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Families covered: Leigh of Abbingworth (Abinger), Leigh of Addington (Adington), Leigh of Bexley, Leigh of Hawley

Leveson-Gower reports that "The early history of the Leigh family of Addington is involved in much obscurity, and it is impossible to reconcile the different accounts given in the several pedigrees. Manning, under Addington, starts with a John Leigh, of High Leigh, in Surrey; but this is evidently a mistake for High Leigh, in Cheshire, from which place this branch of the family is by many stated to have sprung. The confusion has been further increased by the fact that there was a family of Leigh of Adlington, in Cheshire, and this Manning has also noticed." We note that there was also a family of Addington of Leigh in Devon! Leveson-Gower starts with ...
John atte Legh of Addington (a 1386)
1. John atte Legh (a temp Henry VI who r. 1422-1461)
  m. Alice Botsham (dau/heir of _ Botsham of Kent)
  A. John Leigh of Addington, Sheriff of Surrey (d 17.12.1479)
  m1. Matilda Payne (d 21.05.1464, dau/coheir of Thomas Payne of Ockley)
  i. John Leigh of Addington, Sheriff of Surrey (d 24.04.1502)
  m. Isabel Harvey (dau of John Harvey of Thurley, sister/heir of Sir George)
a. Nicholas Leigh of Addington (b 1492-3, d 30.07.1581)
  m. Anne Carew (dau of Sir Richard Carew of Beddington, sister of Sir Nicholas)
(1) John Leigh of Addington (dvp 31.03.1576)
  m. Jane Olliph (bur 27.07.1593, dau/heir of John Olliph or Olyf (Sheriff of London), m2. John Ownsted of Sanderstead Court)
  (A) Sir Olliph (Olyfe) Leigh of Addington & East Wickham (b 24.11.1559, d 14.03.1611-2)
  m. (04.06.1576) Jane Browne (bur 28.06.1631, dau of Sir Thomas Browne of Betchworth)
  (i) Sir Francis Leigh of Addington, Sheriff of Surrey (bpt 06.09.1590, bur 17.12.1644) - continued below
  m1. (05.06.1610) Elizabeth Mynterne (b c10.1593, d 01.12.1615, dau/heir of William Mynterne of Thorp)
  m2. (1623) Christian Thynne (dau of Sir John Thynne of Longleat)
  (B) Sir John Leigh of Lodge & Mitcham, Surrey (b 22.10.1568, d before 21.09.1624, Controller of the Household to King James I, Master of the Wild Beasts)
  m. (03.06.15695) Mary Smyth (dau of Thomas Smyth of Mitcham)
  (C) Charles Leigh (bpt 12.03.1572, d 1604, Captain)
  (i)+ issue - Oliph (bpt 16.01.1597), Milcah (a 1611)
  (D) Thomas Leigh (bpt 22.03.1575, d young?)
  (E) Anne Leigh (bur 1618)
  m. (19.10.1574) Edmund Kidermaster of Langley (d before 22.08.1607)
(F) Joan (Jane) Leigh (bur 31.08.1622)
  m. Francis Martin of Horton (d by 1611)
  (G) Elizabeth Leigh (b 30.01.1561)
  m. John Welch of Sussex
  (H) Katherine Leigh (b 26.04.1564)
  m. (05.12.1580) George Holmden of Lingfield
  (2) Malin Leigh
  m. Thomas Boyse or Bois of Kent (son of John of Bonnington by dau of Nicholas Aldey of le Chequer)
(3) Elizabeth Leigh
  m1. Robert Lusher of Surrey
  m2. George Beaumont (son of William of Coleorton)
  (4) Frances Leigh (d 07.01.1595-6)
  m1. Edward Merland or Marland of Bansted (d 30.11.1559)
  m2. (22.02.1566-7) Robert Moyse of Canons
  (5) Millicent Leigh (d before 11.1580?)
