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Families covered: Shuckburgh of Little Harrowden, Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh

BP1934 reports that "This family has been settled at Shuckburgh, co. Warwick, and has borne that surname since the beginning of the 12th century." However, it starts its pedigree from the 14th century. MGH provides the earlier generations.
Robert de Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh (d 1138?)
1. Oliver de Shuckburgh
A. Thomas de Shuckburgh
  i. William de Shuckburgh (a 1202)
  a. Osbert de Shuckburgh (a 1230)
  (1) John de Shuckburgh (a 1295)
  (A) Thomas de Shuckburgh (a 1279)
  (i) Simon de Shuckburgh (a 1312)
  (a) John de Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh (d 1327) the first mentioned by Baker
  m. _ Carbonnell (heir)
  ((1)) John de Shuckburgh
  ((A)) John Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh - continued below
  m. Joane Napton (dau of Adam Napton of Napton)



John Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh - continued above
m. Joane Napton (dau of Adam Napton of Napton)
1. William Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh (a 1433)
  m. Jane (Johanna) Fulwood (dau of John Fulwood of Tamworth)
  A. Thomas Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh
  m. Jane Sidenhall (dau of Thomas Sidenhall or Sydenhale of Tanworth & Farthingston)
  i. Thomas Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh
BP1934 & Visitation identify Thomas's wife Philippa as dau of Nicholas Vaux. Provisionally, we follow Baker & MGH which identify her as ...
  m. Philippa Vaux (dau of Sir William Vaux of Harrowden by Matilda, dau of Sir Walter Lucy of Dallington)
  a. Thomas Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh
  m. Isabella Medley (dau of Benedict Medley of Whitnash)
  (1) Thomas Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh (d 01.10.1561)
  m. Elizabeth Smyth (dau of George Smyth or Smith, son of John of Sherford)
  (A) Anthony Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh, Sheriff of Warwickshire (d 01.04.1594, 2nd son)
m1. (1560) Anne Foxley (dau of Thomas Foxley of Foxley)
  (i) Thomas Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh (dsp 1619)
  (ii) John Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh, Sheriff of Warwickshire (b 1563, d 20.03.1631)
  m. Margaret or Margery Middlemore (d 22.03.1629, dau of Richard Middlemore of Edgbaston)
  (a) Sir Richard Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh (b c1598, d 13.06.1656, MP, 2nd son)
  m1. (1627) Mary Sneyd (dsp 1629, dau of Ralph Sneyd of Keele, widow of _ Crompton)
  m2. (1630) Elizabeth Lee (dsp 1633-4, dau of Sir Robert Lee of Billesley)
  m3. (1634) Grace Holte (d 1677, dau of Sir Thomas Holte, 1st Bart of Aston)
  (b) Anthony Shuckburgh of Farthinghoe (b c1599, d 15.10.1678)
  m. Elizabeth (b c1618, d 18.11.1653)
  ((1)) Richard Shuckburgh
  m. Anne
  ((A)) Elizabeth Shuckburgh
  ((2)) Charles Shuckburgh
  (c)+ other issue - John (b c1589, dvpsp 16.10.1625), 7 others (d young)
  (iii) Symon Shuckburgh of Napton
m. Elizabeth Arden (dau of Edward Arden of Park Hall)
  (iv) Henry Shuckburgh not mentioned by Baker or MGH
  m. Cristiana Younge
  (a) John Shuckburgh (b c1596, a 1619)
  (v) Mary Shuckburgh mentioned by Baker but not by Visitation
  m. _ Symons
  (vi) Elizabeth Shuckburgh
  m. Reginald Stanton of Smewing (Swenes)
  (vii)+ 3 other daughters (dvp)
m2. Anne Skeffington (dau of William Skeffington of Skeffington)
  (B) John Shuckburgh of Bourton, Warwickshire (d 1600)
  m. Elizabeth Coombe (dau of Richard Coombe or Combes of Hemel Hempstead)
  (C) Benedict (Benet) Shuckburgh of Cubbington, Warwickshire (a 1581)
  (i) Elizabeth Shuckburgh (b c1568, d 11.1645)
  m1. Thomas Greswold of Clayhall, Solihull
  m2. William Lisle of Evenley
  (D) William Shuckburgh
  m. _ Rigge (dau of Auditor Rigge of Stragglethorpe)
  (E) Thomas Shuckburgh of Clifton, Warwickshire (a 1576)
m. Ursula Andrewes (dau of Anthony Andrewes) ## see here ##
  (F) Margaret Shuckburgh
  m. John Cotes of Honingham
  (G)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Francis, Matthew, George, Thomas
  b.+ other issue - William (d infant), William (d infant), Jaspe (d infant)r, Mellecher/Melcher (d infant), Balthazer/Balthazar
  ii. Jasper Shuckburgh of Pitford (Pitsford)
  m. ?? Hauton (dau/coheir of John Hauton or Hawten of Pitsford)
  iii. Balthazar Shuckburgh of Nether Shuckbrough identified by Baker as of Little Harrowden and as ancestor of Shuckburgh of Harrowden
  m. Osburgh Hayton (dau of Thomas Hayton of Napton)
  a. Anthony Shuckburgh of Nether Shuckburgh
  m1. Anne Gage (dau of Henry Gage of Burton Latimer)
  (1) Thomas Shuckburgh of Little Harrowden (a 1618)
  m. Bridget Wheeler (dau of Gilbert Wheeler of Rowbright)
  (A) Anthony Shuckburgh of Little Harrowden (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Bent (dau of John Bent)
  (B) Thomas Shuckburgh, later of Little Harrowden (a 1618)
  m. Eleanor Foukes (dau of Thomas Foukes of Twywell)
  (C) Alice Shuckburgh
  m. George Dillingham of Deane
  (D) Mary Shuckburgh
  m. Thomas Alderman of Pytchley
  (E) Anne Shuckburgh
  m. William Harrison of Wellingborough
  (F) Dionysia Shuckburgh
m. Robert Meddowes of Kettering
  (G) Margrey Shuckburgh
  m. John Reade of Hardwick
  (H) Margaret Shuckburgh
  m. Francis Alderman of Harrowden
  (I)+ other issue - Susannah, Bridget
  (2) Margaret Shuckburgh
  m. Thomas Pickering of Isham
  m2. Isabel (relict of John Pharro of Little Harrowden)
  (3)+ other issue - William, John
  m3. Alice Marley of Cheshire (relict of Thomas Barnewell)
  b. Thomas Shuckburgh
  iv. Melcher/Melchior Shuckburgh (dsp) 
  B. William Shuckburgh

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