Wilson (dau of Thomas Wilson)
((v)) John Bracebridge
  m. Isabel Whatley (dau of Lucey Whatley)
  ((a))+ 4 children
  ((vi)) Ankitil Bracebridge of Cliffe (d 1615) - continued below
  Ankitil is named as Anthony in Visitation (1619) but as Ankitell in Visitation (1682-3).
  m. Anna Corbin (dau of Thomas Corbin of Hall End)
  ((vii)) Simon Bracebridge of Twyford
  m. Ellen Crewker (dau of Anthony Crewker of Twiford)
((a)) Elizabeth Bracebridge
  m. Francis Beaumont of Barrow (b c1569, d 1661)
  ((viii)) Thomas Bracebridge, last of Kingsbury (d 1607)
  m. Alicia Rugeley (dau of John Rugeley of Dunton)
  ((a)) John Bracebridge
  m. Susan Cotton (dau of Thomas Cotton)
  (((1))) Anne Bracebridge
  m. M. Sanders of Bedworth
  ((b)) Edmund (probably not Edward) Bracebridge (5th son)
  m. Dorothy Rugeley (dau of Ralph Rugeley of Dunton)
((c))+ other issue - Humphrey, William, Henry (dsp), Dorothy, Anne, Barbara
  ((ix)) Prudence Bracebridge
  m. _ Gold
  ((x)) Hester Bracebridge
  m. _ Hudson
  m3. Elizabeth Winter (dau of George Winter of Worthington)
  ((2)) Alice Braceridge possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John Arden of Park Hall (d 1526)
  (b) Edith Braceridge sister of Richard, probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Entwisell
  ((1)) Lucy Entwisell
  m. Thomas Hesilrige (a 1585)
  (B) Edith Braceridge possibly of this generation
  m. Henry Brokesby
  ii. Matilda Bracebridge
  m. Thomas de Clinton



Ankitil Bracebridge of Cliffe (d 1615) - continued above
m. Anna Corbin (dau of Thomas Corbin of Hall End)
1. Richard Bracebridge of Atherston (2nd son)
  m. Mary Hardy
A. Samuel Bracebridge of Atherston (b c1612, d 1692)
  m1. Elizabeth or Susannah Moore (dau of John Moore of Shakston or Shakerston)
  i. Abraham Bracebridge of Atherston (b c1643, d 1694)
  m. Maria Charnell (a 1682, dau/coheir of Thomas Charnell of Snareston or Snarkston)
a. Samuel Bracebridge of Lindley (b 04.04.1673, bur 11.11.1735, Bencher, MP)
  m. Anne Savage (dau of Thomas Savage of Elmley Castle)
  (1) Samuel Bracebridge (d 1786, MP for Tamworth)
  (2) Philip Bracebridge (d 1762, minister)
  (A) Anne Bracebridge
  m. Robert Abney
  (B) Amicia Bracebridge
  m. George Heming
  (3) Mary Bracebridge (bur 28.07.1757) probably of this generation
  m. (15.04.1743) Robert Oneby of Loudham Park
  (4)+ 2 other sons
b. Abraham Bracebridge of Atherston (b c1678, 3rd son)
  m1. (sp) Cecilia Bird (dau of William Bird of Claybrook)
  m2. Maria Jennings (dau of Rev. Walter Jennings of Onparva)
  (1) Abraham Bracebridge of Atherston (d 1789)
  m. Mary Stiles (dau of John Stiles of Uxbridge)
  (A) Abraham Bracebridge of Atherston (d 21.08.1832)
  m. (1775) Mary Elizabeth Holte (dau of Sir Charles Holte, 6th Bart of Aston)
  (i) Charles Holte Bracebridge of Atherstone Hall (b 03.1799, a 1838)
  m. (1824) Selina Mills (dau of William Mills of Bisterne)
  (ii) Mary Holte Bracebridge
  m. (1803) Walter Henry Bracebridge of Morville House @@ just below
  (B) Walter Bracebridge
  m. Harriet Streatfeild (d 1824, dau of H. Streatfeild of Chiddingstone)
  (i) Walter Henry Bracebridge of Morville House
  m. (1803) Mary Holte Bracebridge (dau of Abraham Bracebridge of Atherston) @@ just above
  (ii) Harriet Anne Bracebridge
  m. Henry Ogle (son of Rev. John Ogle of Kirkley)
(iii) Elizabeth Bracebridge (d unm)
  (2)+ other issue - Walter, Elizabeth, Mary mentioned in Visitation (Staffordshire, 1614+1663-64, Skrimshire of Orslow)
  c.+ other issue (a 1682) - Thomas (b c1672), Susanna (b c1676)
  ii. Thomas Bracebridge (b c1646, a 1682, rector of Abkettlebie)
  The following is supported by 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 2, 1811, 'Pedigree of Newdigate-Ludford of Ansley Hall, p1025).
  m. Jane Ludford (dau of John Ludford of Ansley)
a. Samuel Bracebridge, later Bracebridge-Ludford (b c1679, d 1727, 2nd son)
  m. Catherine Lewis (dau of John Lewis of Guildford)
  (1) John Ludford of Ansley Hall (b 18.05.1707, d 1775)
  m. Juliana Newdigate (dau of Sir Richard Newdigate, Bart)
  (A) John Newdigate Ludford of Ansley Hall (d 1822)
  m. Elizabeth Boswell (dau of John Boswell)
  (i) Elizabeth Juliana Ludford (d 17.06.1859)
  m. (16.10.1821) Sir John Chetwode, later Newdigate-Ludford-Chetwode, 5th Bart (b 12.11.1788, dsp 08.09.1873)
  (ii) Frances Millicent Ludford
  (iii) Mary Anne Ludford (d 31.03.1872)
  m. (19.07.1813) Rev. Francis Astley of Everley
  b.+ other issue (a 1682) - Francis (b c1677), Catherine (bc1676), Susanna (b c1680), Elizabeth (b c1681)
  iii. Shem Bracebridge of London (b c1652, a 1682)
  m2. Elizabeth Smallbrook (dau of Robert Smallbrook of Birmingham)
  B. Temperance Bracebridge
  m. _ Cook of London
2.+ other issue - Henry of Southampton, Thomas, Francis, Anne, Elizabeth, Jane, Florence

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 1, 'Bracebridge of Atherstone Hall', p270+) with some support/input from Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, 'Bracebridge'), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1682-3, 'Bracebridge of Atherston')
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