  m. Thomas Harman of Crayford (bur 20.11.1592, son/heir of William of Ellam)
(6) Dorothy Leigh (bur 17.10.1561)
  m. Robert Veere
  (7) Mary Leigh
  m. Henry Marsh or March
  (8) Anne Leigh (bur 24.09.1601)
  m. (17.05.1571) John Bricket or Brokett of West Wickham (bur 24.09.1601)
  b. Henry Leigh of Parham, Sussex (dsp bur 08.05.1571)
  c. Anne Leigh
  m. Thomas Hatclyff or Atcliff of Lincolnshire (d 30.08.1540)
  d. Dorothy Leigh
  m. John Wise of Sidenham
  ii. Alice Leigh (d 11.07.1503)
  m. Walter Waleys of Dudham
  iii.+ other issue - Emma (d 22.06.1481), Joan
  m2. Alice (Botsham?) (a 12.1479)
  Son of a John Leigh of Addington, possibly of this generation, was the following Humffrey. The following comes from Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, Leigh, Harl. 1561, fo. 164+164b).
  B. Humffrey Leigh of Abingworth, Surrey
  i. William Leigh of Abingworth
  a. John Leigh of Abingworth (aka Abinger)
  m. _ Roffe (dau of William Roffe of Norwood in Horley)
  (1) William Leigh of Abingworth (aka Abinger)
  m. Joane Elliott (dau of Adam Elliott of Dorking)
  (A) William Leigh of Abingworth (a 1623)
  m1/2. Elizabeth Hutton (dau of Richard Hutton of Long Ditton)
  (i)+ issue (a 1623) - William (b c1596), Henry, Christopher, Francis, John
  m2/1. Margery Michellborne (dau of Sir Richard Michellborne of Brodhurst)
  (B) Lawrence Leigh (d unm)
  (2)+ other issue - Richard, John
  m2. Jane Booth of Thomas Ditton
  (4)+ other issue - George of London (a 1623), Cuthbert, Joane



Sir Francis Leigh of Addington, Sheriff of Surrey (bpt 06.09.1590, bur 17.12.1644, MP) - continued above
m1. (05.06.1610) Elizabeth Mynterne (b c10.1593, d 01.12.1615, dau/heir of William Mynterne of Thorp)
1. Wolley Leigh (d 28.12.1644)
  m. (20.02.1638) Elizabeth Hare (d 17.06.1699, dau of Sir John Hare of Stow Bardolph, m2. Sir John Lowther of Lowther)
  A. Sir Thomas Leigh (bpt 04.11.1639, d 1677)
  m. Hannah Rolfe (dau/heir of Anthony Rolfe of Tuttington)
  i. Sir John Leigh of Addington (b 08.08.1660, d before 07.03.1691)
  m. (28.01.1678) Catherine Barton (b 1661-2, d 01.07.1715, dau of John Barton (serjeant-at-law), m2. Christopher Smith of Watford, m3. William Walsham)
  a. Sir John Leigh of Addington, later of Bromley (b 23.02.1681, d 16.11.1737)
  m1. (21.03.1699) Elizabeth Lennard (bur 25.04.1707, dau of Sir Stephen Lennard of West Wickham, Bart)
  (1)+ issue (d unm) - Francis (b 27.06.1702, d 16.03.1731), Elizabeth Katherine (bpt 10.05.1704, d young), Dorothy (d young)
m2. (16.05.1733) Elizabeth Vade (b 1714-5, d 27.01.1736, dau of William Vade)
  ii. Wolley Leigh of Hevingham (b 21.07.1664, d 12.1715)
  m. (15.02.1704) Mary Hunt of Hevingham (b 1684-5, d 21..05.1758, m2. James Smith of Blickling)
  a. Thomas Leigh (b 15.06.1707, d 04.07.1707)
  b. Mary Leigh (d 06.10.146)
  m. (24.09.1731) John Bennett of Aylsham (d 12.06.1765)
  c. Anne Leigh (b 1708-9, d 28.03.1768)
  m. (04.10.1737) Henry Spencer of Thorpe (b 1713-4, d 28.02.1766)
  iii. Thomas Leigh (d 1688)
  B. John Leigh (d young)
  C. Jane Leigh
m. Sir John Lowther (d 01.1705-6, MP)
