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Families covered: Andrew of Blisworth, Andrew of Charwelton, Andrew of Creton, Andrew of Daventry, Andrew of Harleston, Andrew of Longdon
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Thomas Andrew of Charwelton, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (d 1530)
m1. Emme Knightley (d 11.04.1490, dau of Richard Knightley of Fawsley)
1. Thomas Andrew of Charwelton (d 02.07.1541)
  m. Anne Newport (dau of Robert Newport of Sandon)
  A. Sir Thomas Andrew of Charwelton, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (d 01.02.1563-4)
  m1. Katherin Cave (d 18.08.1555, dau/coheir of Edward Cave by Dorothy, dau/coheir of Nicholas Malory of Winwick)
  i. Thomas Andrew of Charwelton, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (bur 23.05.1594)
  m1. Frances Cotton (dsp 12.01.1567, dau of Sir John Cotton of Lanwade)
  m2. Mary Isham (d 04.04.1589, dau of Gregory Isham of Braunston)
  a. Sir Eusebius Andrew of Charwelton (d 31.07.1619, 3rd son?)
  m. Anne Knightley (b 1584, dau of Richard Knightley of Fawsley)
  (1) Edward Andrew, last of Charwelton, later of Grandborough, Warwickshire (b 13.09.1608, a 1646)
  (2)+ other issue - John (b 07.02.1610, a 1618), Thomas (b 13.11.1611, a 1618), Frances (b 12.11.1603. a 1633), Elizabeth (bpt 13.02.1615-6, d infant), Seymour (bpt 30.06.1618, d infant?), Margaret (b 07.09.1613, a 1618), Anne (a 1630)
  b. John Andrew of Yelvertoft, Northamptonshire (a 1622)
m. Mary Love of Leicester
  (1)+ issue (a 1618) - Eusebius, Thomas, John, Mary, Elizabeth, Anne
  c. Nathaniel Andrew (bpt 15.08.1583)
  m. Elizabeth Smith of Yorkshire
  (1) Anne Andrew
  d. Elizabeth Andrew (bpt 25.04.1582)
  m. Anthony Watson of Liddington
  e. Mary Andrew
  m. Edward Shukburgh of Navesby
  f. Susanna Andrew
  m. Thomas Purefoy of Barwell
g. Sara Andrew (bpt 25.12.1587)
  m. Richard Onley of Staverton (d 03.12.1622)
  h.+ issue - Samuel (dsp), Thomas (dsp), Anne (dsp), Sorrowson of London (a 1618), Thomas (a 1618), Anne (bpt 16.04.1581, bur 05.10.1581)
  ii. Roger Andrew of Pebworth, Gloucestershire
  m. Magdalen Box (dau of William box of London)
  a. Thomas Andrew (a 1618)
iii. Thomas Andrew
  m. _ Bewe of London
  iv. Anne Andrew
  m. Valentine Pigott of Loughton
  v. Ursula Andrew (d 31.05.1600?)
  m1. Thomas Haselrigge of Nosley
  m2. Robert Forest of Huntingdonshire
  vi.+ other issue - Edward of West Haddon, John (dsp), Audrey, Dorothy
  m2. Mary Heneage (dau of John Heneage of Towse, widow of Erasmus Cope, m3. Sir Robert Lane)
  vii. Thomas Andrew of Longdon, Worcestershire
  m. Jane Casey (dau of Richard Casey of Whitfield)
  a. Sir John Andrew of Longdon (a 1618)
  m. Anne Reade (dau/coheir of John Reade of Cottesbrooke & Creton)
  (1) Thomas Andrew of Creton (d 20.03.1681)
  m. (08.12.1661) Anne Bullock of Little Creton (d 18.10.1675)
  (A) William Andrew of Creton
  m. Jane
  (i) John Andrew 'of Harleston Park' of Creton (bpt 11.08.1698, bur 02.02.1756)
  m. Mary (bur 14.05.1764)
  (a) Robert Andrew of Harleston, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (d 20.04.1807)
  m. (22.03.1763) Frances Thornton (bpt 05.05.1731, d 08.04.1793, dau of Thomas Thornton of Brockhole)
  ((1)) Robert Andrew of Harleston, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (bpt 05.10.1770, a 1809)
  m. (16.05.1799) Frances Packe (bpt 08.08.1775, d 13.10.1800, dau of Charles James Packe of Prestwold)
  ((A)) Robert Andrew (b 02.1800, d infant)
  ((2)) Frances Andrew
  m. (02.09.1790) Thomas Walker (of Gray's Inn)
  ((3)) Charlotte Andrew
  m. (29.12.1791) John Fisher of Cossington (vicar of Dodford)
  ((4)) Mary Andrew
  m. (26.05.1791) Francis Montgomery of Milton (rector of Harleston)
  ((5)) Elizabeth Andrew
  m. Jos. Lumley
  ((6))+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 28.01.1773, bur 13.02.1773), John (bpt 22.05.1774, bur 31.07.1799, vicar of Dodford), Anne, Catherine, Harriot
  (b) William Andrew of Harleston (b c1741, d 15.01.1796)
m. Mary Carr (b 1745-6, dau of Wayte Carr of Brampton)
  (c) Gilbert Andrew (b c1743, dsp 11.10.1808, rector of Harleston)
  m. Catherine Cant (b 1738-9, d 07.06.1808)
  (d) Mary Andrew
  m. (05.01.1793) Randal Lovett of Clay Coton
