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Families covered: Cotton of Barton, Cotton of Clavering, Cotton of Cotton Hall (Cambridgeshire), Cotton of Lanwade (Landward, Landwade or Langwade, etc.), Cotton of Madingley Hall, Cotton of Oxenhothe (Oxenheath), Cotton of Starsonn

Sir Henry Cotton, "lord of the mannor Cotton of Hall"
m. Anne Le Fleming (dau of Henry Le Fleming, son of Sir Allard)
1. Thomas Cotton
  A. Humfrey Cotton
  m. Ann Holbrooke (dau of Sir Thomas Holbrooke)
  i. Sir Thomas Cotton
  m. Allice Hastings (dau of John Hastings of Landward or Landwood)
  a. John Cotton of Cotton Hall (d 1393)
  m. Bridget Grace (dau of Richard Grace of Norfolk)
  (1) Thomas Cotton (dsp 1434)
(2) Walter Cotton
  m. Joane Reade (dau of Sir Robert Reade of Oxfordshire)
  (A) William Cotton of Landward or Langwade or Landwade or Lanwade or Landwood (d 1453)
  m. Allice Abbott (dau of John Abbott of London)
  (i) Sir Thomas Cotton of Landward
  m1. Margery Wentworth (dau of Sir Phillip Wentworth)
(a) daughter
  m. _ Crockett or Cocket
  (b) Anne Cotton
  m. (Edward) Doyley of Norfolk (d 1534)
  m2. Joane Sharpe (dau of Nicholas Sharpe)
  (c) Sir Robert Cotton of Landward or Landwade (d 18.07.1519)
  m1. Dorothy Cleare (dau of Sir Robert Cleare)
((1)) Sir John Cotton of Landward or Landwade (d 1593, 2nd son)
  m. Isabel Spencer (d 1578, dau of Sir William Spencer of Althrop)
  ((A)) Sir John Cotton of Landward or Landwade (d 05.03.1620)
  m1. Elizabeth Carrell (dau of Thomas Carrell)
  m2. Elizabeth Bradburne (dau of Sir Humfrey Bradburne of Derbyshire)
  m3. Anne Haughton (d 17.05.1671, dau of Sir Richard Haughton, Bart of Lancashire)
  ((i)) Sir John Cotton of Landwade, 1st Bart (b 09.1615, d 1689) - continued below
  m. Jane Hinde (dau of Edward Hinde or Hynde of Madingley Hall)
((B)) Robert Cotton
  m. Elizabeth Dormer (dau of John Dormer (of Dadmer?))
  ((i))+ issue - John, Thomas, Dormer, Herny, Elizabeth
  ((C)) Edmund Cotton
  m. Jane Tanfeild
  ((D)) Frances Cotton (dsp)
  m. Thomas Andrew of Charwelton
  ((E)) Allice Cotton
  m. Sir Thomas Ryvett (d 1582)
  ((F)) Ann Cotton
  m. Anthony Roper
((G)) Sara Cotton
  ((2)) Bridget Cotton
  m. Sir John Hodleston (d 04.11.1557)
  ((3))+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, Edmond, Robert, Anne
  m2. Allice Thornborough (widow of Sir Nicholas Griffin)
  (d) John Cotton
  ((1)) Jane Cotton
m. Raphe Rogers
  ((2)) Etheldrida or Audrey Cotton
  m. Roger Cotton (son of Clement by Constance Leventhorpe) @@ below
  (e) William Cotton of Oxenhothe (Oxenheath), Kent
  The following is supported by Visitation (Kent, 1574, Cotton).
  m. Margaret Colpeper (dau of Richard Colpeper)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Cotton of Oxenhothe
  m. Margaret Crompton (dau of Richard Crompton)
  ((A)) William Cotton
((B)) Robert Cotton of Hadlow, Kent
  Robert is shown on CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p476) as having the following family.
  m. Eleanor Neve
  ((i)) George Cotton (b c1604, a 1619)
  ((C)) Mary (or Magdalene) Cotton (d 1563)
  m. Sir Edward Bray (d 1581)
  ((2)) John Cotton
  m. Grace Crompton (dau of Richard Crompton) wife of John, presumed mother of ...
