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Families covered: Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent, Beaumont of Gracedieu (Grace Dieu)
[Much of the middle & lower sections was originally included within Beaumont03 on 12.08.05. It was moved here to facilitate expansion.]

George Beaumont of Godeby/Gaudby (Leicestershire) and/or Sussex
m. Elizabeth Leigh (dau of Nicholas Leigh of Addington by Ann, dau of Richard Carew of Beddington)
1. Henry Beaumont (Dean of Peterborough, prebendary of Windsor)
m. Ann Buckford of Exeter
2. Thomas Beaumont of Stawton, Leicestershire (a 1620)
  Vivian identifies this Thomas as the Thomas "to whom Henry Beaumont of Gittisham left his lands by will, of Gittisham". That Henry is shown here.
  m1. Elizabeth Glydd (dau of Thomas Glydd of Ewhurst)
  A. Glidd Beaumont (bur 06.04.1633, rector of Gittisham)
  m1. Johan Greene (bur 14.05.1627, dau of Edmund Greene of Exeter)
  i. Mary Beaumont (b 09.06.1620)
  m2. (23.08.1627) Dorothy (widow of Davie Hore of Exeter, m2. John Jerman)
  ii. Glidd Beaumont (b 012.12.1628, a 02.1649-50)
  B. Thomas Beaumont
  C. Mary Beaumont
  m. Ralfe Draye
  D. Ann Beaumont
  m. John Yeilding
  m2. Elizabeth Blewet (bur 20.03.1613-4, dau of Nicholas Blewet of Broad Clist, son of Sir Roger of Holcombe)
  E.+ other issue - Henry (a 1627), John (bpt 12.09.1603), Thomas (bpt 1609, a 1627), Elizabeth (a 1633), Grave, Dorothy (a 1627)
3. Margaret Beaumont



John Beaumont of Gracedieu (a 1550, Master of the Rolls)
m1. Isabell Dutton (dau of Lawrence Dutton of Dutton)
1. Anne Beaumont
  m. Thomas Ashby of Loseby (d 1604)
m2. Elizabeth Hastings (dau of Sir William Hastings, son of Lord Hastings)
2. Sir Francis Beaumont of Gracedieu (d 22.04.1598, judge)
  m. Anne Pierrepoint (dau of Sir George Pierrepoint of Holme Pierrepoint)
  A. Sir Henry Beaumont of Gracedieu (b c1571, d 13.07.1605)
  m. Barbara Faunt (dau of Anthony Faunt of Foston, m2. Sir Henry Harpur of Calke, Bart )
  i. Barbara Beaumont (b 09.1605, bur 31.12.1666)
  m1. Sir John Harpur of Swarkston (dsp)
m2. (1629) Sir Wolstan Dixie,1st Bart of Bosworth (b c1603, d 13.02.1681-2)
  B. Sir John Beaumont, 1st Bart of Gracedieu (Grace Dieu) (b c1582, d 1627-8)
  m. Elizabeth Fortescue (a 04.1652, dau of John Fortescue of London)
  i. Sir John Beaumont, 2nd Bart of Gracedieu (b c1607, d Gloucester 09.1643, Colonel)
  ii. Sir Thomas Beaumont, 3rd Bart of Gracedieu (b 29.04.1620, d 07.07.1686)
  m. Vere Tufton (dau of Sir William Tufton, Bart of Vintners, by Anne Cave)
  a. Cicely Beaumont (d 1697)
  m. Robert Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent (b 1655, d 02.01.1726-7) @@ below
  b. Vere Beaumont
  m. Sir John Rayney, Bart
  c. Mary Beaumont
m. George Morton of Sileby
  d. Jane Beaumont
  m. Charles Byerly of Belgrave
  e. Anne Beaumont
  m. Robert Pawley
iii.+ other issue - Francis (b c1608, d by 1643), Henry (b c1610, d by 1643), Gervais (b c1614, d by 1643), George (b c1618, d by 1643), Elina (b c1611), Katherine (b c1615), Maria (b c1616)
  C. Francis Beaumont (b 1585-6, d 09.03.1615/6, poet)
  m. Ursula Isley (dau/coheir of Henry Isley of Sundridge)
  i. Elizabeth Beaumont (a 1682)
  m. "a Scotch colonel"
  ii. Frances Beaumont (a unm 1700)
  D. Elizabeth Beaumont (b c1589)
  m. Thomas Seyliard or Suliard
3. Elizabeth Beaumont
  m. William Vaux, 3rd Lord of Harrowden (d 20.08.1595)
4. Jane Beaumont
  m. Robert Brooksbie or Brokesby of Sholby



Edward Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent (a 1550)
m. Anne Milgate (dau/heir of _ Milgate of Lockington)
1. William Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent (d 30.07.1592)
  m. Elizabeth Sutton of Derby
  A. Francis Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent (b c1569, d 02.11.1661, Major, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Bracebridge (dau of Simon Bracebridge of Twyford)
  i. John Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent (2nd son)
  m1. Dorothy Powtrell (dau of John Powtrell of West Hallom)
Commoners reports that John & Dorothy had issue, BLG1850 that they did not. We presume that there was issue who dvpsp.
  a.+ issue (dvpsp?)
  m2. Barbara Willoughby (dau of Edward Willoughby of Cotham)
  b. Robert Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent (b 1655, d 02.01.1726-7)
  m1. Cecily Beaumont (d 1697, dau of Sir Thomas Beaumont, Bart of Gracedieu) @@ above
  (1) John Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent (b c1691/1694, d 11.10.1763)
m. Joyce Johnson (b c1701, d 11.06.1780, niece of Thomas Allestree of Alvaston)
  (A) John Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent (b c1731, d unm 21.07.1806)
  (B) Robert Beaumont (b 1731, d 14.09.1796)
  m. Ann Wild (b c1752, d 05.09.1784)
  (i) John Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent (b 23.01.1779, d 11.03.1834) had issue
  m. (29.08.1825) Mary Elizabeth Curzon (d 11.10.1868, dau of Nathaniel Curzon, 2nd Lord Scarsdale)
  (ii) Anne Beaumont
  m. C. Allsop (vicar of Sheepshead)
  (iii) Mary Joyce Beaumont
  (C) Francis Beaumont (b 1737, d 28.06.1806, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Hibbert
  (i) Joyce Beaumont
  m. Christopher Dodsley (rector of Swinnerton)
  (D)+ other issue - Edward (b 1732, d 08.1820, priest), 3 daughters (d young - Barbara, Joyce, Catherine)
  (2) Barbara Beaumont (abbess in Flanders)
  m2. Jane Middleton (dau/heir of John Middleton of Wandesley, widow of Francis Lowe of Old Greaves)
  (3) Francis Beaumont (d unm)
  m3. (sp) Winifred Lowe (dau of Francis Lowe)
  c.+ other issue
  ii.+ other issue - Edward (dvp unm 1660), Anne
  B. Elizabeth Beaumont
  m. I. Bennet of Derby
  C. Dorothy Beaumont
  m. W. Neale of Derby
  D.+ other issue - Edward (d young), Edward, William, Christopher, Thomas, Helen, Mary, Anne, Jane

Main source(s):
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(2) For middle section : Commoners (vol 4, Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent), BLG1850 (Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent) with support/input from BEB1841 (Beaumont of Grace Dieu), Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, Beaumont) and a little from Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, Beamont)
(3) For lower section : Commoners (vol 4, Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent), BLG1850 (Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent)
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