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Families covered: Beaumont of Gittisham (Gidesham), Beaumont of Shirwell, Beaumont of Youlston
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The yeosociety web site referred to below indicates that (without suggesting how) this family probably descended directly from the de Beaumonts, Vicomtes de Maine & Beaumont, who obtained lands in Devon through Constance, natural daughter of King Henry I (by Elizabeth, dau of Robert de Bellamonte, 1st Earl of Leicester). Westcote, referred to below, implies that this family was of the house of Colhorton in Leicestershire which descended from a branch of the Brienne family which ) took on the name Beaumont after a marriage with the heiress of the Beaumonts of Maine. Vivian starts with the following Thomas who probably lived in the 12th century which was before the Brienne marriage with the Beaumont heiress. Accordingly, it appears reasonable to suppose that the following Thomas was a direct scion of the Beaumonts of Maine.
Thomas de Bello Monte of Yolston, lord of Sherwill
1. John de Bello Monte
  A. Philip de Bello Monte
  i. Richard de Bello Monte (d 1294)
  a. Sir Philip de Bello Monte (b c1272)
  (1) Sir Richard de Bello Monte
  (A) Philip Beaumont
  m. Ermengard Punchardon (dau/coheir of Sir John Punchardon)
  (i) Sir John Beaumont
  m. Alice Scudamore
  (a) John Beaumont
  m. Alice
  ((1)) Joan Beaumont (dsp)
  m. Sir James Chudleigh
  ((2))+ other issue (dsp) - William, Elizabeth
  (b)+ other issue - Richard, William, Lucia, Alice, Margaret, Matilda, Kate
(B) Sir John Beaumont of Yolstone in Shirwell, Devon (d by 1380)
  Vivian does not designate John as being 'of' any place and does not indicate that he was a knight. Our designation comes from www.yeosociety.com/yeoroots/beaumontfamily.htm (with thanks to a contributor (DS, 09.01.08) for bringing that site to our attention) which (as of 09.01.08) starts with this generation and supports the next few generations which are also supported by 'History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor' (Maclean, vol 1, p554+), although the latter assumes that John's descendant William was father of the John who assumed the name Bodrugan (see below).
  m. Joane, heiress of Crawstone & Stockhay (m2. Sir William Esturmy)
  (i) Thomas Beaumont
  (ii) Sir William Beaumont of Shirwell, Sheriff of Devon (b 1366, d 1408/1422)
  m. Isabel Willington (b c1379, d 22.04.1424, dau of Sir John Willington of Umberleigh)
(a) Sir Thomas Beaumont of Shirwell, Gittisham & Umberleigh (b 21.09.1401, d 17.11.1450)
  According to the yeosociety web site, this was the Thomas who obtained Gittisham from Henry Beaumont (see #1# below ##). We doubt that that was the case simply because that Henry was born about 82 years after this Thomas died. Vivian shows a different Thomas as Henry's beneficiary (see here). We suspect that there has been confusion between different properties within Gittisham.
  m1. Philippa Dinham (dau of Sir John Dinham or Dyneham)
  ((1)) Richard Beaumont (dvpsp)
  ((2)) William Beaumont of Shirwell or Sherwell (b 1427, dsp 05.12.1453)
  m. Joan Courtenay (dau of Philip Courtenay of Powderham Castle, p/m2. Sir Henry Bodrugan)
According to the yeosociety web site, supported by the article 'History of Gittisham and Combe House' by Mrs. Marker (1954) (on www.thishotel.com/History_of_Gittisham.pdf) and also (partly) by Westcote (referred to below), William deserted Joan who later produced a son John (by her second husband) who took the name Beaumont (but was later banned from doing so for a while). That John later obtained Combe House, Gittisham. See #2# below ##.
  ((3)) Philip Beaumont of Shirwell or Sherwell (b 1432, d 12.06.1473)
  m. Blanche Bourchier
  ((4)) Joane Beaumont
  m. John Bassett
  Umberleigh passed into the Bassett family.
  ((5)) Alice Beaumont (b 1433, a 1473)
m. Nicholas Corun
  m2. Alice Stukeley (dau of Hugh Stukeley or Stuckley of Aston)
  ((6)) Thomas Beaumont of Umberleigh (d 18.02.1487-8)
  m. Mathye Mogeford (d 1491, m2. John Carew)
  ((A)) John Beaumont (d(vp?) before 13.11.1488)
  ((7)) (Sir) Hugh Beaumont of Youlston (b 1457, d 25.03.1507)
  m. Thomasine Wise (dau/heir of Oliver Wise)
  ((A)) Margaret Beaumont (b 1477)
  m. Sir John Chichester (b 1475, d 1535-7)
  Youlston & Sherwell passed into the Chichester family.
  ((8))+ other issue - John (a 1485, cleric), another
  (b) Maude Beaumont
  m. Hugh Courtenay of Haccombe (d 05/6.03.1424/5)
  ii. William de Bello Monte



Sir Henry Bodrugan (b c1425, d before 1503) the continuation shown for Sir Henry is somewhat speculative
m1. (sp) Margaret Herbert (dau of William Herbert of Raglan, 1st Earl of Pembroke, widow of Thomas Talbot, 2nd Viscount L'Isle)
p/m2. Joan Courtenay (dau of Philip Courtenay of Powderham Castle, divorcee/relict of William Beaumont) see #2# above ##
1. John Beaumont, later Bodrugan, later Beaumont of Combe House, Gittisham in Devon
  "A View of Devonshire in MDCXXX, with a Pedigree of most of its Gentry" by Thomas Westcote (as edited by Rev. George Oliver & Pitman Jones, 1845) provides a short pedigree on this family, starting with this John and supporting the following.
m. Isabell (Elizabeth) Calwoodley (dau of Thomas Calwoodley)
  A. Henry Beaumont of Gidesham (Gittisham) (d 16.03.1547-8)
  m1. Elizabeth Stowell (dau of Robert Stowell of Codleston)
  i. Humfrey Beaumont of Gidesham (Gittisham) (b c1504, d 12.08.1572)
  m1. Joane West (dau of John West, brother of Lord Lawarr)
  a. Henry Beaumont of Gidesham (Gittisham) (b c1532, dsp before 26.06.1591)
  m. Elizabeth Blewett (dau of Sir Roger Blewett of Holcombe)
  Westcote reported that Henry "conveyed, for name's sake, his land to a younger brother, of the house of Colhorton in Leicestershire". Vivian shows the beneficiary as this Thomas but other sources suggest that it was a different Thomas, see #1# above ##.
  b. Elizabeth Beaumont
  m. Robert Motlebury alias Mulbury of Dorset
c.+ other issue - John (dsp before 27.06.1587), William (a 1587)
  m2. Jane Sydnam (d before 31.07.1594, dau of John Sydnam or Sydenham of Leigh)
  e. Thomas Beaumont (dsp)
  ii. William Beaumont
  iii. Elizabeth Beaumont
  m. Robert Coker of Maypowder
  iv. Philippa Beaumont mentioned by Westcote but not by Vivian
  m. Lewis Devills of Marland (Morland)
  m2. Joane (a 1548)
  B.+ other issue - William, Joane, Philippa

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Beaumont of Gittisham (2)) with input/support as reported above
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