((A)) Thomas Cotton
  ((3)) Margaret Cotton
  m. Thomas Gargrave (not Garaway)
  ((4)) Joane Cotton
  m. Sir Thomas Leigh
  (f) Audrey Cotton
  m. John Basingbourne 'of Woodhall, Hatfield (Hertfordshire)'
  ((1)) Catherine Basingbourne
  m. Sir Nicholas Hare
  ((2)) Anne Basingbourne
  m. Thomas Gawdy (d 1566)
  (g)+ other issue (dsp) - Leonard (priest), Martyn
  (ii) William Cotton
  (a) Thomas Cotton
  m. Agnes Frith (dau of Robert Frith)
  ((1)) Robert Cotton of Clavering
  m. Lettice Carr (dau of Thomas Carr)
  ((A)) Edmond Cotton of Clavering and Tilbery
  m. Thomasin Arkinstall (dau of Richard Arkinstall)
  (iii) Edmond Cotton of Redgrave (4th son)
  m. Ellen Conyers (dau of Thomas Conyers)
  (a) George Cotton of Barton
  m. Jane Gouldingham (dau of John Gouldingham of Belster)
((1)) Edmond Cotton of Barton
  m. Anne Fuller (dau of John Fuller of Tuxton)
  ((A)) Edmond Cotton of Barton
  m. Catherine Hester (dau of Roger Hester of Bery St. Edmunds)
  ((i)) George Cotton (d young)
  ((B))+ other issue - Charles (dsp), Catherin
  ((2)) Robert Cotton
((3)) Ellen Cotton
  m. Robert Wake of Lynn
  (iv) Joane Cotton
  m. Clement Higham of Giffords (d 20.03.1520)
  (v) Catherine Cotton
  m. Thomas Higham of Higham (d 23.04.1492)
  (vi) Etheldred (Audrey) Cotton
  m1. Thomas Barton
  m2. Sir Richard Gardiner or Gardner, Lord Mayor of London
  (a) Mary Gardiner (b c1483, d c1537)
  m. Sir Giles Alington (b c1473, d 03.04.1522)
  m3. Sir Gilbert Talbott
(vii)+ other issue - Andrew, John, Robert
  (B) Walter Cotton in Cambridgeshire
  m. Blanch
  (i) Clement Cotton
  m. Magdalena Doggett of Berkshire
  (a) Clement Cotton
  m. Constance Leventhorpe (dau of Nicholas Leventhorpe of Hatfeild)
  ((1)) Roger Cotton of Toste
  m. Audrey Cotton (dau of John Cotton, son of Sir Thomas of Landward) @@ above
  ((A)) Bartholomew Cotton of Starsonn
  m1. Cecely Borough
  ((i)) Thomas Cotton of Starsonn
  m. Elianor Calthrop (dau of James Calthrope of Cockthorpe)
  ((a))+ issue - Batholomew, Thomas, William
  ((ii)) Judeth Cotton
  m. John Gascoigne of Ellington
  ((iii)) Sara Cotton
  m2. Anne Peersonn (dau of Thomas Peersonn of Wisbech)
  ((iv))+ other issue - John, Edmond, Bartholmew, Constance
  m3. _ Gascoigne
((B)) John Cotton
  m. Beatrix Payne (dau of Robert Payne of Cambridgeshire)
  ((C)) Anne Cotton
  ((2)) Thomas Cotton of Groves
  m. Joane Savage (dau of Sir Thomas Savage)
  ((3)) Jane Cotton
  m. Ralph Rogers
  (b) John Cotton
  ((1)) Thomas Cotton
  Visitation suggests that there may have been an intervening generation here, a son called Lucy.
  ((A)) John Cotton of Swaffham
  m. Allice Burgoyne (dau of Christopher (not John) Burgoyne of Long Staynton)
  (C) daughter
  m. Richard or Roger Stargeon
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas, Edmond
  b. William Cotton
  ii. Robert Cotton
  B. John Cotton



Sir John Cotton of Landwade, 1st Bart (b 09.1615, d 1689) - continued above
m. (c1647) Jane Hinde (d 1692, dau of Edward Hinde or Hynde of Madingley Hall by dau of Sir Thomas Maples of Stow, Bart)
1. Sir John Cotton of Madingley Hall, 2nd Bart (d 20.01.1712/3, recorder of Cambridge)
m. (14.01.1678/9) Elizabeth Sheldon (d before 1716, dau of Sir Joseph Sheldon, Lord Mayor of London, by Elizabeth, dau of William Clifton of Covent Garden)
  A. Sir John Hinde Cotton of Madingley Hall, 3rd Bart (b 1688-9, d 04.02.1752)
  m1. Lettice Crowley (d 08.1718, 2nd dau of Sir Ambrose Crowley of Greenwich, Sheriff of London, by Mary, dau of Charles Owen of Condover)
  i. Sir John Hinde Cotton of Madingley Hall, 4th Bart (d by 03.01.1795)
  m. (08.1754) Anne Parsons (d by 1769, dau of Humphrey Parson of Reigate, Lord Mayor of London, by Sarah, 3rd dau of Sir Ambrose Crowley)
  a. Sir Charles Cotton of Madingley Hall, 5th Bart (d 24.02.1812, Admiral)
  m. (27.02.1798) Philadephia Rowley (b 1762-3, d 05.04.1855, dau of Admiral Sir Joshua Rowley, 1st Bart)
  (1) Sir St. Vincent Cotton of Madingley Hall, 6th Bart (b 06.10.1801, dsp 25.01.1865)
  m. (c01.1865) Hephzibal Dimmick (d 12.05.1873)
(2) Maria Susanna Cotton ( b c1791, d 08.01.1871) apparently of this generation
  m. (16.05.1822) Sir Richard King, 2nd Bart (Vice Admiral)
  b. Ann Cotton probably of this generation
  m. (23.10.1793) John Oldershaw (cleric)
  BHO (History & Topographical Survey of Kent, vol 6. Parishes: Leysdown) names the 4 daughters of Sir John Hinde Cotton, presumed of this generation, as follows:
  ii. Jane Cotton
  m. Thomas Hart
  iii. Elizabeth Stuart Cotton (b 1717-8, d 10.05.1798)
  m. Thomas Bowdler
  iv. Frances Cotton
  v. Mary Cotton probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Jacob Houblon of Hallingbury Place (b 31.07.1710)
  m2. Margaret Craggs (dsp 23.08.1734, dau of James Craggs, widow of Samuel Trefusis)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 06.07.06) : Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1575+1619, Cotton)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 04.10.06) : TCB (vol ii, Cotton of Lanwade)
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