  (e) Catherine Andrew
  m. (02.01.1770) Joseph Cook Lovell of Sulby
  (f) Elizabeth Andrew
m. (09.10.1770) Thomas Farmer of Leicester (brother of Rev. Richard)
  (g) Jane Andrew
  m. (11.1770) _ Barrett of Leicester
  (ii)+ other issue - William (bpt 13.02.1700-1, a 1736), Thomas (bpt 10.09.1706, bur 06.10.1768, rector of Harleston), Joseph (bpt 20.12.1710), Anne (bpt 15.11.1702), Susan (bpt 13.06.1704), Jane (bpt 14.11.1712)
  (2)+ other issue - Erasmus, John, Edward, Frances, Sara, Anne, Susan, Lucy
  viii. Mary Andrew
  m. Sir William Lane (d 03.1615)
  ix.+ other issue - Valentine, Simon, Richard, Catherine
  B. Nicholas Andrew of Blisworth (a 1539, rector of Charwelton)
  m1. Isabel Marriott (dau of Richard Marriott of Towcester)
  i. Anne Andrew
  m1. John Cowper
  m2. Thomas Almey of Badby
  Metcalfe identifies Nicholas's 2nd wife as Margaret, dau of John Browne, Mayor of Northampton. Provisionally we follow Baker who identifies her as ...
  m2. Margaret Ball (widow of _ Browne of Northampton)
  ii. Thomas Andrew of Blisworth, Northamptonshire
  m. Elizabeth Wodhull (dau of Robert Wodhull of Collingtree)
  a.+ issue - Nicholas, Thomas, William, Jane
  C. Anthony Andrew
m. _ Andrew (dau of Richard Andrew of Woodstock)
  i. Thomas Andrew of Daventry (6th son)
  m. Jane Belson of London (heir)
  Metcalfe shows that Thomas & Jane had issue - Thomas, Anthony, Edward, Henry, George & Elizabeth. Baker shows their children as follows:
  a. Eusebius Andrew of Daventry
  m. _ Dudley (dau of J. Dudley)
  b. George Andrew, Bishop of Ferns (Ireland) (d 1648)
  m. Ellen Ryder (dau of John Ryder)
  c.+ other issue - Henry, Edward, Anthony
  ii. Ursula Andrew
  m1. Thomas Shukburgh ## see here ##
  m2. Charles Waterhouse
  iii.+ other issue - Valentine, Hercules, Anthony, Robert, Nicholas
  D. Edward Andrew
  m. Prudence Knowles
  i.+ issue - Henry, Thomas, Anne, Elizabeth, Fayth, Margaret, Grace, Prudence
2. Richard Andrew (dsp)
3. Jane Andrew
  m. _ Sparke or Sparks
4. Anne Andrew
  m. George Smith of Eidon
5. Margaret Andrew
  m. _ Spurrye or Spurryer
6. Mary Andrew
  m. Thomas Arderne of Park Hall (d 1563)
Metcalfe shows Thomas's 2nd wife Elizabeth as dau of Thomas Poulteney of Misperton (sic). Provisionally we follow Baker in identifying her as ...
m2. (1495) Elizabeth Poulteney (dau of John Poulteney, sister of Sir Thomas of Misterton)
7. Richard or Edward Andrew of Harleston, Northamptonshire (d 1539) named Edward by Metcalfe, Richard by Baker
  m. (1517) Katherine Belgrave (dau of Richard (not George) Belgrave of Belgrave)
A. Richard Andrew of Harleston (d 08.09.1558)
  m. (1537) Anne Coles (dau of Peter Coles of Preston Capes)
  i. Robert Andrew of Harleston (b c1543, d 25.01.1603-4)
  m. (1565) Elizabeth Gent (b 1547-8, d 08.08.1595, dau/coheir of William Gent of Norton-juxta-Daventry)
  a. Thomas Andrew of Harleston (bpt 13.12.1572, bur 22.01.1650-1)
  m. Dorothy Wilmer (bur 16.12.1617, dau of Robert Wilmer of Sywell)
  (1) Robert Andrew of Harleston (bpt 19.05.1605, d 1667)
  (A) Robert Andrew of Harleston, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (b c1605, dsp bur 04.03.1673-4)
  (B) William Andrew of Harleston (bur 15.12.1673)
  (i) Thomas Andrew of Harleston, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (bur 19.10.1722, MP)
  m. Anne Kynneston (bur 02.02.1677-8, dau of Richard Kynneston of Broughton)
  (a) Robert Andrew of Harleston (dsp 07.07.1739)
  (b)+ other issue - Thomas (d infant), Anne (bur 09.1710)
(2) Elizabeth Andrew (bpt 16.05.1603-4)
  m. (24.01.1619-20) Thomas Chilmwell of Orlingbury
  (3) Anne Andrew (bpt 01.05.1609)
  m. (24.04.1627) William Preston of Childerwick
  (4) Alice Andrew (bpt 12.08.1610, d 1635)
  m. (26.05.1629) Augustin Nicolls of Tilton
  (5) Dorothy Andrew (bpt 12.11.1615)
  m. (24.09.1632) Richard Duncombe
(6)+ other issue (a 1618) - William (bpt 16.10.1606, bur 25.08.1636), Richard (bpt 17.01.1612, bur 18.11.1614), Dorothy (bpt 27.09.1611, d infant)
  b. William Andrew of Denton, Northamptonshire (bpt 06.11.1577, a 1618)
  Baker shows William's wife as dau/heir of John Hamstead of Denton but Metcalfe is supported by VCH (Northamptonshire, col 4, 'Parishes: Denton') in identifying her as ...