2. Francis Leigh (dsp)
m2. (1623) Christian Thynne (d 1660-1, dau of Sir John Thynne of Longleat)
3. Thomas Leigh of Bexley, Kent
  m. Christian Luttrell
  A. Sir Francis Leigh of Tring (Hertfordshire) & Hawley (in Sutton-at-Hone, Kent), Mayor of St. Albans (b c1651, bur 17.11.1711, MP)
  m1. (c1671) Sarah Lovell (b c1651, d 1691-2, niece of Henry Guy & dau of Elizabeth)
  i. Francis Leigh of Sutton-at-Hone (b 1692, bur 20.05.1734)
  m. Jane Giffard (d 11.12.1766, dau/coheir of Thomas Giffard of Pennis, widow of Finch Umphrey of Darenth)
  a. Francis Leigh of Hawley (dsps 13.05.1774)
  m1. Elizabeth Nicholson (d 18.10.1738)
  m2. (28.07.1740) Anna Maria Cleaver (d 07.08.1741, dau of William Cleaver of London)
  (1) Francis Leigh (bur 01.09.1741)
  m3. (02.05.1743) Lucy Baines (bur 03.09.1764, dau of Serjeant (John) Baines of Havering)
  m4. Anne (b c1727, bur 03.05.1816)
  b. Richard Leigh of Horseman's Place in Dartford, later of Fawley (bpt 08.09.1727, d 24.03.1772, King's Serjeant, MP)
  m. Elizabeth Brown (dau of Prosper Brown of Horseman's Place in Dartford)
(1) Richard Leigh of Hawley (b c1761, bur 02.10.1828)
  m. (10.01.1783) Elizabeth Mumford (bur 13.12.1810, dau of jJohn Mumford of St. Mary's, Sutton-at-Hone)
  (A) Richard Leigh (b c01.1784, dsp 09.10.1841)
  m. Jane Moone (b c1800, bur 29.12.1873, "of humble station", m2. Richard Saunders of Langay)
  (B)+ other issue - Francis (b c1786, d 1798), Elizabeth (d unm 11.11.1859)
  (2)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne
  m2. 8by 1696) Frances Cheney (d 02.1726-7, '"housekeeper")
  ii. Christian Leigh
  m. Isaac Bargrave (son of Charles of Eastry)
  iii. Elizabeth Leigh (b c1705, d 07.1737)
  m. Robert Bargrave (son of Charles of Eastry)
  iv.+ other issue (d infant) - Wiilliam, 2 daughters
B.+ other issue (a 1660) - Thomas, Christian, Elizabeth, Grace, Lydia
4. William Leigh (bpt 20.11.1620, d before 1660)
  m. Lydia Overman (dau of Thomas Overman)
  A. Francis Leigh (bpt 26.12.1650, d 1711, of the Middle Temple)
  i. Frances Leigh (d bur 10.08.1774)
  m. Jasper Jones of Puttenham (d c1748)
  a. Jasper Leigh Jones (a 09.1743, d by 1774)
  B. Thomas Leigh of Farham (bpt 05.03.1659, 3rd son) had surviving issue?
  m1/2/3/4. ??
  C.+ other issue (a 1660) - William of London (bpt 11.03.1658, bur 18.12.1698), Christian
5. John Leigh (bpt 10.02.1621, a 1660, 3rd son?)
  m. Bridget Trelawney (dau of Sir John Trelawney)
  A.+ issue (a 1661) - John, Francis
6. Elizabeth Leigh (bur 15.04.1657)
  m. Sir Humphrey Tracy of Stanway, Bart (bur 15.01.1658)
7.+ other issue - William (bpt 28.11.1620), Olliphe (bur 09.04.1623), Oliph of East Wickham (d unm before 29.02.1647/8), Jane (bpt 06.01.1625, bur 27.02.1625), Frances (bur 27.01.1630)

Main source(s): 'Notices of the Family of Leigh of Addington' (by Granville Leveson-Gower, 1878) with some support for the upper section from Visitation (Surrey, 1531+1572+1623, Leigh, Harl. 1561 fo. 13b+14) and a little for the lower section from 'Le Neve's Knights' (p137)
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