  m. Frances Flampstead (dau/coheir of John Flampstead of Denton)
  Baker identifies William as ancestor of the Baronets of Denton but does not name any of his children. Metcalfe names 2 children, John ("son and heir-apparent") & Elizabeth, but ends with that generation. The dates just about support the view that the 1st baronet of Denton (whose parentage appears not to have been proven) could have been a later son of William & Frances but, as reported in the continuation, enough doubt is provided to make that questionable.
(1) Sir William Andrew of Denton, 1st Bart (b after 1618?, d by 1649)
  m. ?? Paris (dau of ?? Paris of Linton)
  (2)+ other issue (a 1618) - John (b c1613, dvpsp?), Elizabeth
  c. Richard Andrew of London & Thorp Underwood, Northamptonshire (bpt 26.12.1579, d 06.07.1654)
m. Elizabeth Chambre (dau of William Chambre of London)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas (b c1615), William (b c1617), Elizabeth (d infant), Elizabeth
  d. Anthony Andrew (bpt 02.06.1582, bur 17.08.1583)
  e. Alice Andrew (bpt 28.04.1584) @@ see here @@
  m. William Duffield of Medmenham
  f. Elizabeth Andrew (bpt 26.12.1575)
  m. (11.06.1598) Leonard or Edward Simeon of Pyrton named Leonard, by Baker, Edward by Metcalfe
  g. Anne Andrew (bpt 29.01.1580-1, d 11.01.1635-6)
  m. (04.02.1604-5) Sir William Wilmer of Sywell (d 18.04.1640)
  ii. William Andrew (3rd son)
  Metcalfe shows William's wife as a dau of _ Sanders of Est Haddon. Provisionally we follow Baker in identifying her as ...
  m. (02.09.1594) Frances Belgrave (dau of George Belgrave of Belgrave)
  iii.+ other issue - George (d 1625), Margaret or Jane
  B.+ other issue - William, Henry, Francis, George, Ursula, Dorothy, Emma only George mentioned by Metcalfe
8. William Andrew mentioned by Baker but not by Metcalfe
  m. _ Knight of Muskett
  A.+ issue - John, Anne, Alice
9. George Andrew mentioned by Baker but not by Metcalfe
  m. Alice Hitchens
  A.+ issue - Thomas, Richard, Robert, John, Anne, Joan
  m2. Mary Maney
  G. John Andrew
10. Anthony (or Andrew) Andrews
  m. Anne Collett (dau of Rafe Collett, brother of John (Dean of St. Paul's))
  A. William Andrews
  m. Jane Playse
  i. Robert Andrews of Coventry
  m. Joyce Makernes (heir)
  a. William Andrews of London & St. Edmundsbury (Suffolk) (3rd son)
  m. Audry Colly (dau/heir of Anthony Colly or Cowley)
  (1) Alice Andrews
  m. Robert Reeve of St. Edmondsbury
  (2)+ other issue - John, Abraham, Isack, Anne, Susan, Mary
  b. Blanch Andrews
  m. Thomas Welsh
  c.+ other issue - John, Hugh, Anne, Jane
11.+ other issue - James, others (Metcalfe - Anthony, Ellen; Baker - Francis, Henry, Robert)

Main source(s):
(1) George Baker's "The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton" (1867, 'Andrew of Charwelton, etc.' (p296) & 'Andrew of Hareston' (pp167-8)) with thanks to a contributor (CV, 25.09.13) for providing us with copies of the relevant extracts thereof
(2) Visitation (Walter Metcalfe (1887), Northamptonshire, 1618-9, 'Andrew of Charwelton and Yelvertoft' & 'Andrew of Harleston, Denton and Thorp Underwood')
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